Chapter 416: New Soul Pet: Binding Wind Spirit(1)

Chapter 416: New Soul Pet: Binding Wind Spirit(1)

Chu Mu and Binding Wind Spirit’s souls were already slightly connected. So, when Binding Wind Spirit’s soul was growing, Chu Mu could only see changes in the Binding Wind Spirit from the outside.

From eighth phase to ninth phase, the binding wind spirit’s body type almost had no changes, yet Chu Mu could still clearly feel that the guarding turbid wind around it was transforming. The black turbid wind seemed like it was gradually being filtered, slowly revealing a mysterious silver!

The wind originally had no color, but while the wind spun around the binding wind spirit’s body, there would be occasional flashes of light sparking into existence, full of a mysterious power.

The morphing process was very quick, but what made Chu Mu even more confused was, after the binding wind spirit finished its morphing, it continued to grow and quickly reached ninth phase third stage!

Ninth phase third stage binding wind spirit, middle class monarch rank. Binding wind spirit only needed some slight chanting to create terrifying ninth level wind type techniques, so its strength was definitely saw a huge increase!!

“After the rinsing of the memory fluid, the binding wind spirit’s soul should already have shown signs of elevating. However, this elevation didn’t cause any changes in the binding wind spirit’s body. Presumably, in the past three months, the binding wind spirit’s pent up emotions have overly tired it and caused it to bottleneck. Now that all its emotions were released, it is undergoing a massive leap similar to when your devil tree battle soldier broke its bottleneck, going from eighth phase ninth stage directly to ninth phase third stage.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu looked at this binding wind spirit very confusedly. If this binding wind spirit had reached ninth phase third stage beforehand, then those Fierce Wind Demons would have been easily dealt with. The ninth phase third stage wasn’t far from tenth phase anymore. Once it reaches tenth phase, the binding wind spirit would be in the ranks of truly powerful soul pets!


Tears having fallen, its strength risen, the binding wind spirit had gotten a new life. After morphing and growing, it was no longer sullen and grim. It let out a string of clear spirit calls and circled Chu Mu in flight.

Chu Mu was still in strong wind belt, but under the control of the binding wind spirit, the wind power was slowly dissolved, leaving only gentle breezes.


Finally, the binding wind spirit landed lightly on Chu Mu’s shoulder and whispered something in its own language.

Chu Mu didn’t know what the little guy was saying, so he woke up his Ice Air Fairy to act as a translator for him.

Hearing what the binding wind spirit had to say, it excitedly let out a string of calls towards Chu Mu to deliver the good news to him as soon as possible.

“It wants to group up with us?” Chu Mu at first didn’t even realise what was happening, instinctively asking back.

“You want to sign a soul pact with me?” Chu Mu quickly rephrased his question to make sure this was real.

At eighth phase high stage, the binding wind spirit’s mind was already very set. Once it was ninth phase, signing a successful soul pact was even more unlikely, so Chu Mu didn’t have much hope. He had never expected that, after reaching ninth phase, the binding wind spirit would instead want to sign a soul pact with him!

“Sa~~~~~” Binding Wind Spirit nodded, its unique wind pupils as clear as they’ve ever been. Chu Mu could feel the sincerity in its eyes.

An emotion of pure joy surged into Chu Mu’s chest. Binding Wind Spirit was in control of its own soul. As long as it willingly signed a soul pact with him and had a true reason to become stronger, it was the perfect choice for a soul pet for Chu Mu!

The binding wind spirit’s strength was already ninth phase third stage middle class monarch rank, so it was even stronger than the Violent Blood Pool Beast of Shen Yichen’s that he killed!

All those fighting for the final honor in second tier had at least one ninth phase middle class monarch. Once he signed the soul pact with this mature binding wind spirit, it meant that Chu Mu was at the very least in competition for second prize!

A year ago, Chu Mu didn’t even have the strength to join the second tier. Half a year ago, Chu Mu had only barely stepped into second tier. After having binding wind spirit, Chu Mu stepped into the same tier as Ting Lan, Shen Yichen, Lu Shanli, Wang Xuan, etc. people as another seed member of second tier. This was especially rare because Chu Mu was at the age of third tier usually, yet he could already compete with second tier experts!!

And, Chu Mu’s strength was far from just this. The chances that Chu Mu reach ninth phase middle class monarch was also high. This way, Chu Mu would have two ninth phases middle class monarchs. With this formation, he would shock the world!


Little Mo Xie in pitiful appearance laid on chu Mu’s left shoulder. She let out a soft yet happy murmur, clearly welcoming the new member.

Standing behind Chu Mu, the white nightmare let out a strange laugh, as if he now had a new target to bully.

Only, if the binding wind spirit joined, it would immediately become Chu Mu’s most powerful soul pet. Before the white nightmare reached ninth phase or became high class monarch rank, it would only get bullied by binding wind spirit.

