Chapter 451: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (4)

Chapter 451: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (4)

The entire stadium went silent. Long after the stunning wind type technique dissipated, the thousands of people were still petrified, staring straight forward.

Only after the competition guards brought the heavily injured He Qing down with his soul pets for emergency aid did people finally recover from their shock.

In such a situation, not many people could remain calm. The second realm challenger was announced multiple times, yet no one responded because even the participant himself didn’t want to face such a terrifying Realm Defender.

“One more time, and if there isn’t a response, you will be disqualified.” Lady Shan wasn’t lenient at all as she said that coldly to everyone.

Yet, the second realm challenger still didn’t answer. Clearly, the person lost the courage to even try!

Not only the second realm challenger gave up, the following realm challengers all forfeited!

To them, such realms were hundreds of times harder than the previous rounds. Any soul pet trainer with some self-awareness would refuse to go up!

“Soul palace Chu Chen is already this powerful. Maybe he can get the final honor of second tier. Letting us face an expert that could potentially take second tier final honor, how are you expecting us to get through!” Unwilling voices and astounded voices quickly mixed together again.

“Yes, yes, the other realms definitely aren’t as hard. This isn’t fair at all, and this soul palace Chu Chen is truly terrifyingly strong!” Agreeing voices chimed in.

“Heng heng, laughable. Those who gain highest honor in the first three realms are worthless to true experts. If you were in the last Battle of the Realm, you would know that the people who gain top honor in the first three realms usually disappear by the fifth or sixth realm. It is already a tradition by now. Because, experts of each faction would never expose their true power early in the Battle of the Realm!” A man in the crowd with his hands folded laughed coldly and started walking towards the city gate.

The man seemed to know his match sequence already. As he got to the foot of the gate, Lady Shan had just called his name out.

“First tier, Elemental Sect Wei Xing!” Lady Shan’s eyes locked with the man and continued, “Your lowest difficulty is first realm defender’s four control, second realm defender’s three control, or third realm defender’s two control.”

“Let’s keep this difficulty, and save some power for the fifth realm. Of course, it would be best if the third tier kid doesn’t waste too much of my energy. Otherwise, I’ll have to eliminate him as early as the fourth realm.” Wei Xing said and continued walking.

Everyone heard Lady Shan’s announcement, and affirmed that this man was elemental sect’s soul pet trainer, a first tier member!

Third tier normal experts could no longer withstand a single move of Soul Palace Chu Chen. Now, probably only a first tier member could stop this teen’s momentum!

Wei Xing didn’t enjoy walking over slowly. After all, from the city wall to Mirror Sword Mountain was still a long distance. He chanted an incantation and summoned a ceramic like organism glistening specially and jumped onto it to run towards Mirror Sword Mountain.

“Seems like the only hope is for a few more first tier and second tier top tier experts to appear. Only then may we get the chance to be let through.” A few people were still hopeful.

“Still not possible. From past examples, the first gate would usually let first and second tier people through, yet Chu Mu seems to want the highest honor, so I feel like he would let first tier people through, but firmly stop all second and third tier people. If we don’t have hidden experts in our crowd, all of us may lose other than first tier members.” When Chu Mu’s soul pet wiped out He Qing’s four soul pets with one technique, they were already dreading the inevitable. Now that they heard the analysis, these second and third tier people were all hopeless, simply standing there as a glimmering soul pet quickly ran towards the Departed World Gates.

When this soul pet arrived, first tier Wei Xing lifted his head and gazed at the young man standing hundreds of meters in the air on the stalactite. A sneer appeared on his face.

“Soul Palace Chu Chen, I know you once entered the first tier honors list, and that you are undefeated in third tier, a popular pick even in second tier.”

“Yet, don’t feel like that is enough. I have seen so many experts with ambition like you. They also challenged across tiers, were also outstanding, but all ended up under the feet of experts.” Wei Xin gazed at Chu Mu and said with his remembrance. “What are you saying all of this for?” Chu Mu looked down from high above, able to discern the man’s face as well as know he is a part of first tier.

