Chapter 430: The Fourth Wave, Invincible Fighting Beasts

Chapter 430: The Fourth Wave, Invincible Fighting Beasts

Chu Mu sat on the Night Thunder Dream Beast as it stood motionless in the air. He looked down at the remaining half of the Terror Wolves in the Beast Fighting Arena. In these ten minutes, Chu Mu had mainly stalled. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was powerful in group fights, but the lowest phase and stage of these Terror Wolves was merely the eighth phase high stage. Moreover, when their life forces dropped below 30 percent, they would use Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation which would amplify their strength level and make it even harder to kill them.

Five ninth phase high/mid phase terror wolves, four ninth phase low stage Terror Wolves and forty eighth phase high stage Terror Wolves. These Terror Wolves had their life forces lowered by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s poison to below 20 percent. Moreover, all of them carried wounds. If the Ghost King was able to persevere, then Chu Mu was confident that he would be able to get rid of all the Terror Wolves within five minutes.

Only, Chu Mu no longer had five minutes. The final round of beast fighting was finally beginning!! 

This time, the ground didn’t shake; nor was there any thundering roar. Inside the Beast Fighting Arena, there were only the fifty Terror Wolves wantonly attacking the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

“Sou sou sou sou!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, Chu Mu heard a charging noise. 

Chu Mu hadn’t detected the location at which the last soul pet wave appeared. He only felt the chaotic gale of a rapid charge as a soul pet imposingly ran at him. 

Finally, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance locked onto it!

By the time Chu Mu detected this creature, it had already charged half way across the Beast Fighting Arena from the edge. Such speed already surpassed all of Chu Mu’s soul pets!

A black chaotic wind swept up from the incomparably vast edge of the arena to the center. Chu Mu swept his gaze over the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ghost King in shock, and immediately had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier dig its roots underground!

Chu Mu only managed to give this one order in time. Instantly after, the creature appeared in the center of the battlefield and locked onto the Ghost King!!

A sharp ninth rank claw fiercely swept across the Ghost King’s dark crystal rock. Suddenly, a beast type energy exploded on its body and knocked the Ghost King flying far away as it couldn’t mount a defense in time. 

“Beng~~~~~~~” the Ghost King fell heavily onto the ground, causing multiple fissures to appear. A large part of its armor, which even ninth phase monarch found hard to break had been cracked. It was practically possible to see the elemental innards inside its body!! 

Seriously wounding the Ghost King in one strike!!!

A ghostly fire burned the Ghost King’s body, and its body began to shrink back to its original size!

The ghost transformation effect disappeared. One strike from that powerful creature caused the Ghost King, which didn’t have much life force remaining, to completely lose the strength to fight! 

“What on earth is that creature? How can it destroy even the Ghost King’s defense?!” just the moment before, the entire arena had been cheering for Chu Mu’s killing of the Flame Bird. Then in the next moment, these cheers became astonished cries!

There were even people who hadn’t seen that it was time for the fourth wave of beast fighting to occur! Moreover, how could it deal such a shocking blow to the Ghost King?! 

“Ao wu!!!!!!!!!’ suddenly, a wolf’s howl shook the heaven and the earth!

A dense stench swept through the Beast Fighting Arena like an eighth rank wind type technique. It caused the defensive barriers to visibly sway as if they would shatter at any moment!

Right then, people finally discovered that in the place where the Ghost King used to stand, a six meter long Terror Wolf, its body the color of pitch black metal, towered above the entire battlefield!!

A fully evolved tenth phase Terror Wolf was no more than five meters long; however, this Terror Wolf had reached a build of six meters!!

Its thick beast type aura completely overshadowed those of the nearly fifty Terror Wolves nearby. All of their grandeur had been completely suppressed and it seemed as if the Terror Wolf was the only one in existence. It was violent, ruthless and insufferably arrogant!!

This was a powerful soul pet that was different from the high class commander Shackled Devil Ox Beast and the peak commander Flame Bird. Its majesty was several levels higher than these two tenth phase commanders!!! 

Its fighting strength rank had been raised to the pseudo monarch level and had completed its evolution, reaching the level of a fully formed tenth phase creature. This was a tenth phase pseudo monarch!!!

A tenth phase pseudo monarch creature!!

When everyone finally saw the creature clearly, the entire battlefield was swept by a wave of silence. There were no longer any cheers. 

A tenth phase pseudo monarch. Any one of its normal attacks reached the ninth rank. It was a slaughterer. The majority of the young experts in the battle of the realm had soul pets at the eighth or seventh phase with fighting strength ranks around the pseudo monarch rank. 

Therefore, a fully evolved pseudo monarch was essentially equivalent to a death god to the young generation!

This was no longer beast fighting. This was having a young soul pet trainer lose his or her life in the Beast Fighting Arena!

“Many middle aged soul pet trainers can’t even deal with this creature. How can you put this creature in a young generation beast fight?!!” 

“Forfeit, quickly forfeit. If you don’t, then you soul pets will be killed!” those alarmed for Chu Mu began to shout. 

