Chapter 450: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (3)

Chapter 450: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (3)

The people present all knew that Soul Palace Chu Chen had always enjoyed challenging every realm for the highest honor. In this realm guard round, he would definitely strive for the highest honor, so when they found that the rules couldn’t be changed, everyone hung their heads in low spirits, and none of them had any interest in breaking through the realm.

“You people, stop looking like frozen eggplants. Can one of him deal with so many of us? Although it’s not all of us at once against him, his fighting strength cannot be unlimited. After his soul pets lose strength, he will definitely be forced to let us pass. Just hope that you pick a number towards the end.”

Despite these words, very quickly, there were still some miserable groans that rang out!

Those miserable groans naturally came from the people that picked a number towards the beginning. Clearly, these people would be the first corpses to lie down in the Departed World Gates. 

On top of the city tower, Chu Mu saw that the realm breakthrough was beginning and promptly jumped to the ground, heading out of the city towards the spacious land.

It was noon at the moment; ample sunshine was shining on the city wall, giving people a feeling of warmth. However, as Chu Mu neared the Departed World Gates, he slowly felt a dark cold feeling rushing at his face.

This feeling he received was akin to the feeling of walking from a place of heat towards the dilapidated entrance of a tomb. The closer he got to the tomb, the more he felt that cold air. 

Perhaps it was the product of the Mirroring Sword Mountains’ mist or the mountain’s innate light absorption, but when he entered this place, the heat from the sunlight was sucked away. The full sunlight slowly changed a bit in color, making it impossible for people to tell the difference between light and shadow.

Walking to the foot of Mirroring Sword Mountains, Chu Mu rose his head up briefly before jumping onto the stalactite in between the mountains as he started going up. 

Soon, Chu Mu reached a height of a hundred meters. He looked down from high above at the black mass of Battle of the Realm competitors on the southern city wall.

“The realm defender has already given his indication. The first realm breakthrougher, He Qing.” said the woman called Young Lady Shan towards the thousands of people.

Everyone looked around, trying to find the competitor who was unlucky enough to be picked first.

“He Qing!” Young Lady Na repeated once more.

Then, a lazy voice rang out.

The voice came from the corner and people quickly discovered a rather untidy man leaning against the wall. He looked completely bored and seemed to ignore what others considered a misfortune that had befallen him.

“He Qing… where have I heard this name before?” a few sounds of discussion came from the crowd of people as they ostensibly were all trying to remember this man’s identity.

“It’s Soul Pet Palace’s beast fighting young man. He has obtained a high ranking in several prominent Beast Fighting Competitions. It’s said that although people have watched his competitions, they still don’t know his real strength!”

“So it’s him! Then if there are more people like He Qing, we’ll have a chance of breaking through the realm in the later rounds!” 

He Qing lifted the corners of his mouth as he passed through the crowd. His eyes intentionally swept over the beautiful woman standing high above on the city wall and he languidly said: “Can I choose for him to dual control?” 

“Yes.” Young Lady Na nodded her head and used soul remembrance to transmite He Qing’s choice of difficulty to Chu Mu. 

As a third grade member, He Qing probably had a bit of strength; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been recognized when his name was announced.

“He Qing’s strength isn’t normal. I think that even if it’s Chu Chen, he could very likely not be willing to have his soul pets exhaust their fighting strength on a strong third grade expert like this. Perhaps he’ll let him pass quickly.” the realm defenders had the power to choose to pass or fight. Normally, the more conservative first test realm defenders would choose to let the second grade and first grade competitors go. Otherwise, if they exhausted their fighting strength on the second and first grade experts, it would be even harder to stop other competitors. 

In between the two peaks, high up on the stalactite, a white garment Chu Mu apathetically stood. He stared at the third grade member called He Qing as he quietly waited for him to arrive under the Departed World Gates.

Chu Mu didn’t let him immediately jump to the top of the Mirroring Sword Mountains. Instead, as he approached the mountains, he began to slowly chant an incantation… 

An unusual wind began to whirl around Chu Mu’s body. It was like a black colored ribbon that softly danced around Chu Mu before slowly transforming into a hurricane in front of him.

From amidst the black colored hurricane, the Binding Wind Spirit’s tiny body gradually appeared and the slightly cold wind all came under the Binding Wind Spirit’s control. As the Binding Wind Spirit’s will changed the direction of its flow, the wind gave people a comfortable feeling as it blew on their bodies.

The Binding Wind Spirit flew a few circles around Chu Mu and gracefully landed on his shoulder. It let out a series of crisp noises and it sounded like a spoiled child.

