Chapter 439: Sacred Holy Region’s Riddle, Only One Direction

Chapter 439: Sacred Holy Region’s Riddle, Only One Direction

“... young master, although finding your soul pet is important, it’s better not to easily give up on the Battle of the Realm. I think that you should put your focus on the soul pet that the competition authorities want you to hunt.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head and said: “The competition authorities require me to find a Rainbow Iris Demon on the edge of the Sacred Holy Region. Palace Lord Yu had already notified me that the Rainbow Iris Demon is a rather common soul pet in that area. As long as I capture a seventh phase Rainbow Iris Demon, I will be considered to have passed.” 

“To someone of Palace Lord Yu’s level, a Rainbow Iris Demon is a rather common soul pet. But to young master, the difficulty is rather high. The plant resources in the Sacred Holy Region are extremely plentiful, and it’s a place with an extreme plant region. The creatures that grow there find it much easier to evolve to the tenth phase compared to soul pets from other regions. Therefore, even if it is the boundary, they will all be of the ninth or tenth phase. If a tenth phase soul pet is a commander rank, the threat to young master is extremely high. One careless mistake, and you may encounter a group of these things. It’s easier said than done for young master to capture a Rainbow Iris Demon in this environment.” said Old Li. 

“Palace Lord Yu said that as long as I can complete this realm breakthrough, I’ll be able to obtain honor from the first grade. The last place honor from the first grade is worth 100s of millions, and is enough to me.” said Chu Mu.

“Ok, young master should go slow then. Although young mater is very familiar with the jungle environment and possesses abnormal hunting abilities, it’s best to be careful. With young master’s current strength, the Sacred Holy Region really is hell. Young master can only be considered the lowest rank creature.” emphasized Old Li. 

The Sacred Holy Region had also been split into several regions. The lowest level region was the boundary nearest to the Sacred Holy Region’s entrance. 

The so-called ‘boundary’ couldn’t be considered truly part of the Sacred Holy Region and merely an outer outskirt.

However, even this outskirt region’s danger level wasn’t inferior to a ninth rank bewildering world.

Li Hen, back then, hadn’t even been able to break through the Sacred Holy Region. This didn’t even mean that he had passed through the boundary and entered and mingled in the outer region; instead, it meant that he had barely managed to step into the outer region. 

The moment he had entered the outer region, he had fled back in an incomparably miserable state!

From this, it was possible to see that the entire boundary of the Sacred Holy Region was ninth rank bewildering world that had dangerous level that continuously rose. Chu Mu could even end up in a predicament from entering this boundary region! 

Soul Palace’s second holy region wasn’t something anyone could easily enter. If Chu Mu wanted to truly have the qualifications to enter, his strength was far from enough. The present him was like the him from the past when he entered Prisoner Island’s bewildering world at first and had to completely hide his aura, pass right through those areas with extremely powerful creatures, was scared witless and walked on the edge of life and death.

“When I was weak, I had to hide and climb up from the bottom. But even now, I still have to do this. This feeling is truly uncomfortable.” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

In the jungle, Chu Mu, who hadn’t summoned a soul pet, nimbly travelled through. Around him were hiding several ninth phase plant world soul pets; however, these soul pets didn’t detect his existence. Perhaps they felt they were not able to stop him in time and decided to let him pass through their small territory. 

“Young master, don’t compare your survival in the depths of Prison Island to the jungle of Sacred Holy Region. Your current strength allows you to move as you please in the depths of Prison Island’s jungle. In a few years, you will definitely be able to enter even deeper regions of Sacred Holy Region.” consoled Old Li. 

“That being said, young master is truly too discontent with young master’s situation. When you chose to enter Sacred Holy Region, all of those people had sent you off with regret. This is an area that first grade experts don’t even dare come to. They all feel that you will definitely die, but young master is able to travel through so quickly now. If they knew this, they would definitely stare in shock. Moreover, if you’re able to train in this area and not die, your strength will definitely increase at a shocking speed. If you finish the realm breakthrough mission, just think about it; you’re a third grade expert, but your name appeared on the first grade’s honor ranking. Imagine what the faces of those people will be like.” 

Listening to Old Li’s words, Chu Mu grumbling mood immediately changed. His eyebrows rose and he said: “You’re right about that. The jungle is most advantageous for me, and the Sacred Holy Region is definitely a hunting ground with abundant resources. Even if I can’t find a clue, it’s still a great opportunity for me.” Chu Mu who had matured in adverse predicaments enjoyed challenging those stronger than him. Indeed, it didn’t matter if it was Nightmare Island, Prison Island or even the kingdom underground. Strength didn’t merely rely on plain old training and self-discipline. To be superior to others and an astonishing figure, one had to ceaselessly surpass himself. 

Before Chu Mu had entered Sacred Holy Region, he specially asked Palace Lord Yu whether there was a flower sea in the outer region of Sacred Holy Region. 

Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t charge headlong into the Sacred Holy Region’s boundary. He orientated his position before moving in the southern direction he had decided for himself. 

