Chapter 437: Second Realm, Hunting in the Sacred Holy Region (2)

Chapter 437: Second Realm, Hunting in the Sacred Holy Region (2)  

“The edge of the Sacred Holy Region, with a monarch rank difficulty level, is normally the choice of first grades who wish to challenge for the highest honor. From how I see it, in normal circumstances, even first grade experts won’t pick this option because the difficulty is too high. To people who wish to truly obtain the first grade’s honor, the gains don’t make up for the losses.” said the tournament guide.

Chu Mu was presently in a state of emotional turmoil. He never expected that he would have a chance to enter the Sacred Holy Region so soon. He didn’t take in a single one of the words the tournament guide had spoken. 

If he was able to quadruple control, then Chu Mu wouldn’t have to be afraid of being at a disadvantage with the second grade experts. Although Chu Mu didn’t feel that he would really be able to recapture his first soul pet in the Sacred Holy Region, he would at least be able to find some clues in the region! 

In Chu Mu’s memories, a beautiful sea of flowers had bloomed in that place, overflowing with beauty. It caused people to lose control and enter the place in intoxication. 

As for that young woman soul pet, she had appeared from a blue flower bud. Chu Mu didn’t remember what flower it was, but if he found the flower sea, he was certain he would remember the location of the flower bud and be able to find the origin of the human shaped soul pet.

As long as he could find even the slightest trail, he would have an even greater hope of restoring his first soul. This would greatly increase his strength, while also curing one of his large anxieties over the past ten years! 

There was no time to lose. Even if the Sacred Holy Region was incomparably dangerous and even if first graders really didn’t dare rashly enter this place, Chu Mu firmly decided that he had to enter! 

“I pick the Sacred Holy Region!” Chu Mu said in an extremely firm voice as he spoke to the tournament guide.

Chu Mu’s choice immediately caused the tournament guide to open his eyes wide.

He glanced at Chu Mu for a long while before asking: “Did I hear wrong? Or did you hear wrong? Sacred Holy Region is the hardest place of the monarch rank. Even first grade experts won’t choose it!” the tournament guide’s emphasis didn’t make Chu Mu change his decision and Chu Mu intentionally repeated his choice again. 

“Are you joking? This brat is so crazy that he thinks that the Sacred Holy Region is a place where he can wander as he pleases? Even if it’s at the edge of the Sacred Holy Region, the difficulty level isn’t inferior to a ninth rank bewildering world. Going hunting in such an environment… is he looking for death?!” as the main referee, after Soul Palace’s old soul teacher heard the news, his face was full of shock. 

Not long after, Chu Mu was brought in front of the main referee, the old soul teacher, by the tournament guide. 

“Brat Chu Chen, you’ve already gone to the Binding Wind Holy Region. It can be said that Binding Wind Holy Region’s danger level isn’t even ten percent of the Sacred Holy Region. With your current strength, entering Sacred Holy Region is equivalent to stepping into the gates of hell. You have the opportunity to change that right now. Listen to a word of advice from this old man and pick another option.” said the old soul teacher. 

“Many thanks for sir’s good intentions, however, I must go to Sacred Holy Region.” said Chu Mu.

The old soul teacher was so mad his beard stuck up. With an angry tone he said: “If you, brat, aren’t going to listen to my advice and are seeking death, then this old man won’t stop you!” after speaking, the old soul teacher ignored him. He waved his sleeves and returned back to his main referee seat. He didn’t care if Chu Mu listened or not, he had done his task. 

Chu Mu knew that this old soul teacher had sincerely been thinking of him, so he gave a bow to the old soul teacher before walking to the Sacred Holy Region. 

The old soul teacher swept a glance over at the leaving Chu Mu. When he discovered that the brat was really still going to the Sacred Holy Region, he knew it wasn’t good in his heart and immediately called over a few subordinates to inform Palace Lord Yu to stop Chu Mu’s unwise action. 

Palace Lord Yu hastily made his way over, but he wasn’t able to convince Chu Mu not to go. 

Chu Mu had already made his decision and wouldn’t change it. If he was unable to find any trails, then he would act according to the tournament’s requirements and obtain a soul pet to complete the hunting realm challenge. However, as long as there was a trail, he would immediately go look for it! 

Once everyone knew that Chu Mu was going to enter Sacred Holy Region, they each took turns trying to dissuade him. 

The difficulty of the Sacred Holy Region was not something a young expert would be able to handle. Even an expert, Li Hen, had had chances in the past to enter Sacred Holy Region, but even he hadn’t been able to truly pass through Sacred Holy Region’s outer area before fleeing back in a miserable state. From then on, he didn’t dare step even half a foot in that place. 

Chu Mu was only a third grade member right now. Even if his strength allowed him to obtain the second grade’s ultimate honor, a symbolic place like the Sacred Holy Region wasn’t something even first grade members dared enter. Such an action was much crazier than when he had faced the tenth phase pseudo monarch with his three soul pets! 

