Chapter 445: The Name that Shook the Realm, Soul Palace Chu Chen

Chapter 445: The Name that Shook the Realm, Soul Palace Chu Chen

Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t see people in this state, so under the lead of the holy guards, he went to the healing hall in the Sacred Holy Realm’s palace. He let the Sacred Holy Realm’s Soul Teachers help him heal his body.

The wounds on his bodies weren’t anything serious to Chu Mu; rather, his depleted soul power was the main problem. When Chu Mu’s mind slowly relaxed and after he was healed, he unconsciously fell into a sleep.

Chu Mu had only entered into a light sleep when he sensed someone walk next to him, his eyes gradually opened.

An elderly face full of wrinkles and a face with a serious expression filled with shock and gratification entered his eyesight. It happened to be Old Soul Teacher De and Palace Lord Yu.

Old Soul Teacher De was a famous old urchin from Soul Palace. He had never been as dignified as the other Soul Palace elders. When he saw Chu Mu lying on the stretcher, his small eyes opened much wider, and he didn’t say anything for a while out of shock.

Old Soul Teacher De naturally didn’t believe that Chu Mu had entered Sacred Holy Region. Just now, from the holy guards, he had received the explanation that this fellow had not only finished the realm breakthrough round, but had also brought back a Ghost Spider Flower Demon, which was one even higher level of difficulty!

A third grade member challenging the first grade honor was enough to make these elderly generation people stroke their beards and sigh in pity: yet another young person who is going to send himself to his death. 

Yet, at the end of the day, this young man who had been essentially determined to enter hell had completed the mission that even first grade honor experts would not be able to complete. This was too inconceivable! 

“Brat, are you still concealing some powerful soul pet? A tenth phase monarch?!!” the old Soul Teacher immediately stared at Chu Mu as he asked him a question. 

Chu Mu shook his head and explained: “I’ve spent a long time training in the wild, and to a certain extent can freely traverse bewildering worlds that are several ranks higher than me. This time, my luck was pretty good, and I encountered the Ghost Spider Flower Demon shortly after entering.” 

“Even if it’s at the edge of the Sacred Holy Region, if one doesn’t have one or two tenth phase monarchs, then one doesn’t have the qualifications to even attack. Could it be that this Ghost Spider Flower Demon delivered itself into your soul capture ring?” the old Soul Teacher was still a bit unconvinced. 

“This is a hunting trick. There are times that one doesn’t have to attack in order to capture a soul pet. In truth, the Sacred Holy Region is very dangerous. In the past, I was able to freely travel around ninth rank bewildering worlds and could even enter Kingdom Lord territories if I didn’t fight. However, in Sacred Holy Region, I suffered from attacks; otherwise, I wouldn’t have crawled back in this state.” bitterly laughed Chu Mu.

Back when Chu Mu had entered the forbidden region’s Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s demon home, Chu Mu had been very unobstructed; however, the Sacred Holy Region’s difficulty level was clearly much higher than that place.

“Old De, don’t bother asking. Help heal him and his soul pets.” Palace Lord Yu timely stopped Old Soul Teacher De’s interrogation. 

It was then that Old De finally reacted. He glared at Chu Mu and said: “I’ll heal you first. Then after a short rest, I’ll squeeze the information out of you. This old man doesn’t believe that I can’t figure you out! Don’t bother going anywhere else today. Lie here and sleep for a day. Your soul power is depleted beyond shambles… I’ve never seen a young man who disregards his own life more than you…”

Chu Mu was helpless. It seemed that this Old Soul Teacher De hadn’t finished with him.

Then again, Old Soul Teacher De’s edginess wasn’t faultless. Sacred Holy Region was inherently opened practically only to middle generation and elder generation people. Moreover, if one’s strength hadn’t reached a certain level, even the edge of the region couldn’t be entered. It was very hard to convince Old Soul Teacher De that a third grade expert had obtained a Ghost Spirit Flower Demon from there. 

When Chu Mu had returned, it happened to be the tenth day of the second round. Old Spirit Master De was the main judge for Chu Mu in this round, so he quickly reported Chu Mu’s name to the competition authority.

The competition authority would specially have a group of people rank the difficulty of the realm breakthrough missions. On the eleventh day of the second realm, the Tianxia Realm would be published.


In Tianxia Plaza, there was another sea of people. This scene would appear once every six years while also lasting for a long period of time. 

On the plaza, numerous expectant faces and invigorated gazes could be scene. Of these people. Many of them had travelled a long way in order to imprint their names on this enormous stone ranking of honor. Even if they appeared once on there, they would be able to honorably return to their homeland. 

However, the Tianxia Ranking was limited in quota. With expectation came joy, but also came disappointment and frustration. It was frequently possible to visibly sense how large the waves of emotions were in the competitors just from looking at their face.

“That’s strange, why did the very well-regarded in the first realm Soul Palace Chu Chen not appear?” a few people who didn’t have hope began to comment. A majority of these people who had no hope came to look for the young experts they revered in hopes that they would be able to obtain the highest honor that belonged to them. In this manner, these soul pet trainers would be able to feel a bit of happiness. It was essentially a tide of chasing after and worshipping experts. 