Different from the Binding Holy Region, the holy region’s entrance wasn’t in the center. Moreover, the Sacred Holy Region wasn’t more dangerous the further one went away from the center. 

Chu Mu headed south from the Sacred Holy Region’s holy region entrance. 

The true Sacred Holy Region was several hundreds of miles away from the northern side. The hundreds of miles from the holy region entrance to the Sacred Holy Region were winding long rings that was called the Sacred Holy Region boundary. 

The east, west, and southern side of the holy region entrance was filled with ordinary jungle. The so-called ordinariness only meant that there was no difference with a normal world with just small creatures residing there. Just like the Binding Wind Sacred Region had sunlight and the windless belt would appear exactly like a normal outer world, it was an unsolvable mystery. The jungle south, east and west of the holy region entrance was an extremely dangerous high ranking bewildering world. 

Regardless of how strong someone was, and no matter how perceptive his soul pet was, when he started moving in either of the south, west or east direction, unknowingly, he would always return back to the holy region entrance!! 

No one understood why he or she would always return to the holy region entrance no matter which direction he or she went in. This was a mystery that countless ancestors could not uncover.

Finally, Soul Palace experts could only come up with a conjecture: Only by heading towards Sacred Holy Region from the holy region entrance could one actually move forward! 

Right now, Chu Mu had entered the Sacred Holy Region boundary region. According to Palace Lord Yu’s directions, Chu Mu had gone north from the holy region entrance about 30 miles before beginning to move northwest. 

Palace Lord Yu had indicated that this location was called “The Raining Flower Sea”. It was beautiful but also fraught with danger. This was also perhaps the place Chu Mu was looking for.

In truth, Palace Lord Yu was very mindful that with Chu Mu’s strength, it would take about 10 days to go to and from The Raining Flower Sea. 

If Palace Lord Yu knew that Chu Mu had relied on his speed and talent in the wild as well as his many years of survival experience to only use one day to near The Raining Flower Sea, his jaw would have dropped out of shock.

“Young master, is it here?” the short legged Old Li stood next to Chu Mu, and pointed at the spacious flowery ground filled with a diversity of beautiful color.

“It seems like it, but I’m not sure. The Sacred Holy Region boundary region should only have one flower sea, right?” said Chu Mu.

“I’m not too sure about that. The Sacred Holy Region boundary encompases several hundred miles, and if it extends outward without limit in a circle shape, one patch of ground would have an area of at least ten thousand hectares. The boundary region is definitely larger in terms of area than a region. Further, this is just the tip of the iceberg. No one knows if there’s only one flower sea. If Her Majesty was still here, we wouldn’t have to spend so much time on this. We could just ask her and she would definitely remember better.” said Old Li.

Mentioning Liu Binglan, Chu Mu couldn’t help but worry for her.

She had previously said she would return to Tianxia City within a year to give the Worldly Immortal Ice to help Chu Mu suppress his half devil. However, the one year had already passed, and Liu Binglan had yet to return.

“Young master needn’t worry. Although Her Majesty’s strength isn’t capable of sweeping across the land, there are few creatures under the heaven that can stop her. I’m sure that she’s already found the trail for the Worldly Immortal Ice, and is working hard to obtain it. Otherwise, she’s returning from far away.” Old Li saw that Chu Mu was worried and explained his thoughts to him.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t say anything further. Instead, he summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and began to walk towards the beautiful flower sea filled with hidden danger. 

“This is a flower and grass type domain. Young master must pay attention. Perhaps you’ll be able to find many precious spirit items.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. He only brought the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, one step at a time, into the spacious flower sea. Inside the flower sea were no hidden objects, and everything was easily exposed. Chu Mu naturally would not be able to come and go as he pleased as in the jungle. 

As he slowly got deeper, Chu Mu simultaneously began to try and remember. He wanted to compare it to his advancement in the flower sea in his memories. 

However, twelve years had passed, and Chu Mu’s memory had already gotten so hazy that it would be very hard to find his way like this. Chu Mu grit his teeth and chanted an incantation, summoning the Night Thunder Dream Beast. 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, protect us. Night, use Nightmare Ascends on me.” said Chu Mu, decisively. 

Since he wasn’t able to remember, he would use the dream realm to experience it once again! 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast understood that Chu Mu needed to use Nightmare Ascends to relive his memories. Its two eyes stared at Chu Mu, and it used its dream pupil to peer into the depths of Chu Mu’s heart. Using the surrounding flower sea as a backdrop, it began to manufacture the Nightmare Ascends dream realm. 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream pupils couldn’t look at people’s pasts. It could only manufacture a false, similar environment, causing the dreamer to feel dejavu and enter this dream. Then, the dreamer’s own memory would fill in the gaps, creating the substance and details from the past.  

The dream pupil took Chu Mu out of reality and slowly walked him into another mysterious memory fog of the flower sea. 

Here, everything was an illusion; yet, it was all so real! 

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