Chapter 444: Soulless Dragon Species

Chapter 444: Soulless Dragon Species

“Don’t worry.”

A sound suddenly came from this Cyan Hidden Dragon’s back.

As Chu Mu’s heart was in shock, he suddenly realized that there was a man on the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s back.

This man jumped agily from the Cyan Hidden Dragon and landed on the ground. His words weren’t to Chu Mu, but towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

From the man’s expression and tone, Chu Mu could tell that the man riding the Cyan Hidden Dragon simply didn’t take him seriously at all, but instead only wanted his fierce dragon to ignore Chu Mu.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon turned his head. Its cyan pupils stared at Chu Mu with anger and resentment before slowly turning back around.

This Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body was only ten meters long, but its dragon species aura was still full of shock. When the Sacred Region Gate opened up, even the Sacred Guards looked shocked at the sight of the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The man didn’t look at Chu Mu much. Chanting an incantation, he quickly retracted his formidable Cyan Hidden Dragon into his soul pet space.

After doing so, he walked through the gates with acuity.

Chu Mu stood in place and watched as the man walked step by step into the Golden Holy Stem Sacred Region.

The man has an arrogance and apathy that was innate. Even the Sacred Region Guards that were usually extremely prestigious were just like normal guards to him.

He very impatiently threw his soul capture ring and spatial ring to Sacred Guards to check and then walked off arrogantly. On the way, he didn’t salute any of the elders of Sacred Palace Guards; in fact, he didn’t even look at them directly!

“Young master, that is a ninth phase high stage Cyan Hidden Dragon. The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s species is high class monarch rank, but in reality its fighting strength was near top tier monarch. Even after it hides its aura, the dragon species’ aura was still formidable.” Old Li’s voice slowly came.

Chu Mu was still standing in place. Though Old Li didn’t say it out loud, he knew that the Cyan HIdden Dragon was most likely an offspring of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Soul Alliance controlled the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon for a very long time. In this period of time, the Empyrean Cyan HIdden Dragon would split an egg off every time it fell into deep slumber. Soul Alliance was also very tyrannical in their ways, seizing these eggs and capturing them for their own!

Indubitably, the man who had just walked past Chu Mu was from Soul Alliance, and was a first tier member with high ranking within Soul Alliance, or else Soul Alliance would never give a rare Cyan HIdden Dragon to him!

A soul pet trainer with a Cyan HIdden Dragon!

\When Chu Mu first saw the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon as a small cyan bug, the little fellow would feel joy with just a little food offered to it.

It would spit silk, have no aggressive nature, and zero memory, only deciding to follow Chu Mu around. Before, Chu Mu thought it was the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon losing its memory after being weakened.

Yet, after knowing about the existence of Memory Fluid, Chu Mu realized that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon regressed to its primal stage not because of a technique, but purely because of the poison of Memory Fluid, truly wiping its memory!

Soul Alliance couldn’t truly control the Empyrean Cyan HIdden Dragon’s heart, so in the decades of slaving, Soul Alliance constantly fed the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon memory fluid, wiping its memory.

Presumably, the reason Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon could escape the Soul Alliance’s control was because a deep memory of it suddenly welled up. It then killed its way through the surroundings of Soul Alliance and ran to the far away Western Kingdom. It ran to the edges of Nightmare Palace’s power, into Nightmare Island before finally losing its memories to heavy wounds, forcing it to become its most primal form to escape enemy hunting.

Soul Alliance’s constant wiping of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon's memories was utterly devastating and humiliating for a dragon with life, soul, and dignity.

These actions of Soul Alliance were utterly devoid of humanity!

Chu Mu was a soul pet trainer that heavily believed in himself. It was this belief that caused him to be a spiritual soul pet trainer that could truly hear a soul pet’s heart. To Chu Mu, such actions by the Soul Alliance were abominable!

This was why Chu Mu held the deepest of resentments towards Soul Alliance, regardless of whether it was because of his father’s tragedy or the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s environment!

Now, a man from soul alliance riding the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s offspring appeared before him.

Chu Mu had felt the Jade Spring’s blessing, so he could be said to have the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s inheritance. Seeing the eyes of that Cyan Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu saw nothing other than killing intent and obedience, unable to hold any other emotions!!

If the Cyan Hidden Dragon were treated well and grew together with the soul pet trainer and decided to sign a soul pact willingingly with a soul pet trainer, its pupils definitely would have more than two things. It would have the attitude and pride of a high ranking organism. Even if they signed a soul pact, it should have a soul of its own.

