Chapter 442: Wilted Sacred Blue Flower, Searching For Clues

Chapter 442: Wilted Sacred Blue Flower, Searching For Clues

Mo Xie’s attack had dual flame effects and the White Nightmare’s flame not only burned the body, but also fatally burned the soul. 

Taking advantage of the Heavenly Flame Rite’s rising torrential flames, Mo Xie and the White Nightmare each locked onto a flower type and grass type commander which they began to launch attacks on!

As for the other six flower and grass type commanders, they had already noticed the situation here and were in the process of coming over from 100 meters away to provide assistance.

However, these tenth phase commanders with slow reactions arrived too late. Mo Xie and the White Nightmare were each able to burn their opponents into crisps. Meanwhile, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force absorb was able to suck the other flower type commander of all its remaining life force. 

When the six commanders made their way over, the four commanders had already been thoroughly dealt with by Chu Mu’s soul pets. Chu Mu then, according to his original plan, had Mo Xie deal with two tenth phase commanders, the White Nightmare deal with two and himself and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier deal with two together. 

The soul power of soul pet trainers was limited, but if Chu Mu put his focus on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and used soul techniques at crucial moments, he would be able to stall a bit of time. As long as Chu Mu could quickly end her fight, the six commanders could be gotten rid of. 

After reaching the ninth phase, Mo Xie’s attacks had become incredibly strong. If Chu Mu had summoned Mo Xie during the beast fighting, he probably wouldn’t have had to use the stalling tactic and would be able to kill all of the fighting beasts. 

The strength of a ninth phase first stage middle class monarch was equivalent to a tenth phase high class commander. 

Mo Xie had the moonlight effect and the sub-attribute of fire. This was equivalent to making her strength stronger than the high class commanders by two levels. Further adding on the fact that her attribute countered the commanders’, it was essentially an entire three levels of difference. 

The environment factor could probably only compensate one level for these flower type soul pets, so Mo Xie’s strength was two levels higher than the two high class commanders she was about to face!

When Mo Xie’s strength was within a level of a difference, she was practically undefeatable, even less so if her strength was higher than the opponent’s by two levels! 

The question for Mo Xie wasn’t whether she could defeat these two tenth phase commanders, but how long it would take. 

Fortunately, Mo Xie’s fight didn’t last too long. Her nine tails completely wrapped up one of the high class flower type commanders and the combination of snapping its body and the royal flame strength allowed her to kill it in a short period of time. 

After removing one of the commanders, the other one was of no problem. Soon, the grass type commander could no longer resist Mo Xie’s savage claws and was ripped to pieces by her! 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

After killing two of the commanders, Mo Xie immediately locked onto the two commanders fighting with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Chu Mu. 

It was indeed hard for Chu Mu and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to deal with the two commanders and if another minute had passed, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier probably would have struggled to persevere. 

However, Mo Xie made her way over with determination! 

Mo Xie didn’t immediately launch herself at the two flower type soul pets. Instead, she stood a hundred meters away; her silver and proud body stood there arrogantly and she raised her head towards the curved moon, letting out a long howl!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The wind of royal flames chaotically swayed, blowing over Mo Xie’s beautiful silver fur.  

As Mo Xie fermented her royal flames, a gorgeous crown of fire appeared aroud her body. This crown of fire had thirteen layers and was incomparably luminous! 

Eighth rank fire type technique - Thirteen Inferno Hells! 

Thirteen layers of fire wildly shot into the sky and reached a high peak before suddenly dropping down. They were like thirteen flaming foxes that swooped down in an imposing manner; they were full of a scorching fire power! 

Mo Xie’s eighth rank fire type technique was launched only at the flower type commander. The flower type commander was barely able to put up a floral hoop and resist the baptism from the Thirteen Inferno Hells. 

Hoewver, while it was able to resist the first few waves of the inferno hells, it was unable to completely stop the entire thirteen waves of inferno hells from burning it. 

The flames quickly caught onto its body before seeping into its heart and organs and burning them! 

After releasing the technique, Mo Xie’s entire body began to burn with flames and she used the Death Assault technique! 

Phantom Inferno Flame Claw! 

Five flaming nine tailed foxes flew at the flower type commander and five sets of claws ripped at five vital locations on its body. 

The flower type commander was already burning with a torrential flame before suffering from the five claw attacks. Its body immediately snapped… 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Piercing Branch!” Chu Mu seized the opportunity and immediately had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier launch an attack on the heavily wounded flower type commander. 

The sharp piercing branch struck the wound opened up by Mo Xie allowing poison to enter while also engaging in life force absorb! 

The flower type commander’s life force was quickly consumed and within a few seconds in the burning flames, its life force slowly faded away... 

“Get rid of the other!” Chu Mu fighting tempo was exceptionally fast. After killing the flower type commander, in the next second, he locked onto the other flower type commander! 

