Book 2 Chapter 43 - Devil Tree Demon

Chapter 43: Devil Tree Demon

Heavy hitting news. In the entire Gangluo City, it had been a long time since a treasure worth 5,000,000 gold had appeared- especially a sixth level soul armor!

Sixth level soul armor had a great meaning. As long as such armor was worn on a soul pet trainer, by adding on a little more defensive ability, the defensive ability would easily reach the seventh level. A seventh level defense could put an end to almost all the attacks from soul pets under the sixth phase commander rank. Even soul pets above the sixth phase commander rank needed to continuously attack to break this defence. Which soul pet trainer wouldn’t desire such a supreme protective treasure?

Once such a shocking message spread, almost every family and wealthy merchant immediately went to the auction house to validify the claim. After validating the claim, they all got the same answer: this news was completely real!!

What shocked the powerful people of Gangluo City even more was, other than this incomparably rare sixth level soul armor, the auction house was also selling many young commander rank soul pets, and low quality ones were highly unlikely to appear. Each soul pet was worth over 500,000 gold coins!!

There were many times a high quality commander rank soul pet was the anchor of the show, bringing all the clans and wealthy merchants to fight over it. This time, however, there were plenty of such high quality commander rank soul pets!!

With such a sensationally big event, how could Gangluo City’s important people not ask for the identity of the person that was supplying such expensive treasures.

The auction house naturally had to protect this information, and they refused to divulge any information. Of course, the auction house knew that someone who could offer these items wasn’t anyone simple, so it was impossible for the managers of the auction house to put themselves in a predicament over a little bribery for the information!

A wave of competition washed through the entirety of Gangluo City. Including many people from factions of other cities, they had all come forth already- all for this astonishing auction house!

Such a luxurious auction, if one wanted to get some treasure, one naturally had to invest a huge sum of money. Especially for the 5,000,000 gold coin sixth level soul armor, if anyone wanted this treasure, every clan had to gather funds from all their industries in different cities, or else 5,000,000 gold wasn’t a sum that one could easily get.

Of course, if it were just 5,000,000 gold, a rich family like the Yang Clan might have the capability to pay straight from their pocket Yet, this auction also had many commander rank soul pets of high quality. If those fell into the other clans’ hands, the Yang Clan would definitely feel some threat. The Yang Clan naturally didn’t want to show any weakness, so they also had to gather funds from all the different business they owned!

“Young master, won’t it be dangerous if you do this? If the Yang Clan isn’t willing to buy this sixth level soul armor, wouldn’t all our plans become fruitless?” Ting Yu was worried.

“Currently, the Yang Clan has always been the single biggest faction within Gangluo City, so they must have a fortune saved up to buy treasure. This sixth level soul armor, they definitely need it. Of course, this wasn’t the main reason. In reality, out of the entire Gangluo City, only the Yang Clan has the power to buy this sixth level soul armor…...” Chu Mu said.

The Chu Clan was currently in a recession. Anything past 500,000 gold was beyond their consideration. Chu Mu believed that in this auction, the Chu Clan would definitely gather some money because no matter what, they still had to strengthen their clan. However, it was impossible for them to buy the sixth level soul armor. They couldn’t even raise the price, because everyone knew that though Chu Clan could bring out such a sum, it would severely affect the operation of their clan.

Qin Clan

“What, don’t tell me we have to submissively just give away such treasure?” Qin Chang said, puzzled.

The Qin Clan’s clan head was Qin Chang. In the clan, the majority of things were done his way. Qin Chang knew that the Luo Region Sect was a very large power, and though Qin Menger received a lot of love from her elders, because of her lack of background, she would often get treated wrongly. THus, this time, the Qin Clan’s clan head was prepared to steel his heart and compete for this sixth level soul armor so that Qin Menger could defend herself with it.

Qin Menger was Qin Clan’s biggest hope. As long as she got some sort of position within the Luo Region sect, Yang Clan and Zhou Clan wouldn’t dare to even think of touching the Qin Clan, so the entire clan viewed her with importance. If the clan head insisted on buying this sixth level soul armor for her, not many people would oppose it.

“Father, we can’t touch this thing. Just listen to me for once, don’t even consider the sixth level soul armor” Qin Menger bit her lips and said.

Not long ago, Chu Mu had already sent Qin Menger a message telling her to persuade her family not to contemplate buying the sixth level soul armor. Though Qin Menger didn’t know what Chu Mu wanted to do, from the looks of things, it definitely wasn’t something small. It was very likely related to the Nightmare Palace, so Qin Menger didn’t want her family to get pulled into the struggle.

Qin Chang looked at his worried daughter and slowly said, “Is it that you heard something from your fellow students in Luo Region Sect…?”

Qin Menger was just worrying over being unable to find an excuse, so she immediately nodded.

“If so, we should quietly tell Chu Clan, in case they fall into it as well.” Qin Chang said.

The Qin Clan and Chu Clan were good friends, so the Qin Clan would always help the Chu Clan from behind the scenes. After all, if the Chu Clan were completely eliminated from Gangluo City, then Zhou and Yang Clans would slowly eat away at the Qin Clan. This principle of interdependence was something Qin Chang understood.

“En.” It’s not like Qin Menger could tell him that the Chu Clan knew already, so she just nodded again.

