Chapter 449: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (2)

Chapter 449: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (2) 

Heading south from Tianxia City were two towering rock mountains. From far away, they looked like two swords that stood perfectly erected in the expansive horizon. In terms of length, width and straightness, they were completely identical.

If one were to tilt his head and carefully watch the two rock mountains, he would be able to see a boundary of mist floating between the two mountains. The feeling one received was as if one was looking at a majestic towering mountain. On the other side of the mountain peak was its reflection reflected on the surface of water. The mountain and its reflection stood side by side…  

This was the famous southern part of Tianxia City called Mirroring Sword Peaks. In between these two mountain peaks was a chain of countless stalactite rocks. These rocks formed rock bridges, podiums and pagoda; however, no matter what objects these things were like, from far away, as a whole, they looked like a sternum from an enormous malevolent beast! 

In between the two Mirroring Sword Peaks, these stalactite rocks reached a height past halfway up the Mirroring Sword Peaks. Since the two peaks reached a height of two thousand meters, the stalactite rocks reached a height of one thousand five hundred meters.The vast sea of stalactite rocks looked extremely tiny from far away; but in reality, the highest point of the rocks had a width of three meters, allowing a few relatively large soul pets to stand on top of them.

“Although people compare it to a sternum, why do I feel like this looks even more like two lofty towerings demarcating the gates of hell.” the realm breakthrough competitors were standing on the Tianxia City city wall, as they stared off into the distance at the Mirroring Sword Peaks.

“There’s something you don’t know about them. In truth, the Mirroring Sword Peaks have another name; they’re called the Departed World Gates. Legends say that the Departed World Gatesare are a boundary for another world. With only an incantation, one will be able to freely travel between Tianxia City and a region filled with departed spirit world soul pets.” someone kindly gave an account of the legend. 

“Something like this really exists? Did someone just make this up?” many people were unconvinced.

“Unconvinced? Then you can wait until the lunar eclipse that occurs every year in the second month. At that time, when you see what the Mirroring Sword Peaks look like, you’ll definitely believe my words.” said the person mysteriously. 

The supposed legend about it being another region’s entrance had, in actuality, been heard before by many people. However, legends were ultimately legends and nobody had ever seen this enormous sternum-like entrance open before.

Before the Realm Defender round had begun, nobody was allowed to enter this area. Therefore, right now, practically all the realm breakthrough members were congregated on the southern wall. All together, there were several thousand people.

These several thousand people weren’t split by grades. In other words, no matter which grade the person was in, he or she would have to face the same realm defender!

Of course, there was a selection of difficulty here; therefore, first grade members would unconditionally choose quadruple control realm defenders. Only by being able to defeat quadruple control realm defenders could they be considered to have passed the first test.

As for second grade members, they had to select triple control and above defenders.

Third grade members had to select dual control and above defenders. Only by defeating dual control realm defenders did they have the qualifications to past the first test.

There were a total of three realm defenders. In other words, three tests. The defenders were respectively chosen from the third grade, second grade and first grade.

Regardless of which grade the realm breakthrough competitor was in, he or she had to start from the first test. If the realm defender felt the competitor’s strength was too high, he could choose to let him or her pass. This way, it wouldn’t affect his next fight. Normally, the first test realm defenders would let second grade and first grade competitors pass. After all, the first test was pretty much only created for third grade members.

“Guess who the first test’s realm defender is. This is already the fourth realm, and the competition authorities definitely picked an extremely strong person to defend the realm. I wonder how many third grade members will be stopped by the first test’s realm defender.” on top of the southern city wall, many people were already beginning to speculate.

Who assumed the position of realm defender was extremely important to the competitors. There were a few competitors in the third grade who had unreasonably strong strength. This would directly implicate their ability to pass the fourth realm.

The realm breakthrough had yet to begin, but the southern city wall was already abuzz. Everyone was waiting for midday, because that was when the competition authorities would announce the name of the realm defenders. 

Finally, the splendid midday sun hung high above in the air. Several thousand people were crowded together in a black mass. All of them raised their heads and watched the towering city gate tower.

A short while later, a competition authority member would walk out of the city tower, and then announce to the several thousand people the name of the first test’s realm defender while also announcing the commencement of the realm breakthrough round!

