Chapter 426: Peak Commander, Tenth Phase Flame Bird

Chapter 426: Peak Commander, Tenth Phase Flame Bird

“It’s extremely rare for a third grade competitor to appear on this battlefield. Soul Palace indeed has hidden numerous experts. With such soul pet controlling ability, obtaining the first realm’s honor probably isn’t an issue.” Nightmare Palace’s Lu Shanli looked at Chu Mu and faintly felt that this fellow gave off a familiar feeling. 

(TL: So if anyone is still confused about the grading system, as far as I gather, it’s divided by age. Therefore, Chu Mu belongs by default in the third grade because of his younger age. However, this doesn’t stop him from competing for a higher grade’s honor and indeed, in his case, he happens to be surpassing his current grade to compete for the second grade’s honor.) 

Lu Shanli had been waiting the entire time as he spectated the first realm’s first honor challenge for Soul Palace’s Chu Chen to summon the Night Thunder Dream Beast. This was because as long as he summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast, Lu Shanli could ascertain that this fellow was the person who had disrupted him in the Ancient Wasteland.

Princess Jin Rou silently sat in her seat. She already knew that the man on the battlefield below was Prison Island’s King, Chu Mu, who had served as her personal bodyguard.

Truthfully, Princess Jin Rou was astonished by Chu Mu, because she never expected him to be able to walk onto this battlefield today relying on his own strength. Moreover, he had become the first person to challenge for the honor in Tianxia City. 

Princess Jin Rou remembered back then, when this man’s life was the control of Xia Guanghan’s hands. As a slave and a lowly existence, his strength had been exceptionally weak. 

Yet, now, he stood in the midst of experts and received the attention of countless experts on this supreme Beast Fighting Arena. He showed that he was a third grade competitor yet had the shocking strength to challenge for second grade honor. After this fight, no matter what ranking he obtained on the Tianxia Ranking, this grade challenge would be able to spread his name far and wide! 


“There’s only one minute left. The tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beast hasn’t died. Moreover, there are still two ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts. If he doesn’t kill them in time, leader will enter an even more difficult situation.” said Soul Palace’s Blue World expert, Zhao Cheng.

Having entrapped Shen Yicheng with Chu Mu, Zhao Cheng held considerable admiration for Chu Mu’s effort. Although Chu Mu was a few years younger than him and his soul pet strength was slightly inferior to his own, Zhao Cheng continued to address Chu Mu as ‘leader’. It could be said that he was paying respect to this young man’s surpassing grade challenge. 

“He definitely won’t be able to persist past the third wave!” Zhan Hong who had previously clashed with Chu Mu gave a cold laugh. He had never harbored good will towards Chu Mu.

Shang Heng sat in his seat and swept his gave over Zhan Hong. A smile rose on his face as he said: “Isn’t your first realm also beast fighting? Let’s look at the rankings between the two of you and we’ll know who’s weak and who’s strong.” 

“Comparing to him? He’s merely a third grade member attempting to show off. It was already very difficult for him to enter the second grade’s honor challenge. Could it be that you haven’t seen that he doesn’t even have a ninth phase middle class monarch? With such a soul pet formation, if it wasn’t because his controlling ability is outstanding, it would simply be impossible for him to enter the first 100 ranks of our second grade. It won’t even be a problem for me to enter the top 50, so do you think my ranking will be lower than his?” Zhan Hong immediately laughed. 

The Nightmare Palace young generation seats and Soul Palace young generation seats were extremely close. Moreover, Zhan Hong didn’t bother hiding his contempt for Chu Mu. 

The noises were quickly caught by Princess Jin Rou and Lu Shanli’s ears. Lu Shanli faintly smiled and spoke to the veiled Princess Jin Rou: “This Zhan Hong seems to be the underling of Soul Palace’s eighth young master?” 

“Yes, he is Fang Ze’s underling.” Princess Jin Rou nodded her head.

“I have yet to see Fang Ze appear. Although this Chu Chen’s strength can barely allow him to enter the rankings of the second grade’s top 100, this is ultimately just the first honor challenge. There’s no reason to think of oneself so highly that one even lacks the interest to watch, right?” Lu Shanli swept his gaze over and couldn’t find the bronze skinned imposing man. 

“I haven’t heard news of him for a while. Perhaps he’s focusing on cultivation or perhaps intentionally concealing his identity. However, when in the later rounds, he’ll definitely appear.” said Princess Jin Rou.

In the opinion of Princess Jin Rou and Lu Shanli, Soul Palace’s true second grade expert was definitely not this young man who was on the battlefield right now surpassing grades in his challenge. Instead, it was the eighth young master who appeared and disappeared mysteriously - Fang Ze! 

“This Chu Chen who is surpassing grades to challenge like you has impressive strength. In a few years, he will definitely be a figure in Soul Palace. However, compared to Sister Jin Rou, he’s still a bit lacking… I still have a few small matters and won’t watch anymore. If Princess Jin Rou discovers that he possesses a Night Thunder Dream Beast, let me know.” Lu Shanli slowly stood up. It seemed like he wasn’t planning on continuing his spectating. 

Princess Jin Rou’s eyes flashed with a curious expression. As she watched Lu Lishan turn around and leave, she asked: “Why should I take note if he has a Night Thunder Dream Beast of not?” 

