Book 2 Chapter 42 - Let Blood Rain

Chapter 42: Let Blood Rain

“Everyone get the hell over here and kill this guy for me!!”

Yang Shang clearly hasn’t realized who Chu Mu was, simply thinking that he was a collateral relative of Chu Clan. Seeing the Chu Clan’s people congregating, he got even angrier, directly commanding his clan henchmen to help him take revenge.

The Yang Clan was this Gangluo City’s owner, so the Yang Clan’s henchmen were also absolutely unrestrained. Especially with their hurt young master, these guys immediately summoned their own soul pets, wanting to start a big fight right there in the auction house!

“Heng, trying to take advantage of Chu Clan’s lack of people?” The forever calm and collected boss Chu Tianheng finally became angry, as he casted an incantation and summoned his own soul pet!

An ink colored symbol blossomed under Chu Tianheng’s feet, exploding with a dark light. Following this, a dense aura spread from the dark light, covering the entire trading fair in a split second!!

Within the dark light, a tiger-like organism appeared, covered in distinctly angular armor. Its powerful body suddenly took a step forward, and that area of the auction house tangibly shook!!

“Seventh phase seventh stage fighting beast Mo Ye!!!”

The moment Chu Tianheng summoned his soul pet, the Mo Ye’s aura subdued everyone!!

A seventh phase seventh stage commander rank soul pet’s aura was scary. The Yang Clan’s henchmen’s soul pets didn’t even dare move under the aura of the Mo Ye!

“People, please don’t be rash. If there’s an issue, let’s sit down and talk it out, or just fight outside. Why fight in my auction house? If you break anything, you would have to reimburse us, and you would also make it hard for us to do business…...”

Just then, seemingly from nowhere, a middle aged man appeared in between the two parties and talked to Yang Clan and Chu Clan with a smile.

After Chu Tianheng saw this middle aged man, he regained his cool and quickly returned to his original unflustered self, retracting his Mo Ye that emitted a feeling of strength from its entire body.

“You should also retract your soul pets, in case you make my place smell horrible. After you retract them, just leave with your unreasonably trouble-making young master, Yang Shang.” Seeing that Chu Tianheng had already retracted his soul pet, the middle aged man turned again and asked the Yang Clan people.

The Yang Clan henchmen were obviously also afraid of the middle aged man, causing them to start to advise their young master Yang Shang.

Even worse, Yang Shang ground his teeth, looking like he couldn’t swallow his anger. Yet, due to this being the auction house, he knew that if he were too impudent, he would bring his clan lots of trouble, so he could only retract his soul pet as well.

“So it’s the trash that died four years ago, I didn’t think you were still feebly living, and can actually summon a soul pet now. Heng heng, even if you can summon soul pets now, you’re still trash. There will be a day where you will die a horrible death!” When Yang Shang walked by Chu Mu, he didn’t even bother to disguise his maliciousness, acting aggressively, even in front of all of the other Chu Clan members.

Chu Tianheng could bear many things, yet watching his younger generation getting insulted was something he couldn’t. Just as he was about to teach the impolite Yang Shang a lesson, however, Chu Mu stood up in front of him.

“Uncle, let it go.” Chu Mu said lightly.

“Young master, such events can’t be accommodated carelessly, or our Chu Clan members would only receive even more insults.” A clan henchman said slightly indignantly.

Chu Mu shook his head and retorted apathetically, “I didn’t say I was going to accommodate it.”

Chu Tianheng opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but after seeing Chu Mu’s unperturbed look despite the insults or praise, he felt that something was off.

Chu Mu didn’t bicker about this event, and he clearly chose to back down. Yet, Chu Tianheng felt that Chu Mu, with his eyes void of emotions, didn’t look like he was enduring it. Instead, it looked like he just completely didn’t care to bicker with Yang Shang.

In reality, even Chu Tianheng misunderstood Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was now a person even more terrifying than a killer. Fellows like Yang Shang would definitely be dead, so what would it matter if they let him be arrogant for a while?

“So this is Chu Tiancheng’s son Chu Mu, turns out he is a fine young man, that’s good.” The middle aged man eyed Chu Mu and slowly spoke.

Chu Mu looked up and reciprocated the gaze, but only nodded slightly, not even saying anything. When he did speak, he said to Chu Tianheng, “Uncle, I still have business, I’ll leave first.”

“Sure, I’ll let my subordinates follow you.” Chu Tianheng said.

“No need, it’s more convenient to do things alone.” Chu Mu said.

After finishing that, Chu Mu directly left the auction house.

