Chapter 417: New Pet, Binding Wind Spirit (2)

Chapter 417: New Pet, Binding Wind Spirit (2) 

Chu Mu’s training this time practically took an entire three months. After he returned to his room, Chu Mu couldn’t wait to begin signing a soul pact with this Binding Wind Spirit. 

Since the Binding Wind Spirit was willing to sign a soul pact with Chu Mu, he didn’t need to waste any mental energy. He only had to chant a short incantation and the soul pact was immediately finished.

A blue halo of agreement hovered above the Binding Wind Spirit’s head.  Under Chu Mu’s control, it slowly shrank and fused into the Binding Wind Spirit’s forehead, imprinting itself onto its soul. 

After the soul pact mark was imprinted, the weak connection between Chu Mu and the Binding Wind Sprint instantly grew strong. Chu Mu would only have to use his mind and he would be able to feel what the Binding Wind Spirit was thinking. 

This was the first time Chu Mu signed a soul pact with a fully grown soul pet, so he intentionally began a comparison between the two types of soul pacts. 

An evident difference was that the tacit understand between the Binding Wind Spirit and Chu Mu, due to signing a soul pact when its intelligence was already mature, wasn’t as intimate. Moreover, even if the Binding Wind Spirit had signed a soul pact with Chu Mu, it still possessed its own self-awareness, and could potentially prove to be strenuous for Chu Mu to control. 

For example, if Chu Mu wanted the Binding Wind Spirit to use a particular technique, it could instead use a different technique according to its old fighting habit. This tacit understanding could be slowly trained in the future, so the effect wasn’t too big. 

Furthermore, Chu Mu didn’t understand the Binding Wind Spirit’s techniques very well at the moment so for the short period of time following, he felt that it may be better to have the Binding Wind Spirit fight autonomously.

A ninth phase third stage mid class monarch. The Binding Wind Spirit probably only needed a few seconds of incantation to be able to create a ninth rank wind type technique. 

“Hao zha~~~Han~~”

After the Binding WInd Spirit’s soul was linked with Chu Mu, some intimate feeling gradually developed. Although this intimate feeling would be slightly weaker due to its mature intelligence, at the moment, the Binding Wind Spirit would not disobey any of Chu Mu’s orders. 

There were still two months until the Battle of the Realm. In these two months, Chu Mu didn’t plan on slacking off raising his strength at all. 

Previously, Ye Qingzi had mentioned to him that she would be able to concoct an Origin Wood Heart for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that would allow it to not be poisoned when it absorbed poison. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was very powerful in group fights, and its attacks were extremely frequent, but its attacks were clearly weak. If it could possess a poison effect, it would be even mightier. 

It truly had a great need for poison, so Chu Mu planned on heading to the Ancient Desolate Plain’s Sha Region again to collect the venom from a thousand Wild Desert Scorpions. 

After Chu Mu returned to Soul Palace, he rested there for a few days before selling all the items he had obtained. It happened to match the amount he had planned on before of 900 million.

Chu Mu could have Jia Jing help him purchase only some distinct spirit items for him and have Ye Qingzi concoct the others. In this case, Chu Mu would thus only have to have Jia Jing purchase the necessary ingredients and Chu Mu perhaps didn’t need to spend that exact amount to purchase all the materials he needed. 

With the remaining money, Chu Mu would definitely buy soul equipment and do his best to raise the strength of his soul pets. 

“Chu Chen didn’t you just return to Soul Palace a few days ago? Why does it look like you’re about to set off on another long journey?” Ting Lan had managed to see Chu Mu with great difficulty and ultimately found that he was about to leave again. 

“Yes, there isn’t much time. I’m trying to use the last amount of time to raise the strength of all my soul pets.” said Chu Mu. 

Aside from collecting the venom for his Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu was going to Sha Region mainly to see his new soul pet, the Binding Wind Spirit in action and use fights to develop a tacit understanding with it. 

 “Where are you going this time?” asked Ting Lan.

“Sha Region to collect the venom of Wild Desert Scorpions.” said Chu Mu. 

“Are you familiar with that place? I don’t go out to train very often so I’ve always felt that my control of soul pets in an actual fight is very lacking. I want to use the last two months to go out and train. Can I team up with you and go there?” said Ting Lan as she blinked her eyes. 

“Do you have a wing type soul pet? My training this time won’t be too long.” said Chu Mu. 

“Yes. The length of time isn’t important; it can be considered a warm up for the competition.” Ting Lan nodded her head and a smile rose on her face as she spoke.

“Let’s go then.” There was quite a distance to Sha Region so if Ting Lan had a wing type soul pet, it would really save him a lot of time. 

Ting Lan’s wing type soul pet’s flying speed wasn’t particularly fast, so in order to save more time, Chu Mu had his Night Thunder Dream Beast and Ting Lan’s wing type soul pet switch in the daytime to reach Sha Region in the shortest amount of time. 

Chu Mu had spent nearly two months in Sha Region and knew which place the Wild Desert Scorpions appeared the most. Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t hesitate to head there. 

"You… you want to go to Housha Region?” Ting Lan slowly realized something wasn’t right so she asked Chu Mu a question in a soft voice. 

“Yes, there are a few sand dunes in Housha Region that had innumerable Wild Desert Scorpions back when I trained here. This time, I want to see if I can completely wipe them out.” said Chu Mu. 

Ting Lan had originally thought Chu Mu had merely roamed around a regular eighth rank bewildering world. Who would have expected that this fellow would courageously charge into the most dangerous Housha Region. Having understood the meaning behind his words, he really had spent his time last time in Housha Region. 

