Chapter 425: Beast Fighting Challenge Progressively Increasing in Difficulty

Chapter 425: Beast Fighting Challenge Progressively Increasing in Difficulty

When the referee announced the round challenge, several tens of thousands of people in the Beast Fighting Arena roared once more.

The beast slaughtering method of beast fighting was the most bloody and exciting method, since if the beast wasn’t killed within a certain period of time, the second would be released, and the number of beasts on the field would increase! 

Just imagine, if the number of beasts continuously increased, the blood that spilled from the slaughter would dye everything in a gorgeous red hue. A limited amount of time would also arouse the excitement of everyone. When the soul pet trainer, blood soaked from battle, was the last one standing on the Soul Pet Arena, all of the focus and honor could cause the soul of a soul pet trainer who was truly fanatical for fighting rise without limit!! 

It didn’t matter what the occasion was, Chu Mu would always maintain his calm and coolness. However, this was a completely new challenge, and when he felt the craze and passion from the surroundings for beast fighting that engulfed him, his blood couldn’t help but boil. He looked ahead, and waited for the competition authorities to release the beasts. Then he would make the ground run red with blood! 

“Mou!!!! Cui!!!!!!”

The roar from an enormous ox ran out from underground, causing the ground underneath Chu Mu’s feet to slightly tremble. The trembling spread to his body, and if one’s resolve wasn’t firm enough, he or she would be overcome with fear. 

Chu Mu remembered the sound of this soul pet. When he had fought in the morning, this wild beast was already restless. It presumably was a soul pet prepared for second grade competitors who were trying to break through the realm. 

This soul pet now appeared in front of Chu Mu on the beast fighting stage and he knew that its strength wasn’t inferior to the Protruding Bone Beast!

“Bi!!! Tao!!!!!!!!!!”

“Bi!!!!!!! Long Long Jing!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, an astonishing dirt wave surged through the Beast Fighting Arena. The yellow layer of rock flew into the air and covered the Beast Fighting Arena with a rumbling sound. 

Behind Chu Mu, two dirt waves that were over fifty meters high surged towards Chu Mu from behind. These two waves would be able to easily cover Chu Mu’s tiny body in this tide of dreck.  

As for the enormous dirt wave that reached a hundred meters in height that was surging towards Chu Mu from the front, it was higher than the dome of the ultra Beast Fighting Arena that held several hundreds of thousands of people. It was like a hazy yellow net - absolutely shocking! 

In the middle of the dirt waves, several enormous soul pet figures that resembled wild oxen suddenly appeared! 

When the rocks and dirt that were thrown high into the air came crashing down, they smashed into their rock-hard skin, creating a sonorous noise. 

They had large battle axe-like horns, scarlet vicious pupils, upright bodies that resembled enormous apes, pieces of rocky flesh that covered their long arms and gold rock chains that extended from their arms and wrapped around their fierce fists. One could imagine the outcome of being smashed by these fists.

Tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts!!!!

In front of these ruthless ten feet high soul pets, Chu Mu was rather small. 

One could feel the stench and malevolent aura that was capable of terrifying the hearts of people and removing their will to fight as these soul pets bore down on him or her. 

This first release wasn’t as easy as the initial realm breakthrough, because on the other three sides of Chu Mu, there were respectively two more ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts!

There were a total of six ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts that were baring their fangs at Chu Mu as they charged him. Their saliva from insatiable hunger unceasingly drooled onto the ground, corroding it.  

One tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts and six ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts. This was the equivalent of fighting two tenth phase commander rank soul pets! 

The appearance of these seven wild beasts rendered a brief spell of silence that swept through the arena of several tens of thousands of people. However, when everyone realized that this young soul pet trainer was about to fight with these seven terrifying wild beasts and these honored brave warriors would spill the blood of these ugly creatures on throughout the Beast Fighting Arena, the several tens of thousands of people once more roared in excitement!  

There was nothing more that got one’s blood racing than a breathtaking fight full of challenges! 

“Ghost King!!” chanting an incantation, Chu Mu summoned a soul pet that was about to fight and slaughter. 

Darkness, rock and ghost. The Ghost King’s wanton and uninhibited true monarch aura released in all directions when it appeared. The six ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts unconsciously couldn’t help but retreat a few steps!!

The Shackled Devil Ox Beasts were beast type soul pets with a secondary rock type attribute. Compared to the Ghost King’s true rock type dominance, it was essentially the difference between crushed rock and treasured rock! 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!” Chu Mu’s summoning didn’t stop. With so many opponents, Chu Mu couldn’t win this fight in only a single control scenario.

The high rank blood natural wood quickly wove together in front of Chu Mu to form a wooden armor. Immediately after, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body gradually appeared. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots imperceptibly buried underground at a rapid pace allowing it to instantly control a hundred meter radius of land!

“Ning!” after finishing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier summoning, Chu Mu continued to chant an incantation, summoning the Ice Air Fairy with powerful destructive ability in front of him.

Triple control, but Chu Mu didn’t plan on summoning the Binding Wind Spirit.

