Chapter 447: Black Hand Behind the Scenes, Defector Young Woman

Chapter 447: 

Chu Mu wanted to look at the Holy Stem Sacred Region entrance and exit records, but it wasn’t something a seventh level Palace Foreman could look at at command. Chu Mu specially went to find Yu Palace Master to ask for this favor…...

Yu Palace master didn’t even question it, very easily giving Chu Mu his Decree. With the decree, Sacred Guards let Chu Mu check through the entrance and exti records of the past twelve years.

Yet, after looking for a long while, Chu Mu still didn’t find record of Liu Binglan entering the region, causing Chu Mu to feel strange.

“Is it possible that they simply recorded a time?” Ye Qingzi pointed at the only record without name or identity.

Liu Binglan could enter the Holy Stem Sacred Region at ease, not needing to seal her soul pacts. It was possible that this nameless entry was her.

After some comparing, Chu Mu quickly discovered that the time Liu Binglan took him into the Holy Stem Sacred Region was also the time the Battle of the Realms happened twelve years ago.

“The time matches perfectly. That says something on its own.” Ye Qingzi said slowly after seeing this record.

“There are very many possibilities here, so guessing randomly won’t result in anything.” Ye Qingzi continued. 

“Let’s return to the healing palace and check it out. I have De Soul Teacher some things. I’m not sure if he would be able to find anything in there.” Chu Mu said.

Very quickly, Chu Mu dragged Ye Qingzi to the healing palace. At this point, Old De seemed to have completed his appraisal of the bunch of random things and so placed them all in front of Chu Mu. Pointing at each of them, he explained, “These are the leaves of a Ghost Spider Flower Demon with special strengthening, causing them to stay in the dirt for a long time without decay. These rocks are a rare mineral that can be used to create soul equipment. The last flower petals, they’ve either been overly rotten or belongs to a soul pet that doesn’t appear on the Pet Encyclopedia.”

“Nothing else special? Can these rotten flower petals be the petals of a Holy Stem Flower?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

“Not possible, it is some other organism” De Old Soul Teacher shook his head.

Chu Mu looked disappointed. After a second, he seemed to remember that there was still some metal in the items, so he asked about it, “How about the metal?”

“Oh, that’s just Sun Gold, a rather expensive metal sold on the market. Usually, its used to make special accessories, like rings, bracelets, seals…” De Old Soul Teacher said.

“The Honor Seals of the Battle of the Realms is made using sun gold.” As a soul teacher, Ye Qingzi knew a lot about different materials too, so she reminded Chu Mu.

With this reminder, Chu Mu again connected the dots!

“De Old Soul Teacher, how long has this sun gold been decaying for?” Chu Mu asked.

“About ten to fifteen years. Why have you suddenly asked about this? Aren’t young people more interested in powerful soul pets?” De Old Soul Teacher asked.

After De Old Soul Teacher finished talking, Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu fell into deep thought. After a while, both of them seemed to have an answer in heart. At least, the owner of this seal could be the hint Chu Mu was looking for!!

“Twelve years ago in the Battle of the Realms, was the Holy Stem Sacred Region open to any participant?” Chu Mu asked the old soul teacher.

Old soul teacher was an old-timer of soul palace, so he definitely know some things about that year.

“There probably was?” De Old soul teacher wasn’t too sure either.

“Then has there been any participant that entered and never exited, a young girl especially?” Chu Mu continued.

Chu Mu’s guess was that the defected girl may have been a female soul pet trainer that had entered the Holy Stem Sacred Region like he had twelve years ago, except a special situation occurred in Holy Stem Sacred Region that made her half person half soul pet.

Because of some special reason, her identity could easily be seen through by Sacred Guards, so she laid in wait in Holy Stem Sacred Region, waiting and hoping for someone to bring her out.

“Here, I have records. Let me go check. It has been a long time, and an old man like me can have trouble remembering.” De old spirit teacher said, very willing to help them.

After De old spirit teacher left, Chu Mu told his judgement to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi initially thought this as well, but then she realized that things weren’t that simple. The main reason was, if she was a Battle of the Realm participant, then she should know that there almost would never be people who can sign soul pacts in the region. In the end, it was possible, but there are hard-to-understand problems with that explanation.

Not long after De old soul teacher walked back, face graver.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both could see the change in expression, so they realized there may be further stories behind this all.

