Chapter 440: Dream Back to Flower Sea, Terrifying Charm Girl

Chapter 440: Dream Back to Flower Sea, Terrifying Charm Girl

This was the second time entering the sea of flowers in his dreams. The first time, he had entered in the Forbidden City’s Demon Home, where he fell into the Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s Dream Trap, bringing out the deepest nightmares of Chu Mu’s heart.

This time, the Nightmare Ascends that Nightmare Beast cast more or less kept Chu Mu conscious, not letting him completely get lost in it.

The endless flowers, red, orange, yellow, and green, were like a colorful constellation covering his vision. In the dancing flowers, Chu Mu slowly immersed himself completely, feeling submerged.

Chu Mu walked towards this flowery world. He could see countless unnamed flowers waving in the wind, their strange stems following a special path in their growth, their petals falling gently into ripples of the flower sea.

He continued to go forward. The charming atmosphere caused him to lose all sense of vigilance. Looking around, he suddenly found a royal blue smear that caught his gaze. Soon, he couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

When he looked closer, he felt as if his heart was taken. He couldn’t help but watch as the holy blue bud slowly opened up.

It was as if countless beautiful women were around him, dancing, giving him flirtatious glances and showing off billowing clothes, but one single holy, unique blue stood out that truly caught one’s heart. No matter how many other beautiful temptations there were, they paled in comparison.

Chu Mu was completely attracted by this holy blue flower, watching as she slowly bloomed in the multicolored shades.

In reality, Chu Mu feels very conflicted right now. His remaining consciousness told him that it was a dream, and that the person hooking his attention was the forsaken girl. He knew that the bud was full of the deadliest poison, but at that moment, she seemed so pure and clean, a beauty completely untouched by any pollutant. She was born from the cleanliness of life.

This was already an illusion, and Chu Mu already had a terrible aversion towards it. Yet, Chu Mu’s heart was still touched. Chu Mu couldn’t imagine just how powerful the girl’s charming abilities were, able to affect his completely mature heart, breaking through the hatred and resentment built up through twelve years and still causing such realistic illusion.

Was it his soul that still wasn’t powerful enough, or was this being truly beyond humans…...

“Please, help me……”

A small plead full of sorrow and pain weaved its way into his soul.

How could a ten year old child reject this?

In fact, even with his twenty two year old heart, even with his most unwavering faith, Chu Mu was almost ready to believe she was undergoing significant pain, hoping that someone would help her escape, because her eyes were pure, and without an ounce of cheating.

When the Earth Fiend Dream Demon set up its dream trap, it was to make Chu Mu and Mo Xie decontract. That dream caused Chu Mu’s resentment to be magnified infinitely, so when he saw the betraying girl, Chu Mu was full of the deepest resentment.

Yet, the dreams that Night Thunder Dream Beast invoked brought up Chu Mu’s truest memories, including the original emotions. There wasn’t any magnifying or reducing. However, Chu Mu would never have thought that his nightmare would have such a holy and genuine sight. At least, Chu Mu had never seen such sincerity and genuineness…...

This mental struggle shouldn’t have been hard, but it was cruel and the process was heart shaking.

In fact, it was like a relationship that was doomed for tragedy, but would still run into it regardless, unable to resist.

“Night, stop the dream!”

Finally, Chu Mu yelled out!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s eyes immediately darkened!

Immediately, the dream shattered into pieces, slowly falling apart in Chu Mu’s memory’s view…...

“Hui” Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a small neigh. It felt Chu Mu’s heavily changing mood, so it nuzzled its head over and lightly rubbed the back of Chu Mu’s hand.

Cold sweat fell from Chu Mu’s back. His eyes were unfocused for a long while. 

The waves in his heart slowly calmed down. Feeling Night Thunder Dream Beast’s actions, Chu Mu smiled bitterly, and stroked Night’s muzzle, letting it know he was fine now.

“Young master, are you alright?” Old Li looked worriedly at Chu Mu from Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back.

Chu Mu took a deep breath. The scenes in his dream were still as vivid as before.

The feeling was truly terrifying. Chu Mu had always thought his resentment for the defected girl was at its peak, and that he was able to kill her easily when he met her.

But, Chu Mu was wrong. The defected girl’s deceiving quality was a charm powerful enough to reach deep into one’s soul, much stronger than what his soul remembrance could resist currently!

