Chapter 427: Third Beast Fighting Wave, Terror Wolf Pack

Chapter 427: Third Beast Fighting Wave, Terror Wolf Pack

Two minutes passed very quickly. Chu Mu had the Ice Air Fairy begin inhibiting the Flame Bird, while the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier coordinated to kill the remaining two ninth phase Shackled Signal Ox Beasts!

The Ice Air Fairy’s attribute countered the fire type Flame Bird. Therefore, even if the Flame Bird was nearly two levels higher than the Ice Air Fairy, the supplementation of the attribute caused the gap to significantly decrease. In these two minuted, the Ice Air Fairy didn’t suffer any serious attacks. 

However, of Chu Mu’s three soul pets, only the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type technique and the Ghost King’s rock type techniques were able to cause damage. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier barely was of much effect in this fight.

Relying on its nimble flying ability, the Flame Bird opened its pair of flaming wings, and didn’t stop circling above Chu Mu. The raging flames had already manifested into a flaming sea that burned the incomparably vast battlefield with a scorching heat.

The Ice Air Fairy was floating in the air, and continuously released ice type techniques at the Flame Bird.

The Ghost King stood on the ground. Its rock type attacks also were limited in the air and it was very hard for it to really deal any damage to the Flame Bird.

As for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, it could only stand next to Chu Mu and symbolically use a few wood spike techniques that weren’t of much limiting effect. 

In this manner, five minutes passed very quickly. Regardless if it was the Ghost King or the Ice Air Fairy, neither could actually deal damage to the Flame Bird. Instead, Chu Mu was faced by torrential blood flames, causing the blood of his soul pets to evaporate. 

The Ice Air Fairy had a certain amount of defense against fire type attacks and the blood flames were incapable of affecting it for the time being.

However, the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldiers’ life forces were continuously dropping due to the scorching flames. The Ghost King’s fell by around 80% while the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fell by 60% with its bloody natural wood armor showing clear burn marks.

“If he doesn’t summon his fourth pet or switch pets, he won’t even be able to last 20 minutes.” seeing Chu Mu’s hands bound in this second beast fighting wave, Zhan Hong cracked a smile.

Presently, many people were paying attention to whether Chu Mu would summon his fourth pet.

The Ghost King was a low class monarch and only a spirit master rank could control it. Therefore, everyone was certain that Chu Mu possessed the ability to summon a fourth pet.

However, Chu Mu had yet to summon a fourth pet in this fight. Thus, everyone felt confused, and were silently guessing why this competitor who was challenging a grade above his own would preserve his strength now. 

“There’s only three minutes before the third wave appears. When that time comes, leader’s three soul pets will not be able to resist. That being said, why doesn’t he summon that Zhan Ye which life force is extremely powerful.” Zhao Cheng was also beginning to worry for Chu Mu.

Sitting one rank higher than Zhao Cheng, Ting Lan’s beautiful eyes were also closely watching Chu Mu. She was very scared for his situation right now, because the moment the third wave appeared, even if Chu Mu summoned the Binding Wind Spirit, it would still be extremely difficult to deal with it.

“Why doesn’t he still summon the Binding Wind Spirit? Even if he’s conserving strength, he should still substitute the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King.” with only two minutes left, Ting Lan began to silently fret. 

The present state of the battlefield was very clear. The Flame Bird was suffering from the Ice Air Fairy and Ghost King’s attacks. Its life force had dropped by 70% at most and there was still a long period of time required before it could be killed.

However, the third wave was about to be released and when that time came, the situation would be even more chaotic. Chu Mu, as it currently stood, would not be able to last twenty five minutes. 

It wasn’t only Ting Lan. The tens of thousands of people present were all anxious for Chu Mu. This third grade member truly had no sense of anxiety. Even now, so late, he was still having the Ice Air Fairy fight the Flame Bird. The other two soul pets were hiding far away as if they were scared of the Flame Bird’s techniques affect them. Wasn’t this equivalent to stalling for time? 

The most important element of the beast fighting competition was time. If time wasn’t grasped well, one would quickly be eliminated!

“Chu Mu is conserving his strength, right? It seems like when the third wave appears, he’ll choose to give up.” said Ye Wansheng.

“There are probably two choices. If the third wave appears and the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier can’t last, then he will choose to give up. If they’re able to withstand it, he’ll choose to persist.” said Ye Qingzi. 


Finally, the 20th minute passed. The Flame Bird burning all over in high rank blood flames was circling in the air, angrily contending with the Ice Air Fairy. 

The Ice Air Fairy had distinct wounds on its body. Rather than Chu Mu having the Ice Air Fairy whittle down the Flame Bird’s life force, it was more apt to describe it as the Flame Bird slowly killing the Ice Air Fairy which countered its attribute. 

“Ning, push through!” Chu Mu heard the roars of the third wave of beasts. His heart sunk and he spoke to the Ice Air Fairy. 

