Chapter 441: Overlapping Flames, Three Layers of Burning Flames

Chapter 441: Overlapping Flames, Three Layers of Burning Flames

Around the Xu Ying were many plant world soul pets that weren’t inferior to tenth phase commanders. With Chu Mu’s detection ability, there were approximately ten of them. 

Chu Mu could only triple control, and since the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was also a plant world soul pet and possessed the life force absorb technique, it would probably be able to slowly whittle down the flower type Xu Ying. 

The White Nightmare and Mo Xie’s attributes could both suppress plant world soul pets and it wouldn’t be a problem for the White Nightmare to fight alone against a tenth phase commander rank flower type soul pet. 

Moreover, when night arrived, Mo Xie would be immersed in moonlight, and her strength would increase by a level. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to deal with two tenth phase commander rank flower type soul pets.

Nonetheless, while Chu Mu could deal with four commander rank soul pets at once, there were six more which Chu Mu could do nothing about. 

The edge of the Sacred Holy Region was comparable to a ninth rank bewildering world so pretty much every fight he took would mean encountering several soul pets that had strength much higher than his. The high level of difficulty was something Chu Mu finally experienced.

With Chu Mu’s strength, it would probably be hard to do anything because the moment he started something, he would have to face ten tenth phase commanders! 

“Night, go back first.” Chu Mu recalled the Night Thunder Dream Beast back into the soul pet space. 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream realm effect wasn’t exceptionally effective towards plant world soul pets. Chu Mu needed strong fighting strength right now, so he recalled the Night Thunder Dream Beast back into the soul pet space and summoned the White Nightmare in front of him. 

The White Nightmare’s was afraid its strength would fall behind Chu Mu’s other soul pets and had diligently raised itself to the eighth phase ninth stage. Of course, the Binding Wind SPirit and Mo Xie’ strength already surpassed its own. Unless it was able to evolve to the ninth phase, it would not be their opponents. 

“Nie~.....~” the White Nightmare walked out of Chu Mu’s flaming figure and using its other type ability, casually floated into the air… 

“You want to deal with two? That’s a bit much.” Chu Mu saw the White Nightmare’s desire to fight and was a bit surprised.

“Nie!!!” firmly said the White Nightmare. 

“Ok, even if you can’t beat them, we can still run away. When we fight, you have to listen to my instructions and cannot do things your own way. Otherwise, I’ll lock you up for ten days to half a month.” said Chu Mu. 

The White Nightmare diligently nodded its head.

After making himself clear to the White Nightmare, Chu Mu quickly summoned Mo Xie. 

While not fighting, Mo Xie would languidly maintain her pitiful state. Even after being summoned by Chu Mu, she promptly jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulders. One of her small tails wrapped itself around Chu Mu’s neck; she looked dazed and tired. 

“Your turn to fight. Time to focus.” Chu Mu picked the small Mo Xie off his shoulders and placed him down on the ground. 

The moment heard she could fight, Mo Xie immediately woke up. Her beautiful silver pupils shone a bit brighter, and her nine small tails slowly unfurled, changing into a different form. 

Chu Mu quickly gave Mo Xie the method of fighting he wanted her to employ; however, Chu Mu still didn’t know how to deal with the other five commanders which gave him a headache. 

“Let’s try it. Mo Xie, you’re the strongest, so you have to get rid of the enemy as fast as you can. Do you understand?!” Chu Mu intentionally stressed Mo Xie as he spoke. 

“Wu wu~~~” Mo Xie nodded her head and confidently gave a cry. 

“Devil Tree, lay a trap.” Chu Mu gave the Devil Tree Battle Soldier an order. 

Flower type and plant type soul pest didn’t have as large area range as wood type soul pets. Thus, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s trap was still a effective. 

The sea of flowers under the moonlight was particularly tranquil. The pale white radiance from the starry sky shone down on and contrasted against the flowers… amidst the sea of flowers, a silver small fox gracefully walking. With its innocent and adorable appearance, it slowly approached the flower type commanders.  

This small fox seemed to be playing around in the flowers before accidentally rolling over to the front of the incomparably powerful plant world soul pets.

The flower type soul pets slightly bent their stalks and the poison sword flower spikes hidden in the ground wriggled against their minute feelers as they prepared to attack. However, when they discovered that it was a small creature that potentially didn’t even have a soul core, the flower type commanders stealthily put away their weapons. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~” the small Mo Xie’s pitiful appearance had tricked many powerful soul pets before, so Chu Mu would employ this method in the face of powerful guardians! 

The flower type commanders were so arrogant the thought of attacking this tiny life force didn’t even cross their minds. It was like an ant crawling beside them - they couldn’t even be bothered to raise their foot and crush it to death. 

However, while these flower type commanders ignored this small fellow, they didn’t notice that the small Mo Xie’s pair of glistening silver pupils flickered with a cold and crafty radiance! 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, Mo Xie’s eyes locked onto the weakest flower type commander. She demonically jumped in front of it and her body suddenly split into five silver moonlit figures! 

The five graceful Mo Xies outlandishly appeared in five directions around the flower type commander. Their nine tails abruptly unfurled and catching it off guard, locked down the flower type commander’s stalk!!

Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram!

This was Mo Xie’s strongest single target attack technique. Even in here pitiful appearance state, she could exhibit seventy percent of its strength. However, Mo Xie’s tail was burning with high rank blood flames which dealt enough damage to plant world soul pets to compensate for the weakened effect of her effects in her pitiful state!!!

Five figures simultaneously rushed from five directions and forty five flaming fox tails smashed down at the same time, dealing serious damage to the flower type commander’s stalk! 


This flower type commander didn’t have any defensive preparations and under the moonlight, Mo Xie’s strength rose by another level. This eighth rank powerful damaging ability nearly instantly killed the tenth phase flower type soul pet!


“Hu hu~~~~” 

The sudden appearance of the flames immediately startled the surrounding three flowers and grass type commanders. It was now that they finally realized that this small fox was actually a powerful creature in disguise!!

Each of their powerful weapons appeared and they fiercely swung them at Mo Xie!

Mo Xie’s figure quickly disappeared. After seeing the barrage of root and flower spike attacks, she decisively abandoned the chance to deliver the fatal blow to the heavily wounded flower type soul pet. She stepped on a large ball of scorching hot fire as she fled into the distance.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~~~~” the fire followed behind Mo Xie as vigorous flames appeared on the ends of Mo Xie’s tail while she ran. Immediately after, it was as if the fire caught onto her body and began to burn her entire body starting from her tail….

During the course of the burning, Mo Xie seemed to exchange her body in the flames. She demonically and beautifully transformed into an Royal Flame Nine Tailed inferno Fox. Relying on her dodging abilities that surpassed all other types of soul pets, she fled back towards Chu Mu as fast as lightning amidst the torrent of flower spike and root attacks that split the earth and air.

The attacks from plant world soul pets were inherently extremely concentrated and numerous. These terrifying attacks wouldn’t leave any gaps and only Mo Xie’s extreme dodging ability and absolute speed allowed her to escape from them. 

Mo Xie ran exceptionally fast and within a few second, she had made it a few hundred meters, fleeing outside the attacking range of the four flower type soul pets. 

The flower type commander attacked by Mo Xie and the other three commanders naturally wouldn’t let Mo Xie who had launched a sneak attack on them flee. They began to move their bodies, using their unique moving mechanism to chase after Mo Xie.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Natural Wood Trap!’ 

Chu Mu was waiting for this moment. When he saw the four flower type commanders enter the trap, he decisively had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier release the trap!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had lain a trap that was nearly a hundred meters in range. The moment these four flower type commander stepped into it, they fell into the pitfall trap. 

However, plant world soul pets had their own unique abilities at the end of the day and the four flower type soul pets quickly extended their flower feelers into the surroundings, not giving the Devil Tree Battle Soldier the chance to drag them into the trap. Using their feelers, they hovered above the enormous trap. 

“White Nightmare, Heavenly Flame Rite!” 

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite!” 

Chu Mu decisively gave orders to his soul pets.

The moment his voice faded, Chu Mu’s two black pupils quickly began to burn with a white devil flame. He lifted his two hands up into the air and in his palms burned two balls of quietly cold white demonic devil flames!

The White Nightmare’s devil technique had already been prepared and when Chu Mu gave the order, the White Nightmare pointed its arms at the sky. Its fingers burning with devil flames released a white pillar of light that fell on top of the Natural Wood Trap. 

The blood flames and demon fire evil flames burning on the running Mo Xie’s body were even more vigorous. As an evil light blossomed from Mo Xie’s eyes, two types of flames began to interweave as they ascended into the air, landing at the same location as the White Nightmare’s white demonic devil flames! 

“White Demonic Heavenly Flame Rite!”

Mo Xie finished the incantation! This time, he didn’t use Chong Mei to replicate the fire type technique. Instead he directly chanted the seventh rank fire type technique, Heavenly Flame Rite! 

Two months ago, Chu Mu had spent 30 million on the purest version of the seventh rank fire type technique - Heavenly Flame Rite. With Chu Mu’s fifth remembrance spirit master strength, in addition with the white demonic devil flame effect, when he used the technique, Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite on its own had the might nearing the ninth rank! 

There was a layering of three Heavenly Flame Rites: three different colored flames blended together and a gorgeous pillar of light magnificently dropped down!! 

A long flaming dragon let out a long dragon roar as it ascended from the depths of the the Natural Wood Trap. It managed to fully engulf the four flower type and grass type commanders!! 

Body, blood, and soul. Three types of burning. Layered together, they produced a ninth rank mid stage fire type technique that completely swallowed up the four flower type soul pets!

The flower type commander that was already wounded by Mo Xie was burned to ashes by the three layered fire and completely disappeared. 

The other three soul pets were heavily wounded by the fire. If it wasn’t because plant world soul pets had the uniqueness of double the normal amount of life force, the completely healthy commanders probably would have been instakilled by the technique! 

“Kill them before the other six commander make their way over!’ Chu Mu immediately gave the order to kill! 

Many flower type soul pets had powerful healing abilities, so he definitely couldn’t give them the chance to rest. Otherwise, Chu Mu would have to face nine tenth phase flower type commanders!!!

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