Chapter 438: Defector Young Woman - Human, Soul Pet?

Chapter 438: Defector Young Woman - Human, Soul Pet? 

Sacred Holy Region

When Chu Mu stepped in this special space of a region that resembled the Binding Wind Holy Region, in the sense that it was an isolated at the corner of the world, what Chu Mu felt wasn’t an aura of omnipotent danger. Instead, the aura was incomparably soft, as if he had thrown himself into a jungle of the most primitive relaxation.  

The jungle environment was the region Chu Mu was the most familiar with. Looking off into the distance, all Chu Mu could see were various gorgeous and colorful plants.

A number of the plants were tall and towering over the rest, reaching the sky. Above these plants would definitely rest the lowest class of creatures in the species ranking chain. 

Under these tall ancient trees were a plethora of short and wide plants. The apex of these plants, against the tall trees and the ground, formed a lotus-like crown and taking the form of a layered set of stairs that floated underneath the blue sky. It also created the shroud of a large shadow on the great earth; it looked both exotic and multi-formed. 

In the past, the majority of the jungles Chu Mu had encountered had been green. The main color the soul pets in these plant worlds had also been green and azure. Normally, when he found a plant with an exceptional color in the jungle, he was sixty percent sure it was an immobile plant world soul pet.

The Sacred Holy Region, however, was completely different. Under Chu Mu’s gaze, each layer of the forest contrasted the blue sky. Even the layers of brushes had completely different colors. When one took everything into his eyes, it was dazzling like an artist was going through his colors and painting all over a blue canvas to form a perfect drawing and sketch...

In front of such gorgeous scenery, how many people would be able to connect it with omnipotent serious danger? 

“Young master, this is a persistent technique plant world soul pets use. They use this innocent and harmless beauty as an exterior to create a moving scenery that cause people to unconsciously loosen their vigilance. Don’t look down on this mental relaxation and enchantment. Many soul pet trainers don’t even have the chance to summon a soul pet before turning into fertilizer for these plants. Moreover, even if they do summon a soul pet, due to the illusive visual confusion created by these plance, the fighting strength of soul pets decreases. Soul pets with unsteady minds can even lose fifty percent of fighting strength.” Old Li said as a warning to Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu’s mind was very steady, especially since he had come here to retrieve the honor he had lost twelve years ago. Under such circumstances, when he had first scene this beautiful aesthetically colorful scenery, he had still been slightly bewildered and intoxicated. It was thus possible to imagine whether those who had never been here before and hadn’t thrown up their guard before them would lose their mind here.   

“Young master, Her Majesty brought you here twelve years ago to capture your first pet. Thus, she definitely would not have brought you to the Sacred Holy Region surroundings or even deeper in. As such, you probably would have encountered that flower type soul pet at the edge of the Sacred Holy Region and been bewitched there.” analyzed Old Li. 

Chu Mu knew that whether he could find the young woman soul pet depended on Old Li’s rich experience and analysis. This was because Old Li himself was a half soul pet half pet mutant. He definitely had a certain amount of understanding towards the outlandish things in the soul pet world. 

“Why are you certain that she’s a flower type soul pet? She could have hidden in a flower and seized an opportunity when my mother wasn’t paying attention to sign a soul pact with me. Moreover, I remember that back then that I was very sober, and could not have been bewitched. When I spoke with her, I had very seriously thought over things.” said Chu Mu. 

“Since Her Majesty had brought you here, she definitely would have looked over your complete safety, so her soul pets would definitely have been near you. Moreover, she herself would have constantly paid attention to you. Given that you had a conversation with that young woman soul pet, and further hesitated over it before then signing a soul pact, you would have spent quite a bit of time. Her Majesty could not have let you leave her field of view for such a long time…” said Old Li. 

If it was before, Chu Mu would have felt that Liu Binglan really did ignore him for such a long period of time because he never felt her to be a mother. However, looking at it now, it wasn’t that she ignored him; instead, she just never expressed or was used to being a mother… at least now Chu Mu could see this. 

“That makes a lot of sense. Only, I feel that I was very sober and clear back then. Even after the incident, I didn’t remember being confused at all. It was purely because I was curious and held expectations for that young woman soul pet. Also because I was enchanted by her breathtaking and attractive aura.” Chu Mu rubbed his chin as he pondered. 

“Let’s ignore the course of events for now. I’ll talk about a few possibilities of what the young woman soul pet could be.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. In truth, Chu Mu really wanted to know what the young woman soul pet was. Why was it that her figure, actions and emotions were exactly like a human. If it wasn’t because she could sign a soul pact with humans, Chu Mu wouldn’t have been able to see her as a soul pet. After all, there was no difference between her and a human.

“These human form soul pets normally only exist in the stories of scholars that are used to trick little children. The goal is to make soul pet trainers respect their soul pets. However, I’ll now tell you a very shocking idea. A thousand years ago, the number one scholar gave this theory: he said that so-called humans, are merely soul pets with quickly maturing intelligence intelligence, and an ability to raise one’s soul and species rank to a very high level.” 

