Chapter 443: Sacred Region, Surprised Discovery of the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Chapter 443: Sacred Region, Surprised Discovery of the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Old Li was an experienced seeker of treasure. His short figure quickly did a round in this flower sea. Even Chu Mu didn’t know where he went.

After not too long, Old Li quickly ran back and said to Chu Mu, “Young master, young master, there’s good stuff.”

“What treasure?” Chu Mu’s eyes lit up.

“If young master captures an Iridescent Iris Demon, you will be counted as success in the first realm, correct?” Old Li said.

“Be concise, don’t waste my time.” Chu Mu was too lazy to hear the old man blabber.

“Young master chose Holy Stem Sacred Region, meaning after capturing any soul pet, your ranking will become last place of the first tier of the hunting realm honor challenge.

Yet, to true first tier experts, though the Holy Stem Sacred Region is dangerous, capturing the Iridescent Iris Demon isn’t too hard. So, there are other soul pets that should be captured in this region.” Old Li still continued his rant.

Chu Mu understood what Old Li said. In the hunting realm segment, the first tier had many regions to pick from, many of which needed commander ranks or even monarch rank captures to advance to the next segment. If one caught similar ranking soul pets here, then one’s ranking would be further ahead.

Holy Stem Sacred Region was the hardest region, so selecting it is equivalent to an honor challenge, similar to Chu Mu’s honor challenge in the Beast Fighting segment. In the beast fighting segment, surviving for ten thousand minutes could cause one to reach THE last place of the Battle of the Realm leader board. Past that, the ranking was dependant on time as well as beast amount.

Similarly, in the Holy Stem Sacred Region, capturing a lowest difficulty Iridescent Iris Demon was like succeeding the honor challenge. If everyone completed it, it would be decided by time to completion.

But, if the competitors had even stronger skill and could capture a higher difficulty soul pet, they could definitely raise their rankings.

When Chu Mu entered the Holy Stem Sacred Region, he specially looked at the realm requirements. Capturing the Iridescent Iris Demon was the lowest difficulty. There was also capturing a Heavenly Vine Demon, an Ancient Tree Demon, a Ghost Spider Flower Demon, and various other harder soul pets. There was even a requirement to capture a monarch rank Flower Matriarch, which was incredibly difficult.

With Old Li’s excited shouting, the fellow definitely found a soul pet that could push Chu Mu’s honor ranking higher!

“Can it be that you found a young Flower Matriarch?” Chu Mu immediately questioned.

A young Flower Matriarch was extremely difficult to find. If Chu Mu could get one, he would definitely solidify his ranking in the top few. If a third tier member’s name appeared in the forefront of a first tier honor ranking, it would definitely shock all of Tianxia City.

“Young master, stop daydreaming. A monarch rank in Holy Stem Sacred Region isn’t that easy to hunt. At least wait until all your soul pets reach tenth phase before you decide on that. I saw a young Ghost Spider Flower Demon. There are many same species guardians around it, similar to the amount young master just had to face recently.” Old Li said.

Those so called experts in second tier could at most handle a couple tenth phase commanders, since tenth phase high class commander ranks were basically equivalent in fighting strength to ninth phase middle class monarchs. So, even experts with all four main soul pets at ninth phase middle class monarch rank, they could only fight five tenth phase commanders normally.

Chu Mu fighting in this Holy Stem Sacred Region could easily face more than nine commander ranks at once. Luckily, if Chu Mu displayed all of his strength, he could still manage that. Yet, not many other second tier experts could do such a feat.

“Young master, find a safe place to rest first, and let your soul pets’ fighting strength and your soul power recover. Once you fight again, you can probably call it a day and go back. Loving challenges is a good thing, but challenging over frequently is just brash. Young master has to learn to stop.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. If he could capture the Ghost Spider Flower Demon, his ranking should be able to increase a little further, and would gain him some extra gold. This trip would be worth!

Chu Mu could hide himself very well in a non-combat situation. He specially left the flower sea and found a safe place in the dense jungle. After resting for two days, he adjusted himself back to his peak state and waited until the night before starting his operation.

Having two powerful fire type soul pets was crucial in his fights in the plant world, or else Chu Mu wouldn’t easily go and challenge nine commanders.

Overlaid Heavenly Flame Rites was something Chu Mu had to use. Without this technique’s powerful destructive abilities, nine commander rank attacks wasn’t something Chu Mu’s soul pets could withstand. His tactic was to focus fire and get rid of a few in the least time possible, and then take them down one by one after.