Chu Mu intentionally had the Ice Air Fairy fly even higher, in hopes that it would be able to hold down the Flame Bird on its own. 

The third beast wave was about to appear. If the Ice Air Fairy wasn’t able to keep the Flame Bird’s full attention on itself, then Chu Mu would ultimately lose, narrowly missing out on honor. 

Fortunately, due to the recent strengthening of countless spirit items, the Ice Air Fairy’s explosive strength was extremely powerful. With its eighth phase ninth phase strength, it was able to firmly lock down the tenth phase Flame Bird; it didn’t allow the flames to extend to the battlefield below.

“Long long long long!!!!!!”

“Long long long long!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the air of the magnificent Beast Fighting Arena began to shake!

The earth violently trembled, the enormous constructs swayed and the seats began to vibrate. The soul pet trainers who had never entered the Beast Fighting Arena before were so scared their faces turned pale!!

The ground inside the Beast Fighting Arena was extremely vast. Chu Mu swept his eyes across and could see that a huge amount of dust had been swept up on all ends of the arena. It was as if a sandstorm was blowing in from the distance!

Dust flew everywhere, covering everyone’s line of sight. People could only detect a huge pack of creatures wildly charging around this turbid Beast Fighting Arena. This charging force made it seem as if the Beast Fighting Arena was about to collapse!!! 

“Ao wu!!!!!!! Ao wu!!!!!!!!”

“Ao wu!!!!!!!!!!!”

Imposing howls filled with fearsome penetrativeness were able to pierce through hearts, causing them to violently beat!

The arena was filled with the smell of wild beasts. Even though it was an arena filled with tens of thousands of people, it was still terrifying!

“Terror Wolf pack! It’s Ancient Wasteland’s Terror Wolf pack!!!”

When all the dust had finally subsided, there were many people in shock!!

Terror Wolves. With a savage and bloodthirsty name, they were high class commander rank soul pets!

Sweeping his eyes across, the entire battlefield was now filled with these terror inducing creatures. There were over a hundred of them!!

The hundreds of thousands of people present couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air after they saw this pack of creatures with ferocious teeth and sharp claws.

Such a large number. Further, after sweeping their eyes across, they couldn’t see a Terror Wolf lower than the eighth phase high stage!

This was merely the first realm’s honor challenge yet the difficulty could simply be described as merciless. 

More importantly, there was still an extremely strong Flame Bird above Chu Mu. The moment the Ice Air Fairy suffered a serious wound, the entire beast fighting stage would become scarier. If he didn’t surrender in time, it would most certainly be near death situation!

“This is actually too scary. How could the Battle of the Realms competition authorities think of such an impossible challenge for competitors? Further, this is still the third beast fighting wave!!’ Chu Xing and Chu Ning were already so shocked they couldn’t stop their jaws from dropping. 

The two of them would naturally only be able to deal with one ninth phase Terror Wolf with their strength. However, as far as they looked, there were twenty ninth phase Terror Wolves on this battlefield. Of them, ten of them had strength that wasn’t inferior to the ninth phase Protruding Bone Beast! 

If Chu Mu was able to kill the ninth phase Protruding Bone Beast in a minute, Chu Mu would only need ten minutes to kill ten ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolves, let alone the eighty eighth phase high stage Terror Wolves and ten ninth phase low stage Terror Wolves!

“That being said, why did I feel like when this brat saw the large pack of Terror Wolves, he let out a sigh of relief. He always has an expression that he shouldn’t have… did I see it incorrectly?” Chu Ning rubbed his eyes as he spoke.

“You probably didn’t see it incorrectly. I also felt that.” Ye Wansheng sat next to the two of them. He really did feel that Chu Mu had showed a strange expression.

“He is probably planning on continuing to fight. The appearance of the Terror Wolf pack has made his Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King effective to a certain extent.” said Ye Qingzi, softly. 


Ye Qingzi’s analysis, as well as the analysis before, wasn’t wrong. Chu Mu really did have two choices, and with the appearance of the Terror Wolf Pack’, he chose to continue fighting.

Only forty percent of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force remain after being burned by the Flame Bird. However, it was a group fight. Why would the Devil Tree Battle Soldier care how many enemies there were. As long as its attacks could break the defense of these soul pets, it still had physical strength and there was no powerful creature that could instantly heavily wound it, it would be able to continuously fight in a group fight!!

Chu Mu’s present goal was very clear cut. He needed to stall for time!

The longer time was extended, the higher his ranking would be, and the more ample his reward would be!


Soul pet packs were extremely terrifying; regardless if it was a soul pet or soul pet trainer, one slight slip and one would end up without even a corpse. Many people were predicting that Chu Mu would be unable to last until 25 minutes because one wave of attacks from the Terror Wolf pack would spell the deaths of Chu Mu and all his soul pets.

However, Chu Mu didn’t believe this was the case. As long as nothing happened to the Ice Air Fairy, he would be able to last 30 minutes, even if that meant he had to annihilate this enormous amount of Terror Wolves. 

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