Chapter 453: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect Jiang Zhi

Chapter 453: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect Jiang Zhi

Even a first grade expert was defeated. Then, how would normal second and third grade members even have the guts to attempt a realm breakthrough?

Moreover, most importantly, this realm guard had only relied on one soul pet in the past two fights to defeat all of the opponents’ soul pets. He had only used one technique in the first fight, while using three in the second fight. If the opponent summoned even more soul pets, would there even be a meaning to fighting?

Young Lady Na, atop the city tower, read out a long list of realm breakthrough competitors, but most of them immediately forfeited. This lead to a long period of time when no one dared challenge the realm breakthrough.

When the Battle of the Realm reached the fourth realm, a large group of people would be eliminated. This was the convention in every Battle of the Realm, and it wasn’t rare to see large masses of forfeits.

However, in an entire period of half an hour, over a hundred names were read, but no one was willing to take on the challenge. This was definitely a first; especially since this was still the first test of the realm breakthrough.

Of course, everyone knew that Soul Palace Chu Chen was the realm breakthrough’s first test was actually more terrifying than the realm defenders in the two tests after him. It was predicted that after passing the first test, the next two would be very easy.

“Whatever! Even if I know I’ll lose, I’d rather fight. If I don’t fight with him, how will I know the difference between our strengths?!” 

Finally, a second grade member drummed up the courage to fight. This was a nameless vagrant soul pet trainer who had a bit of reputation in various kingdoms and large cities. When he grit his teeth and walked towards the gates of hell, the realm breakthrough participants without any courage felt deep veneration for him.

This vagrant soul pet trainer deserved praise for his courage, but as he had said himself, if he didn’t face him head on, how would he know how inferior his strength was? When he actually fought Chu Mu, the gap was even larger than he had imagined. It was like a chasm that was exceedingly hard to cross; the opponent was situated in a realm that he was incapable of even guessing!

“Two techniques… it’s too cruel…” Ye Wansheng stood high above and sighing at the brave man, shook his head.

Three fights, yet not a single person had been able to withstand more than three techniques from Chu Mu’s mysterious wind type soul pet. This was truly hard to accept. In other words, Chu Mu overseeing the fourth realm was forcing countless hopeful soul pet trainers to genuinely recognize the height that the Battle of the Realm abnormal experts stood at!

This brave man was, within expectations, brought back by guards.

Ostensibly affected by the vagrant soul pet trainer’s morale boost, the young men and women who had come from thousands of miles away realized that retreating like this was a disgrace. Thus, a few successive soul pet trainers who knew they wouldn’t be able to successfully complete the realm breakthrough began to attempt the realm breakthrough.

The majority of those that were third grade members were incapable of withstanding two of the Binding Wind Spirit’s techniques, while of the second grade members, it was very rare to see anyone capable of holding on for longer than five minutes. As for first grade members, there were not that many; however, even if there was a first grade member, the number of names had reached five hundred but no one had been able to actually fight against Chu Mu’s Binding Wind spirit for ten minutes. 

“An entire afternoon, and no one has made him summon a second pet yet.” the people who stayed to spectate the realm breakthrough were numb with shock. The only thing they saw were competitors who dared challenge the realm being carried back in injury...

“Could it be that Soul Palace Chu Chen really doesn’t have an opponent in the third grade?” with such a cruel reality on display in front of them, this demonic realm defending had lasted an entire afternoon, but no one had been let past. This battle success was unprecedented in the Battle of the Realm’s realm guard rounds!

The sun was setting and the twilight glow began to illuminate the distant sky, causing the shadows from the Departed World Gates were elongated. Chu Mu stood several hundred meters above on the stalactite rocks and was in a middle of waiting. He was calmly waiting for a new challenger to appear on this piece of land.

An entire afternoon had passed, but not one person had been able to truly contend against him; however, Chu Mu wasn’t satisfied about this.

There were still several tens of thousands of competitors who were participating in the fourth realm. And among them was a mix of fish and dragons. The number of true experts were extremely few in this enormous group of soul pet trainers, but there being few didn’t mean there were none. Therefore, Chu Mu could be sure that in his realm defence, according to probability, there would be experts who emerged. Only these experts would be able to truly make Chu Mu fight to his heart’s content!

As night gradually descended, of the near 500 competitors from all grades, none had been let past by the first test realm defender, Chu Mu.

“Really! Please just leave one or two for us. An entire afternoon and all we’ve been doing is watching.” said the second test’s realm defender, Wang Ke, who was full of boredom.

The third test’s realm defender was Soul Palace’s Zhang Tingsan. He had been resting against the city wall for an afternoon and if he had been given a blanket, he could have just laid there and fallen asleep.