The other flower type commander was clearly at a disadvantage and it used a fleeing technique. 

A large pile of flower petals drifted through the air. The flower type soul pet’s body was already bound by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, but when the flower petals landed on the ground, the small flower type soul pet mysteriously disappeared in the blanket of flowers. It was unknown where it went. 

“It’s feld far away. The ability of flower type soul pets to flee is among the very best. Young master doesn’t have to pay heed to it. Get rid of the other two.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu recovered from the shock of the flower type commander’s escape. He immediately had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Mo Xie enter into the White Nightmare’s difficult fight.With the coordination of the three soul pets, the last two grass type commanders were finally killed by Chu Mu.

Next, there was only the Xu Ying which strength reached the peak commander rank. 

Although the Xu Ying’s strength was a bit stronger than the flower and grass type commanders, it hadn’t entered the fight just now. Since it was the only one left, Chu Mu’s soul pets got rid of it extremely easily. 

Before long, Chu Mu had swept through all the obstacles. 


Two hundred meters in front of the area which the Xu Ying was defeated was the very center of the flower sea. 

It was night time and Chu Mu slowly stepped towards this location which he had previously been before. A familiar feeling and an old memory drifted into his mind, making Chu Mu slowly grow absent minded.

“Young master, the Curved Spirit Root is still here. Haha, this great thing can make the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength rise to the middle class monarch rank. Moreover, once you finish the realm breakthrough mission is finished, young master will be able to accumulate about 400 million. Although it’s a bit expensive, it’s probably worth to use the 400 million to raise the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to the ninth phase middle class monarch level. In this manner, young master will have more assurance!” Old Li diligently ran to the Curved Spirit Root and took matters into his own hands to begin digging out the spirit item. 

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. After the second realm was finished, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength would rise by two levels, meaning he would have a total of three ninth phase middle class commanders!

Old Li’s method of digging out the spirit root was fine; since he was so passionately digging away, Chu Mu was able to examine this area in detail. 

The scenery at night time was a bit different from the scenery in his memory, but Chu Mu was sure he had encountered the young woman who defected in this place. The beautiful flowers that had blossomed around this area were also of the same color and arrangement.

Chu Mu walked towards the area which the Sacred Blue Flower had blossomed and began to look at the soil in detail.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, see what’s below the soil.” Chu Mu said to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Chu Mu remembered how back then after he had signed a soul pact with the young woman who defected, the blossoming Sacred Blue Flower had withered. If this was really the place, the the Sacred Blue Flower’s withered flower petals should be buried in the soil. Even if it had already decomposed in the time span of twelve years, there should still be some vestiges left.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier rapidly used its roots to search through the soil. It was possible to visibly see the ground wriggle as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots searched...

A short while later, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s feeler-like roots withdrew from the ground and it indicated that it didn’t find anything.

“Expand the area a bit. Take out anything you find for me to see.” said Chu Mu.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier nodded its head and stuck all of its roots underground. It began to conduct a blanket search over an even larger area of the center of the flower sea.

Chu Mu remembered that when he saw the young woman who defected, she was completely naked. She had exposed her perfect body in front of him and Chu Mu felt that if she was innately a human, then it was strange how she didn’t have anything on. Even if she was originally wearing something, there was no need to have nothing on.

If she did have something, then perhaps she had thrown it away here before it was slowly buried by the soil. Or perhaps she had hidden her things herself.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier searched a large area and really did find many strange objects in the soil:

A few low rank soul crystals, a few special petals from plant soul pets that wouldn’t decompose, a few nearly decomposed flower petals, a rock he had never seen before, a few crystals that had crystallized due to their unique earthen nature, a natural metal that was as large as a thumb with a few earthen marks, and numerous fragments from medicine bottles...

Chu Mu happened to remember the fragments from medicine bottles. After he had signed a soul pact with the young woman who defected, his soul had suffered an enormous shock and in order to protect his soul, Liu Binglan had given him soul medicine.

These fragments should have been from the medicine bottles that held the soul medicine. Liu Binglan had crushed them out of anger and twelve years later, they had sunk into the soil.

“Put these items away first.” said Old Li.

“What use are these items?” asked Chu Mu. These items didn’t seem to have anything to do with the young woman who defected; nor were they items he wanted. 

“Put them away first. In any case, we don’t have any clues. When we go back, have scholars who are proficient at researching plants, earth quality and rocks look at them. See if any of the items are abnormal appearances. For example, the leaves and flower petals that haven’t decomposed. There are many old scholars in Soul Palace who are so old all their teeth have nearly fallen out. Have them take a stab at it. They can also determine what soul pet it is so to a certain extent, it will be able to determine the lineage of the young woman soul pet who defected.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu felt this was logical and promptly nodded his head as he put away these random objects.

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