“I hope it’s not someone who’s been on the Tianxia Ranking. That way, we’ll actually have some hope.” a few people who had never competed in honor challenged were already beginning to silently pray.

“Relying on luck like this isn’t good.” said a few people who still had much confidence in their strength.

“With or without luck, as long as I can pass the fourth realm, I will have face when I return. You must know that until now, there hasn’t been a single person from our city who has passed the fourth realm. As long as I can pass….” 

Several sounds of discussion didn’t stop. It wasn’t until a cold and elegant woman wearing a purple and black dress walked out did the clamor finally quiet down a bit.

“The fourth realm, the first test’s realm defender, a third grade member.” the woman’s cold voice that drew one into a daydream reverberated around the southern part of the city. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on her. A few people who were extremely concerned about this round had very tense expressions, as if she was about to announce the end of their realm breaking through.  

“The first test’s realm defender is the third grade member - Soul Palace Chu Chen!” 

Finally, the cold and arrogant voice rang out! 

Before this, a few people who were confident in their strength were vividly examining the figure of this woman wearing a purple and black dress and ranking her cold yet sexy voice. However, they abruptly woke up with a jolt when they heard that the first test’s realm defender was Chu Mu, and their normally calm demeanor suddenly darkened!

A wave of cries rang out around the southern part of the city, causing numerous citizens to mistakenly believe that some powerful soul pet group was breaking into the city.

The numerous cries came together as at least half of the several thousand of people couldn’t help but curse. This was an extremely rare occurrence at such a prestigious event like the Battle of the Realm!

The competitors weren’t cursing the first test’s realm defender, Chu Mu; instead, they were cursing the competition authority’s seemingly brainless choice for the realm breakthrough round!

Of all the Battle of the Realm competitors, there weren’t very many people anymore who didn’t know of Soul Palace Chu Chen!

In the first realm, this fellow had obtained the second grade’s highest honor and in the second realm, he had even more terrifyingly made his way onto the first grade’s honor ranking!

There were an innumerable number of third grade young experts for the competition authorities to pick, yet they happened to pick this young man. Who didn’t know that Soul Palace Chu Chen was an abnormal young man who was skipping grades in the Battle of the Realm!

The competition authority’s choice led to all of the competitors fiercely cursing. This was because by having Soul Palace Chu Chen guard as the first test, even the second grade members would encounter a wall, let alone the third grade members!

At least the third grade members had an area of solace; at least they could pick the lowest difficulty and choose the dual control. However, the second grade members were met with a calamity!

No matter what, they had to face the triple control Soul Palace Chu Chen and use their soul pets to compete against Chu Chen’s. In such a situation, in order to preserve their own success rates, the realm defenders couldn’t let them pass, and the people who were originally confident in passing the fourth realm would be forcibly stopped in the fourth realm due to the competition authority’s mad decision! 

“Unfair! It’s too unfair! How can you have a person who obtained the highest honor in the second grade and entered the first grade’s honor ranking assume the position of realm defender. Isn’t this blatantly preventing us from passing? How can the competition authorities do something so brainless!” curses rang out everywhere! 

Those people that hoped they would be able to pass a few more realms let out their anger. Just as the competitors had said earlier, nobody in their city had ever passed the fourth realm before. This moment was extremely important to whether these competitors could pass the next few realms. The competition authority’s decision had thus practically throttled any hopes they had.

“Silence!” the woman wearing the purple and black dress coldly called out!

Her soul remembrance instantly swept down. It was so powerful that it silenced every single protestor; none of them dared make a sound!

“This decision was made half a year ago, and was unanimously agreed upon by all the large factions. If you have any objections, you can seek out your faction’s Battle of the Realm representative and ask why they agreed to have him be the realm defender!” said the purple and black dress woman incomparably coldly. Her two frosty eyes swept over everyone and in an imposing manner, she continued, “Right now, you can either proceed with the realm breakthrough, or you can forfeit! There’s no need for those without courage and strength to come to the Battle of the Realm to bring disgrace to himself!’ 

The woman’s words caused another string of curses from several thousands of people. Wanting them to just accept this outcome was too hard. After all, the other realm breakthrough rounds weren’t as hard as this!