Night Thunder Dream Beast gave no indications of its emotions, only cooly glancing at Binding Wind Spirit.

“Young master, this binding wind spirit already has the fourth rank wind crystal’s crude form. The damaging powers of destructive wind energy crystal are incredible, putting it at the same rank as Glazed Ice. If it can completely control destructive wind energy crystal, the binding wind spirit should reach high class monarch rank. Since high class monarch rank is at least two tier of strength above middle class monarch rank, if it can successfully master destructive wind before the battle of the realms, young master has a good chance of earning the second tier honor. On the side, you can also destroy all those conceited fools who think they’re the strongest.” Old Li said emotionally.

Beforehand, Old Li had always hoped that Chu Mu could reach third tier honor. After all, at Chu Mu’s age, choosing third tier was the most logical option.

What Old Li couldn’t believe was, after the two utterly exhausting and dangerous trainings beyond his level, Chu Mu had forcefully pulled his strength from third tier strongest to second tier second strongest. Once Mo Xie, Binding Wind Spirit, and Night Thunder Dream Beasts’ strengths raise, Chu Mu would step right into second tier strongest as well!

Old Li had witnessed the jump in strength Chu Mu experienced in this period and couldn’t help but respect, from the bottom of his heart, Chu Mu’s mental strength and determination!

“We can’t sign the soul pact here, you should get into my soul capture ring still.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu’s own soul capture ring still held a young pseudo monarch rank soul pet. Soul palace had clearly stated that people can only bring one soul pet out. Even though binding wind spirit went into the sacred region door along with him, Chu Mu could only bring it back out the Binding Wind Sacred Region through the soul capture ring.

A young binding wind spirit was worth nearly a hundred million, but a ninth phase third stage binding wind spirit that was about to become high class monarch was worth many times that again, so how would Chu Mu not be willing to let it go?


After Chu Mu let that young pseudo monarch rank away, the binding wind spirit immediately let out a call as if to tell Chu Mu something.

“Yin~~~~~~~” Ning very helpfully translated it for Chu Mu.

After hearing it, Chu Mu’s eyes almost fell out!

“You hid all the soul cores and soul crystals of the Fierce Wind Demons we’ve been killing in a place?” Chu Mu asked.

“Qin~~~” Binding Wind Spirit nodded.

These Fierce Wind Demon soul cores and soul crystals were originally for it to keep as food and strength increase. In reality, with Binding Wind Spirit’s current phase, it wasn’t that useful for it anymore. The main reason the binding wind spirit was collecting was to release anger. Now, it became the perfect entrance gift to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu first let the binding wind spirit heal up in the soul capture ring and waited for it to heal completely before telling it to bring Chu Mu to the treasure location.

What Chu Mu was not expecting was this binding wind spirit not only collected the loot of the Fierce Wind Demons, but had also kept the loot of every enemy it had every killed here. This meant there were many more wind elemental crystals as well as other strange items.

“Young master, all of this together is near a hundred million too. Not only did you gain a mature binding wind spirit, but you also seemed to have gotten a young binding wind spirit along.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu smiled broadly. Seemed like the respect and benevolence Chu Mu showed the binding wind spirit in the past time was finally paying off. Chu Mu quickly collected everything and stuffed it into his spatial ring.

Though Chu Mu would undoubtedly spend more money on Binding Wind spirit in the future, this money at least solved a lot of Chu Mu’s current issues.

Chu Mu also knew that, once he was more powerful, he would definitely delve further into the binding wind sacred region’s mysterious Destructive Wind Belt!

Chu Mu had truly returned full of rewards this time!

Spending about ten days’ time, Chu Mu finally left the wind belts and reached the windless belt, finding the ancient sacred region gate.

Chu Mu had taken exactly three months inside the region. When he walked out, the sacred guards went through procedure and looked through Chu Mu’s soul capture ring.

The no-killing restriction was lifted, so spatial rings were allowed inside, but the sacred guards still had to check, because spatial rings could hide soul pet eggs.

Sacred Guard leader Zhuo Nong saw Chu Mu walk out and looked at him with confusion, “... Is this the third time you’ve entered?”

“No, I entered three months ago.” Chu Mu replied.

“You stayed in there for three months?” Sacred guard Zhuo Nong said with a clear pause.

The young generation able to stay inside for a month was already incredibly rare. One had to know that the aura in the wind belt was definitely not something a normal person could withstand. It was destructive towards a person’s body and mental state, needing attention after periods of exposure.

Chu Mu nodded.

“I also remembered that you went in three months ago to let an eighth phase binding wind spirit loose. How did you come back with a ninth phase third stage binding wind spirit this time?” Sacred Guard Leader Zhuo Nong finished checking the soul capture ring and asked Chu Mu speechlessly.

“This……” Chu Mu scratched his head awkwardly, not knowing how to explain the complicated situation in the moment.

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