Chapter 418: Realm Defender, Chu Mu

Chapter 418: Realm Defender, Chu Mu

No matter how many Wild Desert Scorpions there were, under the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type techniques, these creatures were unable to withstand a blow.

Seeing the groups of Wild Desert Scorpions being ripped to shreds by the sweeping violent wind, Chu Mu couldn’t help but sigh. If he had obtained the Binding Wind Spirit earlier, he wouldn’t have had to spend two months in order to collect enough venom.

Nine Hurricanes! 

Nine eighth rank Hurricanes surged through the sand-like nine wild serpents. Each hurricane swept up four to five Wild Desert Scorpions; even if they were not immediately killed inside the hurricane, it was enough to leave them heavily wounded.

Chaotic Wind Cave! 

The black wind cave began to coagulate at the Binding Wind Spirit’s fingertips. It began to expand in front, reaching a range of several hundred meters. This area it covered had a total forty Wild Desert Scorpions and with great difficulty, buried their pincers in the ground to fasten themselves to the sandy ground. 

However, the Wild Desert Scorpions extremely near to the wind cave found it very hard to resist. Rapidly, a dozen Wild Desert Scorpions were sucked into the wind cave. Their thick sharp armored body were crushed into pieces, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere. The dense stench from the scorpion race pervaded the air and began to mix with the low hanging bloody air. 

Ting Lan stood beside Chu Mu and stared in shock at the destructive wind attack of Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit. For a long while, her small mouth stayed open. 

Ting Lan’s memory was very good, and she knew that this Binding Wind Soul Pet was the Binding Wind Spirit that was originally at the eighth phase high stage which fought her Linyin Beast back then. It was also the one that Chu Mu had mistakenly captured. At that time, the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit’s strength was also a bit stronger than her Linyin Beast. 

However, at the moment, the Binding Wind Spirit’s strength had greatly increased, and practically any of its wind type techniques with an incantation time longer than a second reached the ninth rank. Further adding on the fact that the Binding Wind Spirit didn’t need to chant an incantation to control the wind, it was able to form a wind domain with expansive range. In this domain, it was impossible for any of the Wild Desert Scorpions to approach. These hundreds or thousands of eighth phase commander rank soul pets were pretty much reduced to weak ants that could be trampled by the Binding Wind Spirit! 

A little while later, a pile of nearly a hundred Wild Desert Scorpion corpses accumulated around Chu Mu. Back then, Chu Mu had spent several days in order to kill this many with his Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Mo Xie and the Ghost King; yet, now, the Binding Wind Spirit had spent this short amount of time to finish off this amount. This couldn’t help but cause Chu Mu to let out a sigh in awe of the ninth phase middle class monarch strength! 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, you come out as well and clear up the field.” Chu Mu chanted an incantation, and also summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that was adept at group fights in front of him. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier, when it entered this place last time, was still at the seventh phase high stage. It had now reached the eighth phase ninth stage, meaning it had risen by an entire phase. Although its strength was still two grades lower than the Binding Wind Spirit, it could nearly reach the level of instantly killing these Wild Desert Scorpions. 

These two soul pets began to eradicate the Wild Desert Scorpion Legion together while the Night Thunder Dream Beast was responsible for the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions. Despite such a large scale Wild Desert Scorpion group battle, Ting Lan felt that she didn’t need to participate at all. 

However, Ting Lan had come out to train, so she couldn’t just watch Chu Mu from the sidelines. She promptly summoned her Linyin Beast and began to attack the Wild Desert Scorpions.

After strengthening, Ting Lan raised the Linyin Beast to the ninth phase first stage; its strength had thus increased by a large amount. 

“Your Linyin Beast’s single killing ability is relatively strong. Have it work with my Dream Beast to get rid of the ninth phase and nearing tenth phase Wild Desert Scorpions.” Chu Mu glanced at TIng Lan’s mighty Linyin Beast and spoke.

Ting Lan nodded her head and released her soul remembrance. She then began to search for ninth phase and above Wild Desert Scorpions.

The Linyin Beast’s defense was extremely high. When it was in the depths of this large group of eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions, it was as if it was trampling over a region of dwarves. The Wild Desert Scorpion attacks were ostensibly incapable of breaking the Linyin Beast’s Dawn Armor defense. 

Moreover, the Linyin Beast’s beast type strength was identically unstoppable. Amidst the Wil Desert Scorpion Legion, this soul pet seemed to have entered an empty region and was easily able to follow the Night Thunder Dream Beast. The moment the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demonic restriction techniques locked down a ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion, the LInyin Beast’s Light Claw would fiercely swipe forth. If it landed, the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion would at least be wounded if not dead. 

“Chu Chen, how did you sign a soul pact with a mature Binding Wind Spirit?” finally, Ting Lan couldn’t help but ask this question. 

A ninth phase third stage middle class monarch: such a soul pet was absolutely an extremely powerful existence in the second grade. Even Ting Lan herself only had one ninth phase fourth stage middle class monarch - the Ice Fire Demon - that could contend with Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit! 

Moreover, Ting Lan already had a certain amount of knowledge towards Chu Mu’s soul pets and knew that the strength of his soul pets were not as simple as they looked. This being the case, she felt that perhaps Chu Mu’s strength was no longer much less than her’s. 

