Chapter 45: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child (1)

Chapter 45: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child (1)

The grand auction was held with a bang. It seemed that all the important figures in Gangluo City were all present, turning out for this extremely expensive sixth level soul armor.

The majority of the items at the auction this time had been supplied by a mysterious person. Seven commander rank soul pets and two exceptionally talented warrior rank soul pets had been provided! As for the other items that had been contested over in the past, this time they had become mere foils.

“Where’s Chu Mu? Has anyone seen Chu Mu?” In the VIP seats, the family head Chu Ming swept his eyes over the Chu Family group of people, but the only person he didn’t see was Chu Mu. He immediately asked the others.

“Grandfather, fourth brother and I already said that he is trying to make a breakthrough, so he needed to concentrate fully on training for a period of time. As a result, he can’t let others bother him, and he didn’t come forth.” Chu Ning said.

“What does father need Chu Mu for?” Chu Tianheng said questioningly.

“Chu Mu might still have a space for soul pets, let’s see if there are any soul pets for Chu Mu. We can work hard for it and also raise Chu Mu’s strength.” Chu Ming replied.

“Big brother, today’s soul pet prices are all past 500,000 gold……” Vice clan head Chu Nan said intentionally or otherwise.

“This money we need to spend.” Chu Ming said, not giving Chu Nan an opportunity to say any more.

“Grandfather, he can only summon two soul pets. Even if he successfully signs a soul pact, he might not be able to summon it and let it join the fight.” Chu Family’s tyrannical missus Chu Ying was slightly dissatisfied as she spoke.

Chu Ying herself only had a 500,000 gold soul pet, and it was received after years of great effort. For Chu Mu to just receive one out of nowhere was inexcusable to her.

Chu Ming totally didn’t pay attention to his granddaughter’s lamenting, clearly having made up his mind already.

Chu Mu wasn’t in the VIP seats of the Chu Family. Yet, neither was he in Ting Yu’s room. Right now, he wasn’t even in Gangluo City; he was on the road to Huiyan City, a city not far from Gangluo City.

The Yang Family had once shamelessly sent people to intercept the Chu Family’s caravans, inflicting heavy economic losses on the Chu Family, so Chu Mu planned to take revenge for this particular offense......

In reality, Chu Mu’s conduct couldn’t be counted as just revenge for this offense anymore. Just a few days ago, Chu Mu led a group of killers from Nightmare palace and killed off three bases of The Yang Family and their four big industries, totalling over three hundred people!

Nightmare Palace’s forces in Luo Region weren’t too dense, but blocking a message for a few days was still easy for them. The Yang Family hadn’t found out that their main industries had all been destroyed, and were still preparing for the popular auction.

The one who designed such a grand auction was naturally Chu Mu. Chu Mu had already told the Nightmare Palace killers to take note of the Yang Family’s asset movement, and they finally locked onto it today in the early morning. The Yang Family was going to send twenty experts from Huiyan City to escort 5,000,000 gold from all the east side industries towards Gangluo City.

5,000,000 gold was definitely not a small sum. The Yang Family clan head had even sent second brother Yang Mantian and his son to personally lead the experts in the escort mission!

But, the Yang Family would never have thought that Chu Mu had already found their route through Nightmare Palace’s information network and had led twenty one Nightmare Palace killers to lay an ambush on the road towards Gangluo City!

“Father, the auction has started already, will we make it there on time?” Yang Shang rode his Rare Blood Beast alongside his father.

“Don’t worry, the Yang Family is in a good relationship with the auction house president, so delaying our payment slightly won’t matter too much.” Yang Mantian said.

In reality, the escort mission this time to protect 5,000,000 gold from the east was something Yang Mantian didn’t want to do at all. The entire Gangluo City and the cities nearby were all part of the Yang Family’s territory, so which death-seeking fellow would dare to touch their property? This was why Yang Mantian had a bored look on his face since the beginning.

“Yang Shang, I heard Chu Tiancheng’s son of the Chu Family hasn’t died and even has a fifth phase Six Tailed Demon Fox. Is he going to the Recommendation?” Yang Mantian suddenly thought of something and asked Yang Shang.

“En, that kid really is lucky, actually not dying. But in the Recommendation, I will definitely be the first to cripple him!!” Yang Shang said.

“To do big things, one must learn to be ruthless. Don’t let him have a chance of getting up again!” Yang Mantian educated his son.

Yang Shang immediately nodded.

Yang Mantian, somewhat satisfied, rose the corners of his mouth and turned his head back.

Yang Mantian glanced towards the front and suddenly, his brows furrowed.

It was because just as he was staring ahead, he suddenly noticed a dark clothed man silently standing on the top of a tree, eyeing him coldly.

“Who is it!!” Yang Mantian could feel the killing intent released by the masked man’s eyes, so he instantly shouted!

After Yang Mantian shouted, the Yang Family experts immediately became on guard, theireyes sweeing the surroundings.

Yet, to their shock, there suddenly appeared twenty black shadows among the dark treetops on the sides of the road!!

They were like statues, levitating up high, their eyes coldly looking down upon them. Their scary killing intent even made the nearby temperature drop suddenly!!

“Summon your soul pets!!” Yang Mantian suddenly realized the strength of this mysterious group, so he didn’t dare to be the least bit negligent, immediately roaring to everyone!

The robed teen standing at the highest place looked gravely as the opponents’ soul pets quickly filling this somewhat narrow road, yet he frigidly spat out a few words, “Leave not a single one alive!”

