Chapter 428: Experienced with Group Battles

Chapter 428: Experienced with Group Battles

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Poison Sprouts!”

Seeing the Terror Wolves charge, Chu Mu gave the Devil Tree Battle Soldier an order.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots covered 100 meters of area. Its roots weren’t fully buried in the ground; instead, they stayed on the surface, as tiny watergrass-like azure colored natural wooden sprouts appeared.

These azure colored natural wooden sprouts seemed to be somehow interconnected as the poison attribute emerged amongst them. The poison spilled all over the ground, and the 100 meter area covered by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was filled with poison. 

The poison sprouts were like mysterious weeds, and the irascible Terror Wolves simply ignored them. Quickly, they stepped into the poison sprout area set by Chu Mu.

Poison was extremely effective at attaching itself so when the Terror Wolves flew in, the poison rapidly entered their four limbs and began spreading around their bodies.

The poison wasn’t painful or itchy, but the longer they stayed in the poison sprout area, the faster their life forces would drop!

The Terror Wolves ignored these unremarkable poison sprouts, and the quickest ninth phase Terror Wolf made its way in front of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Its bloodthirsty wolf claws ripped through the air, causing sparks to fly, when a buzzing noise suddenly rang out!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was retreating, and if it took several direct attacks from the ninth phase Terror Wolves, it would definitely be killed. Thus, the Ghost King’s defense was needed now to defend the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Chu Mu didn’t give it an order, but the Ghost King naturally knew to stand in front of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and use its body to block the Terror Wolf attacks!

“Si la!!!!!!!!!” Of ten Terror Wolves, nine of them landed attacks on the Ghost King’s body which defense had reached the ninth phase middle stage. These Terror Wolves very intelligently attacked the same location on the Ghost King, causing their first wave of attacks to successfully wound the Ghost King.

Chu Mu realized that this number of Terror Wolves were able to break through the Ghost King’s defense and, without hesitation, had the Ghost King use its strongest species technique!


Monarch Ghost Transformation! 

In the previous fight, the Ghost King didn’t use this technique in order to use it in this crucial moment now. 

To increase its defense, Chu Mu decisively chose to double its increase!

The Ghost King’s defense instantly increased by two grades. When the dozen low phase Terror Wolves launched their fierce attacks, a light scratch merely appeared on the Ghost King’s body.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Woodfinger Prison!” 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier hid behind the Ghost King’s rock type protective technique, and used its two palms to heavily smash the ground!!

Ten wood fingers rapidly locked onto one ninth phase low stage Terror Wolves, stretching until they firmly reined it into the ground!

“Root Pierce!”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier launched a second simultaneous technique. As the ninth phase Terror Wolf was restricted, its roots fiercely pierced out of the ground and stabbed into its body!

"Life Force Absorb!!” 

The veins in the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots began to absorb. Despite being at the eighth phase ninth stage, its life force was much higher than the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf. One second of absorbing and the Terror Wolf lost over ten percent of its life force. 

If the entirety of this ninth phase Terror Wolf’s life force was absorbed, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force would fully recover. 

However, these Terror Wolves didn’t fight alone. After the Devil Tree Battle Soldier absorbed ten percent, the Woodfinger Prisons were rapidly shredded apart by the Terror Wolf’s comrades. The ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf was successfully able to escape from the terrifying absorbing and it angrily roared at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. 

“Attack those eighth phase high stage Terror Wolves.”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s single-target attacks were rather weak; however, in group battles, it was extremely strong. If it was difficult for even a ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf to attack the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, then ninety eighth phase Terror Wolves would essentially become nutrients for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength was higher than the eighth phase high stage Terror Wolves by an entire three levels. A group attack technique would be capable of knocking down a group of them and three straight attacks could kill a group. Each Terror Wolf it killed would become life force it absorbed, so even if it suffered from the fierce attacks of the ninth phase Terror Wolves, it would still be able to persevere. 

With the Ghost King’s defensive technique and life force as a cost, the Ghost King killed numerous eighth phase Terror Wolves, and the Devil Tree’s life force quickly recovered to seventy percent. 

When the twenty third minute came, under the Ghost King’s defense, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier finally recovered to its full life force. At this moment, the poison laid down was already in effect. 

The Poison Sprout technique corroded life force and as time lapsed, would ceaselessly devour a creature’s life force. In these three minutes, practically all the Terror Wolves had been poisoned, causing their life forces to drop.