Of course, dozing off was another matter. When they saw Soul Palace Chu Chen sweep through the three grades with tyrannical strength, the two of them looked up to him with a bit of respect. They also really wanted to know whether Chu Mu would actually be able to stop everyone from passing.

“Realm breakthrough competitor, second grade, Luo Region Sect, Jiang Zhi!” Young Lady Na slowly read out the name.

Finally, a name with shocking effect had appeared!

When she read out the name, the corner of Young Lady Na’s lips slightly rose. Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi was absolutely an influential figure among the second grade and was an iconic member of Luo Region Sect’s second grade. After eliminating nearly 500 competitors, there finally appeared an expert that could compete. Young Lady Na really wanted to see if Soul Palace Chu Chen would still be able to calmly defeat him.

“It’s Luo Region Sect’s strongest second grade, Jian Zhi!!!”

“It’s Luo Region’s strongest young generation member who has no opponent in the western kingdoms!! He was the person who obtained the highest honor in the third realm!” 

After Jiang Zhi’s name was read out, the crowd instantly erupted!

The reputation of Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi had been established much earlier than Chu Mu’s. It could be said that he was an old-school young expert that had established himself in Tianxia City for a long period of time already. He was further called Luo Region Sect’s chief second grade member by many people. This was an extreme expert that actually had hope of breaking through to the eighth realm and ninth realm.

Morever, it was rumored that in order to allow Jiang Zhi to obtain a ranking, Luo Region Sect had chosen many team members headed by Jiang Zhi to escort him through realm breakthroughs. 

Jiangzhi was located far away from the crowd on a roof. When Young Lady Na read his name, his two slightly azure eyes slowly shimmered with a lustre as a sneer slowly surfaced on his face.

True experts would never mingle with normal competitors. In the opinion of the thousands of people, Chu Mu’s strength was unreachable; but to Jiang Zhi, this true peak second grade expert, he was merely a competitor that bullied unqualified experts. This was because if even one person like him had appeared in the previous 500, if Chu Mu hadn’t let them pass, then he would have suffered an extremely miserable loss!

“Senior Brother Jiang Zhi, it’s finally your turn. You must put a real good stop to this Chu Chen’s display of power.” Luo Region Sect’s Du Chang immediately let out a pleased laugh on the main street.

From everyone’s reaction, it could be seen that Jiang Zhi belonged to the class of experts that was normally untouchable by normal people. Such a young would always stand at the chief position of a large faction. Those people that didn’t even have the courage to attempt the realm breakthrough could only watch him from far away and admire his outstanding strength. 

Right now, a person that was a revered as an expert had finally appeared!

Jiang Zhi was ostensibly already accustomed to being revered and focused on by thousands of people. He very carefreely chanted an incantation and summoned his wind type soul pet. Nimbly jumping on his soul pet’s back, he raised a gust of wind and whizzed towards the Departed World Gates!

“This demonic realm defender will finally be ended!”

“Jiang Zhi can probably be considered as one of the strongest second grade young generation. Even if Chu Chen is in this category as well, he will definitely let him go.”

In everyone’s opinion, the strength Soul Palace Chu Chen had displayed made it so that probably only the people among the strongest in the second grade could actually suppress him. In the subsequent fight, there would no longer be as large of a gap as before and it would be a true fight between the second grade’s strongest! 

Chu Mu apathetically stared at Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi who flew on his wing type soul pet towards him.

Although Jiang Zhi was Shen Yicheng’s pawn, he really was strong. He was Luo Region Sect’s fully deserving strongest second grade expert. This young man would definitely have a ninth phase middle class monarch and it would be impossible for Chu Mu to obtain victory so easily as he had done before.

The wing type soul pet flapped its two pairs of yellow feathered wings, flying to a height equivalent of where Chu Mu was located. Jiang Zhi stood on his wing type soul pet and looked eye level at Chu Mu.

“I’ve been looking forward to meet you for a long time, Soul Palace Chu Chen. Perhaps if it wasn’t because I didn’t want to wade into Shen Yicheng’s problem, we would have already fought before.” Jiang Zhi stared calmly at Chu Mu and spoke in a flat tone. He continued, “At the beginning, I had believed like the others that you were no more than a third grade brat who enjoyed sticking out. But right now it seems that you’re still hiding some strength. Nonetheless, that’s fine as well. Otherwise, breaking through the realms would lack any satisfaction.”

Hearing Jiang Zhi’s words, Chu Mu felt a bit surprised that Jiang Zhi seemed not to be one of Shen Yicheng’s companions.

From the information Chu Mu had received, Jiang Zhi was no more than Shen Yicheng’s subordinate, and shouldn’t have entered the range of people capable of threatening him. But right now, Chu Mu indistinctly felt that Jiang Zhi was ostensibly nowhere near as simple as he had thought. From his eyes and majesty, Chu Mu felt a little oppressed! 

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