Chapter 420: Li Hong, 10 Years as Master of the Throne

Chapter 420: Li Hong, 10 Years as Master of the Throne

There was a slight problem that occurred during the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strengthening: the 200 million of spirit items couldn’t make it break through the eighth phase bottleneck.

Old Li indicated that the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body was probably still in a state of inhibition, and all he had to do was wait a period of time or fight a battle, and it would be able to evolve to the ninth phase.

Chu Mu also knew that using spirit items to break through a bottleneck didn’t have a 100 percent success rate. After comforting the Night Thunder Dream Beast, he began to strengthen the Ice Air Fairy.

In these past few months, the Ice Air Fairy had obtained many benefits. The gap between a low class monarch and a middle class monarch wasn’t a small one, but in this period of time, Chu Mu hadn’t stopped using ice type spirit items, allowing the Ice Air Fairy to reach the eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch level.

The 200 million of spirit items on Chu Mu’s hands also could be used on him. The Ice Air Fairy was presently at an over nourished state and even if he gave it even more spirit items, they probably wouldn’t strengthen it at all. Only through battle could it evolve to the ninth phase.

These 200 million worth of spirit items could be considered Chu Mu’s life expectancy. The ice attribute spirit items concocted by Ye Qingzi could only lower the temperature of his soul to its present temperature. The Battle of the Realm would last for a period of time, and Chu Mu would have to use the 200 million of ice attribute spirit items to suppress the temperature of his soul during this period of time.

Now that normal ice type spirit items were no longer of any use, if he wasn’t able to find any stronger ice type spirit items in the next half a year, he would face the predicament of being taken over by the half devil. 

In other words, if Liu Binglan wasn’t able to bring back the Worldly Immortal Ice in the half a year, Chu Mu’s life would be in danger.

After using the 200 million of spirit items on himself, although the Ice Air Fairy’s strength didn’t increase, it still managed to learn a new eighth rank ice type technique - Star Falling Frost

Chu Mu didn’t know the might of this technique for the time being. He could only wait until the next fight before he could understand how powerful this eighth rank ice type technique was. According to his estimates, it probably reached the might of a ninth rank technique since the Ice Air Fairy was a middle class monarch.

Finding the right soul equipment was rather easy. After the full form offensive soul equipment linked with Zhan Ye’s soul, its fighting strength rank also increased to the middle class monarch rank. With the combination of the Brave Stinging Heart and Broken Limb Rebirth, once Zhan Ye’s strength erupted, it was definitely an existence more terrifying than the Binding Wind Spirit.

After finishing all the strengthenings, Chu Mu intentionally rested for a period of time before taking on the next mission; he went to the Ancient Wasteland which he was familiar with.

Chu Mu headed towards the Terror Wolf barren land. Last time, Chu Mu had ended up in an abnormally wretched state there. He had exerted all of his soul pets fighting strength to the max before managing to escape.

This time when Chu Mu entered, he no longer had anything to fear. Even a tenth phase Terror Wolf, Mo Xie and the Binding Wind Spirit could easily deal with it. As long as he didn’t encounter a self-strengthened monarch rank tenth phase Terror Wolf or Terror Wolf pack, Chu Mu was without fear.

Chu Mu didn’t spend too much time on the Terror Wolf slaughter. The 100 million reward mission, once finished, was very near the Battle of the Realm.

The Battle of the Realm’s inauguration began seven days before the Battle of the Realm commenced!


The inauguration was on this very day. Countless young generation experts were congregated in the Realm Thrones Plaza. The strongest soul pet trainer, Li Hong, who had the Treasured Realm Throne, also appeared before everyone’s eyes. 

The apex of soul pet trainers was a man like this!

When this soul pet trainer appeared in the most powerful golden palace, countless young people began to shout and cheer. The entirety of Tianxia City was in an uproar!

This was the reverence given to a king. The admiration to the strongest existence. In front of an expert like this, there was no young person who could maintain his or her calm. There were countless people who had reached the pinnacle of the young generation who had admired this man’s brilliance and glory all their lives.

“I just returned from the eastern side, and happened to see you children who crawled out of your cradles. Perhaps in your eyes, the Realm Thrones are everything. But the reality is that this world is limitless. A tiny golden palace and golden throne can never be the pinnacle. I believe that among all of you there will be someone who not only sits on this treasured throne but also surpasses me!” The Emperor of the Realm, Li Hong, swept his gaze over the worshipper-like young generation and used a firm voice to speak to the crowd.

Any powerful soul pet trainer had his or her own conviction. Just for supreme honor, just for the strongest soul pet, just to possess the most power or riches, just to stand above and look down on everyone, just surpass an expert who they looked up to since they were young, just to obtain some woman high up above...

In the heart of every man, the Realm Thrones meant everything: glory, power, riches, strength, honor, women.

Anything you wanted the thrones could make reality. Any young person that stepped onto the path of a soul pet trainer would regard them as the highest honor. Even if the dangers were limitless or if the path was beleaguered with life and death, in order for this supreme everything, they would ceaselessly step up these golden stairs. It didn’t matter how many blood splattered corpses riddled these steps.   

