Chapter 435: The Hug after the Battle, Flustering the Beauty’s Heart

Chapter 435: The Hug after the Battle, Fluserting the Beauty’s Heart

Several tens of thousands of shouts filled the arena. The noise was like rolling thunder. Truly a scene!

The noise persisted for a long time, and the referees had to wait for the wave of sound to slowly die down before announcing the outcome of the beast fight.

The honor challenge was the difficulty of a round exceptionally amplified, especially the fourth wave of this challenge. This was a soul pet that second grade members would be hard pressed to kill. All this was to obtain a higher ranking through persisting for a longer period of time. 

From thirty minutes into this challenging beast fight, he managed to narrowly avert heart-wrenching danger and climb back up to his feat from pools of blood time and time again until he finished this extremely dangerous honor challenge!

This required not only bravery and willpower, but also a conviction to fight that even made those older members spectating sigh! 

Finally, the referee announced the outcome of the competition! 

At this moment, tens of thousands of eyes were on Chu Mu. They watched this brave beastfighter create a miracle, wondering what he would do next. Would he walk towards them or return in honor back to his rest place… 

Soon, everyone discovered that this admirable young man carrying wounds, yet somehow gigantic in stature, walk towards the Soul Palace seats. 

Chu Mu didn’t head to the rest area. Instead, he walked in front of a beautiful woman at the confusion of everyone else. 

“Qingzi, I’ll have to trouble you again to heal my soul pets.” Chu Mu cracked a smile and his pair of black pupils stared at Ye Qingzi. 

As this carefree man stood in front of her, Ye Qingzi didn’t know what to say for a minute. 

He didn’t bother remaining on the beast fighting stage that the tens of thousands of people were currently looking at, nor did he use the opportunity to prove something to them. Instead, he walked straight to her and said something simple. 

Chu Mu’s actions caused her heartbeat to speed up. 

She knew that Chu Mu wouldn’t immediately think of honor after the end of fights. Instead, he would always think of his soul pets that had fought a bloody and difficult battle for him. 

However, from his eyes, Ye Qingzi could read another emotion. Even if he didn’t say anything, she understood that his eyes were telling her that he could obtain the first realm’s honor and thus could obtain the ninth realm’s ultimate honor. He would obtain the hidden will for her!

Ye Qingzi’s eyes were a bit moist. When she thought of the heartbreaking pain from the Dream Reflection shattering at the last moment, and then looked at the determined eyes of the man in front of her, an intense and unstoppable feeling suddenly arose in her heart. She felt a bit dazzled as she stared in his eyes. There was something else at work that caused her eyes to turn away and she couldn’t stare at Chu Mu like this anymore. 

“Qingzi, what’s the matter?” Chu Mu saw that Ye Qingzi was staring at him, but wasn’t talking. He could feel something in her eyes, but didn’t know what it was, so he asked. 

Chu Mu didn’t quite understand what women thought about in their hearts. Seeing Ye Qingzi like this, he was completely oblivious. Finally, Chu Mu could only shake his head and his cold face showed a rare cute expression as he said: “If it’s not convenient to heal, I’ll heal them myself…” 

Ye Wansheng who was standing next to her heard Chu Mu’s words before exaggeratedly stamping his feet, beating his chest and shouting: “Idiot, take advantage of this ice melting and quickly hug her. Do you think that an opportunity like this will always come along?!” 

Chu Mu was stunned, and didn’t know what to do after Ye Wansheng scolded him. He really did want to give Ye Qingzi a hug, but he still had blood on his body and felt it wasn’t appropriate. 

However, since Ye Wansheng had said so, Chu Mu made the prompt decision to do so. Such an opportunity was truly rare so he may as well give her a hug. 

Ye Qingzi came back to her senses and glared at Ye Wansheng who was telling others to do mischievous things. She quickly wiped her hand over the corner of her eye and in a warm and elegant voice, laughed and said: “Give me your soul…” 

Ye Qingzi got half way before the scent of a man, mixed with blood, hit her head on. Immediately after, she was embraced by the wide arms of a man. 

Chu Mu didn’t care right now if Ye Qingzi was clear-headed and very straightforwardly gave her a hug! 

Although he only wrapped his arms around her shoulders and it looked like the hug one would give to an old friend, to Ye Qingzi who always had an aura that repelled others a thousand miles away, this was more ambiguous. It was an action that also made her embarrassed. 

Chu Mu who had just finished his battle would be the focal point of tens of thousands of people. Hugging her like this would undoubtedly give those people that enjoyed joining in on the fun the perfect reason to cheer even more!!

Soon, a wave of heckles, no less softer than their clapping reverberated around the Beast Fighting Arena as the beast fighter ultimately embraced the beauty! 