“She truly is terrifying.” Chu Mu’s soul shivered.

The defected girl’s character and beauty were perfect beyond comprehension. This wasn’t terrifying, however, What Chu Mu found terrifying was that, after twelve years, he would still involuntarily feel a sense of trust for her.

“Young master, the defected young girl probably has a very high mental age. At least, with your current soul remembrance, you won’t be able to defend against her flower type charm technique. Now it looks like even if young master found her, you wouldn’t be her match.” Old Li said with a sigh.

Old Li would never have thought that Chu Mu had troubled such a bone-chilling humanoid soul pet, able to make them shudder just through memory.

Chu Mu had finally found the flower sea, and had used the same environment to invoke the memory, yet he found that the defected girl’s power was above his. Though he didn’t have any hope of finding her, just finding out that he was actually weaker and would still get charmed made him want to cuss.

“Young master, no need to feel angry. Flower type charm techniques aren’t any weaker than demon type mental techniques. Plus, her rank is much higher. It may not be that you are weaker than her; it may just be her technique that is overwhelming. Young master shouldn’t get worried. Since we found the root of the issue, with the speed at which young master is growing, she will definitely not be able to get away!” Old Li said.

“If her mental age is higher than mine, then even if we meet face to face, wouldn’t I fail to detect our soul pact?” Chu Mu said.

“If she indeed is much higher rank than you, you may not be able to detect it. However, even if she is similar strength as you, I feel she has many ways of blocking off your soul connection with her. Speaking of which, did young master find any hints in your memory?” Old Li said.

“En, it was in this piece of flower sea, in the center.” Chu Mu nodded. After saying it, he remembered a small detail.

Chu Mu remembered that he saw a soul item that grew in a special route, sitting just ten meters away from the holy blue flowerbud.

Before, Chu Mu didn’t know what it was, but now, remembering back, he realized it was an expensive soul item that could strengthen Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s rank!

If that soul item were still there from twelve years ago, then Chu Mu would have an additional reward!

Immediately, Chu Mu told Old Li of this soul item.

“Holy Stem Sacred Region isn’t a bewildering world, so not anyone can enter it. Adding on the fact that the Sacred Region is boundless, not many people would know about this part of the flower sea. The curved spirit root isn’t any particularly catchy soul item, so the chance of it being taken is quite low. I would also think that, in twelve years, it has grown to an even more advanced state. This is a perfect time for young master to improve the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.” Old Li started calling out excitedly.

The shadow left in Chu Mu’s memory by the defected young girl was slowly wiped away, replaced with the happiness that came with finding a way to improve his Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Indeed, in dangerous places, there is always treasure. Chu Mu felt that this trip to the Holy Stem Sacred region was incredibly bountiful!

In fact, after he left, he may experience another great increase in strength. After all, the Curved Spirit Root’s price was very high; auction houses may not even sell them.

Chu Mu quickly burned up with passion again. Riding his Night Thunder Dream Beast, he walked his Devil Tree Battle Soldier towards the place where he first saw the defected girl.

The Flower sea wasn’t too big. When Chu Mu slowly walked to the center, he could already feel an unnaturalness under his feet. There was also a faint scent in the air that was easily missed.

This wasn’t the first time that Chu Mu has dealt with plant world soul pets. He knew that the faint scent was no illusion, but instead the often used technique of flower type soul pets: hypnotization, confusion, or slow poison. Chu Mu used his remembrance to protect himself, while telling Night Thunder Dream Beast to release its dark aura, preventing the pollen from going into his nose.

“Young master, this pollen smells like Xu Ying, a commander rank flower type soul pet. Under this circumstance, it definitely has reached tenth phase. What is noteworthy is its cotton twine, which is very potent at binding and cutting. It can ignore hard defenses to a certain degree, so it is best to let Devil tree Battle Soldier handle it.”

Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu naturally knew this. In reality, it wasn’t an issue whether Chu Mu could get rid of this commander rank Xu Ying. Instead, he detected that the flower type soul pet nearby had already formed a mini clan!

With precious soul items always came large dangers. This was another challenge for Chu Mu, and Chu Mu will try his best to get the item, improve his strength, and reign in the Battle of the Realms!!

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