Third tier and first tier were usually five years apart. These five years could cause some soul pet trainers to own many tenth phase soul pets. So, under this age gap, strength was destined to have a great gap. This was why the Battle of the Realms made tiers and difficulty challenges so separate.

“Just a helpful warning from a person who has been to past Battle of the Realms. Alright, summon your four soul pets, I don’t want to waste too much time here.” Wei Xing said.

After speaking, Wei Xing also started an incantation to summon his own soul pets.

Two soul pact symbols slowly appeared by Wei Xing. One could clearly feel a special elemental soul power moving to create an aura that surrounded Wei Xing. It caused the disheveled ground under him to slightly sink.

Two soul pets were quickly summoned in front of Wei Xing, both elemental soul pets. Once completing his summons, Wei Xing very skillfully backed off and started setting up his battle formation.

Facing a first tier member, Chu Mu could summon whatever. However, Chu Mu didn’t immediately summon his own soul pet, instead sending a command to Binding Wind Spirit through his soul remembrance.

In the overcast turbid winds, the binding wind spirit, as nimble as a demon type, lightly floated out and approached Wei Xing’s three soul pets secretly.

Wind Walk!

Hiding itself in the wind was a species ability of Binding Wind Spirit. The original Wind Walk only worked when Binding Wind Spirit was at a wind node, used for the binding wind spirit to find temporary refuge.

Yet, by ninth phase, Binding Wind Spirit had an even higher control of wind, able to hide itself in wind. Without casting any techniques, it was akin to a demon’s Ambush technique!

“Prepared to let me through? You don’t see like a stubborn person I guess. As long as you understand the cruelty of Battle of the Realm as well as the large difference between first and third tier.” Wei Xing found that Chu Mu didn’t summon any soul pets, so he smiled.

To a first tier member like Wei Xing, being let through by Soul Palace Chu Chen, who all second and third tiers fear, is something worth bragging about. At least this teen who has been epicized is scared of him.


A sharp turbid wind suddenly sounded by Wei Xing, causing his smile to instantly stiffen!

“Bastard, if you don’t know your place, don’t call me out for being impolite!” Wei Xing immediately cursed and commanded his soul pets to cast techniques.

Wei Xing wasn’t a normal contestant. His soul remembrance quickly locked onto the Binding Wind Spirit that had somehow smuggled itself into his soul pet formation. He immediately told the soul pet he was riding to lock onto Binding Wind Spirit, and not let it chant!


The Departed World Gates’ everpresent Fiend Winds became binding wind spirit’s perfect hiding spot. When all three elemental soul pets attacked the Binding Wind Spirit, it quickly hid back into a previously found hidden wind node.


Three techniques exploded where Binding Wind Spirit was. A huge shockwave caused the space in the area to shake!

“You think you’ve hidden well? Laughable. I have controlled soul pets for a full six years more. How laughable are your tricks!” Wei Xing mocked.

Chu Mu was unresponsive to the mocking. He simply continued to give Binding Wind Spirit commands, letting it use the hidden wind node to cast a technique!

Binding Wind Spirit could make a ninth level wind type technique in a second. In the hidden wind spot, it could hide for two seconds. This time was enough for the Binding Wind Spirit to channel an incantation!!


As the energy from the three elemental soul pets dissipated, streams of black turbid wind suddenly started appearing in the fifty meter radius around Binding Wind Spirit!!

These winds spun really fast, quickly making an upside down funnel, causing the fifty meters to be obliterated!!

“An…...another ninth level technique!!”

The people watching from afar were again gaping!

Inside the wind, Wei Xing’s face completely shifted. He had no idea why his opponent’s wind type soul pet could finish a ninth level technique under the combined attacks from his three soul pets. Did it not need to chant an incantation?! It was impossible for that to happen, because only tenth phase monarchs could do that!

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