Chu Mu was a third grade expert, and his performance had been extremely prominent in the second grade. Due to his fight with Shen Yicheng, he already had many supporters. Thus, during this honor challenge, Chu Mu received attention from even more people. There were therefore several people who Chu Mu was unfamiliar with in Tianxia City who had continuously paid attention to his competition outcome.  

“I’ve searched through the whole thing but can’t find him. Could he have lost?” although there were many people on the second grade, even after carefully searching through, his name really couldn’t be found. 

“There’s a high chance of him hiding his strength. I estimate he only successfully broke through the realm.” said someone in defense of Chu Mu.


As everyone was discussing Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi who was standing in the crowd had an unsightly expression...

The Tianxia Rankings had already been published, but Chu Mu had yet to return. Ye Qingzi didn’t even see his name. She stared with a somber expression at the ranking, but didn’t bother finding her own name.

“You obtained third place which fortunately has a 200 million honor reward.” Ye Wansheng quickly found Ye Qingzi’s name and told her about it.

When Ye Qingzi had been in Li City, her strength wasn’t much weaker than Chu Mu’s. Chu Mu was fighting those stronger than him by advancing a grade, but Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng were also doing the same in order to obtain the second grade’s honor.

Moreover, even despite obtaining third place, Ye Qingzi had hidden a portion of her strength.

Ye Wansheng turned his head and saw that Ye Qingzi wasn’t saying anything. He consoled her by saying: “Nothing happened to him. He happens to be the so-called Western Kingdom’s Prison Island King, and his training skills in the wild are extremely strong. The Sacred Holy Region is dangerous but if he doesn’t act rashly, he should be able to crawl his way back out.”

Truthfully, Ye Qingzi believed as well that Chu Mu would be able to return; after all, she knew his strength wasn’t as it seemed on the surface. Especially his half devil transformation; at least when a crisis came, he would be able to escape by using the half devil transformation.

However, she hadn’t gotten any news of Chu Mu yet and her heart was still uneasy. This emotion had mysteriously become extremely intense as if her brain was worried about that one in a million chance; yet, this one in a million chance was already capable of affecting her emotions at all times.

“Huh, that’s strange. Does Soul Palace have a second person named Chu Chen?” at this time, an astonished voice rang out.

“There should only be one. Why’d you ask that?” 

“Look at the first grade’s hunting realm ranking…” most of the crowd in Tianxia City was focused on the third grade. When those that were focused on the first grade abruptly discovered that Soul Palace’s Chu Chen had his name profoundly imprinted on the hunting realm’s honor ranking, sounds of doubt and astonishment rang out.

“This… this really is Soul Palace’s Chu Chen. How did his name make its way to the first grade? Moreover its the 39th rank!” 

“The competition authorities must have made a mistake.”

“Yes, I feel that way as well.”

“They must have made a mistake. Is this even a question?” 


Voices accusing the competition authorities of making a mistake on the rankings quickly rang out.

This was the first feeling people had when they saw this name. To them, they would rather believe that the competition authorities had made a rare mistake for the first time in the past twelve years than believe that a third grade member had obtained an honor ranking on the first grade. 

This voice quickly put the competition authorities in a state of fear, and caused them to hastily verify the results. These results had been counted and ranked by specialists and if there was a mistake, then there would definitely be a lot of trouble.

However, after verifying the results, the competition authorities quickly discovered that the rankings were perfectly correct!

“There was no mistake with the ranking. Soul Palace’s Chu Chen obtained the highest honor of the second grade in first realm’s beast fighting realm and obtained the 39th place of the first grade in the second realm’s hunting realm! If you don’t believe this to be the truth, please do not wantonly spread false rumors. If this happens another time, then the competition authorities will deliver punishment!” with great dignity, the Tianxia Competition Authorities announced the results on the Tianxia Rankings.

The moment this result was delivered, the sea of people in Tianxia Plaza suddenly went silent.

However, in the next second, the entire plaza erupted!!!

The third grade Soul Palace Chu Chen had truly obtained the first grade honor!!

“Isn’t… isn’t he a third grade member?!!!”

“This is impossible. This is definitely impossible! Even if he was stronger, he still shouldn’t be able to obtain honor of the first grade!! It’s the first grade after all!!”

Wave after wave of astonished and shocked shouts, each one louder than the previous, rang throughout Tianxia Plaza. They started from the very center of the Tianxia Plaza before spreading outwards and even spread throughout Tianxia City!!

“Qingzi!!! Qingzi!!! It really is that fellow!!” Ye Wansheng pried apart the crowd and excitedly spoke to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi had originally believed she heard incorrectly. Even after Ye Wansheng confirmed it, she was still a bit doubtful and went herself to look at the first grade’s hunting realm!

Indeed, the four words “Soul Palace Chu Chen” were profoundly engraved on the awe-inspiring honor ranking!!

There wasn’t much of a difference between the name Soul Palace Chu Chen and the names surrounding it. There were even names ranked ahead of Chu Mu’s.

Yet, he was a third grade member. Being able to obtain such honor was even more shocking than obtaining the highest honor of the second grade!!

“Qingzi, he’s definitely returned already. Let’s go to Soul Palace soon to see!” Ye Wansheng said to Ye Qingzi.

A smile finally blossomed on Ye Qingzi’s sullen face and she immediately forced her way out of the crowd and sprinted towards Soul Palace. 

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