“This sixth level soul armor is a rare opportunity, we must take it!” The Yang Clan’s clan head Yang Kuo said solemnly.

“But we just lost a sixth level territory……” The Yang Clan’s many clan members thought that buying this sixth level soul armor was honestly too luxurious.

Yang Luobin stood beside the clan head Yang Kuo, yet he said nothing. The purchase of the sixth level soul armor was undoubtedly for him, the clan heir. As long as he got this sixth level soul armor, then he would stand undefeated in the Recommendation!

The Yang Clan clan head Yang Kuo had clearly decided in his heart already. Such a rare treasure already had a starting price of 3,000,000 gold. If the Yang Clan didn’t compete and another clan steeled their heart to buy it, the Yang Clan’s number one ranking would very likely be overthrown. If this thing appeared in any other city for sale, then Yang Kuo wouldn’t even consider it. But in Gangluo City, he definitely couldn’t let it fall into another clan’s hands!

“Assemble the money and prepare for this auction.” Yang Kuo took all the power, and didn’t give any other member a say in it.

After the Yang Clan meeting ended, Yang Shang’s face became gloomy. When everyone left, he muttered, “His heart hurt when he spent 1,000,000 gold for my Demon Tree heart, yet he is willing to spend 5,000,000 gold to buy a soul armor for that guy, truly hateful!!”

“Yang Shang, what are you muttering?” Yang Luobin looked at Yang Shang’s unnatural expression and asked.

Yang Shang naturally couldn’t expose his jealous side to Yang Luobin, so he immediately thought of something else, “I was angry about that Chu Clan trash.”

“You mean Chu Mu?” Yang Luobin had already known about Chu Mu not being dead, and also knew that Chu Mu seemed to be able to summon soul pets now.

Chu Mu lost a soul, so if he reached the spirit soldier rank and had two souls, it was natural for him to be able to summon a soul pet.

“En, that kid, taking advantage of me being unprepared, made me lose face at the auction. I can’t not take revenge for this!” Yang Shang said fiercely.

“I can bully him to death once, so I can bully him to death twice. Even if you don’t want to deal with him, I wouldn’t let him live long.” Yang Luobin laughed coldly.

“The Chu Clan is on guard already, wouldn’t it be hard to bully him to death?” Yang Shang opened his mouth and asked.

“Wouldn’t that be easy, just force him to sign up for the Recommendation. Which Chu Clan trash would dare to interfere and protect him in the Recommendation competition?” Yang Luobin started laughing.

“Wouldn’t that be difficult? Even if they got rid of that dunce, the Chu Clan wouldn’t easily let him compete.” Yang Shang said.

“Don’t worry, I have a way.” Yang Luobin said.

Chu Clan Courtyard

Chu Mu at the moment didn't care much about the auction, instead putting all his efforts into training his soul pet. After all, the reallocation of money took time. Once Yang Clan mustered enough money, it was Chu Mu’s massacre time!!

The effects of the Heavenly Demon Tear was quite obvious. Once Chu Mu gave it to his Night Thunder Dream Beast, it immediately rose a stage, and its following growing speed became noticeably faster as well.

Of course, just using the Heavenly Demon Tear was not enough for the Night Thunder Dream Beast to jump to the sixth phase. It still needed to fight. Without fighting, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s maturing rate would still be very slow.

“Demon Tree’s Heart, I’ve heard this thing even had a chance to cause wood type soul pets to have a species mutation?” Chu Mu looked through books about the Demon Tree Heart…...

Species mutations were very rare, but in this massive world, there were still a few special soul items that could cause species with potentials and talents way past their own species to mutate. However, such special soul items were usually only discovered and couldn’t be sought after. They often also only worked on one specific type of soul pet.

Chu Mu grafted the Demon Tree Heart into his Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Without any coincidences, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier wouldn’t have any species mutation. After all, the chances were very very low, and Chu Mu couldn’t always be lucky.

Though no species mutation happened, this Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wood type powers overcame a great change. Now, casting a seventh level wood type techniques wasn’t an issue. Of course, a wood type soul pet’s most important quality was still its life force and its defensive ability.

“It gave birth to Demon Wood Skin, which had a defense of the seventh rank intermediate stage, and Demon Wood Roots, which improved its attack significantly too…...” Looking at the Demon Wood Skin of his Devil Tree Battle Soldier, a smile floated onto Chu Mu’s face.

The Demon Tree Heart’s strengthening caused his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to grow an even stronger weapon and defensive skin layer - Demon Wood!

Demon Wood was similar to Mo Xie’s Demon Fire Evil Flames. It wasn’t a species’ special power, but as long as one had it, it could directly increase a soul pet’s fighting strength!!

Playing on the principle of “strike while the iron’s hot”, once the Devil Tree Battle Soldier grew Demon Wood, Chu Mu quickly used his saved sixth level soul crystal and strengthened it.

The Demon Tree Heart was created naturally, and the soul crystal was from a wood type soul pet. These two energies didn’t conflict, so the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, without any mishap, grew to sixth phase second stage!!

After 1,000,000 gold’s worth of strengthening, the wood type of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could contend against many high class commander ranks!

Additionally, with its powerful defense and life force, maybe, by only summoning his Devil Tree Battle Warrior, he could sweep through most opponents in the Recommendation!

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