“Who is that woman? Is her position so high that she can act so tyrannically?!” suddenly rang out a voice that was extremely displeased. 

This voice was very high pitched and virtually everyone could hear it, including the purple and black dressed woman high above. Her pair of eyes turned ice cold, and she immediately located the rude fellow among thousands of people.

A soul pact incantation was chanted and a wild power suddenly swept through the city tower. In a split second, a brown light surged up to the sky all the way to the clouds. A torrential force caused people to feel like an ocean tide was surging towards them! 

The cloud layer violently trembled and from the summoning pact, an enormous creature abruptly jumped out. It landed heavily on the city tower as if it was about to trample it!!

“Cloud… Cloud Snake Ape Monarch!!!” 

A wave of sharp cries were heard. The thousands of people on the wall all had their eyes opened wide as they stared with fear at the tenth phase monarch which was halfway up the enormous city wall. A powerful beast aura pervaded the air above everyone’s heads!!

The person who had spoken rudely before had now falled backwards onto the ground out of shock. His face was incomparably pale, because the tenth phase monarch was staring him right now. The feeling was akin to being watched by the death god!

“If there’s a next time, then I’ll feed your corpse to my Cloud Snake Ape Monarch!” the purple and black dressed woman pointed at the person and spoke in an extremely frosty voice!  

Using force to quell a disturbance was indeed the most direct method of doing so. At this moment, nobody else dared raise any voices of protest. They could only obediently act according to the competition authority's decision and string up the courage to draw lots to see who would be the first to be quashed by the abnormal realm defender. 

The first test’s realm defender scared so many people that they wanted to give up on the realm breakthrough. These people were standing on the city wall right now and were staring at the woman who had summoned a tenth phase Cloud Snake Ape Monarch. They were inwardly shocked, never expecting that there was such a young woman in the Battle of the Realm with such shocking strength; yet, this woman hadn’t participated in the Battle of the Realm. 

Chu Mu was guessing which faction’s hidden expert this purple and black dressed woman was. 

“What are you looking at? If there are five people within the ten people that break through, you’ll be eliminated!” the purple and black dress woman quickly noticed Chu Mu’s gaze and spoke to him with a frosty expression. 

Chu Mu was stunned. He never expected this woman to be so fiery. He could even sense the arrogance of looking down on everyone in this woman’s eyes. Such arrogance and a fiery spirit made Chu Mu feel very uncomfortable.  

Ye Wansheng was next to Chu Mu and felt the same as him. He looked very unfavorably upon this woman’s domineering attitude and sneered, “Do you think that the sighs of sorrow from those people were just for fun? Five out of ten breaking through? Although Chu Chen is a third grade member, it will be rare for even one out of ten realm breakthroughers to actually breakthrough; that person will also be a first grade member!’ after Ye Wansheng finished speaking, the woman’s gaze turned ice cold. 

At this time, a man standing next to the woman with the appearance of an attendant sneered: “Six years ago, when Young Lady Shan was a third grade realm defender, she didn’t let anyone pass through her realm defense. Young lady didn’t even have any thoughts of participating in today’s Battle of the Realm. When searching for your own ego, please understand what you are first before speaking with young lady!” 

Chu Mu swept his gaze over the attendant next to the woman and his eyebrows pricked up. He was inwardly shocked that this woman’s strength had reached such a surprising level. It seemed that this tenth phase Cloud Snake Ape Monarch potentially wasn’t even this woman’s main pet.

“The experts in the second grade are like clouds. Very soon you will understand that the honor you obtained earlier is practically a joke to those true experts. I admit that as a third grade member, you being able to reach such strength at such an age is seldom to come by. However, arrogance right now is still too early!” said the woman called Young Lady Shan as she cooly and elegantly stared at Chu Mu and spoke to him as if she was lecturing him. 

Chu Mu had no good will towards this woman who thought she was holier than thou. In truth, Chu Mu didn’t plan on letting a single person pass in this realm defense! 

The highest reward was 400 million; the moment he let one person pass, that number would become 300 million. Thus, he had already reached a decision that even if a first grade expert appeared, he wouldn’t let that person easily through! 

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