Chapter 434: Sound of Victory, Highest Honor!

Chapter 434: Sound of Victory, Highest Honor! 

On the battlefield, Chu Mu was riding on the Night Thunder Dream Beast as it landed on the ground. 

Chu Mu landed not because there were only two remaining minutes so he lowered his guard; instead, he turned more serious, because he knew the Terror Wolf still had an extremely terrifying technique - Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation! 

Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had worked together to kill all of the remaining Terror Wolves, so only the tenth phase pseudo monarch remained. 

At the moment, since these Terror Wolf corpses gave off a dense bloody stench, the Terror Wolf, after being stimulated by the smell, began to gather this thick blood aura and absorbed it into its body. 

The tenth phase Terror Wolf’s eyes gradually flushed red, and a demonic aura began to envelop a patch of land as it continuously absorbed the bloody aura. The spectators sitting high above could distinctly feel this terrifying aura.

Chu Mu didn’t let Zhan Ye use Brave Stinging Heart, so it was still stuck at the eighth phase seventh stage. 

Moreover, once the Terror Wolf completed the Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, Zhan Ye’s strength would be five levels under. In such a situation, Zhan Ye would only be able to withstand two of the Terror Wolf’s attacks! 

These last two minutes were also the most dangerous two minutes! 

The Beast Fighting Arena thundering with cheers gradually quieted down. People realized that the Terror Wolf’s strength was increasing, and they also realized that death was approaching Chu Mu and his soul pets closer step by step. 

The moment the bloodthirsty Terror Wolf’s attacks burst forth, perhaps it would only be a minute before Chu Mu and his soul pets would be dead! 

This beast fight had completely drawn in the several tens of thousands of people. Their hearts would beat intensely along with any change in the fight. Everyone was holding their breaths and it seemed as if they would hold it until the two minutes was over!


Finally, the Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation Terror Wolf launched its attack!! 

This time, the Terror Wolf pounced at Zhan Ye, which no longer had any more rebirth energy. Its four limbs rushed along the earth causing deep cracks to appear on the ground, making it possible to imagine what kind of shocking strength the tenth phase bloodthirsty Terror Wolf possessed! 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Natural Wood Armor!” 

Chu Mu immediately had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier add defense onto Zhan Ye! 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t need to chant an incantation, otherwise, with the Terror Wolf’s charging speed, the defensive technique would not be able to reach Zhan Ye’s body before the attack came.

An azure color natural wood began to criss cross across Zhan Ye’s ink armor, covering its body and adding a layer of defense. 

Suddenly, when the Terror Wolf was fifty meters away from the Zhan Ye, it transformed into a glaring bloody figure that rapidly sped up and exploded with speed as it rushed across!!

The bloody figure swept past the ink colored Zhan Ye, and a shocking scene occured! 

Zhan Ye’s body was knocked twenty meters up into the air and before it could react, a hundred meters apart from each other suddenly appeared two blood colored tenth phase Terror Wolfs!!

These two blood colored tenth phase Terror Wolves locked onto the midair Zhan Ye, and they abruptly launched themselves into the air and passed each other at Zhan Ye’s location! 

“Shua Shua!!!!!!”

A ghastly bloody blade appeared, and the audience was able to see the scars of two curved hundred meter wounds that were left behind by the blades! 

Where the blades fell, the Natural Wood Armor was virtually non-existent and was easily ripped apart. Even Zhan Ye’s ink armor was ripped open!!

The bloody blades fell on the back of Zhan Ye, causing bloody wounds that went as deep as its bones to appear. This scene couldn’t help but make the audience suck in a breath of air!

However, the Terror wolf’s attack hadn’t finished! 

When Zhan Ye’s fell from the air, the two bloody wolf blades once more interweaved on Zhan Ye’s body and another two attacks fell on Zhan Ye! 

Chu Mu was in shock; this was a technique with several follow up attacks! 

If Zhan Ye took them all on, it would definitely be instakilled! 

“Night, Destruction Ray!!” 

At this time of crisis, Chu mu didn’t dare hesitate and gave the Night Thunder Dream Beast an order! 

The Destruction Ray could not deal any damage to the Terror Wolf, but this Destruction Ray was headed towards Zhan Ye! 


The Destruction Ray exploded next to Zhan Ye and the impact from the explosion knocked Zhan Ye over, while also causing it to narrowly dodge the bloodthirsty Terror Wolf’s follow up technique! 

“Zhan Ye, quickly take this!” 

Chu Mu fished out an eighth rank healing medicine from his spatial ring and accurately threw it at Zhan Ye. 

Zhan Ye took the eighth rank healing medicine in the air before tilting its body and landing on the ground. It used its sharp claws to firmly grip the ground and buffer the force of impact!

Zhan Ye’s recovery ability was extremely strong ,and further adding on the eighth rank healing medicine’s effect, the four deep claw wounds gradually showed signs of stitching together, while the blood immediately stopped.

“Watching leader’s fight is pretty much harder to bear than dying a few times!” Zhao Cheng had broken into a large sweat watching Chu Mu! 

“This is the first time I’ve learned that throwing an attack at one’s own soul pet can resolve a crisis.” Shang Heng said as if he had learned something. 

