Chapter 423: Clash, Ghost King vs Protruding Bone Beast

Chapter 423: Clash, Ghost King vs Protruding Bone Beast

The time wasn’t long. The moment Chu Mu had stepped into Tianxia City and entered the eighth rank bewildering world back then, he had immediately faced a ninth phase middle stage commander rank soul pet.

Back then, Chu Mu had pretty much expended all his strength before finally being able to kill the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf. Now he was about to enter the first realm and would have to face a tenth phase commander. In other words, back then, he hadn’t even been at the edge of the second grade’s first realm.

If he had continued developing according to his previous method, the current him would merely be a nameless nobody. Even if he obtained a bit of honor in the third grade, this would have been far from enough to him. 

Therefore, Chu Mu felt that his decision to fight those stronger than him was correct. Without experiencing danger and without challenging those difficult creatures, how else would he be able to spur his greatest potential or raise his strength in this short period of time?

Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu put away all of his emotions. When he was about to truly fight, he would put his whole attention into the fight even though a tenth phase commander wasn’t an invincible existence.  

Chu Mu heard to roars, but there was only one ring on the ground. Chu Mu knew that the other soul pet could be locked underneath the battlefield because the noises were coming from underground.

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!!!” Finally, the assistant referee’s incantation finished and a beast light suddenly appeared from the soul capture ring. The dazzling radiance blossomed on the battlefield. Chu Mu was 200 meters away from it, but it felt like the savage beast’s aura was like an inch away!

The beast type aura began to sweep everything away. Inside the beast light, it was possible to see a nearly five meter large robust beast body. It’s body full of explosive muscle and if one were to stand in front of it, one would feel like he were unable to breath. This was because this type of muscular body could easily crush one’s body. 

Yet, the creature’s muscular body wasn’t what intimidated people; instead, it was the protruding bones in the soul pet’s joints. These protruding bones were like domineering swords and if they all chopped down, flesh and blood would fly!! 

“Tenth phase Protruding Bone Beast!!” “It’s a high class commander soul pet!!! Moreover, from the length of the protruding bones, it's been strengthened!!”

Protruding Bone Beast!! Its fully evolved state made this creature look terrifyingly intimidating. When everyone saw it clearly, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air! 

This was the first realm of the beast fighting round, yet a tenth phase high class commander rank had appeared. This difficulty wasn’t anything normal; if it was any normal second grade xpert, it would be a fierce battle!!

The difficulty of each realm in the Battle of the Realm was extremely high. The further one went, the difficulty would continue to increase. After the fifth realm, the realm breakthrough rounds were practically uncompletable to normal people. Therefore, even in the first realm, Chu Mu would never look down on it. 

The Protruding Bone Beast was an absolute strength type soul pet. Chu Mu had previously encountered one in Yuan Forest that was only at the seventh phase. 

Facing such a creature, Chu Mu would naturally not be careless. After chanting, he summoned the Ghost King. 

A tenth phase high class Protruding Bone Beast’s fighting strength wasn’t inferior to a ninth phase middle class commander. Thus, it was equivalent to Shen Yicheng’s ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast.

Facing a soul pet with such a powerful attack, Chu Mu had to have the Ghost King’s strong defense control the situation.

The Ghost King had already reached the eighth phase seventh stage. After Chu Mu summoned it, he immediately had it use Monarch Ghost Transformation.

Its defense and strength had each respectively increased by 50%. Chu Mu didn’t plan on having it assume the role of a meat shield; he also needed its absolute strength to break the Protruding Bone Beast’s defense.


The Ghost King’s curved sword was firmly gripped in its hands. There were 200 meters between the two of them. After the Monarch Ghost Transformation, the Ghost King’s defense increased to the pseudo ninth rank and its strength to the full eighth rank. 

In such a state, the Ghost King would at least be able to use its dark sturdy rock’s powerful defensive ability to contend a few rounds against the Protruding Bone Beast even if it was unable to make a stand against it. 

Letting the Ghost King fight solo against the Protruding Bone Beast meant that there was no way the fight would end soon.

After summoning the Ghost King, Chu Mu quickly chanted another incantation and summoned the Ice Air Fairy that had reached the eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch level.

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

The Protruding Bone Beast’s two eyes of fury locked onto the Ghost King stepping towards it. The protruding bones on its body gradually began to thicken and sharpen!

Finally, the Protruding Bone Beast launched its attack. This soul pet which body was full of protruding bones ran while its body was full of explosive force. The sandy earth was trampled on and it was even possible to feel the faint trembling from this wide and sturdy Beast Fighting Arena!

