Chapter 436: Second Realm, Hunting in the Sacred Holy Realm (1)

Chapter 436: Second Realm, Hunting in the Sacred Holy Realm (1) 

The Tianxia Ranking was split into three pieces. The left most one was comprised of the names of the soul pet trainers from the first grade that had earned the first realm’s honor!

The middle one comprised the names of the soul pet trainers from the second grade that had earned the first realm’s honor! 

Each column represented a realm break round, and each row represented the ranking of a name! 

Among the rows and columns, being able to find one’s own name was a supreme honor to any soul pet trainer. Most soul pet trainers with strength strived their best to appear on this enormous stone ranking, even if it was at the bottom. 

Tianxia Ranking experts! 

This was an honor, while also an opportunity to obtain a seal of honor from the Battle of the Realm competition authorities. People with a seal of honor possessed the nickname of “Tianxia Ranking Youths” and no matter which kingdom these people went to, they would receive respect and reverence from countless people. They could also make countless factions open their entrances to them and they would possess powers that numerous people were incapable of possessing! 

Therefore, when the Tianxia Ranking was published, the entire Tianxia Plaza was filled with the bubbling excitement of people. Countless young experts all wanted to know whether, after six years, they could appear on the honor ranking that they yearned for in their dreams.

Even those who knew their names could not appear on the Tianxia Rankings still milled into the area. They wanted to see if there was anyone they recognized or admired on there. 

“Do you remember the third grade person who challenged the second grade’s highest honor? Let’s see if he’s first place on the Beast Fighting Ranking.” numerous people remembered the shocking fight ten days ago, and their eyes all fell on the Beast Fighting Ranking!

“His beast fighting was the most marvelous battle. However, he wasn’t able to kill the tenth phase pseudo monarch Terror Wolf. On the eighth day, Soul Pet Palace’s number one woman, Xue Qing, killed all of the battle beasts on the battlefield; therefore, the second grade’s highest honor should belong to her.” 

People looked up and as expected, the first place of the beast fighting realm was Soul Pet Palace’s Xue Qing! 

“Xue Qing? Why have I never heard this person’s name before. Such a woman exists in Soul Pet Palace?” numerous people who had come to understand the Tianxia City young experts from the Fengyun Ranking all showed expressions of curiosity. 

A hundred meters away from the Tianxia Ranking, Chu Mu stood in the crowd and stared at his golden name on the Beast Fighting Ranking. The corners of his mouth rose. 

This was within his expectations. Chu Mu knew of the female soul pet trainer on the eighth day who had defeated all of the battle beasts in the beast fighting honor challenge. 

“Second place is Soul Palace Chu Chen. Does that mean that Xue Qing’s strength is above Chu Chen’s?” the surrounding people were discussing Chu Chen and Xue Qing’s rankings. 

“That’s not necessarily the case. I’ve heard that the true experts don’t use their strength in the first few realms. Everyone all saw in the beast fight that Soul Palace Chu Chen only triple controlled the whole time. Although everyone thinks that he only summoned his main pets, he definitely has held back something. This Soul Palace Xue Qing defeated all of the fighting beasts under quadruple control. Her strength isn’t necessarily stronger than Chu Chen’s.” 

As Chu Mu listened to everyone’s discussions, he came to a greater understanding. 

It seemed that his conjecture hadn’t been wrong. There were definitely hidden experts in the second grade like Xue Qing who had never appeared before. These people had strength far above his! 

“I remember I heard the name Xue Qing three years ago. She suddenly appeared then and defeated the accepted third grade’s strongest, Soul Pet Palace Zhou Qingxing. Back then, that female soul pet trainer had shocked many young experts in Tianxia City, but after that, she didn’t appear at any other occasion. Three years have gone by and she’s already been forgotten. I never expected that three years later, this female talent appeared once again. Moreover, she appeared in the high-key position of first position of the Tianxia Ranking.” said Shang Heng, who came with Chu mu to look at the Tianxia Ranking. 

Shang Heng hadn’t used his entire strength in the first realm, and had only emblematically made his way into the Tianxia Ranking. It was possible to see him around the middle location.  

“At what time did she finish the beast fight?” asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu finished his realm breakthrough and honor challenge before decisively throwing himself into soul pet training. He didn’t pay attention to any of the competition afterwards. 

“45 minutes. She should have already taken out all her main pets. Otherwise, it would have been very hard to complete in such a short period of time. Chu Chen, although you aren’t first place, the first three places are still the highest honor. Moreover, there’s still the 250 million honor reward.” said Shang Heng. 

The 50 thousand difference wasn’t too painful to swallow for Chu Mu. What he truly cared about, as the Battle of the Realm continued, was those true second grade experts that continuously appeared from behind the scenes! 