Yet, Chu Mu couldn’t even see the soul of this cyan hidden dragon. What he saw was just a corpse full of destructive power, without any individual thought or emotion!

The only reason such a situation could exist was that the man used Memory Fluid to forcefully sign a soul pact with the Cyan Hidden Dragon, forcing it to become his slave!

The soul pact between soul pets and humans were in itself somewhat predatory, with the human having a forceful and dominant position. However, any soul pet contract must also gain the soul pet’s recognition.

With things like memory fluid, if soul pet trainers who were hasty in achieving success using it, Chu Mu wouldn’t mind too much; after all, people have different ways of becoming powerful and obtaining soul pets, some of which don’t mind destroying soul pets’ souls and memories. That was their soul pet trainer mentality, and Chu Mu would only scoff at it at most.

Yet, seeing a proud Cyan Hidden Dragon fall to a slave under this arrogant man, seeing the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s numbness and pain under the cruel and ruthless eyes, Chu Mu felt a blazing anger inside his heart!

It was like he was watching his own species facing torture under the hands of evil!

Chu Mu was sure, if the Cyan Hidden Dragon could be any bit stronger, the Cyan hidden Dragon’s soul under the numbing violence would awaken, struggling free of the man’s control!

“It’s probably the brother closest to the dragon egg in young master’s spatial ring. In my recollection, there are four more people who have Cyan Hidden Dragons, and these four are all ridiculously powerful soul alliance experts. This man just now was a near young master level character in Soul Alliance, or else he wouldn’t be able to own a Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Old Li’s voice slowly came.

Chu Mu nodded, letting his heart settle down.

No matter how angry Chu Mu was feeling, he would remain logical, because he probably couldn’t even deal with the Cyan Hidden Dragon alone.

So, Chu Mu would push his emotions down and, when the opportunity arose, he would act. Whether he would kill this soulless Cyan Hidden Dragon or save it, Chu Mu couldn’t stand Soul Alliance’s membres to continue to destroy this Cyan Hidden Dragon. At least, Chu Mu believed that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would do the same after this sight.

Chu Mu stepped forward, slightly weighted as he walked towards the Sacred Region Gate.

Walking out of the Sacred Region Gate, Chu Mu quickly noticed that the guards were still face full of disappointment. Clearly, the man with the Cyan Hidden Dragon had caused even these guards to feel belittled and disrespected.

The Sacred Guard was one of the most sacred duties of Soul Palace. They were always serious, careful, and solemn in their actions. Very rarely would they have individual emotions. However, even they were somewhat angered by that soul alliance man, which goes to show just how despicable the person was.

However, when the sacred guard noticed that another teen walked out, they saw his face and slowly revealed surprised expressions.

They remembered that, around nine days ago, a teen of twenty some years came into the Holy Stem Sacred Region. Many soul palace members including the old soul teacher and Yu Palace master all came to say their “farewells”.

Though none of the Sacred Guards spoke, they all knew that the chances of Chu Mu returning alive were near zero. What caused them shock was, after nine days, the teen walked out.

He was full of scars and was tired, but his eyes were full of vigor. Most importantly, he walked out alive!

“Did you even walk into the Holy Stem Sacred Region? Holy Stem Sacred Region is straight forward from the gate.” It wasn’t that the sacred guards were belittling Chu Mu. It simply was common knowledge that entering this sacred region at Chu Mu’s age was certain death.

“I walked around in the outer thirty kilometers of the region. This is my spatial ring and soul capture ring. I have a Curved Spirit Root and a Ghost Spider Flower Demon young soul pet.” Chu Mu said as he gave his spatial ring to the Sacred Guard.

Before the sacred guards finished speaking, the surprise on their faces were amplified.

Not only did this young teen step into the sacred region, he even caught a soul pet and dug up a valuable soul item along the way!!

“Who was the person just now? Do you know him?” Chu Mu handed his spatial ring and soul capture ring over, adding on a question.

The sacred guards were stunned for a while. Only until Chu Mu asked a second time did they respond, “If I remember correctly, its the third tier final honor winner from last year, Soul Alliance Li Huang. Now, he’s one of the most powerful members of first tier, also a strong contender for the final honor of first tier.”

“Soul Alliance Li Huang” Chu Mu muttered, quietly memorizing the name!

“Then, let me notify Elder De. These days, he has constantly been asking whether you have walked out.” Sacred Guard composed his face full of shock and walked down the high stairs quickly!

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