In Dun City, Ting Lan’s single Linyin Beast was capable of defeating all of Chu Mu’s soul pets. 

Yet, in under a year, while Ting Lan’s soul pets were stuck at a bottleneck, Chu Mu’s strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, instantly catching up to her. Such speed truly could only be described by the word terrifying. Ting Lan found it very hard to imagine how this man had raised his soul pets’ strengths to such a realm in such a short period of time.

Chu Mu knew that explaining his Binding Wind Spirit’s situation would be extremely troublesome so he gave a rough account and said: “I stole a bottle of memory fluid from Shen Yicheng and after washing its soul, obtained this Binding Wind Spirit.” 

“Memory Fluid? How did Shen Yicheng have Soul Alliance’s item?” asked Ting Lan.

“It should be because the Soul Alliance member called Feng Kun gave it to him.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s explanation was very simple and carried an indication of how he raised his strength so quickly. Ting Lan could be sure that in this period of time, this man had undergone a training method that was completely abnormal and forcibly raised his strength. No matter the case, those that were able to do it to such a degree were probably less than few in the entire Tianxia City. Ting Lan thus couldn’t help but admire Chu Mu! 

The last time he had done this, Chu Mu had spent two months in order to collect approximately a thousand portions of poison. This time, Chu Mu merely spent seven days to sweep through Housha Region’s Wild Desert Scorpion Legion and collected nearly a thousand portions of poison. Such an increase in strength couldn’t be more obvious. 

Chu Mu originally hadn’t planned on staying for too long to train this time. After having a taste of the Binding Wind Spirit’s powerful wind type fighting strength, Chu Mu’s confidence was now greatly increased. It was presumable that in the Battle of the Realm, it would be time for Chu Mu to amaze the world and shock everyone! 

“I nearly forgot to tell you.” En route back, Ting Lan suddenly thought of something and spoke to Chu Mu. 

“What?” asked Chu Mu inquisitively. 

“It’s like this. According to the Battle of the Realm’s requirements, each faction must pick one Realm Defender at each grade. You had previously been considered the strongest of the third grade, but afterwards the knew of you defeating Shen Yicheng has spread. Thus, after the investigation of Soul Alliance, Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Merchant Alliance, Elemental Sect and the other numerous factions, our Soul Palace has decided to have you become the Realm Defender.” said Ting Lan. 

“Have me become the Realm Defender? What is the Realm Defender?” Chu Mu felt confused. 

“You don’t understand the competition structure of the Battle of the Realm?” Ting Lan’s beautiful eyes looked at Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu shook his head. He had previously asked Old Li, but Old Li had said that the Battle of the Realm was very complex and he would tell him in detail when the time came. 

Recently, Chu Mu’s brain power had been focused on increasing his strength and he truly didn’t go and thoroughly understand the competition structure of the Battle of the Realm. 

“Alright then, training madman, let’s use our returning time, and I’ll give you a general account.” 

Ting Lan faintly laughed and began to explain to Chu Mu the meaning of Realm Defender. 

“The so called ‘grades’ are not classifications for young experts. Instead, they are customary convention that have been adopted by the various large sects for many years until now. Normally, each age group will be classified as a grade and they will compete amongst each other for the ultimate honor. This way, it is more fair for different aged soul pet trainers.

No matter if it is the group competition or individual competition, they take the form of realm breaking through. The first grade’s ultimate honor has ten realms, the second grade’s ultimate honor has nine realms and the third grade’s ultimate honor has nine realms.” 

 “Realm breaking through? Could it be that it takes the form of crashing through a barrier?” Chu Mu asked according to his understanding. 

“No. Realm has the meaning of rounds. Each team or person begins from the first realm and different teams and individual people will have different first realms that they must break through; the configuration of each realm is further different. Our second grade means we must break through a total of nine realms. The difficulty of each realm will increase as we go and no one knows what they will encounter in each realm or what they will have to do. Taking the example of the Realm Defender I just spoke of… this is only one of the configurations.” 

“For instance, if you were to be breaking through the fourth realm, in this round, the competition authorities could require you to defeat a famous Tianxia City young expert. This expert’s strength would have been evaluated by the various large factions before being assigned as a defender at a realm of certain difficulty. Only by defeating him or can you advance to the next realm. If you lose, you will be eliminated.

These young experts are chosen by the competition authorities amongst all the young experts that are participating in the Battle of the Realm. To these Realm Defenders, the defense they must mount is also their own fourth round. If they defend successfully, they can advance to the next realm.” 

Chu Mu more or less understood this. Simply speaking, he had now been chosen as a Battle of the Realm defender at a certain point.

His job was to defend a point and prevent the other competitors from breaking through. 

At the same time, defending this point was also a trial to Chu Mu. If he failed, he would be eliminated. 

“Those people that try to break through your Realm Defender ground are going to have a headache.” Ting Lan saw that Chu Mu understood the idea of a Realm Defender, yet proceeded to let out a light laugh. 

“What?” Chu Mu didn’t understand. 

“The various large factions underestimated your strength. They are definitely going to place you at a rather low difficulty realm, yet your strength is already so powerful. Those teams that try and defeat you, this Realm Defender, are going to suffer a calamity!” 

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