“I’ve finished searching and did some cross-checking. The metal was indeed from a Battle of the Realm seal. And, that year, there indeed was a soul pet trainer who stepped in, but there aren’t any records of MIA's or deaths.” De Old spirit teacher said and looked up past Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi realized that someone had walked in and turned around, only to discover a grave faced Yu Palace Master standing there.

“Yu Palace Master?” Chu Mu said with surprise.

Standing behind Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi was Yu Palace Master. He kept his solemn expression from beginning to end!

“I just heard that the things you’ve been searching was strange, so I came to see.” Yu Palace Master said.

De old soul teacher looked at Yu Palace Master and said, “You should ask Yu Palace master yourselves.”

Hearing De old soul teacher say that, Chu Mu’s eyes widened while looking at Yu Palace Master’s face. Yu Palace Master smiled bitterly and said, “I think the person you are looking for from twelve years ago is my friend. In reality, when you insisted on entering Holy Stem Sacred Region, I guessed that you may be going for that incident, even if I only know about it vaguely……” 

“Then why didn’t you just tell me what I wanted to know?” ChU Mu was very confused. He didn’t even understand how this had anything to do with the palace master.

“Yu Palace master sat down and put the sign in De old soul teacher’s hands. After watching for a while, he said, “You shouldn’t think too much about it. In reality, I’m just a person who happened upon this situation. It was my friend’s situation that caused me to feel that there’s something scary hidden in Holy Stem Sacred Region.”

“My friend is called Hao Ting. He was ?? year old that year, so it was his last chance to attend the Battle of the Realm. In the hunting round, he chose the Holy Stem Sacred Region without hesitation. He wasn’t one of ours, so he didn’t know the Holy Stem Sacred Region that well, so before entering, he specially came to ask me about the situation inside, hoping to succeed.”

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both sat down and listened very closely to Yu Palace Master’s descriptions because he felt that there was something even larger behind all this. 

“Hao Ting came out without any accidents, but once he came back, he cut off almost all communication with me. At first, I thought he was sad at not capturing any higher difficulty soul pets, so I didn’t pay it attention. However, later, I slowly found an even larger issue.” “What issue?” Chu Mu asked.

“His character changed, becoming different from the Hao Ting I knew. He and I were always brothers. I knew him better than anyone else; he could hide from everyone else, but he couldn’t escape my scrutiny.” Speaking of the situation then, Yu Palace Master’s emotions clearly shifted.

A change in character? Chu Mu quickly connected it to the defected girl’s charming flower demon capabilities. Since this Yu Palace Master’s honor seal fell near there, this Hao Ting very likely met the defected girl.

He Ting’s soul pacts were sealed, so he couldn’t possbily bring her out of the region, but she most likely charmed Hao Ting and implanted some terrifying thoughts to cause him to change completely.

“Then? Where is this Hao Ting right now, and what strange things did he do that caused you to notice a change? Did you have any discoveries in the Holy Stem Sacred Region?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

“In reality, I don’t understand much about the sacred region at all. I just knew that he definitely experienced something inside, causing the following events.” Yu Palace Master said.

“Following events?” Chu Mu really wanted to know what Hao Ting did to see if he truly was controlled by the defected girl.

If he truly is controlled, then when the defected girl entered the human world, she would definitely utilize him to do things.

“The things he did.” Yu Palace master took a deep breath.

Seeing Yu Palace Master, though this middle aged man didn’t show any pained or sorrowful emotions, keeping his stern and grave look, he imposed upon everyone a sense of helplessness and submission to fate.

“I won’t mention earlier matters. This event, you would know.” Yu Palace master finally said.

“I know about it?” Chu Mu was even more confused.

“My son Yu lang’s death is most likely orchestrated by him.” Yu Palace Master delivered in a slow tone, but he couldn’t hide the emotion in his heart!

Yu Palace Master’s words again supressed Chu Mu!

Yu Palace master saw the shock on Chu Mu’s face and didn’t hide it intentionally. Opening his mouth, he said, “This Hao Ting is the mastermind behind the opposition from Merchant Alliance and the person behind Shen Yicheng. He has done many things that only I know of. At first, I didn’t expose him due to our brotherly relationship. However, his actions became increasingly wanton, but also well hidden, so later even I couldn’t find any loopholes, only able to stop him secretly.”

Chu Mu felt his heart shake! Yu Palace Master meant that the mastermind that was provoking relations between Soul Palace and Elemental Sect was very likely his first soul pet, the defected girl!!!

Chapter 447: Black Hand Behind the Scenes, Defector Young Woman

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