Chapter 431: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (1)

Chapter 431: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (1)

Chu Mu chose to continue fighting. People felt that he was a bit reckless, but when they discovered the soul pet he summoned, people felt even more so that this third grade member had been muddle-headed by the impossible to obtain honor reward!!

Eighth phase seventh stage Warbeast Mo Ye - low class monarch rank!

This Warbeast Mo Ye Chu Mu summoned was even weaker than the eighth phase ninth stage Ice Air Fairy. Compared to a tenth phase pseudo monarch, this soul pet was five levels down!

A difference in strength like this meant that any one of the Terror Wolf’s attacks would be able to instakill this Warbeast Mo Ye!

Zhan Ye’s summoning pattern was in the air, and it dropped out of it.

It locked onto the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf which had fifty percent remaining life force. Its ink armor spikes pierced into the Terror Wolf’s backbone. As Zhan Ye swung its body, 

After suffering from a serious injury like this, the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf was unable to fight again and it lay there, blood all over the place.

The moment a wound appeared, the poison sprouts set by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would poison the creature even quicker. Zhan Ye’s attack wasn’t able to kill the Terror Wolf; it had a few breaths remaining.

However, with the poison, the Terror Wolf could only struggle a few times before losing its life.

“This Mo Ye is equipped with soul equipment, but its fighting strength rank hasn’t even reached the middle class monarch rank. Even if it was a middle class monarch, its strength would only be at around the fourth level and will still be instakilled. I really don’t know what this fellow summoned the Mo Ye for. He’s suicidal!” the white clothed guard next to Princess Jin Rou carried a mocking tone. 

Princess Jin Rou had never seen this soul pet of Chu Mu’s before. She herself was inwardly surprised why he would summon it at this moment.

Although the first realm’s honor was handsome, a true second grade expert wouldn’t show his full strength in the first realm.

Therefore, there was no need to do one’s utmost at this high level of difficulty to obtain the highest honor. 

On the one hand, Princess Jin Rou was curious as to what special ability the Warbeast Mo Ye Chu Mu summoned possessed; on the other hand, she felt that Chu Mu choosing to continue fighting was irrational, as he would expose all his strength.

“What is Chu Mu doing? Did he really become muddle-headed because of the first realm’s highest honor? This doesn’t seem like his character. His Warbeast Mo Ye is his hidden weapon. Isn’t taking it out so early telling his opponents his strength?” Ye Wansheng did not understand why Chu Mu chose to continue fighting. 

Ye Qingzi’s beautiful eyes were focused on Chu Mu ridding on the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Right now, she was unable to read Chu Mu’s actions.

The entire arena of tens of thousands of people didn’t expect Chu Mu to continue. Even the older generation people let out sighs, indicating that although this young man’s strength was shocking, he was still too impulsive. 

The realm breaking route of the Battle of the Realms was very long. Choosing the right time to give up was the smartest choice. Even the person acknowledged as the second grade’s strongest expert wouldn’t recklessly expend all of his strength to obtain the first realm’s honor. 

Since Chu Mu chose to continue fighting, people momentarily stopped in their steps as they left the Beast Fighting Arena.

However, nobody immediately went back to their seats. They stood in their tracks and stared at the beast fighting stage filled with danger, waiting for this young man to be painfully taught by the tenth phase Terror Wolf before continuing to regretfully leave.

In their opinion, the sequence of events would happen very quickly, so there was no need to sit down; this way, they wouldn’t have to stand right back up.

Chu Mu rode on the evil and elegant Night Thunder Dream Beast as it floated in the air. His pair of eyes blossomed with an unprecedented fighting flame. 

The resplendent and spirited pupils didn’t carry a trace of bewilderment or madness as people had said. Chu Mu was very clear what he was doing.

Shen Yicheng was definitely not the strongest person in the second grade. If his ninth phase third stage middle class monarch Violent Blood Pool Beast hadn’t been killed by Chu Mu, Shen Yicheng would have three ninth phase middle stage soul pets!

Shen Yicheng was able to have three ninth phase middle stage main pets. Thus, how many experts would appear from Soul Pet Palace, Nightmare Palace, Soul Palace or even the most powerful Soul Alliance?

According to inference, these four factions would still be hiding experts with four ninth phase middle class monarchs!

Chu Mu was certain that Nightmare Palace’s Lu Shanli and Princess Jin Rou were rather strong. However, these two people didn’t appear among the ranks of influential people. If it wasn’t because Chu Mu had previously interacted with them before, he probably would have neglected them. 

Soul Palace’s Shang Heng, Zhan Hong, and Zhao Cheng seemed to represent the strongest of Soul Palace’s second grade. However, Chu Mu had heard Ting Lan mention the eighth young master, Fang Ze, many times, as well as the mysterious seventh young master who no one knew the name of!

Chu Mu had no idea what the strength of these two second grade Soul Palace young masters were. Nor had he ever heard anyone mention them before or was there any rumors regarding them in the streets. 