“He is the only one that can contend against the Heavenly Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Chu Mu sucked in a deep breath of air and spoke in a forcibly calm tone.

“Yes, he’s very far away.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu also had things that he wanted. The supreme everything was an ultimate honor that would fill his father’s eyes with warm tears; it could force powerful dictatorship of the Soul Alliance to fear his strength; it could retrieve the honor he lost from the defector soul pet.

Standing in the sea of people in Tianxia Plaza, Chu Mu wasn’t able to feel the enormous pressure from the countless young experts around him. Instead, he felt the emotions of wanting to make himself outstanding amongst these boundless experts. This was a cruel but real challenge. There were hundreds of millions of soul pet trainers, this was a boundless and vast world, but there was only one set of stairs that lead to the Realm Thrones and it only happened once every ten years. 

Chu Mu really wanted to know in which one of these ten years he would be able to sit where the golden robed man was sitting, on top of the powerful and influential throne that had a majestic view over the soul pet trainers that stood in the plaza like him. He would tell them to all surpass him!

“Chu Mu, didn’t we see this woman in Wogu City’s Great Chu Family?” Ye Wansheng pushed Chu Mu’s arm and pointed at the veiled woman sitting on a respectable seat. 

“Mhm, that’s Nightmare Palace’s young princess.” Chu Mu nodded his head. His eyes fell on the princess who always carried an aura of mystery. 

The veil covered her generational-beauty looks. The only thing revealed were a pair of tranquil but wise eyes. Surrounding her were innumerable charmers and pursuers. Every time he saw her, Chu Mu needed to look up to her and in between them was always a set of very high stairs and a group of extremely high status people. 

Previously, Chu Mu had seen her as the women in his heart. He was attracted by her noble, beautiful, and kind nature. A small adventure had even occured when he was in West Kingdom. 

However, wisely, Chu Mu decided to leave. A woman like this wouldn’t lack pursuers, or people like him who were attracted by him and were willing to die for her. Chu Mu wouldn’t become either of these people, nor would he throw everything onto himself. This was because Chu Mu knew that before he stood at a height that surpassed her, no matter what he did, he would be exactly like those pursuers that blindly chased after her and wouldn’t be able to make her heart ripple at all.

“Aren’t you Soul Palace’s Young Master? Why is it that Nightmare Palace’s young princess has such high treatment, and is sitting in such a conspicuous location. With your identity, you should be sitting on equal footing with her. Why are you standing so miserably with the rest of us growd? Moreover, doesn’t Soul Palace’s great beauty, Ting Lan, constantly find you? She’s only one status level lower that Nightmare Palace’s princess. Even if your identity as Soul Palace’s young master hasn’t been formally affirmed or announced, you should still be sitting next to her.” said Ye Wansheng.

“I believe in my own strength. There’s no difference between sitting up there and standing here.” said Chu Mu.

“Ambitious, haha. Then we’re so-called grass roots experts. Did you memorize the people sitting high up there? Which ones of them are complacent? Immeasurably satisfied with themselves? If we encounter one in the Battle of the Realm, we’ll fiercely trample on him or her and see which one of this group of so-called young experts that was cultivated through money and status has the qualifications to be arrogant.” freely laughed Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu didn’t participate in the Battle of the Realm with his Soul Palace identity. He wasn’t like the other young masters or other faction experts that picked a group of elites from countless people beforehand. Neither did he borrow the strength of backers on his route to strength. 

Chu Mu had made here one step at a time on his own. Therefore, Ye Wansheng wasn’t wrong. He was a grassroots expert. 

Soul Palace didn’t get along with Nightmare Palace. However, in a public arena, those with statuses from both sides communicated with each other with dignity. They were not likely to make enemies of each other.  

After the commencement ceremony, it was the social gathering, scheming, friendship making and secretly challenging between the various large factions. This gathering was equivalent to purposely putting all the young experts of the various large factions under the heavens together in a hall. Then, they would let sparks fly between them, making the Battle of the Realm even more competitive. 

“Why do I feel like you’re hiding from Nightmare Palace’s young princess?” Ye Qingzi’s beautiful eyes looked at Chu Mu as she asked a question. 

Just now, Chu Mu had actually had a chance to talk with Nightmare Palace’s young princess. Moreover, it could be seen that once Princess Jin Rou knew Chu Chen’s name, she would look with interest at Chu Mu, waiting for him to greet her.

However, Chu Mu didn’t bite. Ye Qingzi stood next to Chu Mu. She remembered that there was something between Princess Jin Rou and him in Wogu Region. She felt that there was no need for Chu Mu to stay back.

“She knows a few secrets about me. Right now, I’m not clear of her standing, and it’s best in these situations to maintain a bit of distance. Qingzi, read too much into it.” explained Chu Mu.

“Who’s reading too much into it.” Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes and suddenly felt that Chu Mu really was growing more and more shameless. 

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