“You can put on as much of a performance today as you want.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. From hundreds of meters above, he stared at the incomparably tiny realm breakthrough competitor. 

“Qin~~~~~~” it had been a while since the Binding Wind Spirit had fought. After obtaining Chu Mu’s command, it quickly flew down the stalactite rocks that spanned between the two mountains.

He Qing naturally knew Soul Palace Chu Chen’s strength was extremely high among the second grade. In order to prevent himself from having any mishaps in the proceeding realm breakthrough, he conservatively chose the lowest difficulty. 

He naturally knew he wasn’t Soul Palace Chu Chen’s opponent, but he could be sure that when the opponent’s two soul pest fought his four soul pets, the opponent would realize that he wasn’t an easy opponent. Afterwards, this realm defender would decide against fighting him to the bitter end and would let him pass.

The height of Mirroring Sword Mountains was shocking. In between the two mountains drifted a strange chilly wind preventing He Qing from being able to clearly see what soul pet Chu Mu had summoned. He Qing didn’t hesitate to summon his four strongest main pets.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

He Qing had just finished summoning when he suddenly felt an extremely strong wind around him. This wind lifted up everything around him into the air, and felt like an imposing force bearing upon him!

“Wind type soul pet? I don’t recall hearing that Soul Palace Chu Chen had a wind type soul pet. This should just be his secondary pet. If he’s underestimating me, then he’ll suffer a loss.” a smile cracked on his face and he ordered his soul pets to use a defensive technique.

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu!~~~~~~~”

The violent wind grew stronger and stronger. The wind bit at them like enormous sickles, wantonly leaving long deep scars in the incomparably vast earth underneath the Departed World Gates!!

The chilly wind in the Departed World Gates was demonic, and He Qing was still unable to clearly see the soul pet Chu Mu had summoned. He could only feel the abnormality of the wind force, but the confidence and his lackadaisical nature gradually turned serious!! 

Suddenly, countless chaotic black streams of wind appeared in front of him. These chaotic wind streams terrifyingly formed several death sickles, each one reaching a length of over twenty meters!!

They surged forth like a black wind tide, frighteningly whirling and spinning in the air as they swept towards He Qing and his four soul pets!!

“This is a ninth rank wind type technique!” seeing the black wind sickles cover the sky and earth as they attacked him, He Qing’s face instantly turned pale white, making him freeze in place!

Ninth rank wind type technique! The average strength of He Qing’s soul pets was an eighth phase monarch. He barely had any soul pets that could actually resist a ninth rank wind type technique. Moreover, this ninth rank wind type technique had an extremely wide attack area and despite his soul pets being spread apart, they were still all swept within the attack range!

“Shua!!! Shua!!!! Shua!!!!! Shua!!!!!!!!”

The chaotic wind sickles swept passed and immediately left astonishing scars in the earth. It was as if a devilish ghost was hidden in the chaotic wind and was using its fierce claws to rip apart everything!!

He Qing had already added defensive techniques onto his soul pets, but the ninth rank wind technique wasn’t easy to withstand. After it swept passed, He Qing’s four soul pets had all been swept up and the black color sickles had streaked across their bodies, leaving deep scars from which blood spurted out!!

Thousands of meters away on the city wall, people watched as the numerous black wind sickles devilishly surging forward in the distance. Seeing the shocking scars left in the vast and flat earth, these people who had been locked in discussion instantly quieted down. They stared, eyes wide open, at the terrifying wind type technique!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The remnants of the black chaotic wind blew over from the distance and when it swept past everyone, they couldn’t help but tremble with fear!

After the black colored energy had dispersed, it could be seen that the large patch of earth in front of the Departed World Gates had been severely damaged.

Moreover, not far away from there, He Qing and his four soul pets lay battered and bruised on top of the vast earth!!

He Qing howled in grief as he struggled. His four soul pets were all lying in a pool of blood and although they were still alive, none of them stood up again! 

Nobody from the thousands of people watching had properly prepared to watch the fight, but the fight had come to an end with just one stunning technique!

Nobody would have predicted such an outcome!

Equivalently a third grade member, He Qing’s age wasn’t too different from Chu Mu’s. The former had summoned all four soul pets and prepared a defense, while the latter had only summoned one soul pet and only used one technique. Yet, the latter managed to nearly instakill all four of his opponent’s soul pets. The difference in strength was truly capable of making people’s blood run cold!!!

Previously, Chu Mu had only competed in beast fighting and hunting realm breakthroughs. His only challenge had been hidden and ended in obscurity. Everyone knew that he was an abnormal third grade young man, but nobody expected his strength to be so much higher than the so-called experts of the third grade. This was already no longer on the same level of strength!!

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