Chapter 446: Twelve Years, Exposed with One Word

Chapter 446: Twelve Years, Exposed with One Word

Chu Mu acted according to Old Soul Teacher De’s wishes and rested for a day. 

Old Soul Teacher De’s healing abilities were extremely strong and after resting according to his instructions, Chu Mu could feel that much of his soul power had recovered.

“This brat has really become famous.” the moment Chu Mu woke up, Old Soul Teacher De’s words floated into his ears.

After he became clear-headed, he realized that Old Soul Teacher De was referring to the Battle of the Realm. Resounding fame was something every soul pet trainer wanted and was something Chu Mu never rejected.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t need to become inflated with ego because of this. To him, this small amount of honor and reputation was only a small step towards his goal. His name had only appeared near the back of the first grade honor ranking, and Chu Mu needed to raise his name to the first position. 

“Elder De, there’s something I need you to help me with.” Chu Mu didn’t bother being courteous with Old Soul Teacher De and promptly took out the random objects he had collected. He hoped that Old Soul Teacher De would be able to help him find someone to appraise these things.

“What are these things? What did you bring them back for?” Old Teacher De asked curiously.

“They’re some things I found in the dirt. They’re very important to me.” said Chu Mu.

“Although I am not a supreme Soul Teacher, I can still appraise these random objects. Just give them to me. I’ll see if I can use the healing palace’s equipment to appraise them.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

“Thank you.” Chu Mu hastily gave his thanks.“There are a few people outside who have been wanting to see you. Go and let them see that you’re still alive. Appraising these objects shouldn’t take too much of my time.” said Old Soul Teacher De.

Chu Mu nodded his head and put on his jacket before walking out to the healing hall.

Indeed, a few people were sitting in the healing hall. There was Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, Ting Lan, Shang Heng, Chu Mu’s maid - Jia Jing, and another man sitting next to Ting Lan.

Chu Mu had never seen this man before, but he was presently whispering with Ting Lan. From Ting Lan’s tone and expression, this was probably someone Ting Lan respected.

Shang Heng sat next to this man and from his expression, this man was clearly someone with superior status to him. 

Chu Mu was inwardly confused. Shang Heng and Ting Lan were considered young generation members in Soul Palace with extremely high status. What kind of person would be able to unconsciously make them show slight expressions of reverence.

This man, from the looks of things, probably wasn’t much older than Chu Mu; perhaps his age was in between the third and second grade. His clothes were ordinary and he didn’t seem too different than normal Soul Palace young men. His facial features hadn’t reached the grandeur and majesty of many noblemen; he could only be described as handsome. And from his temperament, this man didn’t divulge any overbearing temperament. Even though he didn’t belong to the gentle and humble class of people, he at least gave people a carefree feeling. From his brownish-black pupils, one could sense his confidence and his unique way of thinking… after observing the man, Chu Mu quickly discovered a fresh scent that he was extremely familiar with. The freshness brought along an aromatic and flowery fragrance with it. It was a unique fragrance that would make Chu Mu’s heart feel strange every time he smelled it, and always made him think about pulling it over to smell it in detail. 

The owner of the fragrance was naturally Ye Qingzi. She stood in front of Chu Mu - her beauty was like a cotton rose that would make one’s heart hurt even while picking it… 

“I truly thank the heavens and the earth that you made it back alive!” Ye Wansheng’s tone was exaggerated as he suddenly walked in between Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu. Then, he gave Chu Mu a hug someone would give to an old friend.  

After hugging him, Ye Wansheng immediately pushed Chu Mu very close to Ye Qingzi, allowing him to more clearly smell her fragrance.

Chu Mu quickly understood Ye Wansheng’s intention. He couldn’t be freeze up now and so he promptly opened up his arms and decisively hugged this fragrant soft body into his arms.

This was different than the last hug because this time, Chu Mu’s two hands wrapped around Ye Qingzi’s waist, making it an extremely intimate hug. 

Ye Qingzi’s cheeks suddenly flushed red. Chu Mu’s hug was even more wanton, as if he was taking advantage of her. It caused her body to surge with heat, and she could even feel the heat from Chu Mu’s body at the same time. This heat was clearly only a bit higher than normal body heat, but it seemed like it was going to burn her.

Ye Wansheng, standing to the side, was stunned, but soon after he laughed and said: “Haha, this brat moves rather quickly.

Shang Heng stood to the side and cracked a smile. Ting Lan kept her smile as well.

“Whatever. We know that he’s still alive. Moreover, he didn’t break his arms or legs either, which is good. Everyone should just go do whatever they have to do.” Ye Wansheng was very good at giving Chu Mu opportunities. He ignored whoever that man was and promptly helped Chu Mu clear the scene.

