Chapter 419: Mo Xie, Thirteen Inferno Hells

Chapter 419: Mo Xie, Thirteen Inferno Hells

Hearing Ting Lan say that, Chu Mu finally realized that his current strength was indeed very different from his previous self. If these people didn’t know, they would definitely be driven mad.

“Realm Defender, should be pretty interesting.” Chu Mu smiled largely.

“You train outside often, so if the realm was set in any bewildering world, your advantage would be huge. Though soul pet trainers almost all trained outside often, I think it would be extremely rare to find anyone in the young generation as crazy as you.” Ting Lan said.

“Are there any more modes?” Chu Mu continued to ask.

“Modes are always decided by the Tianxia City, and need the confirmation of members from all the big factions. Every year, many new modes pop up, including deathmatch, obstacle course, hunting, trespassing, boss raid…… I didn’t participate in the past Battle of the Realms, so I’ve only heard from others, too.” Ting Lan said.

Chu Mu indeed didn’t realize there were that many modes in the Battle of the Realms. Presumabl,y guessing the next mode in the challenges was another key art to learn. And, if hunting, obstacle course, and boss raid appeared, it was very likely many teams would compete directly, making it even more difficult and have many more variables.

No matter what mode the Battle of the Realms was held in, Chu Mu believed that with his all-rounder potential, he could adapt and face it well, differentiating himself from the rest of the experts in the competition!

Battle of the Realms, Chu Mu had gained some more anticipation for it!

From Ting Lan’s description, Chu Mu understood a rather important piece of information.

That is that contestants who make teams and contestants who don’t aren’t really that different.

All Battle of the Realms were on an individual basis. Each person goes through the realms by themselves, and some realms even had a restriction of one person.

So, usually those people with teams would first pick a few members of similar strength and, whenever the split up members happened to be in the same realm, they would group up and help each other to get through the next realm.

Of course, many realms potentially could only let one person through. At this time, many members have to quit out voluntarily, letting the stronger team mates continue.

Because of these regulations and modes, most big factions’ truly powerful young generation experts often went alone. If they went in same faction experts, then if there were a realm that only allowed one person through, no one would be willing to exit.

“This means that, through the entire realm process, even if you have teammates already, you could be by yourself from beginning to end?” Chu Mu asked.

“En, there is that possibility. However, past three realms, the chances they appear in the same realm would increase. 

“But this way, won’t a situation arise where the factions will escort one competitor? Each realm may have numerous competitors and if there are this many people, then there will definitely be people from a certain faction that revere the said faction. Thus, wouldn’t it be the case that one would be able to easily break through the realm as long sa the faction behind him or her is large enough?” asked Chu Mu.

“Such situations have occured in the past, but now, practically none of the factions use this method. Firstly, to strong younger generation members, normal members are of little help to them. For instance, in a crossing world round, while crossing an incomparably dangerous bewildering world, the weaker soul pets will lag behind.”

“Moreover, the Battle of the Heaven’s honor rewards are exceptionally generous. Even if they are from the same faction, there may be some people who harbor ulterior motives and at the final moment backstab someone in order to steal the honor. Therefore, even if it’s a faction’s strongest member, they will only choose people who they trust. Adding on the fact that other factions will intentionally try and sneak their way into their group, almost every strong young expert will travel alone. It’s faster and more direct.” Ting Lan’s explanation was largely understood by Chu Mu.  

Within each faction were still different branches. The ultimate honor would only go to one person, and no one was willing to surrender this honor to anyone else. Thus, using the strength of one’s faction was still used in the earlier realms, but in could ostensibly no longer be used in the latter realms.

“Does that mean that I may end up encountering you in the Battle of the Realm, and that we may end up as opponents or teammates?” Chu Mu asked Ting Lan.

“We are teammates.” a smile rose on Ting Lan’s face.

After understanding the Battle of the Realm design, Chu Mu the people who he could trust were probably Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng and Ting Lan who he had saved before. If he encountered them in the later realms, he could form a team with them and their chances of breaking through the realm would be slightly higher. As for situations where only one person could pass, that could only be discussed when the time came.

After returning to Soul Palace, Chu Mu gave the poison he collected to Ye Qingzi.

Of the two portions of poison Ye Qingzi concocted, she gave one to Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the other to Ye Wansheng to strengthen his Sword Beetle.

Ye Qingzi had already prepared the Origin Wood Heart for Chu Mu and all he had to do was strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and have it use its Life Force Absorb Technique to absorb the poison effect into its body before its attacks would be able to corrode defenses with poison!