Chu Mu planned on conserving the 250 million first and waiting until he gathered the second realm’s honor reward to make 500 million. Then, he would directly purchase a wood attribute spirit item to raise the Devil Tree Battle Soldier from the low class monarch to the middle class monarch. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s group fighting abilities and powerful control abilities were of utmost importance to Chu Mu, especially in situations where he couldn’t summon Mo Xie or the White Nightmare. In the earlier realms, Chu Mu felt that there was a chance he would have to reveal himself. In these situations, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Night Thunder Dream Beast, Zhan Ye and the Ghost King all had to rapidly increase their strengths. This way would he have a chance of continuously obtaining the honor rewards in the first few realms. 

After accumulating the rewards, he would have his soul pets try and break into the ninth phase or even higher stages. He would strive to have all his soul pets reach the ninth phase by the time the Battle of the Realms finished. After it was finished, Chu Mu would be able to completely focus on having his soul pets reach the tenth phase perfect form evolution! 


On the eleventh day, the Battle of the Realm’s second realm finally started! 

The first realm’s elimination percentage was one third. Therefore, even though the second realm had tens of thousands of people, in reality, several tens of thousands of members had been eliminated.

Due to the special rules in the Battle of the Realm, it meant that, after numerous people broke through the first realm, they had to wait a long time before the following realm.

Each person would always have a round they were best at. For instance, those who frequently trained in the wild hoped they would get the hunting, world traverse or lord killing rounds. 

As for those who frequently challenged soul pet trainers from various large kingdoms, regions and cities, they hoped to get 1v1, challenge and elimination rounds. 

The soul pet trainers that enjoyed competition style rounds, beast fighting, breakthrough and realm defense rounds were to their joy.

Chu Mu probably fell under the category of experts who frequently trained in the wild. And to his fortune, the second realm’s round was what he was best at - hunting! 

Chu Mu had been able hunt for monarch rank soul pets for a while now. It would be difficult for many second grade experts to accomplish this. Now that his strength had increased even further, the hunting round was even more beneficial to him! 

“It seems that you have hope of obtaining the second realm’s honor.” Ting Lan saw Chu Mu crack a smile and gave a carefree laugh. She knew that this fellow was extremely confident with the hunting round. 

“Let’s hope it’s not soul pet hunting in a water or air region.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu still did not have any wing type or water type soul pets. If the competition authorities required him to capture a soul pet in a water or air region, Chu Mu would be very sad. 

“There are numerous regions you can pick from in the hunting round, so you can just not pick those. You are a third grade member, so you can pick the warrior rank difficulty. If you encounter a difficult region, no one will call you out if you go to the third grade and obtain the highest honor there. The highest honor there is 100 million.” Ting Lan faintly smiled as she spoke.

“100 million is too little. The first thirty people in the second grade earn more than the highest honor from the second grade.” said Chu Mu.

“Then you have to think it over eh? I should go participate in my second realm elimination round. Are you going to spectate?” Ting Lan gave Chu Mu a warm smile as she spoke. 

“Sure. I’ll go watch. My realm breakthrough starts tomorrow.” said Chu Mu.

Elimination was an extremely traditional round in the Battle of the Realm. There were about a few thousand competitors who were listed in this round and they would fight each other to elimination. 

The first grade was one group, the second group was another group, and the third grade was a final group. The three groups would engage in an elimination competition. 

All of the grades had three chances to fight opponents in the preliminary rounds. Two wins and one loss would count as a realm breakthrough success. And if one wanted to obtain an honor reward, his or her name had  to be on the Tianxia Ranking before being able to participate in the semi-finals. 

After the semi-finals, one still had to continue round after round of eliminations. The top three people after three days and thousands of eliminations would obtain the highest honor of the second realm, and ranking would continue in a similar fashion. 

Ting Lan had also emblematically obtained honor on the Tianxia Ranking in the first realm. In the second realm, she further indicated that she planned on striving for the highest honor. 

Ting Lan’s Linyin Beast had already reached the ninth phase. According to Chu Mu’s estimates, she probably had three ninth phase middle class monarchs. It probably wasn’t hard to obtain the highest honor in the second realm’s elimination round. Ting Lan wasn’t very adept at training in the wild, but she probably had a lot of certainty in this round. 

After Chu Mu finished watching a few of Ting Lan’s fights, he began to collect various healing, recovery and detoxifying medicines in preparation for his second realm’s hunting round. 

On the second day, Chu Mu was a little surprised that his second realm hunting was in Soul Palace’s territory. 

However, when Chu Mu discovered that among the dozen regions he had to choose from, there unexpectedly was the Sacred Holy Region, which sat at the highest difficulty. He was dumbstruck!

Sacred Holy Region! 

Unexpectedly in the difficulty selection, the Sacred Holy Region had appeared!

This was an area Chu Mu had always wanted to enter! Yet it had surprisingly appeared as the highest difficulty in the second realm’s hunting round! 

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