When walking on the streets, Chu Mu very quickly realized that someone was following him. Turning around, he saw Qing Menger following with her head down behind him, looking like a child who knew she did something wrong.

“I still have things to do; I’ll have a nice chat with you when I have time again.” Chu Mu looked at the gorgeous Qing Menger and smiled lightly.

“Sorry, I know that you didn’t want to reveal your strength too early……” Qing Menger said quietly.

“Don’t worry. Some people in my clan also knew, so some traitors must have spread the information to Yang Clan already.” Chu Mu said, not worried about it.

“Oh, then…...then will you attend the Recommendation this year? With your power, you will definitely beat everyone.” Qing Menger said.

Chu Mu, because he once lost one soul and two soul pet spaces, received all sorts of insults and ridicule. Qing Menger had always felt sorry for Chu Mu, because she knew that in terms of soul power talent and soul pet knowledge, no one was Chu Mu’s parallel among his age group.

Now, Chu Mu’s power could only be described as tyrannical. If Chu Mu decided to compete in the Recommendation, he would definitely sweep everyone away, making everyone look at him in a different light!

Qing Menger very much looked forward to Imagining the expressions of the Yang Clan and the Zhou Clan when they saw the once worthless Chu Mu defeat their so called number one expert. She also wanted to see the scene where Chu Mu defeated everyone who once laughed at him.

“I guess I’ll attend…...I’m leaving.” Chu Mu waved his hand and didn’t say anymore to Qing Menger, slowly walking into a deep alley.

Qing Menger still stood there. Looking at Chu Mu and his drastically changed personality, she suddenly really wanted to know how Chu Mu had lived over the past four years…...

His aloof back image slowly merged into the deep shadows in the alleyways. Just as Qing Menger turned and left, Qing Menger vaguely noticed two black shadows appear behind Chu Mu, following behind Chu Mu like emotionless attendants. They disappeared into the alley along with Chu Mu!

“This is……” Qing Menger looked at the deep yet now empty gallery in astonishment as a strange feeling rose in her heart. She wanted to chase up and ask what was the matter, but she remembered that Chu Mu was now a member of the Nightmare Palace with mysterious conduct, so she thought it was better that she didn’t ask too much…...

Night fell and darkness shrouded the entire Gangluo City. Not sure if it was the black clouds or the night fog traveling around the region, there was no starlight or sight of moon that night, making it seem particularly cold and dark.

On the south side of Gangluo City, on a spire like lone structure, a dark clothed nefarious figure sat on the ledge of the tower, his eyes shining with a different glint in the incomparably dark night.

Yet beside this silhouette, the silver white and smooth-furred Six Tailed Demon Fox sat silently beside Chu Mu, her white pupils displaying the same emotion as her owner.

“Nightmare Prince, the information you’ve asked for has been collected. The Yang Clan has a total of 70 bases and five sixth level and above territories. Each position has been assigned a foreman for constant monitoring!” An unpredictable voice suddenly floated through the night without any forewarning.

“Has the blocking of the news been done well?” Chu Mu didn’t turn around, lightly speaking to the air.

“Incomplete, but when we start acting, we can ensure that no news of it will be leaked.”

“Begin the operation after ten days. First, send people to closely monitor the Yang Clan’s recent fund allocation. If there are any discoveries, immediately report them!” Chu Mu said.


A shadow slowly rose into the air and disappeared into the thick black clouds…...

Sitting on the over one hundred meter tall ancient structure, Chu Mu’s eyes looked over the deep night of Gangluo City, and his mouth traced out a demonic and imposing smile.

“Let’s start a rain of blood to make this city more interesting!”

The third day

The auction house revealed a message.

It was this message that made the entire Gangluo City shake!!

Gangluo City’s auction house usually hosted one auction a month, auctioning off 20 or so items and soul pets, rarely exceeding 2,000,000 gold in net value. Anything past that was considered quite grand already.

The terrifying thing was, in ten days, there would be an auction worth over 10,000,000 gold coins!!!

With a net value of over 10,000,000 gold coins, it meant that, in this auction, every item was worth over 500,000 gold!!

500,000 gold was definitely not a small sum to any family. This meant that each item in the auction was worth it for every family to fight for. A 500,000 gold item would usually be the anchor of an auction, but for this particular one, every item was worth the value of an anchor item in a normal auction!

Of course, it definitely wasn’t possible that every single item was worth 500,000 gold. Instead, it was because the auction house had a treasure that could make every clan in Gangluo City gasp--- a sixth level soul armor!!

Sixth level soul armor!!! An ultra treasure worth 5,000,000 gold alone!!

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