This definitely did not mean that the eighth young master and seventh young master had average strength. It only demonstrated that they had completely hidden their strength and would most likely break out in the final struggle!

As for the low-key Soul Pet Palace, the true second grade experts had yet to appear. However, Chu Mu felt like the enormous faction’s young experts could in no way be simple!

There was still the most powerful Soul Alliance! Feng Kun, who had been hired as a thug by Shen Yicheng could in no way be Soul Alliance’s true second grade expert. Therefore, did that mean that Soul Palace still had more terrifying experts? 

Chu Mu wasn’t that stupid. He was certain that for all the strongest second graders on the stage that could only give up right now, there was an even stronger batch of people hidden in the second grade. These people were experts with four great main pets that were all ninth phase middle class experts, and they weren’t just one person! 

Of his current soul pets, only Mo Xie and the Binding Wind Spirit reached the level of his main pet. They could be considered his two great pets that reached the ninth phase middle class monarch. 

Zhan Ye required consecutive Broken Limb Rebirths to contend with these experts and barely be considered a third soul pet that reached the ninth phase middle class monarch level. 

However, Chu Mu had a huge disadvantage!

All of these experts could quadruple control while Chu Mu could only triple control! Even if those hidden people didn’t exist, he would always be at an extreme disadvantage! 

The people that managed to step into the strongest ranks of the second grade had all undergone trials and tribulations. They possessed outstanding fighting ability and Chu Mu wouldn’t believe that his control and utilization abilities could make up the gap between quadruple and triple control.

Therefore, Chu Mu profoundly realized that this bit of strength was far from enough to obtain the second grade’s ultimate honor! 

When the tenth phase pseudo monarch appeared, Chu Mu had closed his eyes to ponder this problem. 

Finally, Chu Mu chose to go against logic and fight for the first realm’s ultimate honor! 

Chu Mu was going to use the first realm’s honor prize and the Battle of the Realm’s long period of time to frantically raise his strength. This would minimize the gap with his strength and the truly hidden second grade experts! 

The Battle of the Realm that occured once every six years had already begun and from the realm breaking methods, it would persist for a very long time.  

The majority of experts in this period of time would probably be conserving or biding their strength while breaking through realms in order to have enough for the realm honor.

If Chu Mu did the same as them, with a clear difference in strength, he would end up being easily defeated by the hidden experts. 

If he went against logic, and used the ultimate honor from each realm to strengthen his soul pet, it would be the equivalent to continuously surpassing limits to level up his soul pets. Madness upon more madness; only this way would he have a chance of obtaining the ultimate honor! 

Fight!!! Continuously breakthrough! 

This was Chu Mu’s present thought. He could be described as crazy or reckless, but if he wasn’t either, he would be eliminated! 

Therefore, Chu Mu chose to continue fighting. 

He needed to obtain the first realm’s highest honor. The 300 million could increase the strength of his soul pet a bit! 

“Zhan Ye, you don’t need to use Brave Stinging Heart when fighting the Terror Wolves. Find opportunities to kill the ninth and eighth phase Terror Wolves. Persist until the very end!” Chu Mu decisively said to Zhan Ye. 

The incomparably decisive message of a soul pet trainer would become the most unyielding and tenacious fighting spirit of a soul pet. Even in front of an undefeatable enemy, Zhan Ye would not retreat at all! 

The first clash, and a portion of Zhan Ye’s armor was shattered, and it was knocked heavily back far away! 

With a three level difference in strength. The Violent Blood Pool Beast needed six techniques to kill this undying Zhan Ye. 

Compared to the tenth phase pseudo monarch that was four levels higher, it needed four attacks to render Zhan Ye incapable of fighting. 

“What Warbeast Mo Ye is this. It’s life force is so tenacious!!” when Zhan Ye, after having its bones shattered for the second time by the Terror Wolf, stood back up amongst the wolf pack, everyone showed expressions of shock. 

“Four strength levels down and it has been hit by numerous instakill attacks. This Mo Ye has suffered two attacks… how is it still alive?! Could it be its life force was strengthened?! 


The third attack. The tenth phase pseudo monarch Terror Wolf left an astonishing laceration from Zhan Ye’s head to butt. Flesh and blood flew everyone and white bone was visible. Everyone looking held their breath and looked on closely. They were afraid that the Warbeast Mo Ye would be mercilessly killed. 

However, Zhan Ye was still able to stand back up under everyone’s horrified gazes! 

Nobody expected that this Mo Ye would be able to suffer such a heavy wound and still be able to shakily stand back up. This required an unimaginably tenacious life force! 

“Hou Hou!!!!!!” the wounded Zhan Ye unyieldingly launched a roar at the arrogant tenth phase monarch. Its eyes were still burning with the most exuberant flames of battle. The blood on its body merely added to its wildness! 

To fight for survival. When did Zhan Ye ever not face an undefeatable opponent or be defeated by an undefeatable opponent?! 

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