Chapter 432 Can be Defeated, Cannot be Knocked Down (2)

Can be Defeated, Cannot be Knocked Down (2)

A shockingly red blood splattered over the entire beast fighting stage. Among the garish and splendor was a palpitating and bitter color!

The tenth phase Terror Wolf’s fourth attack!

This time, under the eyes of several tens of thousands of people, the Warbeast Mo Ye was knocked 100 meters flying from the center of the battlefield to the very edge, sliding on the ground and tunnelling deep into the ground. Its flesh began to mix with the dirt, making everyone’s heart who saw it clench!

Blood was dripping everywhere, and its skeleton seemed to be in the wrong position. There was an entire four levels of difference, and even if it was more tenacious, it still would not be able to continue fighting! 

“This is a soul pet with life force that people venerate. However, the battle will still end.” Palace Lord Yu let out a sigh. 

The Palace Lord level soul pet elders around Palace Lord Yu all let out sighs. The old soul teacher that had once healed Chu Mu opened his mouth and said: “His mental state is laudable. This is a set back to this young man, but I’m sure in six years, he’ll be able to sweep through the Battle of the Realm.” 

The main referee was a tenth rank Palace Lord of Soul Pet Palace. He had already stood up, and was about to use his hands to declare the end of the fight. 

Chu Mu’s perseverance was something that  this Soul Pet Palace Palace Lord found slightly admirable. He didn’t wish for this young man with incomparably firm conviction to suffer an misfortune. Therefore, the moment this man indicated he wanted to give up, he would immediately have the assistant referee save him and his soul pets. 

In the audience of several tens of thousands of people, over half of the people stood up again. 

These people that had already stood up began to break out into a walk and left the battlefield of the fight that was about to end. 

Chu Mu’s resolution was unable to even gain two minutes for himself. People were leaving the field only because this resolution hadn’t even lasted two minutes. 

“Ao wu!!!” the tenth phase Terror Wolf confirmed that this weak Warbeast Mo Ye had already perished, and its pair of savage eyes locked onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast taking air steps! 

Suddenly, this Terror Wolf jumped up!

A six meter long wolf figure appeared in the fifty meter long air region as this Terror Wolf finally launched an attack on Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast!

The Terror Wolf’s flying speed was extremely quick and it seemed to be running up an extremely precipitous cloud slope before instantaneously appearing in front of Chu Mu.

“Give up the beast fight!” 

Ting Lan’s already pale face let out a cry.

Chu Mu didn’t understand where his will to continue fighting like this came from. Could it be that to him, his life was not as important as this fight?! 

Ye Qingzi was tightly biting her red lip and, in her heart, there were numerous times when she wanted Chu Mu to stop fighting. 

Aside from Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye that could contend with it, all of his other soul pets, including himself, could be instakilled by this tenth phase pseudo monarch. Honor could be obtained, but if one’s life was lost, it would forever be unobtainable. Moreover, one would lose not only honor and his life...

“Night Dance!!” 

Chu Mu had enough time to give a shout and stop the fight, but he used this time to order the Night Thunder Dream Beast to dodge the Terror Wolf’s fatal strike!


The fierce wolf figure streaked across the air like a spear, causing people to tremble with fear!

In the black shroud, a gorgeous streak of red blood spurt from another location. Even if the Night Thunder Dream Beast used a dodging technique, and even if it used Night Control to raise its fighting strength, with the four levels of discrepancy, it wasn’t able to completely dodge and was still wounded! 

Another spurt of blood was mixed in, as Chu Mu’s bright red blood was mixed into the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dark red blood.

The Terror Wolf had swept across the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s abdomen, ripping it open, while also lacerating Chu Mu’s thigh… 

Both the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Chu Mu only needed to suffer one more attack before being ripped to pieces by the tenth phase Terror Wolf! 

“Soul Palace Chu Chen, give up. Your life is already in danger!” finally, the Soul Pet Palace main referee was unable to remain calm and loudly spoke to Chu Mu with soul remembrance. 

In the air, Chu Mu pressed his hand over the large wound rapidly leaking blood on his thigh. He grabbed an eighth rank healing medicine from his spatial ring, and had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use it. 

The Terror Wolf’s attack possessed the blood rending attack. If one didn’t stop the bleeding in time, more and more blood would leak while one’s life force would rapidly decline. 

After the Night Thunder Dream Beast used the eighth rank medicine, the blood rendered wound immediately stopped. However, this caused the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed to drastically drop. It would be hard pressed to dodge the Terror Wolf’s next attack.

“I will persist to the end!” Chu Mu demonically opened his mouth and his pair of eyes burned with a battle flame! 

Chu Mu firmly held the wound while a high rank blood flame burned in his hand. These blood flames burned his wound!! 

Chu Mu was flying into the air while the tens of thousands of people were watching him use the scorching blood flame to burn the large wound on his thigh!!

This was a high rank blood flame that even soul pets couldn’t bear! This young man couldn’t even be bothered to use an eighth rank healing medicine, instead using blood flames to stop the bleeding! 

