Chapter 422: Commander Rank Difficulty, Completely Evolved Creature

Chapter 422: Commander Rank Difficulty, Completely Evolved Creature

“Soul Palace’s Chu Chen, first realm, Beast Fighting!” the assistant referee loudly read out Chu Mu’s name. 

On this Beast Fighting Arena, when one swept his gaze across it, there were approximately ten thousand people. These ten thousand people clearly enjoyed the style of beast fighting and they normally only watched the skill type beast fighting competitions. As spectators, they would always predict the ability of the competitor, bet on the competition and carry their individual beliefs. 

The Battle of the Realm’s beast fighting round was an even more prestigious competition. Thus, today, there were probably going to appear countless young experts who they would never have otherwise had gotten the chance to even see in person before. The spectators would possibly also be greeted with an unprecedented bloody and wild fight. 

Beast fighting: it required blood and violence! 

Powerful creatures with high difficulty versus scheming soul pet trainers. When the two clashed, the sparks that flew would impassion the men who were infatuated with beast fighting. 

The Battle of the Realm’s beast fighting round was even more important to watch. This was especially the case since in the first round, a Soul Palace young expert whose reputation had just recently burgeoned had unexpectedly appeared - Chu Chen. 

Due to Chu Mu’s conflict with Shen Yicheng, he became a stunning person in Tianxia City. Of the young experts, there probably were few that didn’t know of Soul Palace’s Chu Chen who had defeated Shen Yicheng. 

Chu Mu, until now, had always been a controversial person amongst the young generation of experts. Chu Mu was an expert that had burgeoned without any warning, and the question of his background had become the area in which everyone was curious about. 

Chu Mu’s strength was also a large subject of controversy, because it had accurately been verified that Chu Mu so-called defeating Shen Yicheng hadn’t actually been in a one on one. Instead, he had relied on numerous people, and had defeated him when his plan had failed. 

No matter the rumors of Chu Mu’s strength, when they heard the referee read his name, those engrossed in the beast fighting style of battle were exceptionally excited. Looking at it from the perspective of all of the Battle of the Realm competitors, Soul Palace’s Chu Chen was precisely a young generation expert and would definitely incite excitement everywhere.

“In any case, Shen Yicheng has held fame in Tianxia City for so long. If it wasn’t because Chu Chen had more people, he wouldn’t have defeated him.” very quickly, people began to discuss this matter.

“Regarding Chu Chen and Shen Yicheng, everyone has already debate this matter for so long. What’s the point in debating it further? All we need to do is sit here and watch. Isn’t he about to display his strength?” 

In the Battle of the Realm, there were ostensibly a large group of people who wanted to see Chu Mu and Shen Yicheng clash once with each other.

“Select your difficulty: servant rank, warrior rank, commander rank and monarch rank.” the main referee glanced at Chu Mu and spoke to him.

“Commander rank.” Chu Mu replied practically without hesitation. 

“Commander rank difficulty. You are about to face commander rank full form soul pets. The number is indefinite, and if you feel like you cannot continue, you can indicate this to us and our people will try our best to save you.” 

The so-called grades would most clearly manifest in the difficulty of the selections.

First grade experts would immediately select the highest difficulty rank, monarch rank, in the first realm. 

As a second grade expert, Chu Mu could pick the difficulty of his round. Thus, he naturally selected the second grade difficulty - commander rank. 

It was impossible to pick the emperor rank and this option would only appear in the last stages. 

The first grade’s ultimate honor was in the tenth realm, but each realm had its own corresponding honor and reward. The person would also climb the Tianxia Ranking and would be known by everyone. Therefore, a true expert would have complete understanding of their own position before vying for the objects they wanted. 


“Commander rank. Look, Chu Chen selected the second grade’s commander rank difficulty. Dong Qing, we guessed correctly. His present strength has really reached the second grade level.” on the Fighting Beast Arena, Young Lady Sha pulled on Dong Qing’s sleeve and spoke in a slightly excited voice.

A smile rose on Dong Qing’s face, as he thought of circumstances when he met this man for the first time. At that time, this young man was merely riding on a seventh phase Night Thunder Dream Beast as he entered Li City. 

A year and a half had passed since then, yet this fellow had stepped into the Battle of the Realm’s second grade at such an age. Dong Qing couldn’t help but feel proud for Chu Mu; at the very least, he had fought against him once before!

“Chu Mu has already placed himself in the second grade!” 

“I knew that he would pick the commander rank difficulty. Since he wants to challenge the second grade, then he really will have a chance to encounter Shen Yicheng. When that time comes, it will definitely be even more exciting.” 

The selection of difficulty told everything. A large majority of the ten thousand people present felt that Chu Mu was merely a third grade expert and couldn’t step over his grade and challenge the next garde. However, Chu Mu’s selection now caused this group of people to obediently shut their mouths.

“Dong Qing, do you think he can obtain the Beast Fighting Round’s honor?” Young Lady Sha tugged on Dong Qing as she asked a question in a pout. 