Not only were the spectators scared, but even those people who knew Chu Mu were conscious about this. This fourth wave was a creature of extreme danger that couldn’t be defeated. Chu Mu’s fight would end here! 

“Princess Jin Rou’s prediction was truly accurate. As expected, the fight is going to end at the thirtieth minute. How did you know that the last beast fighting wave would be a tenth phase pseudo monarch?” asked the white clothed guard Lu Donghe who stood next to Princess Jin Rou.

The white clothed guard, Lu Donghe, was precisely the person at Wogu Region who had single handedly defeated all of the Great Chu Family’s young experts.  

Back at the stone hall, this white clothed guard had clashed with Chu Xian, and had been intimidated by Chu Mu’s residual half devil power.

The white clothed guard clearly didn’t recognize Chu Mu’s identity. Only, a Soul Palace person, especially one who slightly obstructed Princess Jin Rou’s future advancement, was someone who the white clothed guard Lu Donghe didn’t have any good will towards. His job was to eradicate all enemies who opposed Princess Jin Rou! 

On the battlefield, Chu Mu’s expression turned a bit serious. The Ghost King could no longer continue fighting. If it were to take on another one of the tenth phase pseudo monarch Terror Wolf’s attacks, its life would be in danger.

Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and instantly had the Night Thunder Dream Beast fly towards where the Ghost King had fallen, and as quickly as possible recalled it into the soul pet space. 

“Soul Palace Chu Chen, the tenth phase Terror Wolf is extremely strong. Even if you choose to forfeit midway, it may be impossible to stop the beast fight and your life will be in danger. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is to forfeit the beast fight right now.” the assistant referee’s voice rang out, advising Chu Mu to forfeit the fight. 

It was a common occurrence for a soul pet or a soul pet trainer to die in the Battle of the Realm. The situation right now was extremely clear cut. Regardless if it was Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast or Devil Tree Battle Soldier, it was impossible to face over forty Terror Wolves and a tenth phase pseudo monarch rank Terror Wolf!

Since even the assistant referee had spoken, soul pet trainers that still had a bit of reason in them would probably choose to immediately forfeit the fight.

Many people expected this outcome, and thought that the first round of the honor challenge would end here. Many people regretfully stood up from their seats and began to leave the arena. 

Nobody expected the terror of this wave and continuing to fight was equivalent to sending one’s soul pets to their deaths at the teeth of the Terror Wolves.

A third grade member being able to last 30 minutes at the second grade beast fighting honor challenge was already an honor that made people gasp with admiration. He would at least be able to obtain an honor reward from the second grade and his name would appear on the Tianxia Ranking!

Several tens of kingdoms, several hundreds of regions and several tens of thousands of cities. Every single young expert was gathered in Tianxia City. In such a conglomeration of many, as long as one’s name appeared on the Tianxia Ranking, even if one as at the bottom, it was a supreme honor!!

Chu Mu was completing a surpassing grade challenge, yet had managed to make his way into the Tianxia Ranking. This was enough to make Tianxia City people sigh in admiration, as there probably weren’t many people in the entire Battle of the Realm who could do what he had done.

“Floating in the air is to no avail. The tenth phase pseudo monarch Terror Wolf has extremely powerful jumping abilities. Moreover, it should be able to rely on its beast type strength to temporarily step in the air. The Night Thunder Dream Beast is much weaker than the Terror Wolf and will be easily instakilled. He’s still hesitating even now. Does he really think he can stall more minutes?” Zhan Hong saw that Chu Mu was still staying in the air and spoke somewhat discontentedly. 

“People are already leaving, what is leader hesitating for. Does he want to continue fighting?” Zhao Cheng stared at Chu Mu. 

“I also feel that he should forfeit, Zhao Cheng. Do you remember that undying Warbeast Mo Ye that unceasingly grew stronger that back then was able to fight Shen Yicheng’s Violent Blood Pool beast headone?”  Shang Heng slowly said.

After speaking, Ting Lan who was sitting next to him faintly raised her brows. She had never heard before that Chu Mu had this soul pet.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Cheng immediately showed a shocked expression. It was a while before he opened his mouth and said: “Leader… is he…. Is he going to summon that Mo Ye to continue fighting??” the moment Zhao Ye’s voice died away, Chu Mu who was riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast opened his eyes and slowly chanted an incantation!!

Zhao Cheng stared at Chu Mu. When he found that Chu Mu really was summoning a soul pet, his entire being was stunned, “He… leader… he really is going to continue fighting. My god he’s crazy!” 

Crazy!! Indeed, when everyone saw that Chu Mu was chanting an incantation, they all felt he was crazy!!

The strength of nearly fifty Terror Wolves was equivalent to a tenth phase high class commander. Further adding on the pseudo monarch tenth phase Terror Wolf, not even the strongest people in the second grade would be able to guarantee they emerged unscathed. Yet, this third grade member wanted to continue fighting. Could it be that this man was willing to sacrifice his life for honor?!!! 

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