Book 2 Chapter 44 - Mo Ye, A Technique that Drove Opponents Crazy

Chapter 44: Mo Ye, A Technique that Drove Opponents Crazy

The next task was naturally to train the obstinately little Mo Ye, who Chu Mu had entrusted with lots of hope!

There also happened to be two things that could strengthen the Mo Ye. First was the Ink Gemstone that could strengthen the bug type defensive armor. A thing like the Ink Gemstone was a perfect fit for the Mo Ye, a soul pet that also owned an ink colored battle armor.

Now, Zhan Ye’s ink armor was approximately at the fourth rank intermediate stage. Such defensive talent should count as normal, but Chu Mu believed that in the long term, after the Mo Ye’s abnormal bug type talent was developed, his ink armor’s defensive capability would definitely increase significantly.

The Ink Gemstone was used similarly to a soul crystal. All one had to do was make a soul pet swallow it, and then let a soul pet trainer use his remembrance to control the energy inside slowly into the soul pet’s armor.

The Mo Ye’s current phase wasn’t high. Originally, it should’ve been very hard for it to absorb such a high energy Ink Gemstone. However, Chu Mu felt that the little Mo Ye couldn’t be trained normally. If he did, the Mo Ye would definitely be a useless member in battle.

Only in the early stages, by utilizing the Mo Ye’s six times life force and regeneration to undergo training methods that surpassed the soul pet’s limits, could a better effect be reached.

The Ink Gemstone’s effects were very outstanding, raising the little Mo Ye’s defensive armor straight to the fourth rank complete stage. He believed that once he let the little Mo Ye absorb the sixth rank soul crystal, its defense would definitely go up to the fifth rank, even though he was only at the fourth phase.

A sixth rank soul crystal had an immense amount of energy. When Chu Mu lead the energy into Zhan Ye’s body, Zhan Ye immediately showed a painful expression.

“If you can’t withstand it let’s call it off and take it step by step.” Seeing the little Zhan Ye in pain and on the verge of shattering its armor, Chu Mu also felt that maybe he was too hurried.

“Houhou” Little Zhan Ye immediately let out a roar, as if very worried Chu Mu would stop. It actually directly closed its eyes, and the painful expression on its face disappeared!

Chu Mu could tell that the little Zhan Ye sorely hoped to become stronger. Chu Mu knew that it had great willpower, so he clenched his jaw and said, “Don’t worry, after you withstand this, your body will no longer be weak and your power will raise by another level!”

“Houhou!!” Little Zhan Ye immediately roared again.

The immense beast type energy flowed in, and the little Zhan Ye’s ink armor started shattering completely, as if he were inflating from within!!!

The little Mo Ye was only a bit past a meter big, but under the use of this sixth rank soul crystal, the little Mo Ye’s body started tearing and growing!!

When beast type soul pets changed body shapes, their bones usually grew first, leaving the muscles and other body parts to slowly extend on their own.

Yet, this Mo Ye was completely different. It was like some item forcefully opened the Mo Ye’s body from inside. Even its joint areas were completely torn apart, leaving only blood and vessels to connect them!!

Chu Mu felt that the gust of beast type energy may be too large and was just about to stop.

However he suddenly discovered that Mo Ye’s torn joints were quickly growing muscle and cartilage!!

The ripped open body actually started to swiftly grow new limbs, cartilage, bones, blood, muscle, skin, and armor, all of them growing with visible speed!

Bug type Broken Limb Rebirth!!!

Chu Mu saw this and went dumb!!

Zhan Ye had actually learned the powerful bug type move, Broken Limb Rebirth!!

A bug type soul pet’s greatest advantage was its resilient life force. If one didn’t completely destroy its vital parts, it would quickly recover. Additionally, some strong bug type soul pets even had the annoying species ability: Broken Limb Rebirth!!

Broken Limb Rebirth was a pretty special move among bug types. Usually, if a soul pet was amputated somewhere, after a long period of recovery, it could still recover. But the bug type move Broken Limb Rebirth could spend its massive health pool in order to quickly regrow shattered or torn body parts!!

“Currently, it has six times the life force and recovery speed of a normal soul pet. If it sacrificed some lifeforce to use Broken Limb Rebirth, as long as its vital organs aren’t completely shattered, little Zhan Ye will be almost invincible!” The astonishment on Chu Mu’s face was indescribable!

Broken Limb Rebirth was impossible to use infinitely, because one had to use one’s own life force as cost of using it.

Bug type soul pets all had 2 or more times other soul pets’ life force. Normally, a bug type soul pet’s life recovery speed was already many times that of a normal soul pet’s, so it could use Broken Limb Rebirth a few times. Many soul pets could use it twice. Being able to use it three times was already incredible.

Yet, Zhang Ye had six times the normal soul pet’s life force recovery, as well as six times the life force!

This meant that Mo Ye could use Broken Limb Rebirth six times!!

Many times, when a limb was crippled in a battle, it meant that the end of the battle was near. However, with six chances to rebirth, one could imagine that during fighting, when the opponent saw a soul pet continuously getting deeply wounded yet continuously grow out new limbs and returning to full fighting strength, their expression would definitely be one of maddening frustration!!!