“Chu Chen, are you really sure what you’re about to do?” after completing her competition, Ting Lan had hastily made her way over and seriously asked him a question. 

Chu Mu looked at these people who stood in front of him as if they were about to hold a funeral, and he didn’t know how to explain that in normal circumstances, he would have picked the commander rank difficulty and then obtained the honor he should have obtained.  

However, the loss of his first soul had already hampered Chu Mu for too long. Losing this soul would pose an extremely great obstruction to his soul pet trainer path and he had to remedy it. 

“Chu Chen, can’t you do something more normal?” said Ye Wansheng.

Although Ye Wansheng was teasing a bit, he really spoke what was in everyone’s hearts. 

They really wanted to ask why Chu Mu was always doing things that would make people stand on edge. Was it the case that he didn’t know that flirting in front of the death god would always end up with him becoming a sacrificial piece for the death god?! 

Chu Mu knew that everyone truly cared for him, but he couldn’t explain to them that he had this reason why he had to go. Ultimately, he could only apologize to everyone and gave a gesture of thanks. He didn’t say anything more and walked one step at a time up the holy golden steps, stepping towards the unknown and mysterious Sacred Holy Region’s grand entrance.

Seeing Chu Mu decisively step up the steps, everyone was stunned. They stared at the departing figure of Chu Mu. It was an incomprehensible departing figure… 

“Chu Mu, can you tell me?” just as Chu Mu was stepping onto the last step, Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance voice suddenly transmitted over.

Ye Qingzi hadn’t attempted to stop Chu Mu because she could see that there was a secret that couldn’t easily be said hidden in Chu Mu’s eyes.

Ye Qingzi knew that she could not convince this man not to do something after he had made a decision. Moreover, this matter involved the very depths of Chu Mu’s heart. 

However, she wanted to know what exactly made Chu Mu step into that place without regard for his life. He was stepping into a Holy Region in which he clearly knew he would probably die. The Sacred Holy Region was Soul Palace’s supreme Holy Region; however, to young generation members, that place was equivalent to hell!

Chu Mu stopped in his tracks. From high above, he stared down at the complicated eyes of Ye Qingzi. A bitter smile rose on his face and using soul remembrance, he said to Ye Qingzi: “Do you remember me telling you about how I lost my honor twelve years ago?” 

Chu Mu’s words stunned Ye Qingzi and she stared intensely at Chu Mu! 

Ye Qingzi knew that this matter was a very deep and profound scar at the depths of this man’s heart. Even if it had already been healed, even if he had learned to ignore it already, when this subject was touched upon, it was still impossible to dispel! 

“Your first soul? Could it be your first soul is in this Sacred Holy Region?” responded Ye Qingzi in a soul remembrance that was quaking in fear. 

Until now, Chu Mu had only been able to triple control. Losing a soul had been known by many when Chu Mu was the Prison Island King. 

Back then, countless people in Western Kingdom had guessed how this Prisoner Island King had lost his first soul. Ye Qingzi had also been very curious about this matter, but Chu Mu had never told her about it. 

When Chu Mu had subdued the Ghost King and had been in his moment of elation, it was only then that Ye Qingzi finally understood the rough details regarding the loss of his first soul. At that time, Ye Qingzi came to the great realization that to this man who had unlimited dreams for soul pets, the defection of his first soul pet didn’t only spell the loss of his first soul. More importantly, he had lost his honor!!! 

Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi had come to an understanding and used soul remembrance to tell Ye Qingzi: “The soul pet that defected may not be in Sacred Holy Region anymore, but as long as I can find even the slightest trail in that place, I will pursue it until I find her. Then, I will recapture the thing I lost twelve years ago!” 

Even if Ye Qingzi had tens of millions of reasons, she could not stop this decision of Chu Mu. She could only stare at Chu Mu and look on as he staunchly walked towards the place universally regarded as hell. 

He slowly stepped towards the Sacred Holy Region’s golden entrance. Upon feeling the aura that passed through the cracks of the enormous ancient door, he took in a deep breath of air and pacified his emotions to their most normal state. 

Chu Mu himself knew that the Sacred Holy Region was dangerous. Even if it was on the edge of this Holy Region, it was much more dangerous than ninth rank bewildering worlds. 

However, it had been twelve years now, and Chu Mu couldn’t wait any more! 

The golden door slowly opened in the midst of an ancient and outlandish light. A soft sunlight began to pour out of the extraordinary space onto his body. It accentuated his striking figure and steady and stalwart face. 

“Don’t worry, I will come back out.” Chu Mu turned around and swept his eyes over the people who were worried about him. A smile had risen on his face. 

Under the illumination of the sunlight, the smile was even more natural and free. Yet, in the hearts of many, they felt that this was last time they could see this smiling face. They couldn’t help but feel pity for this young soul pet trainer in advance. 

The Sacred Holy Region was a place where even middle aged experts would lose their lives. Only knew Ye Qingzi understood why Chu Mu had to trod down this path. It was also only Ye Qingzi who truly believed that Chu Mu would walk back out from this entrance! 

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