Chu Mu had to conserve a bit of strength. If he were to expose all of his strength in the first realm, then in the later realms, when breaking through, he would be suppressed by others. Thus, in this fight, no matter how difficult it was, Chu Mu wouldn’t be able to have his ninth phase soul pets participate. 

“Ghost King, pin down the tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beast. Ning, Devil Tree, get rid of all of the ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts as fast as possible!” Chu Mu gave his orders.

“La!!!!!!!” the Ghost King brandished its curved sword and using its rock type controlling ability, it promptly raised up a layer of rock that rapidly surged forward.

The Ghost King arrogantly stood in the wave of rock that engulfed him and rapidly charged towards the tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beast. Its curved sword attached with dark crystal rock hacked towards the ground!!

“Long long Long!!!!!!!”

A wave of trembling occurred underneath the feet of the tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beast , causing the ground to be continuously pressed down. 

In the next moment, a number of rocks abruptly rose up from the cracks in the surface of the ground!!

Each rock mountain reached a height of nearly thirty meters, making the scene resemble a rock forest, and locking the enormous Shackled Devil Ox Beast in place!

These rock mountains were like a prison formed by the ground and no matter which way the Shackled Devil Ox Beast turned its body, it would knock into these rocks

However, the Shackled Devil Ox Beast didn’t panic at all due to the rock forest inhibiting its movements. Instead, its pair of scarlet red eyes suddenly focused onto the Ghost King! 

Finally, this wild beast moved! 

The Shackled Devil Ox Beast’s body of rock-like flesh seemed like it was about to explode as its enormous fist fiercely pounded the ground!!!

“Hong long long!!!!!!!”

A loud sound rang out and a powerful energy wave rippled out fifty meters in all directions. Not only was the entire rock forest smashed to pieces, but the fifty meter area of ground caved in on itself!! 

In the face of the energy wave, the Ghost King immediately jumped fifty meters high, dodging the Shackled Devil Ox Beast’s attack.

In a direct confrontation, the Ghost King was aware that it wasn’t the opponent of the immensely strong Shackled Devil Ox Beast. When it reached the top of its jump, it swept its curved sword down!

A bamboo mountain shot out from the ground and instantly reached a height of fifty meters and happened to cushion right underneath the Ghost King’s feet as it descended.

The Ghost King stood at the peak of this fifty meter bamboo, allowing it to essentially stand at in the same line of the sight as the several tens of thousands of people at this height. These people could clearly see the Ghost King’s arrogant disposition as it rested at the top of the bamboo mountain peak as well as its condescending attitude to lower life forms that came from its innate hegemonic attitude! 

The Shackled Devil Ox Beast needed to look up in order to see the Ghost King. To this tenth phase savage beast, anything that made it look up was an enemy that angered it!

The Shackled Devil Ox Beast took heavy steps forward. With each step, cracks appeared that extended towards the lofty bamboo mountain and destroyed its roots!


The bamboo mountain was incomparably fragile and was easily toppled in one move.

The Ghost King situated at the top allowed the bamboo to fall. Its body larger than two meters stayed in a half squat at the top of the bamboo peak. 

Suddenly, just as the bamboo mountain fell, the Ghost King made its move!

Falling Meteor!

The Ghost King’s body and curved sword transformed into a dark brown meteor that lit up like a blazing star in the air. It was both gorgeous and full of boundless grandeur as it smashed towards the Shackled Devil Ox Beast’s head! 

The Shackled Devil Ox Beast was unwilling to clash with the Ghost King. After all, even if pure rock type attacks were unable to damage its body, the impact was capable of paralyzing its muscles and bones for a while. 

The Shackled Devil Ox Beast’s speed wasn’t considered slow so it chose to dodge this technique of the Ghost King.

“Natural Wood Trap!!!” 

Suddenly, Chu Mu’s voice rang out!

The Shackled Devil Ox Beast was about to dodge when the ground underneath its feet rapidly caved in, transforming into an empty hole.

Inside the empty hole, several azure python-like roots appeared. These roots were continuously created while also firmly binding the Shackled Devil Ox Beast’s pair of hooves, dragging it into the trap!  

The Shackled Devil Ox Beast wasn’t prepared at all. It was planning on using brute force to break these roots when the Ghost King’s Falling Meteor that had swept up an enormous rock type energy smashed into its defenseless head!!


The Shackled Devil Ox Beast was heavily smashed underneath the surface of the ground by this force. The Falling Meteor disintegrated the surrounding ground. The enormous pit that was created was astonishing and stunned everyone present!!

The loud rumbling sound continued for a very long time; however, before the sound had completely dissipated when thunderous cheers exploded from the several tens of thousands of people at the Beast Fighting Arena!!

Chu Mu’s incomparably perfect coordination that had surpassed everyone’s expectations was absolutely the highlight of the fight!

No one had expected the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that was in the middle of pinning down the other six ninth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beasts was also able to secretly lay a trap underneath the tenth phase commander’s feet outside of its detection. Then, with great timing, opened the trap just as the Ghost King launched its attack!

With a few techniques that would normally find it hard to break its defense, they managed to wound the tenth phase Shackled Devil Ox Beast. Soul pet control and technique control were both acquired through much experience, and simply wasn’t something a twenty year old young man would be expected to have. 

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