Chu Mu very proficiently healed himself and the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Practically every time he was wounded he would employ this crazy healing method. This allowed him to prevent himself from bleeding too much from the Terror Wolf’s blood rending effect.

Moreover, he seemed very casual during his ghastly process of binding his wound. The blood flame blood-stoppage process that made everyone else’s legs tremble didn’t even make his brows crease! 

“This fellow isn’t human! Are eighth rank medicines really that expensive?!” Ye Wansheng sucked in a breath of air.

Ye Qingzi was nearly going to bite through her thin lips. Her heart was filled with a lot of emotions. Even if this fellow had a certain degree of heat-resistance, and even if he wasn’t even hurt by this form of self-torture, even Ye Qingzi felt pain while looking at it. 

“The ends of this pseudo monarch Terror Wolf’s claws have poison. He noticed the poison as it was seeping into his blood, and used this method to detoxify the wound. Moreover, his movement were very proficient. 

This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.” Soul Palace’s old soul teacher astonishedly sat back in his seat. His expression was extremely rigid.

The tens of thousands of people stopped in their tracks once again. They stared intensely at the incomparably demonic young man riding on the Night Thunder Dream Beast that was floating above the savage Terror Wolf pack.

“Zhan Ye, Ink Armor Spike!!” 

Suddenly, an order rang out!

As he let out the order, this young man’s pupils blossomed with a star-like resplendence. It was the dazzling grace and coarse confidence of an expert’s aura!

“Hou hou!!!!!!!” the ink colored figure that had ostensibly been neglected by everyone appeared!

This war tiger that was covered in ink colored armor had the same determination as its master. It fiercely pierced through several ninth phase Terror Wolves and its ink armor spikes pierced towards the tenth phase Terror Wolf!

The tenth phase Terror Wolf was in the process of charging energy to launch a second attack at Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast and was unable to set up a defense in time. Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spike ferociously penetrated its body and the defensive corrosion poison seeped inside, dying its shoulder in a black color! 

“Ao wu!!!!!!!”

The darkness attribute attack was abnormally painful, and even the tenth phase Terror Wolf let out a howl. The wild wolf aura on its body abruptly burst forth, knocking back Zhan Ye that had stabbed it.

This beast type energy wouldn’t pose much damage to Zhan Ye and it was able to flip its body in mid air before landing steadily on the ground. It slid back a dozen meters, but its black colored eyes never left the tenth phase Terror Wolf! 

The Terror Wolf’s malevolent roar roused the entire beast fighting stage. 

In this instant, everyone’s eyes shifted from Chu Mu to the Warbeast Mo Ye. They couldn’t believe their eyes, as they looked at this completely unwounded Warbeast Mo Ye! 

“Was this the Warbeast Mo Ye from just now? Why isn’t there a single wound on its body? Am I blind?” 

“Impossible, definitely impossible! I clearly saw its ravaged blood and flesh as it lay close to death. Such wounds would require, even if it possessed the bug attribute, two days before it could be healed!” the entire Beast Fighting Arena instantly went into an uproar! 

The fight hadn’t ended. The completely battered and bruised Warbeast Mo Ye had stood up once more. Not a single wound on its body could be seen, as if it had been rebirthed! 

Everyone was stunned in their places. They yelled and cheered, they were tongue-tied and flabbergasted, and they looked and stared at each other… 

They couldn’t understand why so many surprises kept on appearing on this beast fighting stage! Moreover, all this had occurred on the single young challenger that was fighting a grade up! 

No one had expected Chu Mu to bring them so much shock and disbelief. Nor did anyone dare attempt to predict the outcome of this beast fight again! 

“Is this brat playing with us?! He scared me into a cold sweat. As it turns out, his Mo Ye still has the Broken Limb Rebirth species techniques. This is a soul pet with abnormal bug type talent!” the old soul teacher let out a big sigh of relief. 

After speaking, he swept his eyes over the other old Soul Palace fellows. He found that these old geezers were sitting, stunned on their seats. Although their faces were in shock, they managed to maintain their calm as they continued to watch the fight. Suddenly, the old soul teacher felt that he shouldn’t have been so agitated because of an intense young generation fight, and let out an awkward laugh. 

All of the seniors of Soul Palace were used to this old soul teacher’s urchin-like character. They completely ignored him, and continued to attentatively watch this fight that had yet to end. 

Chu Mu hovered high up in the air and his eyes were staring at Zhan Ye. 

“Zhan Ye, Night, Devil Tree. We’re going to obtain the highest honor’s three hundred million!” Chu Mu’s eyes were steady, and he spoke in an unshakeable voice. 


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier that had been hidden underground for a long period finally let out a response and suddenly, an area of a hundred meters transformed into a shocking Natural Wood Trap. The trap had poison, spikes and piercing branches. The natural wood was akin to a disaster-like snake pit with snakes that wriggled their azure and malevolent bodies in this enormous, empty hole!! 

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