“He defined humans as soul pets?” Chu Mu was shocked. 

Old Li nodded his head and continued: “Humans are soul pets, so the so-called soul pact incantation and soul pet control abilities can be viewed as species techniques of a soul pet. These species techniques are similar to the Hundred Mother and Thousand Mother’s ability to control and enslave other soul pets. If it wasn’t because Hundred Mothers can only control the creatures they breed and cannot control other types of creatures, then Hundred Mothers and Thousands Mothers could be viewed as a soul pet trainer.

Such a theory is exceptionally bold. Whether it’s correct or not is something nobody has dared to research. Moreover, such thinking has never appeared in public before. This example really speaks to one thing: Humans and soul pets are merely different species like a soul pet is different from another soul pet. There’s no such thing as a species barrier that can’t be crossed.” 

Old Li’s words had truly shocked Chu Mu. This was the first time Chu Mu had heard of this hypothesis to classify human soul pact abilities as a species technique of a soul pet! 

“Then is that to say that humans can also sign a soul pact with other humans?” Chu Mu said with a flabbergasted expression. 

Old Li shook his head and sadi: “No, it’s obvious that this species technique of humans cannot used on the same species.” 

Old Li saw that Chu Mu was listening very attentively and promptly cleared his throat before continuing: “Although some humans that have already reached the pinnacle aren’t willing to admit this fact, there are many instances that prove this theory is closer to the truth than not.”

    “What instances? The young woman soul pet I encountered?” quickly asked Chu Mu. 

“Yes. That girl should be one of them. There’s also the problem with young master’s own body.” Old Li pointed at Chu Mu as he spoke.

 “My problem?” Chu Mu didn’t understand the meaning behind Old Li’s words.

However, upon thinking carefully, Chu Mu’s heart began to beat fast! 

The half devil!! 

He was presently trending towards a half devil, but wasn’t the half devil the most absolute evidence of a human mutating into a demonic soul pet?! 

The existence of this devil transformation undoubtedly illustrated that the species barrier between humans and soul pets could possibly be broken through! 

“There are half devils, so there could potentially be half humans, half demons and half young womans. Therefore, young master shouldn’t be so shocked. You have lived in the human world so your values and worldview have been influenced to see humans as the center of all things. It will naturally be hard for you to accept this viewpoint and in truth, this is also the reason why this veiwpoint has been forbidden.” 

“Let’s ignore whether it’s humans deceiving other humans or whether humans are really hegemons for now. Ultimately, soul pets that take the form of humans really do exist.’ said Old Li. 

For a long time, the billows in Chu Mu’s heart did not calm down. It was only after a while that he spoke in a tone of disbelief: “Then is the young woman whom I signed a soul pact with a human or a soul pet?” 

“There are two possibilities. First, she is a human and, due to some strange incident, happens to possess some flower type soul pets’ ability and lineage. Perhaps at that time, her strength wasn’t great and since it would be hard to survive in the Sacred Holy Region where danger is omnipotent, she hoped to use a soul pet trainer who entered Sacred Holy Region to enter the comparatively more safe human world; then from there, she would mature one step at a time. Those that enter the Sacred Holy Region are forbidden from signing a soul pact and can only bring in a soul capture ring. The soul capture ring must be inspected by the holy guards and her special nature will be exposed. The only option would be for her to sign a soul pact and young master happened to be the only person who could sing a soul pact in Sacred Holy Region. 

The second possibility is that she was a flower type that had already surpassed the emperor rank existence, and possessed an ability similar to my form change ability. Of course, her technique would have been even stronger. She transformed into a perfect female figure in the eyes of humans and then baited humans into signing a soul pact. While her rank was extremely high, but in the eyes of humans, she would be viewed as a low species rank creature. Even the soul pact of the strongest humans would not be able to bind her, let alone you when you were merely but a brat back then.  Then again, if this is the case, given that she had reached such a rank, why would she want to go to the human world? Moreover, whether soul pets that surpass the emperor rank actually exist must still be considered.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu diligently listened to Old Li’s analysis. Of his two possibilities, the second one was somewhat far-fetched and Chu Mu believed in the first possibility more.

However, if it was the first possibility, then would the young woman who defected innately be...

“The first possibility is more likely. It could very well be that some young woman accidentally obtained a Sacred Holy Flower blood lineage. If this is the case, then she would be a human… this won’t be easy to deal with.” Old Li used his short fingers to rub his temples. 


This answer truly stunned Chu Mu’s heart!

Chu Mu was more willing to believe that the young woman was a soul pet that had surpassed the emperor rank before changing into a young woman and found it very difficult to admit that the young woman who defected was a human. 

However, no matter what she was, the moment Chu Mu found this woman who, with her actions, made people tremble with anger, he definitely wouldn’t let her off easy! 

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