Chapter 433: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (2)

Chapter 433: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (2)

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had rooted itself underground, but hadn’t stopped fighting.  Moreover, when the ninth phase Terror Wolves encircling it unceasingly ripped apart the ground as they attacked it, it had secretly laid down an enormous natural wood trap!

The natural wood trap had a hundred meter range. This was an enormous hole! 

Nearly twenty Terror Wolves fell into the trap, and were bound up by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wildly nourishing roots. Then, they were dragged into the pits of this death hole!

Group murder! Natural Wood Blood Spike!!

Fifteen eighth phase high stage Terror Wolves; three of them had been pierced easily by a poison corroded root, and when the Natural Wood Blood Spikes poured the poison that wore down their life forces into their bodies, they also began to absorb a large amount of their life forces!

A large amount of the Terror Wolves’ life force had been removed from before. Each second of the poison removed 5 percent of life force while the life force absorb removed nearly 20 percent of life force. This caused the Terror Wolves that had fallen into the natural wood trap to let out plaintiff mourns. A number of their bodies withered up and were killed by the natural wood trap!

The enormous hundred meter trap: merciless and bloody roots, wood spikes, poisonous branches and corpses of pierced Terror Wolves. Blood flowed freely in this azure trap that resembled a calamity of snakes wriggling about. The Terror Wolves were rapidly absorbed by these malevolent things and transformed into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s own life force!

This shocking scene appeared in the vision of all. Every spectator was absolutely flabbergasted!! 

After the tenth phase pseudo monarch appeared, everyone’s attention had been on the Terror Wolf, Chu Mu, the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Zhan Ye. Yet, nobody had expected that this would Devil Tree Battle Soldier hide underground while fighting the ninth phase Terror Wolves and would have laid such an astonishing natural wood trap!

While at a complete disadvantage, it had managed to create such an unforeseeable scene!! 18 Terror Wolves had their life forces absorbed and ultimately, there remained not even twenty Terror Wolves left that roamed fearfully on the edge of the natural wood trap!

“This is a hair-raising calm he’s projecting!” Shang Heng could no longer find words to describe Chu Mu’s schemes!” 

In a life or death crisis with a tenth phase, he was still able to control the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and have it lay down a trap while fighting at the same time. Such shrewdness was truly terrifying!

When Zhan Hong saw this, he was speechless. The gloom on his face didn’t change, but his two eyes that were constantly changing with emotions couldn’t cover the shock that he was feeling!


The Destruction Ray energy and Dream Realm wave descended down from the sky and locked onto the Terror Wolves which life force had been somewhat depleted already. 

Quickly, another ninth phase Terror Wolf was killed by the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast wasn’t adept at group fights, but it was able to see very clearly and had precise attacks. In the midst of chaos, being able to attack a wounded creature was its most proficient ability! 

After the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s awe-inspiring group slaughtering was complete, it quickly fled to the edge of the battlefield, dragging along with it a large string of corpses and skeletons. It was determined not to let the tenth phase Terror Wolf lock onto it.

The moment the tenth phase Terror Wolf launched an attack on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would be instantly killed. Therefore, it decisively chose to flee far from the fight between Zhan Ye and the tenth phase Terror Wolf. 

“Ao wu!!!!!! Ao wu!!!!! Ao wu!!!!!!!!!!”

Finally, the tenth phase pseudo monarch Terror Wolf was wild with anger! 

It raised its head arrogantly in the air and roared. A wild wolf demonic aura began to pervade the area and quickly encompassed Zhan Ye!

Chu Mu had seen this Terror Wolf technique, but didn’t have Zhan Ye retreat. Instead, he had it face the Terror Wolf head on in hopes that it would be able to interrupt this technique!!

Zhan Ye was easily swept up by the Terror Wolf’s aura and as the Terror Wolf roared, a dozen six meter long malevolent wolf figure appeared in the enormous area pervaded by the beast type aura!!

In the confusion, the black wolf figures quickly attacked, their sharp wolf claws criss crossing! 

A sputter of flame shot out in the air, the great earth split into ten fissures that were so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen and a storm of imposing wolf claws fanned out; these all wantonly descended upon Zhan Ye’s body!

This kind of technique was numerous times the power of normal techniques. Zhan Ye’s unblemished and undamaged ink armor was destroyed by the sudden claw attacks, and it once again became a bloody and fleshy mess! 

As the final attack came down, Zhan Ye was crushed under the front claw of the savage Terror Wolf. The dozen wolf figures instantly re-morphed into the one tenth phase Terror Wolf body. Zhan ye’s bloody ink armor was completely shattered and he was incapable of using Ink Armor Spike. He could only helplessly be trampled on by the Terror Wolf!

The Terror Wolf’s bloody teeth became incomparably large and the powerful bite seemed to break down space itself!!

“Crystallized Rock Armor!” 