Originally, pretty much no one believed that Chu Mu would be able to last past 22 minutes, because one wave of attacks would spell the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s death. Further, while the Ghost King’s defense was high, it could not face over a hundred Terror Wolves on its own. Even if their attacks rarely broke the Ghost King’s defense, continuous attacks would eventually be able to rip it to pieces.

However, when the 23rd minute came, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still standing tall behind the Ghost King’s rock mountain defense. The more it fought, the braver it was! 

The Ghost King suffered from a series of attacks, and its body had clearly suffered injuries. However, its defense would enable it to unquestionably last for another period of time. 

“I nearly forgot that leader’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier has an abnormal life force absorption technique. Moreover, the absorption rate is several times faster than blood absorption. When he fought Shen Yicheng’s Devil Vine, it was nearly killed by this invincible Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Each time the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was injured, it would absorb the life force of the weaker soul pets attacking it and quickly recover its life force.” Zhao Cheng tapped his head and came to a sudden flash of understanding. 

“The Ghost King has absolute defense. Even in front of a tenth phase commander, it will be able to last for a very long time.

This wave of Terror Wolves has fierce attacks, but they need a period of time before they would be able to kill this Ghost King with abnormal defense. If things don’t go awry, Chu Chen should be able to last until 25 minutes. That being said, I finally understand why Palace Lord Yu had him be our leader.” slowly said Shang Heng.

“Why?” Zhao Cheng was growing more and more curious to this leader of his. 

“You can also see it. One Ice Air Fairy has been able to continuously restrict the Flame Bird. Even with an attribute counter, the strength discrepancy is one grade, and under a normal soul pet trainer’s control, would be defeated in under five minutes. Yet, Chu Chen is able to stall it for over ten minutes, while also making sure its attention is solely focused on the Ice Air Fairy, thus precluding it from affecting the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King’s fight. You also know that the fighting beasts won’t attack one another. Being able to pin it down like this can only mean that his control over the Ice Air Fairy and the battle itself is at a very proficient level. This ability can only be cultivated through constantly fighting and constantly challenging stronger beings.” said Shang Heng.

Zhao Cheng himself was a second grade expert from Soul Palace, and he naturally understood this very well. However, after Shang Heng emphasized it, he was still shocked in his heart. Indeed, if he were to use an eighth phase ninth stage soul pet to fight a tenth phase flame bird, he knew that he would be unable to completely pin it down, nor pin it down for so long.

“Look at the Terror Wolf pack again. Chu Chen is walking around between the two soul pets, but haven’t you discovered that the Terror Wolves aren’t attacking him?” said Shang Heng.

Shang Heng’s words shocked Zhao Cheng, Ting Lan, Zhan Hong and Soul Palace’s other young experts around him.

Everyone was completely focused on the soul pet fight, and had unconsciously forgotten about the existence of the soul pet trainer, Chu Mu!

The scary thing about beast fighting wasn’t merely that one had to face wild and savage creatures. Instead, situations where the soul pet trainer was killed would easily appear. Practically every beast fighter required much beast fighting experience, otherwise he or she would be easily ripped to pieces by the fighting beasts. 

However, when spectating this beast fighting honor challenge, people had unconsciously forgotten Chu Mu. Practically no one had considered if this young soul pet trainer would be attacked by the Terror Wolves.

“What… what happened with this? Why didn’t I notice this before?” beside him, Ting Lan opened her small mouth and spoke with an expression of astonishment.

Ting Lan remembered that back when Chu Mu had been in Housha Region and fought against the Wild Desert Scorpion legion, Chu Mu seemed to be inexistent in the battle. If Shang Heng hadn’t pointed it out, she wouldn’t have realized this.

“This is the mannerism of someone who has spent a long time training in the wild. He’s able to completely hide his aura, and resembles a life form without any aura in this large group of savage creatures. The Terror Wolves can’t sense any danger from him, so they naturally will be attracted by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King. Thus, it’s very unlikely he is attacked. Even if he’s locked down by Terror Wolves, he always knows how to cleverly dodge them. This ability is basically something every soul pet trainer that trains in the wild yearns for. Chu Chen being able to do this means that he’s spent a long time training in the wild. It further exemplifies that he’s frequently faced soul pet pack attacks like those of these Terror Wolves…” analyzed Shang Heng.

If Shang Heng didn’t say anything, everyone would have only noticed something strange on the battlefield, but after his analysis, everyone’s faces showed expressions of shock.

When normal people encountered Terror Wolf pack attacks like this, they would be engulfed with fear for a long period of time. Moreover, this twenty year old young man unexpectedly often faced group species attacks like this!!

This meant that the third wave that could be called an abnormal honor challenge round by others, was something this young man was extremely familiar with!!

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