“Quickly, let me go…” Ye Qingzi’s face was completely flushed red. Her beautiful and charming face carried bashfulness, fluster and a bit of impatience. She was so embarrassed she wished she could throw this fellow back into the Beast Fighting Arena. There were tens of thousands of eyes here. Ye Qingzi would have rather done this not long ago in the small black forest. She didn’t want to be so tightly hugged like this in front of this many people. In any case, she was a girl and no matter how calm she normally was, she felt ashamed and unable to show her face here. 

Beside her, Ye Wansheng raised his thumb and seemed to be taking delight in the disaster. 

Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng were planning on congratulating Chu Mu, but when they saw this scene, they very tactfully stood to the side. They looked on in much amusement. 

Ting Lan was about to stand up from her seat, but quickly discarded that idea. Instead, she used her pair of beautiful and spirited eyes to watch Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. 

Not far away. The corners of Princess Jin Rou’s mouth, under her veil, curved so that her mouth formed an arc. This subtle expression didn’t reveal the thoughts in her heart though.

Even further away in the stands, Shen Yicheng’s face was unsightly. He waved his sleeves and turned around with a gloomy face.

The more a woman was unobtainable, the more a man with ambitions would want her. Personally witnessing Ye Qingzi fall into another man’s embrace, especially one who he had a blood vendetta against, made Shen Yicheng feel like his innards were going to explode.

He couldn’t allow others to see him lose his temper and calm. This would make him seem lacking in maturity, so he left the Beast Fighting Arena full of grievances. 

“Taking out all of his strength in the first realm… truly ignorant. I’ll soon make you understand how stupid you are. I’ll let you have this moment of pride for now!!” after he left, he muttered to himself in only a voice he could hear! 

“You still aren’t letting me go…” Finally, Ye Qingzi could no longer stand the scorching gazes of so many people.

It was inappropriate for her to push Chu Mu away so she adorably stomped her small feet on the top of Chu Mu’s feet.

Chu Mu felt pain, and thus released her soft and flexible body.

“Jerk…” Ye Qingzi glared at Chu Mu with her face flushed in embarrassment. She looked very attractive and charming, and it made Chu Mu’s mind blank. After scolding him, Ye Qingzi didn’t dare stay on the scene any longer under the gaze of tens of thousands of people. Her face was red as she ran out of the Beast Fighting Arena. She seemed flustered and didn’t want to see others.  

“I only said something casually; I never expected you to actually do something. You’ve got guts! A word of advice from a friend, Qingzi is even more scary than a tenth phase pseudo monarch when she’s upset. Chu Chen, you’re on your own here…” Ye Wansheng had a good laugh and patted Chu Mu’s shoulder. After speaking, the instigator broke into a stride and walked in the direction Ye Qingzi had left.

Chu Mu had thick skin, and when he saw Ye Qingzi run off in a fluster, he merely laughed. He looked as if he hadn’t done anything. 

Ye Qingzi didn’t shift the blame onto Chu Mu’s soul pets, and still did her best to help him heal them in the soul pet space. 

However, throughout the process of healing, Ye Qingzi was still upset, and didn’t say anything to Chu Mu, making him feel a bit awkward. 

Ye Qingzi wasn’t upset by Chu Mu hugging her. If there was no one present, or they had already left the Beast Fighting Arena, it didn’t matter if she hugged him. At most she would be embarrassed, but she would be willing in her heart.

Chu Mu just had to listen to her brother’s egging on. Messing around in front of tens of thousands of eyes, thinking of all those gazes, Chu Mu felt her body heat up and her pale white skin was even a bit pink… 

As for Chu Mu, he had no clue what was going on. He thought that Ye Qingzi was mad he went up and hugged her. He completely neglected the situation problem, so even if he confessed he was rather impulsive, it would be of no avail. He could only scramble for things to talk about with as the ice-cold beauty healed his soul pets.

Zhan Ye could only recover one Broken Limb Rebirth each day, so it would take six days to fully recover.

The first realm contest continued on for a few more days, so he didn’t need to worry about his soul pets not having ample time to recover. 

On the tenth day, the first realm’s realm breaking and honor challenges finally came to an end!

Within these ten days, countless young men and women filled with passion and enthusiasm had been eliminated by the first realm. There were also myriad people filled with confidence who had been even more battered and bruised by the first realm; only by expending all their fighting strength could they barely succeed in breaking through the realm. There were even many people who had tragically suffered losses or deaths while challenging the first realm’s honor. 

The Battle of the Realm was merciless. Strength here was always first.

There were tens of thousands of young men and women who, after experiencing the first realm of the Battle of the Realm, profoundly understood that their strength was far from being able to establish themselves under the heavens. They still needed a lot more training and effort! 

However, regardless of the vast amounts of elimination, there was still a small group of people who would complete the first realm with outstanding strength and stand on the expert’s honor stagee that every person dreamed of standing on! 

Each one of these people’s names were deeply imprinted on an enormous projector-like stone ranking! 

This stone ranking was towering in the very center of Tianxia Plaza. It was mighty and majestic, full of lofty dominance, while also emanating with dignified ancient history! 

This was the Tianxia Ranking!! 

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