Chu Mu had Jia Jin search for the items he was looking for. She managed to find spirit items that Mo Xie and the Night Thunder Dream Beast needed for their fighting strength rank and phase and stage, equipment for Zhan Ye and ice type spirit items… Amongst these spirit items, Ye Qingzi prepared the strengthening spirit items for the Night Thunder Dream Breast, saving Chu Mu about 50 million; he only spent about 200 million for the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The spirit items Mo Xie needed were nearly all at the ninth rank. Ye Qingzi’s concoction success rate wasn’t very high, so Chu Mu had to painfully spend 300 million to purchase ninth rank soul crystal and Nine Tailed Fox spirit items for Mo Xie.

He wasn’t able to get a discount on Zhan Ye, so he spent an entire 100 million on it to purchase a seventh rank full form offensive soul equipment. This raised Zhan Ye’s fighting strength rank to the middle class monarch level.

He also had to spent 200 million on the Ice Air Fairy’s spirit items. According to his estimates, after 200 million worth of strengthening, the Ice Air Fairy’s fighting strength rank would probably reach the middle class monarch level and get one step closer to controlling glazed ice. 

Chu Mu had brought back 900 million worth of assets. He had spent 800 million of it on the Ice Air Fairy, Mo Xie, the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Zhan Ye. He considered spending the remaining 100 million to find a soul equipment for the Ghost King, raising its absolute defense.

The Ghost King’s defense had reached the full eighth rank. If it used its Ghost King Transformation, its defense would increase to the pseudo ninth rank. If he added on a soul defense armor to the Ghost King, it defense would increase another level. In this way, even a ninth rank technique would find it hard to deal damage to the Ghost King.

The Ghost King’s soul armor naturally could not be of the seventh rank. A seventh rank soul armor was simply of no use to the Ghost King’s pseudo ninth rank defense.

An entire 400 million was needed for an eighth rank soul armor. When Palace Yu had targeted Shen Yicheng, he had given Chu Mu 200 million as a reward, as an added benefit from Soul Palace for young people participating in the Battle of the Realm.

Adding it all together, Chu Mu had a total of 300 million. If he was able to obtain 100 million in the remaining amount of time, he would be able to purchase an eighth rank soul armor for the Ghost King. This way, it would truly be in an invincible position as an absolute defense soul pet.

In the past, earning 100 million was extremely difficult to Chu Mu. Back in Dun City, in order to obtain the Nine Tailed Inferno Fox’s Heart, he had to rack his brains to acquire enough money.

Right now, if he wanted to earn 100 million, the only question in Chu Mu’s mind was the length of time. This time, he definitely had enough time to take an eighth rank mission and return.

Of course, to save time, before Chu Mu set out, he naturally would strengthen his soul pets first. After completing the strengthening, this 100 million mission would be the best warmup for the Battle of the Realm.

Mo Xie’s strengthening process went rather smoothly and without any mishaps rose to a ninth phase first stage middle class monarch.

After strengthening, her dual royal flames had evidently changed. The blood flames and the demon fire evil flames had both risen to the high rank.

Chu Mu was extremely pleased because when Mo Xie stepped into the ninth phase middle class monarch rank, she finally comprehended a new eighth rank fire type technique - Thirteen Inferno Hells, This was an exceptionally important fire type technique to Chu Mu because he could infuse his own fire type technique and the White Nightmare’s fire type technique to create a three layered technique. This would create something capable of instantly killing enemies stronger than him by a few levels.

According to Chu mu’s estimates, the layering of the Thirteen Inferno Hells and his Chong Mei effect would reach a might of nearly the ninth rank middle stage. If the White Nightmare comprehended the Thirteen Inferno Hells as well, then three layers would reach a might of nearly the ninth rank late stage.

The might of a ninth rank late stage fire type technique was something probably only few in the second grade could resist and the ultimate honor would basically be obtainable. 

Therefore, once Mo Xie comprehended the incomparably mighty eighth rank fire type technique, Chu Mu quickly turned his hopes onto the White Nightmare. If the White Nightmare managed to comprehend this fire type technique when it reached the ninth phase, then Chu Mu would truly be able to sweep through the second grade!

Chu Mu had previously listened to Ye Qingzi’s oriented training. In the subsequent period of time, Chu Mu would firmly purchase various blood flame spirit items for the White Nightmare in order to increase the chances of it comprehending the eighth rank fire type technique - Thirteen Inferno Hells! 

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