“A small celebration. For the moment, I can’t be sure it’s him. That’s it.” Lu Shanli faintly laughed and after speaking, he left the Beast Fighting Arena. 

Princess Jin Rou didn’t understand the meaning of ‘a small celebration’. She merely watched Lu Shanli’s figure as he left and spoke to herself: “Lu Shanli isn’t as simple as he seems. This small festival was able to make him brood so easily… Chu Mu, you can only pray that in the future realm breakthroughs you don’t encounter Lu Shanli.” 


In the last one minute, Chu Mu relied on the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type destructive force, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s control to finally kill the tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beast.

However, by the time the main referee gave the reminder that they were summoning the second wave of soul pets, there were still two ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts left on the battlefield. 

The atmosphere of the entire arena turned rather tense. If Chu Mu didn’t defeat the remaining two ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts, this meant that in the second release, Chu Mu wouldn’t only have to face even harder fighting beasts, he would also have to deal with the interference of the two ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts. Thus, the situation of the fight would be even more challenging! 

Suddenly, a pillar of magnificent flames shot up into the sky of the center of the Beast Fighting Arena!!

The flames shot up above the hundred meter Beast Fighting Arena dome one time. Suddenly, a deep red flame erupted and a beautiful color illuminated the excited faces of the several tens of thousands of people! 

Tenth phase Flame Bird!!!

This second summoning released a tenth phase Flame Bird!

The Flame Bird’s species rank was a low class commander.

However, from the majesty of the Flame Bird’s torrential flames, it was possible to see that it had been strengthened by spirit items and its fighting strength rank had reached that of a peak commander!!

Tenth phase full evolution with fighting strength that reached the peak commander rank. Adding on its aerial abilities and powerful control over fire, even if no other soul pets appeared, merely this Flame Bird alone wouldn’t be inferior to the seven Shackled Devil Ox Beasts in the first release!


The sharp cry seemed to sweep up the scorching flames. The Flame Bird flew nearly 100 meters high, making everyone raise their heads up just to look at this enormous bird of fire. If it wasn’t because the Beast Fighting Arena had spent an enormous sum just to erect a fighting barrier in front of all the spectators, how could these several tens of thousands of people watching the savage bird calmly sit there and spectate. One had to know that if the torrential heat waves hit their bodies, it would easily burn them to a crisp!

“Tenth phase peak commander. The difficulty has greatly increased. I remember that in the past years’ beast fighting honor challenge rounds, one only needed to last for approximately 25 minutes to be able to obtain the honor reward of being in the top 50. Of Chu Chen’s soul pets, the Ghost King’s defense is so abnormal that it can contest with a tenth phase commander, while the other soul pets will be heavily wounded with one careless error. Ten minutes have passed now, and getting rid of this Flame Bird is already something difficult. Do you feel that he’ll be able to last until the 25 minute mark?” Zhan Hong said in contempt. 

Using his own strength as a judge, he could at most last for 25 minutes. Therefore, in his opinion, Chu Chen could at most last until the 20 minute mark. 

Chu Mu was presently at the 10 minute mark. At this point, the battlefield became two ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts and one peak commander rank Flame Bird. The peak commander rank Flame Bird’s strength was equivalent to a ninth phase third stage middle class monarch. Its strength was higher by nearly two levels than Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, three levels than the Ghost King and nearly three than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

With such a difference in strength, the chances of being able to defeat them in 10 minutes was rather low. Moreover, if Chu Mu was even the slightest bit careless, his life could potentially be in danger!


The flame wave surged forth, illuminating Chu Mu’s face in a red radiance. He raised his head, and all he could see was a ball of scorching fire that resembled a burning sun that hung high above as it released a dazzling brilliance.

The Flame Bird’s enormous figure of fire shrouded Chu Mu and the blood red flames danced about chaotically. 

The Flame Bird also controlled high ranking blood flames, but the color of the blood flames were even more bright than Mo Xie’s and they also carried a slight blue color. To a certain degree, the flames were nearing the fourth ranking flame crystallization - hidden flames.

If this Flame Bird controlled hidden flames, then its fighting strength rank would greatly increase and would reach a level that Chu Mu could not defeat.

Having to face this fire and wing type combination soul pet, Chu Mu faintly creased his frows. He didn’t have any wing type soul pets himself, and wing type soul pets were innately adept at prolonging the fight. Unless he summoned the Binding Wind Spirit, it was impossible to defeat this Flame Bird in the next ten minutes.

If he didn’t summon the Binding Wind Spirit, when the twenty minute mark came, not only would he have to face the Flame Bird, but also the released third soul pet wave. If that point came, then the difficulty of the fight would reach a dangerous level. 

“Defeat those two ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts in the next two minutes.” Chu Mu knew he couldn’t ponder any longer and immediately gave his soul pets an order.

The two ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts were now an inconvenience to Chu Mu right now. He couldn’t allow these two creatures to delay him for too long, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to focus on dealing with the peak commander rank Flame Bird. 

Of the Ghost King, Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ice Air Fairy, the Ice Air Fairy’s destructive force was the most powerful and the Ghost King’s was next. The Devil Tree battle Soldier’s group destructive ability could not be used, so it was only of limited effectiveness. Chu Mu was thus considering whether to switch in the Night Thunder Dream Beast to fight while getting rid of the two Shackled Devil Ox Beasts. 

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