Chapter 424: First Realm, Honor Challenge

Chapter 424: First Realm, Honor Challenge

An eighth rank soul armor increased the defense of the Ghost King’s Monarch Ghost Transformation effect to the pseudo ninth rank level. A 400 million value eighth rank soul armor

increased the Ghost King’s defense to the middle eighth rank. 

The Ghost King’s defense was innately above the Protruding Bone Beast’s.  Further adding on the 400 million eighth rank defensive armor, unless the Protruding Bone Beast used its longest technique that required it to accumulate strength, it had no way of defeating the absolute defense of the Ghost King!

The Protruding Bone Beast’s eyes angrily stared at the completely uninjured Ghost King. It’s overlord dignity was ostensibly provoked and it let out a thunderous roar at the Ghost King; it wanted to crush the Ghost King’s body to pieces!

Chu Mu believed that the Protruding Bone Beast had a technique that could injure the Ghost King, but Chu Mu wouldn’t give it the chance to use it!

“Ning! Star Falling Frost!” Finally, the Ice Air Fairy finished the chant of its longest incantation.

Star Falling Frost was the strongest ice type damage ability the Ice Air Fairy had comprehended not too long ago. The incantation of this technique required 2 seconds.

From the time Chu Mu summoned the Ice Air Fairy until the Ghost King collided with the Protruding Bone Beat, two seconds had passed. The Ice Air Fairy was already ready with the technique, and was waiting for Chu Mu’s order before releasing it!


The rank towering ice carried a deep blue color. The deep blue was like a radiating star in the night sky and entranced people in a beautiful feeling.

Only, under these beautiful frozen stars was hidden an extremely piercing cold killing intent!

The twinkling frozen stars descended; at first, the Protruding Bone Beast ignored this seemingly unremarkable technique. However, when it sensed its pace was growing slower to the point of abnormal rigidness, this fierce beast abruptly realized that a thick layer of starry frost had been frozen onto its skeleton! 

Star Falling Frost was an eighth rank ice type technique, and it didn’t merely freeze the enemy’s body. It would outlandishly float into the enemy’s skeleton and freeze its innards as well before freezing from inside out until the enemy transformed into an ice statue. One strike would shatter the statue!

The Ice Air Fairy was a middle class monarch, and its techniques had reached the ninth rank. In the Ancient Wasteland’s Terror Wolf land, it had frequently instakilled a ninth phase Terror Wolf. The Protruding Bone Beast was a tenth phase commander, but if it was careless, its entire skeleton would be frozen and its demise would be identical to the ninth phase Terror Wolves’. 

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Protruding Bone Beast had sensed danger so it opened its enormous mouth, lifted its head and let out a roar at the shimmering frozen stars ceaselessly descended. The roar managed to disperse the starry lights!

The ninth rank ice type technique wasn’t easy to defend against. The Protruding Bone Beast adopted resistant measures, but starry frost was still attached to its skeleton and severely inhibited it.  


At this moment, the Ghost King finally completed congregating its energy. It took a step forward and its front leg caused an enormous fissure to spread from its front leg.

The monarch curved blade descended. The combination of rock and ghost type energies interweaved, opening an enormous gulch in the ground which rumbled towards the Protruding Bone Beast.

The Protruding Bone Beast had been frozen and its speed was several times lower. This attack was hard to dodge and it was only able to extend its bones to create a protruding interweaving bone shield… 

“Xiao!!!!!!!!” the energy swept past and the Protruding Bone Beast’s bone shield immediately surfaced with deep scars. There were even several bones that had been smashed by the center of the energy!

The Ghost King’s attack wasn’t powerful. This attack barely even scratched the effect of the Ice Air Fairy’s ninth rank ice type technique; the majority of the Protruding Bone Beast’s injuries were due to the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type technique.

Chu Mu would create a win through the Ice Air Fairy.

The Ice Air Fairy’s strength was inferior to the Protruding Bone Beast’s by one level. However, the Ghost King was able to stop the Protruding Bone Beast in its tracks, allowing the Ice Air Fairy - with its destructive ice type techniques - to deal a fatal attack to the Protruding Bone Beast!

“Relying on the coordination of two soul pets to easily control a stronger tenth phase Protruding Bone Beast.His soul pet control abilities are truly outstanding.” Soul Palace Palace Lord’s main referee gave an evaluation.

The other assistant referees collectively nodded their heads. A soul pet trainer that could defeat strong while being weak required innate essence, wisdom, a strong mental game, experience and strength. Chu Mu’s controlling abilities had obtained the approval of all the referees. At least, at the very beginning, Chu Mu should have been able to obtain a fairly good evaluation.  

