Chapter 452: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (5)

Chapter 452: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (5)


The black funnel turned upside down, and sunk deeply into the ground like a top. At the top of it, the fifty meter wide wind cross section slammed down, swirling the three soul pets into the ground!!

A massive fifty meter wide hole appeared because of this turbid wind, leaving Wei Xing’s three soul pets wounded at the bottom of it.

Compared to He Qing, Wei Xing’s soul pets defenses were clearly stronger. Binding Wind Spirit’s ninth rank technique didn’t truly heavily wound Wei Xing’s three elemental soul pets, only leaving wounds on them.

Even then, the first tier soul pet trainer Wei Xing’s face still grew darker. Being able to create a ninth rank technique this easily, the opponent’s wind type soul pet was very powerful.

Yet, what caused the most unease for Wei Xing was the opponent’s wind type soul pet technique already wounded his soul pets, yet Wei Xing still hadn’t figured out what the wind type soul pet even was!


The turbid wind with a mysterious silver glint again appeared. Just as the three soul pets had adjusted their status, another powerful gust of wind energy appeared!!

“Above, attack it!”

Finally, Wei Xing noticed the Binding Wind Spirit as it was chanting an incantation. His soul remembrance immediately locked onto it and he commanded his soul pets to attack!

The red flames split into two as they flew upwards like two mysterious ribbons, or like two snakes chasing after each other, as they floated towards Binding Wind Spirit.

This was the seventh level fire type technique that would constantly follow opponents - Evil Flame Stamp. Evil Flame Stamp’s fire was continuous, meaning it could constantly cause burning and interruption to soul pets.

After the Evil Flame Stamp, the Mysterious Crystal Ice Air Fairy cast eighth rank technique Star Falling Frost. The starlight pattered down in cold frost. If any organism were there, the cold would infiltrate and freeze its bones and organs!

Anther cast a dirt type technique. Many huge rocks quickly sprouted from the ground and slammed together where Binding Wind Spirit was, using the collision to create energy and splintered rocks!

“Qin, Wind Path!” Chu Mu said to Binding Wind Spirit. “Qin” was binding wind spirit’s name, a name Chu Mu came up with based of its sounds.

Wind path was Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type evasion technique. The Binding Wind Spirit was tiny and could freely harness the power of wind, causing it to fly around in the sky unpredictably.

After casting wind route, one could find a few intricate arcs in the sky. These arcs were the marks left by the binding wind spirit’s movement as it easily evaded the three soul pet’s attacks!

“Its speed is incredible!” Wei Xing’s eyes widened as he was secretly shocked. What organism was that in the turbid wind. Why did it have a speed and evasion comparable to demon type as an elemental type?

The binding wind spirit could dodge and continue to cast its incantation anyways, one of the biggest advantages as a high ranking wind type species.

After dodging, the binding wind spirit’s wind type technique again finished. This time, the binding wind spirit’s wind power created the powerful and destructive ninth rank Hurricane!

Binding Wind Spirit’s incantation was very swift. Wei Xing’s three soul pets used one second to cast multiple eighth rank techniques, but binding wind spirit still completed its ninth rank technique amidst all the dodging!


Wind picked up as a powerful swirl built up from bottom up, covering the hundred meters nearby, shrouding all the space nearby in a black and terrifying torrent of turbid wind!

A black drake brought up lava as it slowly swirled up from the ground straight into the skies. In the blazing sun, it was particularly obvious. Those on the city wall felt as if a massive monster was slowly approaching them!

The powerful ninth rank Hurricane again shocked the entire crowd!

In third tier, ninth rank techniques definitely were game changers. In fact, the vast majority of third tier members couldn’t create techniques of that power.

Yet now, in this battle, there were three wind type techniques casted, all of ninth rank power. In fact, the second and third technique happened in quick succession, giving people a feeling that the person could cast ninth rank techniques with ease.

This phenomenon would usually happen only in middle aged generation battles, yet it was happening between young generation!

The violent ninth rank wind technique lasted thousands of kilometers. Even those near the city wall could feel the sharp wind power.

After this ninth rank hurricane flew past, Wei Xing’s three soul pets were wounded and tired, laying down in different places. One was completely passed out, while other two were struggling but couldn’t get up.