“I originally planned to get to know him. Since he has even more important matters to attend to, then I’ll do it next time.” this man didn’t pay heed to it. He could clearly see that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were at a relatively crucial stage in their relationship. Ting Lan and Shang Heng said their hello’s before leaving. 

Ting Lan and Shang Heng didn’t really say anything. After Ye Wansheng spoke, they casually added a few things before leaving the hall.

Soon, the only people left in the hall were Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. Although Chu Mu had let go of Ye Qingzi, his mischievous hand was still placed on her supple and firm waist.

Ye Qingzi not only had a pair of enchanting legs, but her waist was so thin that merely one of Chu Mu’s hand was nearly capable of grabbing it. And when he accidently let his hand slip down, Chu Mu’s mind couldn’t help but admire how wonderful the curve between her waist and her butt was. It was something that couldn’t help but make people want to touch it more, while also wanting to move further down.

Ye Qingzi blushed and she didn’t say anything; she could only stand there in embarrassment. 

Just as Ye Wansheng had said, once this rare piece of ice thawed, a type of beauty would emerge from the bashfulness. And it was enchanting. It even made Chu Mu stunned silly, and he didn’t know what to do next.

“What… what… what progress was made…” finally, it was Ye Qingzi who opened her mouth and spoke in a voice that she could here.

Yet, next to Chu Mu’s ear, he could hear it very clearly. He promptly pulled Ye Qingzi next to him as he sat down and recounted the two theories of the young woman defector, lineage and attempt. 

Ye Qingzi’s analysis abilities were rather strong, and there were many times when Chu Mu would discuss things that he found difficult to understand since she would always be able to point something out to him. 

“Are you sure it happened twelve years ago? You’re twenty one years old right now.” softly said Ye Qingzi.

“Precisely speaking, I was still a few months away from ten years old then. Right now, in a few more months, I’ll be twenty two. Before participating the Battle of the Realm, they tested my spirit ring and this age should be my most accurate age.” said Chu Mu.

The so called spirit ring was similar to the rings of a tree, and could be used to determine how many years a person had been alive for. Those that participated in the Battle of the Realm all underwent this spirit age test to determine their age. This method was employed to prevent people who had passed the age limit but had used some life force spirit fluid to make them younger in order to enter this young generation competition; this would destroy the balance of the competition. 

Chu Mu was about fifteen on Nightmare Island and had entered Prison Island half a year later. Three years later, he arrived in Nightmare City and ended his family matters, making him nearly nineteen at that time.

Liu Binglan had planned on taking Chu Mu with her when he was eighteen. Ultimately, Chu Tianmang’s matter caused a crisis, and Liu Binglan delayed for a year before entering Western Kingdom.

Chu Mu himself hadn’t counted his own exact age, and he assumed his age was around twenty one. He never expected himself to be nearly twenty two.

Those under twenty four were all considered of the third grade. Thus, the twenty one year old Chu Mu was actually relatively young in the third grade. There were a few people under twenty but they had pretty much all come just to join in on the fun. There wasn’t much of a chance to obtain honor. 

“Move the time twelve years forward.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Move it forward twelve years?” Chu Mu didn’t understand the meaning behind Ye Qingzi’s words.

However, when Ye Qingzi’s pretty eyes stared at him, Chu Mu finally reacted and excitedly squeezed Ye Qingzi’s white and delicate hands a bit tighter.

“It was the Battle of the Realm!” exclaimed Chu Mu in shock.

Ye Qingzi earnestly nodded her head and said: “According to the time, you were nine years old, nearly ten, when you entered Sacred Holy Region. It was very likely to be just after the Battle of the Realm. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m too sensitive about time, but there really is something fishy about this timing.”

“Regardless if it’s fishy or not, the holy guards have all explicitly recorded the time each person has entered the Holy Regions. If I find the Holy Guard Captain, I’ll be able to know the time for sure.” said Chu Mu a bit excitedly.

 Ye Qingzi’s words made Chu Mu come to a sudden realization. He saw that he was still squeezing Ye Qingzi’s small hand and without regarding courtesy, moved over and kissed Ye Qingzi’s cute bright red face. He said: “Qingzi, you’re truly too good.” 

The red blush on Ye Qingzi’s face had just subsided only for it to now fill her face. She pouted: “We still don’t know if it’s a coincidence. You hoodlum.” 

“At least we have a clue!” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t care if the analysis was correct or not. He immediately grabbed Ye Qingzi and ran over to Sacred Holy Palace to determine the time he entered Sacred Holy Region. This way, at least the clues would be even clearer.

He would also be able to determine if he had entered the Sacred Holy Region during the Battle of the Realm. 

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