Just as the Terror Wolf was about to bite Zhan Ye into two pieces, Chu Mu’s seventh rank soul technique barely managed to condense on Zhan Ye’s body. The steel-like Crystallized Rock Armor helped Zhan Ye block the Terror Wolf’s Vicious Devour to a certain extent, reducing its might by a good amount. 

“Si la!!!!!!!”

Vicious Devour chomped down, and Chu Mu’s dark crystal rock barely managed to prevent Zhan Ye from instant death. Another serious wound appeared on its body and presenting a hair raising scene to the audience!

Chu Mu rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast and charged at the tenth phase Terror Wolf. The thick darkness from Night Control enveloped the Terror Wolf’s vision, preventing the Terror Wolf from knowing which direction to attack and thus buying Zhan Ye time to Broken Limb Rebirth.  

“Ao wu!!!!!!!!!”

The Terror Wolf’s acute sense of smell quickly locked onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast in the darkness. Its lights that emitted a green savage glint glared at Chu Mu like a death god!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast instantly used Night Dance and quickly melded into the darkness!


The Terror Wolf’s claws swept across Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s bodies. It left a deep claw mark on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s leg and fresh blood spilled again. 

Upon witnessing this scene, the audience couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air. If Chu Mu had been just a bit closer just now, the attack would have definitely delivered a fatal blow to the Night Thunder Dream Beast; thus, Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast had just escaped from the clutches of death! 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

Using the time the Night Thunder Dream Beast delayed the Terror Wolf, bug fluid began to secrete on Zhan Ye’s body. It was if its armor was rapidly growing! 

In a short period of time, Zhan Ye had been reborn once more and its life force and fighting strength returned to their full state! 

“It… It’s completely healed again…. Completely healed!!”

After the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Control effect disappeared, the audience shockingly discovered that the heavily wounded Zhan Ye had been reborn again. Its glossy armor that was as good as new caused people to question their own eyesight! 

“This Warbeast Mo Ye is extremely abnormal! It’s pretty much the soul pet with the most tenacious life force that I’ve ever seen before!” 

People were completely shocked by the Warbeast Mo Ye. They had originally stood up already from their seats and were walking towards the exit. 

However, at this moment, they had unconsciously returned to their seats, because they felt that this fight hadn’t ended yet!

Such a grand fight! This young man who was surpassing ranks was about to obtain the first realm’s highest honor, which all young people dreamt of obtaining! 


Time unwittingly flowed on and an entire forty minutes passed! 

The audience which was still in shock simply didn’t realize that this fourth beast fighting wave that was a dance with death had already gone on for ten minutes! In another ten minutes, the young man on the battlefield would complete the second grade’s strongest challenge, and never before completed beast fighting honor challenge! 

The last ten minutes in the Beast Fighting Arena became abnormally silent. Everybody was too busy to discuss with each other. They instead stared with rapt attention at the fight. They were afraid that the injury riddled Warbeast Mo Ye would fall for good; they were also in a lot of hope that it would be able to stand back up with fighting spirit and continue fighting this undefeatable opponent! 


At the fifth Broken Limb Rebirth, the audience had fully been bowled over by this Warbeast Mo Ye!

This was the first time in their life that they had seen such a resolute and obstinate soul pet that was full of a zeal to fight. 

No matter how many injuries it had or how much blood flowed, it would always stand back up. It would use its inspired roar to tell everyone how although its body was small, it had a strong soul and proud dignity! 

Ultimately, everyone came to a stunning conclusion: This was a soul pet that could be knocked down, but could never be defeated!! 

Its heart wouldn’t waiver, nor would it hesitate. As long as it could stand back up, it would continue to fight!! 


“Ao wu!!!!!!!!!”

The poison from Ink Armor Spikes penetrated into the tenth phase Terror Wolf’s body again. This fight had already persisted for 48 minutes. The Warbeast Mo Ye had undergone its sixth Broken Limb Rebirth and injured the Terror Wolf again, knocking it a dozen meters away!! 

“Hua hua hua hua hua~~~~~~~~”

The Terror Wolf’s injury caused the silent Beast Fighting Arena to instantly erupt. In the last two minutes, these people seemed like they were on the brink of witnessing the birth of a miracle in the first realm’s honor challenge! 

“It’s the last two minutes, the last two minutes! Fourth brother is about to become the person of highest honor in the first realm’s beast fighting round. This is the highest honor of the second grade that is placed in the second list on the Tianxia Ranking!!” Chu Mu’s two brothers, Chu Xing and Chu Ning, were already shouting in excitement. 

The highest honor in the realm! This was a certificate of power that was capable of shaking the entire realm! 

“It no longer has another opportunity to rebirth. It’s struggled through blood up until this point. It can’t make any more mistakes at the end. Chu Mu, you are the first person of similar age who is deserving of my admiration!’ Ye Wansheng shouted in excitement. 

Ye Wansheng had been impassioned by Chu Mu’s spirit and right now, he wished more than anything that the person standing on the stage of honor was him. Regardless if he could obtain the ultimate honor, this honor would at least be able to bring his teacher, who was in the underworld, to tears of happiness!  


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