“Apparently if one wishes to be in the top ten of the Beast Fighting Round’s commander rank honor, he or she must kill at least 10 tenth phase commander soul pets. Moreover, this must be done in the shortest period of time. If you feel Chu Chen can do this, then the honor will belong to him.” said Dong Qing.

All of the first realms occurred in the city. Dong Qing and Young Lady Sha also had beast fighting as their first round; however, they weren’t the first to go up. 

Aside from Chu Mu, Dong Qing and Young Lady Sha, there was also a large group of competitors who had the Beast Fighting Round as their first realm. The competition authorities would rank the competitors in the Beast Fighting Round according to level of completion. When the first realm was finished, this would be published on the Tianxia Ranking.

When that time came, if Chu Mu’s name appeared on the Tianxia Ranking’s Beast Fighting Realm list, then he would obtain the first realm’s honor. 

The number of names were limited while the number of Beast Fighters were innumerable. Chu Mu knew that if he wanted to stand above the rest, it was no easy task. 


One would stand at the center of this grand and expansive Beast Fighting Arena, stepping on yellow sand. Above his head would lie the blue canopy of the heavens while around him would arise the passion from the dense mass of over ten thousand people.

At that moment, everyone’s eyes would be focused on you.

This was a feeling Chu Mu had never encountered before.

In Gangluo City and Jia Region, Chu Mu had fought others while being spectated by countless people. However, compared to the ten thousand people in who loved the style of beast fighting and watching experts under the heavens fight against these beasts, the Gangluo City and Jia Region spectators were practically non-existent. After all, the competitors in those places were too small. 

Right now, on this Beast Fighting Arena, the spectators perhaps even included a few experts whose names had already resonated far and wide. There were also countless experts whom he wanted to surpass as well… 

The battle was about to begin, but Chu Mu was pondering many things. He thought of the humiliation in the tiny Gangluo City of being unable to summon a soul pet. He thought of the bitter hardships of Nightmare Island and the Nightmare Competition. He thought of his will to survive in the desperate straits of Prisoner Island’s one survivor out of three thousand people. He thought of the pride and tears his strength brought his family when he returned after so many years… 

From the moment he determined his resolution, despite losing a soul, that he still wanted to stand at the apex of soul pet trainers, no matter the pain and desperation, the difficulty and misery or how bumpy and long the path ahead of him was, Chu Mu continued to trudge forwards. From the tiny Gangluo City until he reached the capital of the cradle of experts, he finally stood on a battlefield which he wouldn’t have ever dreamed of standing on. The emotions that manifested were only those which could be profoundly understood by Chu Mu himself.  

It was now that Chu Mu finally understood both why experts received the adoration and respect from others as well as the true meaning of honor!  

There was no one who disliked the feeling of standing in front of tens of thousands of experts to become the center of attention. This had nothing to do with vanity; instead, it was more so the desire to have those who he knew vindicate the value of his existence regardless if these people were his friends, enemies, family or lovers. 

Chu Mu closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. This was a place full of the style of experts. 

In his ears, there were innumerable fans, wild for fights, hollering and shouting. Yet, their clammer only served to raise his spirits! 

“First round, commander rank beast fighting, begin!” 

The main referee formed his soul remembrance into a voice and loudly announced the commencement of the first round! 

The voice was like a signal that caused the arena filled with ten thousand people to roar! 

In the roaring crowd were young girls and boys who worshipped Chu Mu, young men and women who eager to challenge Chu Mu, young women who had heard of Chu Mu’s achievements and adored these sorts of experts, experts who had a competitive heart and ego towards all other experts and wished to fight Chu Mu, as well as those who viewed Chu Mu as an enemy…  

All of these people were focused on Chu Mu. No matter what kind of intent they harbored, on this first realm’s first round commander rank beast fighting stage, the limelight only belonged to one person - Chu Mu. Chu Mu could use his strength to convince everyone present and step onto the first realm’s honor throne! 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!! Hou!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Mou!!!! Mou!!!!!!! Mou!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

The shouts of wild beasts suddenly rang through the spacious beast fighting stage. While everyone was shouting and cheering, nobody noticed that the assistant referee had already thrown a soul capture ring onto the battlefield. 

The soul capture ring was extremely small and the interior only held one savage beast.

However, when the soul capture ring was thrown onto the battlefield, people could feel a wild creature was in the midst of releasing its palpitating malevolent aura that crashed against the secure space of the soul capture ring. It seemed that as long as it was given a bit more time, it would be able to break through the soul capture ring and completely free itself from its confines!! 

Tenth phase commander!!! This was the aura of a tenth phase commander!!! 

The difficulty level of the commander rank meant that one needed to challenge a commander rank soul pet that was fully evolved and had reached the tenth phase - the most complete state!

This type of creature would be a lord of a region in certain bewildering worlds, yet it had now become a sacrificial victim for a beast fighting competitor to vindicate his or her own strength! 

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