“If its body is met by flesh, bones will disintegrate. The second grade realm breakthrough is truly abnormal.” said the rueful spectators. 

There were many cases when a tenth phase commander rank soul pet could only be dealt with a thirty year old soul pet trainer. Thus, when a young generation encountered one in the first test, how could this soul pet trainer not be scared?                    

The Ghost King’s speed had fallen by 80% and influenced the Ghost King’s movements greatly. However, the Ghost King wasn’t a clumsy type of rock attribute creature. Even though its speed had fallen by 80%, it was still able to run nearly 30 meters every second!!

This fight would shake the hearts of those watching at any given moment. Cheers and cries rang out once more. The exciting atmosphere exuded by the beast fighters caused the arena to be even more explosive.

In terms of strength, the Ghost King was not inferior to the Protruding Bone Beast which was two levels higher than it. When their beast type abilities clashed, the Ghost King’s four meter high armored body was knocked back over fifty meters.

However, even after being knocked back, it was still able to maintain its balance. While sliding back, it abruptly stuck its curved sword into the earth, keeping its body to the ground! 

“Mo Dang Sword!” Chu Mu gave an order!

Once the Ghost King stabilized its body, it suddenly lifted its sword from the ground. As the Protruding Bone Beast was charging over, the Ghost King’s curved sword began to violently vibrate. This caused the ground to tremble and the sword fiercely swept towards the Protruding Bone Beast!!

The sword vibration knocked everything apart and the blade swept through everything. Even if this attack was directed at a small mountain, it was enough to instantly shatter it!

The Protruding Bone Beast was thirty meters away from the Ghost King and in front of the Ghost King’s sword move, this wild beast abruptly wrapped its two arms around its chest; the protruding bones in its joints were extended!!

Sharp white bones… the Protruding Bone Beast’s protruding bones on its joints formed a bone sword shield in front of it. Relying on this defense, the Protruding Bone Beast was able to completely disregard the Ghost King’s attack and it proceeded to savagely charge towards the edge of the Mo Dang Sword’s attack.

The Mo Dang Sword merely managed to leave a light wound on the Protruding Bone Beast’s bone shield while the Protruding Bone Beast’s powerful surge allowed it to appear in front of the Ghost King!!

Its two arms lifted high in the air and its bone shield rapidly transformed into countless Protruding Bone Swords that swept up a powerful strength. This powerful strength smashed towards the Ghost King and when it made contact, the people on the stage were able to notice spatial contortion. This was the embodiment of strength reaching the limit!!

A ninth rank attack that had definitely reached the early ninth rank!

Such an attack, if the opponent’s defense hadn’t reached the ninth rank, would signal either death or injury once it landed. In this moment, everyone’s hearts were tightened because they could see there was still ultimately two levels between the Ghost King and the Protruding Bone Beast.

If there were three levels of difference, there was a chance of instadeath. However, these two levels of difference weren’t easy to overcome either. 


The Protruding Bone Beast’s attack exploded on the Ghost King’s body. However, the violent creature didn’t rely on its sharp protruding bones to rip apart the enemy’s bodies; instead, it relied on its sturdy protruding bones to smash its enemies!!


The Ghost King let out a roar. Its dark crystal rock wrapped body was knocked flying by the Protruding Bone Beast’s bombardment. It landed nearly ten meters away from Chu Mu.

“Nong~~~~~” the Ghost King struggled on the ground for a moment before quickly standing up again. The dark crystal rock armor on its body was still shiny and there didn’t seem to be any signs of it being injured from a severe attack. 

“This Ghost King seems to not have been injured?” 

"It’s not seems; it truly wasn’t injured. Don’t you see that there’s not even the slightest scar on its armor?!” “But that’s a ninth rank attack. The Ghost King’s defense, even if it was stronger, must have been cracked. How is it unharmed?!” 

“It should be the absolute defense from the Ghost King’s species technique, Monarch Ghost Transformation. But that’s not right either. Even the Monarch Ghost Transformation only allows it to reach a pseudo ninth rank. With two levels of difference, a full strength attack must at least injure it.” 

Quickly, shocked and confused shouts began to ring out through the battlefield. No one could understand how an eighth phase seventh stage Ghost King could resist the full force attack of a ninth phase middle class monarch - the Protruding Bone Beast!

On the battlefield, Chu Mu swept his gaze over the Ghost King’s body and a smile rose on his face.

400 million of equipment. The value of it was most directly manifesting at this moment!!!

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