Ting Lan’s hands were placed on her chest as if she was afraid her heart would jump out. Her two eyes were full of worry and uneasiness, as she stared motionlessly at Chu Mu. She was deathly afraid something unexpected would happen to Chu Mu.


“Ao wu!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the Terror Wolf’s two pupils locked onto the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!! 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s dodging ability was rather lacking, and its double life force was hard pressed to defend against the Terror Wolf that was nearly five levels stronger than it. The moment the Terror Wolf attacked, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was dead! 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, return!” Chu Mu recognized the existence of danger and didn’t hesitate. He immediately chanted an incantation, and recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier back into the soul pet space. 

The Terror Wolf started attacking, until it realized the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had disappeared and it came to a sliding halt, sliding a long way. It turned around, and its blood colored pupils locked onto Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast! 

“Ao Wu!!!!!!!!!”

The bloody figure took flight as the Terror Wolf wildly launched itself at the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Control effect had disappeared, so its strength level was five levels lower than the Terror Wolf. Any one of its attacks was capable of instakilling the Night Thunder Dream Beast! 

“Si la!!!!!!!!!!”

The bloodthirsty Terror Wolf’s attack appeared!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast and Chu Mu were unable to dodge. Each of the bloody claw blades respectively tore at Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast. It was a ghastly sight!

At this moment, the entire arena was full of the cries of myriad people!!

This was an unblockable attack! At the final moment, he would ultimately fall under the claws of the Terror Wolf!!

Ye Qingzi has broken her lip by biting too hard and fresh blood was dripping down from the curve of her lip to the corner….

Chu Xing and Chu Ning had both abruptly shot up from their seats! 

Ting Lan’s two hands were placed firmly on her chest as her heart was about to jump out! 

Watching coldly from the side, the corners of Shen Yicheng’s lips curled up, as he wore a merciless and vicious smile.


The scene of the bloody claw sweeping across caused the emotions of several people to completely change! 

People were even waiting for the fatal spray of blood as the tragedy descended! 

Only those elder generation people remained calm sitting on their seats. There was not even the slightest change to their expression….



A clear crunch rang out as the Terror Wolf’s claws smashed Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beasts’ bodies to pieces! 

At first glance, Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast were ripped to shreds; even their heads weren’t intact. 

However, upon closer inspection, everyone abruptly discovered that not a single drop of blood spilled from these disintegrated bodies! 

At this moment, people astonishingly discovered that the figures of Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast were like reflections in the water that disappeared after being struck by something. These figures were not like normal bodies that spilled flesh and blood after being ripped apart!!

Dream Reflection!!!

The Terror Wolf had attacked the reflections of Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast!

Dream reflection was the eighth rank dream realm technique the Night Thunder Dream Beast had comprehended after Chu Mu had used the 200 million spirit item to strengthen it! 

The dream realm technique made the reflection a reality. If the tenth phase bloodthirsty Terror Wolf had been in a normal state, then with its strength, it would have easily been able to see through this dream technique.

However, the Terror Wolf was in a berserk state, and its wisdom had been heavily affected by a desire to slaughter and its rationalising ability had fallen. It was never able to see through the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s technique!

Chu Mu lacked time just now, but this Dream Reflection happened to be perfect at this moment. Just as the Terror Wolf launched its last attack, he narrowly, but beautifully, managed to dodge the crisis!

The elder generation had easily seen through the reflection of Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast so their expressions hadn’t changed; instead, they showed expressions of praise. The younger generation, due to distance, were unable to see through it. 

Therefore, when they saw that the Terror Wolf had only ripped apart a reflection, the entire arena collectively let out a sigh of relief as a weight was lifted from their chest,

Ye Qingzi hastily wiped the bitter blood on her mouth. After seeing reality, her heart sped up and tears nearly spilled. 

Zhao Cheng and Shang Heng had even more ridiculous expressions. They had no idea what words they could use to describe the torment in their heart as they witnessed this aversion of peril by Chu Mu.



In the final short period of time, Zhan Ye bravely pounced forth and taking advantage of the Terror Wolf’s recoil time, it ferociously smashed into the Terror Wolf’s flank! 

At the same time, a Destructive Ray flew across and knocked the Terror Wolf’s body, which had already been knocked flying, even further. From the center of the battlefield, it was knocked practically to the edge of the battlefield before finally smashing down onto the ground!!

The Terror Wolf couldn’t be defeated. This berserk transformed creature struggled to crawl up and angrily launched a wanton roar at Chu Mu!!

However…. Chu Mu had already reached the necessary time!

“The time is up!” 

“The battle has ended, recall the fighting beast!!” 

The bell of victory, which hadn’t been rung in a long time, finally rang out!!

Next to Zhan Ye, Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast slowly appeared...

The battle had completely finished!!

At this moment, Chu Mu’s two pupils were blossoming with a radiance of victory and a smile rose up on his face!

This smile, in the eyes of everyone who was hoping for Chu Mu to win, was full of limitless radiance and charm. It remained fresh in their memories while also causing them to overflow with emotions. In their state of shock, they applauded him! 

It was the birth of a miracle!

A third grade young man that was surpassing grades may have just obtained the first realm’s highest honor!! 

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