Chu Mu’s controlling abilities could only be described as astonishing by the spectators. Until now, everyone had believed that Chu Mu would summon his third or even fourth pet not long after the fight began to get rid of the tenth phase Protruding Bone Beast as fast as possible. However, he had easily pinned down the Protruding Bone Beast in only a dual control state. There were no traces of mistakes or hurriedness. From the start of the fight until now, it had been methodical and calm. From his point of view, this savage, violent and fierce Protruding Bone Beast had transformed completely into a slowly exhausted, docile creature.



The moment the roars descended, the tenth phase Protruding Bone Beast transformed into an enormous ice sculpture. Under the Ghost King’s sword, it became no more than shattered pieces.

Everyone had seen that Chu Mu was able to defeat the Protruding Bone Beast using control. Therefore, when the fight ended, the people inside the arena didn’t immediately erupt into a wave of cheers and shouts. This was because everyone was waiting for the main referee to announce it. Only after waiting for the main referee to announce it to everyone did they know whether this competitor had the qualifications to be considered a true second grade expert.

“Chu Chen, upon killing the Protruding Bone Beast, you’ve successfully broken through the realm. According to your outstanding performance, we bestow upon you the chance to participate in vying for the first realm’s honor. You can choose to challenge the first realm’s honor. If you say yes, we will give you half a day to prepare before you enter the even more difficult beast fighting round.” the main referee stood up and loudly spoke to Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu swept his eyes over the tens of thousands of people in the arena. At this moment, he could feel the hopeful gazes of countless people. They were ostensibly hoping that he could cause this first realm’s first beast fighting match to boil with even more excitement! 

“I accept the first realm’s honor challenge!” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to announce his decision!

The moment Chu Mu’s voice reverberated around the arena, the entire Beast Fighting Arena erupted!

An honor challenge! This was the most exciting fight that appeared once every one hundred matches. No one expected this young man embroiled in controversy to present a blood boiling honor fight opportunity! 

Presumably in this half a day, several tens of thousands more of people would fill the Beast Fighting Arena. Indeed, if they didn’t guess correctly, he would be the first competitor to open the doors to the honor challenge!

As expected, after an afternoon of realm breakthroughs, Chu Mu really did become the first competitor to challenge the first realm’s honor.

The highest honor of the first realm’s second grade was 300 million. According to a grade’s strength ranking, other competitors would also be rewarded with corresponding rewards. 

For example, if Chu Mu obtained first place in the first realm’s first grade, he would obtain 400 million and the highest honor in the first realm. 

If Chu Mu obtained second place in the second grade, his reward would become 250 million; third place would net him 200 million.

After third place, the gold reward would decrease according to rank. Only the top fifty people in the honor challenge would be rewarded with gold. The lowest amount was 50 million. 

In other words, from fourth place to 50th place, the honor reward would decrease by 5 million each ranking. 

Since the number of competitors was always numerous, and the difficulty wasn’t extremely high, the competition authorities wouldn’t include any rewards for successfully breaking through the realm. Further, only competitors with abnormally outstanding performances in the first three realms had the qualifications to enter the honor challenge round.

The honor challenge round was comprised of 100 people. To the tens of thousands of second grade competitors, it really was possessing the qualifications of 1 among 100. 

Therefore, with an honor challenge round appearing among the mix of good and bad in the first few realms in the beast fighting round’s first match was serious news

The competition authorities only gave Chu Mu half a day to prepare. Chu Mu’s number was near the front, making him the first honor challenger from the beast fighting round. As long as Chu Mu could enter the top fifty from the 100 challengers, then Chu Mu would at least be able to earn 50 million. The higher his ranking was, the more gold there was, with a maximum of 300 million!

Half a day passed very quickly and when evening fell, the Beast Fighting Arena Chu Mu had been at was completely different. It had transformed into one of Soul Pet Palace’s most luxurious Beast Fighting Arenas.

This Beast Fighting Arena could not merely be described as large and luxurious. Standing at the center of the Beast Fighting Arena and lifting his head made him feel as if he was standing in the wilderness. He was unable to see the figures of tens of thousands of people surrounding him. 

However, when he swept his gaze at the surroundings, he could see the people cheering. The scene of a vast crowd shouting and cheering, with their voices like thunder rolling in from the horizon, was exceptionally inspiring.  

Their excited faces; their passion; their worshipping gazes. It was capable of making the soul pet trainer, at the center of this attention, feel his existence was something to be proud and arrogant about!

Standing at the center, Chu Mu could see many familiar figures sitting in very conspicuous locations. Among them was Princess Jin Rou who used to sway his heart, Palace Lord Yu who had always looked after him, Zhan Hong who looked down on him, Shen Yicheng who had extremely deep hatred for him, Lu Shanli - sitting next to Princess Jin Rou - with cold eyes… 

“There is a total of fifty minutes of beast fighting. Regardless if you kill the previous soul pet or not, every ten minutes, another fighting beast will be released. There will be a total of four releases. We will conduct our evaluation based off of the number of fighting beasts you slay. Finally, we will decide if your name appears on the Tianxia Ranking!” the main referee read out the merciless rules of the honor challenge! 

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