Chapter 429: The Final Fighting Beast Howl

Chapter 429: The Final Fighting Beast Howl 

Chu Mu was like a specter on the battlefield. He roamed in between the incomparably savage Terror Wolves and his own soul pets. He ostensibly received very few Terror Wolf attacks. He moved very naturally, like water and clouds throughout the battle. Despite the battle being nerve wracking, dangerous and terrifying, he showed no trace of panic! 

In the view of these soul pet trainers, the incomparably savage Terror Wolves could break down the defenses in their hearts, and cause their feet to lose rhythm and go soft. 

However, throughout the fight, Chu Mu maintained his calm. This wasn’t because Chu Mu had some special ability and powerful heart. Instead, Chu Mu had spent a long period of time in these nerve wracking, dangerous and powerful fights. Thus, he had already virtually created a type of fighting temperament. 

This fighting temperament wasn’t an innate gift, but was formed by growing accustomed to slaughter after long fight, treating one’s life or death as a small matter and throwing all aspects of one’s life and body into the fight! 


At the 25th minute, on the battlefield, the four meter tall Monarch Ghost Transformation Ghost King gave a heavy chop with its sword!

On the place the sword fell, the rocky earth split apart, spreading a fifty meter fissure that knocked a dozen eighth phase Terror Wolves flying. 

At the center of the force, a ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf wasn’t able to dodge in time, and was maimed by the energy that burst forth from the dark sturdy rock and the imposing curved sword. This ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf burst into pieces of flesh as its four meter long body was split apart. It wasn’t even able to let out a miserable cry before it died. 

Countless cracks had appeared on the Ghost King’s body. The continuous attacks from the numerous Terror Wolves were able to rip apart the Ghost King’s defense to a certain degree. The Ghost king’s life force had fallen to sixty percent, and once it fell below fifty percent, its fighting strength would also drop alongside it!  

In the air, the contest between the Flame Bird’s blood red and the Ice Air Fairy’s icy blue was nearing its conclusion. Several burn marks had appeared on the Ice Air Fairy’s body and as it sustained injuries, its fighting strength would drastically decrease. It was very hard to truly pin down the Flame Bird that was as imposing as torrential flames.

The Ice Air Fairy’s performance today was something Chu Mu was extremely satisfied with. He knew that if he had it continue fighting, the Ice Air Fairy’s life would probably be in danger. He promptly chanted an incantation and recalled the Ice Air Fairy back to the soul pet space. 

“He’s finally going to switch soul pets.” upon discovering Chu Mu was recalling his Ice Air Fairy, the spectators let out a sigh of relief, while also subconsciously admiring this young soul pet trainer’s controlling ability as well as the Ice Air Fairy’s will to fight. 

“Will he summon an even stronger soul pet to fight, or will he choose to continue delaying for time.” there were already many people guessing which choice Chu Mu would make.

Chu Mu hadn’t used a single soul technique, meaning that he wanted to save his soul power to switch soul pets. 

The more chaotic the situation, the higher the danger was. Chu Mu knew that once the Flame Bird entered the fight, the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier wouldn’t be able to hold on for a second. 

Promptly, Chu Mu chanted an incantation! 

A thick aura of darkness was released on Chu Mu’s body. The spectators who were overlooking the battlefield could distinctly feel a layer of shadow enveloping an area encompassing ten meters around Chu Mu! 

It was naturally the Night Thunder Dream Beast that had such a thick dark energy. Once Chu Mu finished the incantation, a white tailed sleek body emerged flowingly from the shadow. Immediately after, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s god-like horse body ran in the shadows and appeared with elegance and grace in front of Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast and stared with cold eyes at the Flame Bird in the sky. He said: “Kill it within five minutes!” 

“Hui~~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast was filled with fighting spirit. Its dream hooves took light steps as it stepped into the air and went after the tenth phase Flame Bird! 

The flames on the Flame Bird’s body weren’t as vigorous as before. It had clearly suffered large injuries in its fight with the Ice Air Fairy due to its attribute being countered. 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was an eighth phase ninth stage low class monarch, and was approximately two levels lower than the tenth phase Flame Bird in strength. 

The dark attribute caused the Night Thunder Dream Beast to be situated in a disadvantaged state. Fortunately, quite a bit of the Flame Bird’s physical strength and life force had been depleted by the Ice Air Fairy. As long as the Night Thunder Dream Beast could make up for the two level difference, relying on Chu Mu’s acute soul remembrance and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s restricting abilities, it was absolutely possible to kill this wounded Flame Bird. 

“Night Control!” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and immediately had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use its eighth rank darkness realm technique! 

The light on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horns began to fluctuate, and black ripples began to proliferate from its dream horns. They formed a curtain of night control that enveloped the area the Night Thunder Dream Beast was moving in! 

The Night Control realm would follow the Night Thunder Dream beat as it moved and overlap with the darkness. Only light type techniques which completely countered the darkness could undo this state. 

The Flame Bird was a fire type, and although its fire type attacks would deal 50 percent more damage to the dark type, it was incapable of breaking the strange dark type technique. 

“So it had the Night Control realm technique. This Night Thunder Dream Beast isn’t simple either. The moment the realm is used, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strength essentially reaches the ninth phase and the strength gap is closed by a level. We’ll have to see whether Chu Chen’s commandeering will allow him to defeat the Flame Bird while being at a level disadvantage.” said Shang Heng as he rubbed his chin. 

“Zhan Hong, didn’t you say that leader wouldn’t be able to last more than 25 minutes? It’s already been more than 25 minutes and from the looks of it, it probably won’t be an issue for the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier to last another 5 minutes.” Zhao Cheng intentionally provoked Zhan Hong, who had complaints about Chu Mu. 