Even, saying something bluntly, if some area were to be damaged and it was hindering the soul pet from utilizing all its power, it could simply bite the part off and grow a new limb to recover its original strength, a move that could make countless opponents mental state fall apart!

Thinking of this, even Chu Mu wanted to lift up his head and laugh into the skies! Choosing this defiant little Mo Ye over the high quality Mo Ye at the time was definitely the right choice!

No matter how strong the high quality Mo Ye was, it could at most cause the obstinate little Mo Ye to use its Broken Limb Rebirth once. No matter how it was trained or strengthened, even if it also learned Broken Limb Rebirth, it wouldn’t create an effect as abnormal as Zhan Ye!

Mo Ye: Beast World - beast type (bug type) - Horned Armored Beast species - Mo Ye subspecies - middle class commander rank fourth phase second stage

Ink Claw: fourth rank initial stage. At the fourth phase, with a fourth rank initial stage attacking claw, it was equivalent to a warrior rank attacking talent. Before using the soul crystal, Zhan Ye’s claws were still at the third rank initial stage. The sixth rank soul crystal made it increase by a full rank.

Ink Armor: fifth rank initial stage. As a fourth phase second stage soul pet, having a defense that reached the fifth rank was the defensive talent of a normal commander rank soul pet.

Species abilities: Self Heal, Broken Limb Rebirth

Basic abilities: Barbaric Strength, Ripping Claw, Ink Armor Spike

Main abilities: Shattering Claw, Death Ray, Shadow Strike, Dark Steel

Advanced abilities: Fragmenting Stamp, Uninhibited Assault

Zhan Ye’s complete transformation made Chu Mu even more confident. Even if he didn’t strengthen the Mo Ye’s beast type any further, there were probably many people who could only helplessly look to the heavens against an imbalanced soul pet like Mo Ye…...

“Young master, clan head wants you to go over, as if he had something important to discuss with you.” A servant girl’s voice suddenly came in from outside.

Chu Mu was just immersed in the joy of seeing Zhan Ye’s growth. Hearing this message, he smiled again and said, “I’ll come in a second.”

“Zhan Ye, you rest first. Once your phase and stage rises, there will soon be opportunities for you to show off your skill.” Chu Mu used his remembrance and told the Mo Ye.

Zhan Ye nodded, very calmly laying in the soul pet space, and closed its eyes, entering a deep sleep after its growth.

Following the servant girl to the clan head’s courtyard, Chu Mu immediately saw Chu Ming standing beside the pool, watching the little organisms swimming around in it.

“Grandfather.” Chu Mu walked up and interrupted the old man’s deep thinking.

Chu Ming smiled a shallow yet wrinkled smile, “You’ve come.”

Chu Mu nodded, able to see that Chu Ming had something to tell him.

“Originally, grandfather didn’t want you to participate in this Recommendation, because after all, it is very dangerous…...” As Chu Ming spoke, he drew out the last syllable, and waited a long time before speaking again.

“But who would’ve thought Chu Yi wasn’t content with peace, actually fighting with someone as the Recommendation approached. His soul was damaged, and he is unable to recover without a few months.”

Chu Mu stared blankly, showing signs of surprise.

In reality, Chu Mu was just about to send a Devil Attendant to fiercely “fix” the oppressing Chu Yi, making him unable to join the Recommendation. Then, unable to find anyone else within Chu Clan, Chu Ming would have to let him join the recommendation.

However, even he didn’t think that before he could send anyone, Chu Yi had already hurt himself, saving Chu Mu from “disloyally” hurting his own brothers in the dark.

“Grandfather, I understand you. Don’t worry, I will be fine.” Chu Mu smiled.

Chu Ming originally only wanted to ask for Chu Mu’s thoughts, and he was not prepared to actually invite Chu Mu to the Recommendation, but seeing Chu Mu’s confident look, he thought that Chu Mu was indeed more mature now. Even if he couldn’t defeat Yang Clan’s experts, he shouldn’t have issue with self protection.

Then this time I’ll rely on you. From tomorrow onwards, train with Chu Xing and make preparations for the Recommendation in a month!” Chu Ming patted Chu Mu’s shoulder and said seriously.

“I’m afraid I can’t train this month. I still have things to do. I’ll start training with big brother next month.” Chu Mu said.

“You’re still busy with something?” Chu Ming said questioningly.

“I was considering my soul pet’s future type growth, so I need to find the most fitting battle style through large amounts of books.” Chu Mu found a random excuse.

Chu Ming opened his mouth to offer Chu Mu some suggestions. After all, Chu Ming was very experienced in terms of knowledge of soul pet types. However, after some consideration, Chu Ming deduced that Chu Mu was probably like his father. Chu Mu would be like his father in the sense that he would want to chose the path and training of his soul pets himself, so any suggestions could even prove to be a hindrance. With this in mind, Chu Ming decided not to say anything.

“If so, then take your time and think calmly. If you encounter any hard issues please come and ask grandfather.” Chu Ming said.

Chu Mu nodded, leaving the courtyard with an attractively evil smile on his face.

Over this next month, Chu Mu of course wasn’t going to research about soul pet typing abilities; he was going to frenzily start his revenge against the Yang Clan!!

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