“You really are a training madman…” Ting Lan muttered. 

“What did you say?” Chu Mu didn’t hear what Ting Lan said. He thought that Ting Lan was afraid of going to Housha Region so he specially asked her to repeat what she said. 

“Nothing. Let’s be a bit cautious…” Ting Lan shook her head. 

Chu Mu was rather familiar with this area of Housha Region. At night, Chu mu rode on his Night Thunder Dream Beast with Ting Lan as they traversed the territory of West Armored Death Scorpions into the Wild Desert Scorpion’s region. 

“Why is this place empty? Why is not even a single Wild Desert Scorpion here?” Ting Lan raised her elegant eyebrows as she surveyed the surroundings. 

“Sit here and wait.” Chu Mu carefreely sat down cross legged and silently waited. 

Ting Lan looked at Chu Mu confusedly. Seeing that he had closed his eyes and was resting up, she didn’t ask anything more and silently stood next to Chu Mu as she stared off into the distance of the desert… 

Suddenly, a blood-like captivating red appeared on the horizon. 

This was the radiance of the rising sun. The bright red gave people the feeling of a scorching hot flame igniting at the very edge of the night sky… 

The sunrise would always carry the warm color of twilight before rising with more color. However, the scene here was different, allowing Ting Lan to see a red colored bloody-like desert!

“The sunrise here is very special.” Ting Lan immediately pushed Chu Mu to have him open his eyes and look.

Chu Mu didn’t open his eyes. Instead, he merely spoke indifferently: “That region is the Red Poison Desert Snake Demon territory. It’s also a red colored desert. When the sunrise illuminates that place, the change in lighting occurs because of the red sand there. This is the reason why it looks like that.” 

Ting Lan didn’t go out often to train and it was ostensibly the first time she had seen this sort of wonderful beautiful scenery. Her pretty eyes displayed a tinge of longing as she stared at the colors. She muttered to herself: “Could this place have the most beautiful sunrise?” 

“It can only be considered so-so. There are many places which have even more beautiful and stunning sunrises.” Chu Mu slowly opened his eyes and his black pupils were reflecting a fiery red color due to the sunrise.  

Ting Lan tilted her head and stared at Chu Mu. She felt that he had often seen the sunrise and was about to ask him. However, after thinking carefully, this man seemed to spend all his time training outside so everyday he would definitely be able to see the sunrise of various different regions… 

“Get ready. We’re about to fight.” Chu Mu stood up on the sandy ground and stared at Ting Lan still infatuated by the gorgeous sunrise. 

“Get ready?” Ting Lan looked away and swept her eyes over the surrounding sand. Then, she discovered that when the red colored light shone over the sandy ground, tremors had surprisingly appeared on this originally incomparably tranquil sand dune! 

The sand dune was very expansive and one could not see the end of it no matter which way one looked. Moreover, these tremors were equally as expansive as the sand, causing Ting Lan to feel like they were the waves of an ocean. 

As the sunlight completely shone down, the entire sandy ground suddenly erupted. Sharp clamoring noises rang out from the sand dune and an enormous bug type energy pervaded the sand dune. It caused one to feel a dense poison aura that made breathing even slightly difficult.

The Wild Desert Scorpions didn’t like the darkness, but once it was light out, these things would form groups to move about! 

Ting Lan had thought of this possibility, but she didn’t expect that this many Wild Desert Scorpions would appear. These Wild Desert Scorpions seemed to cause the entire sand dune to be on the verge of blowing over. They were dense and concentrated and it was very difficult to find an empty space on the ground… 

“So… so many…” Ting Lan’s small face gradually paled. She swept her  eyes over and found that the number of eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions numbered from the hundreds to thousands. How long did they have to kill for?! 

Chu Mu didn’t say anything more. He immediately chanted an incantation and opened his eleventh soul pact, summoning the Binding Wind Spirit in front of him. 

“Suo pi~~~Zha E Zha” 

An incorporeal wind force began whirling around Chu Mu before slowly forming a wind array. It swept up all of the eighth phase scorpions within thirty meters of Chu Mu before fiercely tossing them far away. 

In the middle of the wind array, a figure surrounded by a circling violent wind that flickered with a mysterious light. The Binding Wind Spirit’s ninth phase monarch wind type aura suddenly swept forth!! 

 “A ninth phase Binding Wind Spirit…” Ting Lan was just about to summon her soul pet; however, after she discovered that Chu Mu had summoned a ninth phase third stage Binding Wind Spirit, her face immediately displayed a shocked expression! 

Ting Lan had believed until now that Chu Mu had captured the young Binding Wind Spirit and would slowly increase its phase and stage in the future. She never expected this man to possess a ninth phase Binding Wind Spirit. 

“Zhen ~~~ Zha ~~ Xie” 

The Binding Wind Spirit’s monarch aura was violent and imposing. When chanting an incantation, it only needed a few seconds and it would be able to brew a ninth rank wind type technique! 

A ninth phase wind type technique would be able to instantly kill a large group of Wild Desert Scorpions. Thus, when the Binding Wind Spirit angrily released the technique, several tens of densely packed Wild Desert Scorpions were swept up by the ninth rank Hurricane and easily ripped to shreds!! 

The ninth rank Hurricane covered an area of several hundreds of meters. As the technique swept through, over a hundred Wild Desert Scorpions were swept into the air and a large empty piece of ground appeared on the ground originally covered by the densely packed soul pet group. The power was so terrifying that Chu Mu couldn’t help let out a sigh. 

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