After the order was given, twenty cyan and dark blue devil flames started burning in a ghostlike matter along the sides of the road.

Immediately, a massive wave of devil aura rolled through the road, frenzily battering the Yang Family experts’ soul pets!

The tidal devil aura made the entire road feel as if it were covered in freezing flames!

“People of Nightmare Palace!!”

After Yang Mantian saw twenty Nightmares appear in the flames, his face immediately paled!!

How could Yang Mantian not know of Nightmare Palace’s notoriousness? Yet, Yang Mantian couldn’t understand at all why killers from Nightmare Palace had their eyes on the Yang Family!!

How could Yang Shang’s experience compare to Yang Mantian? When the devil aura rolled over, that guy actually panicked and fell straight off his Rare Blood Beast, looking as pitiful as can be!

When the Nightmare Palace killed people, they never said any more than they needed too.

Once Chu Mu passed the command, the twenty Cyan and Blue Nightmares’ terrifying soul devil flames rolled in from the sides of the road!!

The devil flames of the Nightmares were scary. After this wave of attack, dozens of soul pets disintegrated amidst the intersection of cyan and blue. There were even a few soul pet trainers that couldn’t protect themselves in time, completely disappearing in the ruthless devil flames after letting out a single scream!

Nightmares were not even the Nightmare Palace killers’ only soul pet!

Just after the Cyan Nightmares and Blue Nightmares first wave of attacks ended, the killers’ close combat soul pets immediately let out frightening roars and started thudding forwards, bringing with them a wave of destructive killing intent as they charged straight into the formations of the Yang Family experts!!


Instantly, all sorts of shrieking and beast roars emanated as splashes of blood painted the road!!

Yang Mantian’s main soul pet was a seventh phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, but even the seventh phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast could not deal with the attacks from twenty Nightmare Palace. After the second wave of attacks came, to save his son Yang Shang, Yang Mantian’s seventh phase Trioptic Beast perished in the frightening devil flames!!

“Fool, get up!! Yang Mantian still managed to stay calm, but how could he care about the sum of money anymore. He grabbed his shivering son up, summoned his seventh phase Rare Blood Beast, completely ignored the lives of the other Yang Family experts, and charged forward!!

“Nightmare Prince, two ran away.” The leader of the killers, He Lang, stood beside Chu Mu, yet his eyes were coldly staring at the two people carelessly running, Yang Mantian and his son.

“You stay here and deal with the rest.” Chu Mu patted the eager little Mo Xie on her shoulder and ordered killer He Lang.

Mo Xie couldn’t wait for the spilling of blood again. Hearing Chu Mu’s command, she immediately morphed into a Six Tailed Demon Fox and carried Chu Mu to chase after Yang Mantian and his son!

Chu Mu had long since told the Nightmare Palace killers to seal off this road, so there wouldn’t be people from any other faction joining them.

When Yang Mantian brought his son on the run, he discovered there wasn’t anyone else on the road. He then realized that maybe there were other Nightmare Palace people, so he resolutely changed directions, and headed straight into the complicated black forest.

Speed wise, even many agility based high class commander rank couldn’t compare to Chu Mu and Mo Xie. Chu Mu only rode Mo Xie and chased for a minute before he saw the figures of Yang Mantian and his son.

“Mo Xie, Fire Rain!!”

Mo Xie, who had Flame Step, directly started running through the treetops. Once she neared the father and son, she immediately let out a proud call!

A vast cloud of fire gathered in the skies above the forest!!

This fire cloud was like a burning flame in the sky. As Mo Xie’s silver pupils flashed, hundreds of Evil Fire Demon Flames crazily fell from the skies, almost instantly lighting up this part of the forest!!


When the flames started burning, Yang Mantian’s Rare Blood Beast was immediately frightened. They were already running away in a difficult situation, so when the Rare Blood Beast was frightened and shocked, they both tumbled off it!!

“Beng!!! Beng!!”

Demon Fire Evil Flames fell from above, exploding near the father and son. Yang Mantian’s reaction was fast, immediately chanting the incantation for Ice Armor, covering both himself and Yang Shang!

“Despicable!!!” Yang Mantian’s fierce-looking face shook as he casted another incantation, planning to summon his water type soul pet to control the spread of fire. Suddenly, he saw a black figure slowly walk close from the flaming forest. The figure’s eyes were apathetically staring at him, his cold killing intent from those pupils piercing straight into his soul, making the very depths of his soul shiver!!

The demonic Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox calmly followed beside this man, her unique eyes showing alarmingly vicious light!!

“We, the Yang Family have always been good with Nightmare Palace. Yang Luosen is even the Luo Region Nightmare Prince. This Nightmare Palace expert…...why…...why did you do this to Yang Family?” Yang Mantian took a few steps backwards and feigned calmness as he looked at this imposing teen.

“Yes yes yes, Luo Region Nightmare Prince is my step brother……” Yang Shang quickly nodded, trying to use Yang Luosen’s name to save himself.

Chu Mu smiled cruelly and slowly ripped off the black halfmask on his face, revealing his appearance…..

Yang Mantian and Yang Shang both stared at the Nightmare Palace expert, but once they saw the demonic face under the lighting of the fire, their expressions froze!!

“Chu…...Chu…...Chu Mu!!!”

Yang Shang’s pupil’s dilated to the point of exploding, and the shock on his face was incredulous!!

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