The commander ranks that protected the young Ghost Spider Flower Demon were much stronger than the previous wave. At the beginning of this battle, the White Nightmare and Mo Xie both were often injured, many times even falling into utter danger.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier suffered heavy injuries at the very beginning. Unable to cause true harm to the Ghost Spider Flower Demons, he couldn’t utilize Life Force Absorb either.

Retracting Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu summoned Ning and Ghost King, and told them to take turns defending.

Plant World soul pets all had powerful rooting abilities and resistance to wind, so Chu Mu never summoned Binding Wind Spirit to fight.

What was rare was, White Nightmare used its Resentment Gathering, and forcefully raised itself to ninth phase. It then used its frightening strength and explosive power to kill a tenth phase Ghost Spider Flower Demon to shift the situation a little.

Chu Mu was very good at controlling the big picture. With this as a breakthrough point, Chu Mu could defeat the rest.

After killing one tenth phase Ghost Spider Flower Demon, the pressure clearly was alleviated a little, and Chu Mu slowly turned the situation around.

Though the battle was tough, he could still achieve the final victory. After defeating all the Ghost Spider Flower Demons, Chu Mu’s soul power was depleted, finally exhaustingly putting the young Ghost Spider Flower Demon into his soul capture ring.

Chu Mu rested for another two days before following the symbols he made back towards the Sacred Region gate.

Regarding hints about the girl who had defected, Chu Mu could only put the hope in the random items he found in the dirt. Preferably, he could figure out the defected young girl’s soul pet bloodline. This way, if there was news of a person who could use powerful soul pet powers or news about her, Chu Mu could pin it accurately onto the defected girl and not be left looking around blindly.

Of course, ideally, he could find some hint that could directly lead to her…… Chu Mu entered the Holy Stem Sacred Region and caught the Ghost Spider Flower Demon in six days. On the way back, he also had an accident, and encountered a group of violent tree demons’ attack.

Chu Mu specially waited for himself to recover fully just to prevent such a situation. Yet, after the tough battle, Chu Mu was again rendered tired as he crawled out of the fringes of the Sacred Region.

If Chu Mu encountered this issue again, he would definitely lose the ability to make it back. So, when his own fighting strength was depleted, Chu Mu was extra careful. He spent another three full days before slowly nearing the safety belt. The Sacred Region Door was already in front of him, and Chu Mu didn’t want his soul pets to waste their stamina anymore, so he pulled his tired body slowly towards the Sacred Region Gate in a slow walk.

The cruelty and danger of a ninth level bewildering world was something Chu Mu truly experienced. If Chu Mu encountered a trap like that right before the flower sea, he wasn’t even sure he could have completed this realm challenge.

Sacred Region Gate was on a spacious grass plain. The vision was extremely clear here, and with the sacred guards constantly “cleaning up” the area, it was an absolutely safe region.

Reaching here, Chu Mu’s tired face finally split into a smile, and he quickened his steps towards the gate.

He finally managed to climb out of the Holy Stem Sacred Region.

This challenge definitely caused a lot of people to be worried for him. Once he walked out of the gates, he could tell them to all stop hosting his funeral and mourning.


Suddenly, a gust of wind appeared from far away, quickly approaching Chu Mu!

Even as tired as he was, Chu Mu would never let his guard down unless he was in complete safety. Feeling a powerful organism near him, Chu Mu immediately raised his head and started chanting the incantation for Displacement Specter!” “Huhuhuhuhu!!!!!!”

The wind grew stronger and stronger, starting a cyclone like movement and lifting up a huge amount of dirt. In the dustiness, Chu Mu could see a huge cyan body wave its wings full of raw power as it passed over Chu Mu’s head in a dominant fashion. It landed about 100 meters from the gate!


When the organism landed, the land around shook. It didn’t willfully release its aura, but standing 200 meters away, Chu Mu could still feel the intimidating aura!!

Chu Mu was silently in shock, wondering what soul pet could have such a chilling aura.

Yet, once Chu Mu saw the organism’s appearance, his heart started beating frantically!

A cyan body full of power, wings capable of soaring the skies, proud and noble head, and claws able to destroy anything!!

“Cyan Hidden Dragon!!” Chu Mu let out involuntarily.

Just as Chu Mu said, the organism in front of him was the utmost noble Cyan Hidden Dragon!!!!

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