Zhan Hong’s face looked unsightly. How would he know that Chu Mu’s Ghost King and Devil Tree battle Soldier had such abnormal abilities? 

The Ghost King had mid ninth phase defense, and moreover had the species technique Monarch Ghost Transformation. Such a soul pet was essentially a meat shield, and even a ninth phase middle stage monarch would be hard pressed to kill it. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier also had a vexatious abnormality. As long as it wasn’t attacked by creatures with overly powerful attacks, it wouldn’t die in a group fight. Thus, these low level Terror Wolves weren’t as dangerous to it as the Flame Bird! 

If it were five, ninth phase Terror Wolves surrounding the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, then its life would potentially be in danger. Fortunately, the Ghost King acted as a very qualified guardian, and didn’t allow the Devil Tree Battle Soldier at any point during this chaotic and danger maligned battle to enter a state of danger. Instead, the coordination between the two soul pets reduced the number of Terror Wolves and truly stunned everyone. 

“He still hasn’t summoned a fourth pet.” Shang Heng who rarely argued with others, at an untimely moment, added another point into the discussion. 

Zhan Hong’s face became even unsightlier and he coldly sneered: “The fourth wave is about to appear. If he continues to use these soul pets to fight, then he will be dead for sure!” 

“Haha, you’ve finally changed your view. The other person truly has strength eh.” laughed Zhao Cheng. 

Zhan Hong coldly harrumphed. Although he didn’t say it, Zhan Hong couldn’t help but admit that Chu Mu really had strength. 

“The Flame Bird has been restricted. This Chu Mu seems to be able to determine the strength of soul pets that are stronger than him. I can understand that the Ice Air Fairy counters and restricts the Flame Bird, but he’s still able to play with the Flame Bird in the palm of his hands with the inferior attributed Night Thunder Dream beast. Could it be that he has always fights those of a higher rank?” Ting Lan questioned. 

Ting Lan was able to pinpoint Chu Mu’s unique point. In this beast fighting honor challenge, Chu Mu’s fighting control ability completely manifested. 

This was a soul pet control and fighting control that would make several second grade experts feel inferior. 

Chu Mu was a fifth remembrance spirit master, and his powerful soul remembrance was able to see through all of the Flame Bird’s movements. Adding in the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s agile dodging abilities and darkness camouflage ability, the Flame Bird’s fire was never able to hit the Night Thunder Dream Beast...

“Dream Underworld!” 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast outlandishly appeared form within the darkness. Its two profoundly dark dream pupils flashed with a demonic brilliance. The dazzling and magnificent dream reald light continuously flashed in the Flame Bird’s eyes and confused its mind. 

The multiple demonic night dream attacks rendered the Flame Bird finally incapable of withstanding the mental attacks from the flashing of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mind and it sunk into a terrifying dark nightmare!

Once the Flame Bird was restricted by the Dream Underworld, Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and rapidly chanted an ice type technique incantation! 

Chong Mei - Star Falling Frost! 

Chu Mu’s body, having been enchanted by ice type spirit items, caused the might of ice type techniques to multiply. Although Chong Mei could only exhibit the might of about 50 percent of an eighth rank technique, as long as the technique reached the ninth rank, it would be able to deliver a fatal blow to the Flame Bird!

This time, Chu Mu didn’t leave any more soul power left over to swap another soul pet in. The eighth rank Star Falling Frost began to condense countless stary pieces of frost on Chu Mu’s fingertips. 

At the same time, the falling snow-like star frost descended and began to merge into, in an outlandish fashion, the Flame Bird’s body as it was in the air… 

The fire that burned on the Flame Bird’s body began to rapidly dim as Chu Mu’s technique caused countless star frost frozen toxins to appear in the Flame Bird’s body that was wounded by ice. It froze its bones, blood and innards!!

Finally, the flames on the Flame Bird’s body were completely extinguished and several icy scars surfaced on its body!

“Night, Destruction Ray!”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast raised its mouth and a dark destructive light appeared in its mouth. It accurately blasted towards the Flame Bird!!


An enormous boom rang out. The Flame Bird’s intestines had been frozen and after being struck by the Destruction Ray’s energy, the Flame Bird blew up into pieces. Icy frost and fire stars began to fall out of the sky. It was both gorgeous yet tragic!

As the pieces of the Flame Bird’s body fell like snow, the entire arena roared like thunder. Waves of shouts and cheers rang out, each one louder than the previous one. 

In this 30 minute battle, the audience had witnessed a young man with the controlling ability of an expert soul pet trainer. The entire battle brought them much shock and astonishment! 

At the very beginning of the fight, the audience had felt fear for Chu Mu, being at such a largely disadvantaged fight. Now, however, they saw Chu Mu as a true beast fighting hero with the qualities of experts! How could they not clap for this young but outstanding soul pet trainer?!! 

The thunderous noise rang on. Chu Mu swept his eyes over the crowd, and saw the faces of several tens of thousands of people become slightly shocked. 

Nonetheless, very soon, Chu Mu came back to his senses, because he knew that the most difficult challenge was just beginning! 

Right now, he could already hear a wave of heavy roars that would make one’s heart palpitate!! 

This noise pierced through the furor of cheers from tens of thousands of people and penetrated through Chu Mu’s ears into his heart. It couldn’t help but cause Chu Mu’s heart to violently jump!

This was the final beast fighting wave roar!!! 

No matter how calm and collected Chu Mu was in the previous fight, he could predict that creature in the last beast fighting round would be an absolute danger!!!! 

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