After the ninth rank Hurricane finished, these terrifying attacks didn’t end. The muddy turbid wind again rose up!!

“A…..Another ninth rank wind type technique!!”

The terrifying wind type techniques followed one after another. No one would’ve thought that Soul Palace Chu Chen’s wind type attacks would be this terrifying!

After the fourth ninth rank wind type technique, Wei Xing couldn’t even do anything if he summoned another soul pet. Wind type techniques had a very wide range of attack. Even if Wei Xing summoned another soul pet, the fourth soul pet would still be hit.

The black wind energy shrouded the ground above Departed World Gates, clouding people’s vision.

Very quickly, a sky covering wind wall came from afar. This tsunami-like view shocked one’s mind, causing the first tier member in the battle field to gawk stupidly.

The rumbling noise roared in Wei Xing’s ears. While he was smug before, this first tier member finally realized just how terrifying this third tier realm defender was. He wasn’t someone a normal first tier expert could stop!

Finally, the swarm of black wind attacked Wei Xing and all of his soul pets. All Wei Xing could do was gather all his soul pets as quickly as possible.


Very soon, Wei Xing’s scream arose!!!

Not able to throw up any protection, Wei Xing was engulfed by Chu Mu’s technique. His soul armor was ripped to shreds by the wind, and he was roughly thrown into the skies, becoming tiny and insignificant as grass.

After seeing the black tide come in from afar, he couldn’t speak anymore. Just now, they all still felt that Soul Palace Chu Chen might let a first tier member through. And from Wei Xing’s attitude and tone, they thought that there were still a lot of experts in Battle of the Realm, of which included Wei Xing.

Yet, this battle wasn’t as intense as anyone thought. It wasn’t even an even match; it was a performance for soul palace Chu Chen’s wind type soul pet!

“Another one defeated, this time the first tier Wei Xing……”

The opponent was a first tier member. Though he wasn’t a seed participant, he was still part of the strongest tier in Battle of the Realms. Yet, after three techniques, the battle was over, only lasting two extra techniques than the third tier He Qing!

“I never even heard that Chu Chen had a wind type soul pet. This wind type soul pet’s wind techniques all easily reached ninth rank. Is this… can this be Chu Chen’s main soul pet!”

The silent crowd slowly was taken over by exclamations.

Only now did people start to realize that, this abnormally overpowered Soul Palace Chu Chen didn’t even summon his main soul pet yet. He reached the highest honor across tiers while hiding strength!!On the city wall, Ye Wansheng saw this and was also shocked.

Ye Wansheng has known Chu Mu for a while. He knew that Chu Mu’s most powerful soul pet was definitely his Nine Tail Fox. He originally thought that if Chu Mu didn’t want to let anyone through, he would let Mo Xie attack. Yet, he didn’t expect that Chu Mu had such a powerful wind type soul pet too. From the techniques, he could tell that the wind type soul pet was ninth phase middle class monarch rank!

“Has some power, but, Wei Xing is nothing in first tier.” Lady Shan stood at the building’s hollow fences. Her expression shifted slightly, but she remarked in a very steady voice.

After speaking, she waved her hand to signal the tournament members to pull Wei Xing back and heal him.

Ye Wansheng looked over at this cold and arrogant woman in black purple and smiled. Walking over, he said, “Hey aloof woman, how about let’s make a bet.”

Lady Shan looked at Ye Wansheng and said coldly, “No interest.”

“Since you said that you didn’t let anyone through last time, then I bet that Chu Chen won’t let anyone through either. Since we’re bored, lets bet. We won’t bet high, how about 200 million.”

Lady shan looked at Ye Wansheng and replied after a while, “200 million is very attractive for you, but its a small amount for me. Don’t play these tricks with me, I know what you people are thinking.”

Ye Wansheng dazed and changed to laughter, “First time I’ve seen such a narcissistic woman. Then let me bet that Chu Chen doesn’t even have to summon his fourth soul pet to surpass your honor. How about that?”

Lady Shan furrowed her brow. She didn’t truly believe Ye Wansheng would say something like that. She specially looked at the figure far away again, secretly questioning why his friend was so confident in his ability. Was it that soul palace Chu Chen still hiding strength?

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