Chapter 415: Wind Spirit Tear: Ninth Phase

Chapter 415: Wind Spirit Tear: Ninth Phase 

White Devil Flames soared high into the air, forming a devil flame barrier. The sweeping violent wind was stopped outside of this other type energy devil flame. 

 The White Nightmare let out a devilish weep and its aura stunned the group of Fierce Wind Demons. Various ice cold soul devil flames prevented the Fierce Wind Demons from daring to take another step forward.

When the Fierce Wind Demon Lord saw that a White Nightmare in possession of soul devil flames had arrived to hinder things, a wave of incomparably chaotic black wind streams appeared on the wind feathers on its head. The black wind stream began to rapidly expand, transforming into several wind sickles that could rip apart space. They then eerily and disorderly flew at the White Nightmare!

The White Nightmare used Devil Phantom and dodged the Fierce Wind Demon Lord’s mighty wind sickles. 

The Fierce Wind Demon Lord was also a middle class monarch, but its ninth phase strength was a level higher than the White Nightmare’s eighth phase eighth stage strength. The accuracy of its wind sickles was exceptionally high and although the White Nightmare used a evasive technique, its white devil flame body was soon torn by a deep cut!

Upon suffering a wound, the White Nightmare’s eyes changed, and gradually began to show fury towards the Fierce Wind Demon Lord. 

“White Nightmare, stop fighting.”  Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare.

The moment the White Nightmare was angered, it would persist on fighting. Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t let it fight for too long, and as he brought the Binding Wind Spirit out of the clutches of the Fierce Wind Demons, he immediately called the White Nightmare back.

"Night Dance!’

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s four hooves took to the air, and its black body began to rush through the chaotic violent wind. It slowly disappeared from the line of sight of the Fierce Wind Demons.

Of all the Fierce Wind Demons, only the ninth phase Fierce Wind Demon Lord could detect the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s tracks. However, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had already run far away and the Fierce Wind Demon Lord ultimately was unable to chase after its tracks in the darkness.

The sky was unfavorable to Chu Mu so he quickly had the Night Thunder Dream Beast land on the ground as he looked for a comparatively safe weak wind weak wind region. 

“Eat it. It will allow your wounds to recover faster.” Chu Mu retrieved a few eighth rank medicines from his spatial ring and gave them to the Binding Wind Spirit to take.

The Binding Wind Spirit didn’t refuse them. Its eyes were somewhat limpid as it took the eighth rank medicines before it dispiritedly lay on the ground. 

Compared to two months ago, the Binding Wind Spirit was now covered in wounds. There practically was no part of its skin that was completely unscathed. 

New wounds crossed over with old wounds. They covered the Binding Wind Spirit’s tiny body. It was hard to imagine how many fights the Binding Wind Spirit had experienced in these two months.

“There’s no point to your fighting method. There will finally come a day where you will die a miserable death at the hands of the Fierce Wind Demons.” Chu Mu spoke to the Binding Wind Spirit in his own language.

The Fierce Wind Demon Empire was precisely the one that had attacked the Binding Wind Spirit Tribe. Given that it was a Soul Pet Empire, the strength of one Binding Wind Spirit, no matter the case, could not take revenge for its tribe. Right now, the only thing the Binding Wind Spirit was numbly killing a few of the Fierce Wind Demon Empire’s Fierce Wind Demons. All this amounted to was a form of self-destruction and disencumberment. 

The Binding Wind Spirit didn’t communicate back to Chu Mu. It sat there, numbly, as if it had lost its soul…. 

Watching the Binding Wind Spirit like this, Chu Mu’s expression slightly changed. He knew that there was no point in speaking with the Binding Wind Spirit. He promptly stood up and jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back.

It was only then that the Binding Wind Spirit faintly lifted its head. Its slightly vacuous eyes glanced at Chu Mu, as if it was curious why this human would immediately leave after saving it. 

Two months ago, the Binding Wind Spirit had embarked on a one man struggle, and had since killed hundreds or thousands of Fierce Wind Demons. 

However, even it knew how incomparably large the Fierce Wind Demon Empire was. No matter how much it killed, it could not truly annihilate these enemies of its tribe.

The Binding Wind Spirit needed Chu Mu’s help. When Chu Mu had just appeared and saved it, the Binding Wind Spirit’s heart had been touched. If this human had used a soul pact on it then, relying on the extremely weak soul link, there was a chance that the Binding Wind Spirit would have accepted the soul pact.  

The Binding Wind Spirit had already seen the revenge buried in the very depths of its heart. It wanted to destroy the Fierce Wind Demon Empire which had caused it to lose everything. It knew that after it signed a soul pact with a human, its soul would certainly be enslaved; however, the Binding Wind Spirit believed that it wouldn’t forget its mission. It believed that this human would allow it to grow stronger and someday in the future, he would also be able to help it fully overthrow the Fierce Wind Demon Empire.

Yet, this human had left. The Binding Wind Spirit was a bit disappointed, because it was now going to have to face the Fierce Wind Legion that numbered in the millions by itself again. It would listlessly fight bruised and battered in this windy world and eventually meet its tragic demise in some corner of this windy world.   

The Binding Wind Spirit sat there. Its pupils became spiritless and limpid again, as it merely sat there, slowly recovering. 

The effects of eighth rank healing medicine were outstanding. The Binding Wind Spirit didn’t know how long it had stayed there for. When it had the strength to, it stood up and began to manipulate the power of the wind. It formed a perception wind ring around it that allowed it to detect every abnormal movement in the wind currents fifty meters around it. This prevented any creature harboring intents towards it from approaching it. 

Suddenly, the healing Binding Wind Spirit sensed a slight abnormality in the air. It was as if there was some dark energy that had outlandishly passed through its all-knowing wind ring and was quickly approaching it. 

The wind energy around the Binding Wind Spirit began to turn tempestuous as it used its mind to control the wind energy. It began to chant in incantation and it only needed to lock onto the soul pet that had infiltrated its way in before it could launch an attack.

Finally, the enemy appeared. The Binding Wind Spirit had already prepared; it guessed that it had probably been the ninth phase Fierce Wind Demon Lord that infiltrated its way in. Thus, this time, the Binding Wind Spirit ignored its wounds and immediately chanted a high rank wind type technique - a ninth rank wind type technique! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~” the ninth rank wind type technique had already been prepared and there were several beginnings of hurricanes that could be seen on the ground. All that needed to be done was for the incantation to finish and the powerful ninth rank hurricanes would rip this area of about a hundred meters to destruction! 

“It’s me, don’t be nervous.” suddenly, the voice of a human drifted into its mind.

The Binding Wind Spirit quickly sensed the weak soul link with the human, and hastily stopped its ninth rank wind technique...

After the Binding Wind Spirit halted its incantation, the beginnings of the ninth rank hurricanes were suppressed and the wind type destruction aura dissipated. 

“Qin~~~~~~~” the Binding Wind Spirit let out a shout as if it was asking Chu Mu why he came back.

Soon, the Binding Wind Spirit seemed to have sense that this human was different from before. After glancing over this human, it suddenly discovered that several more wounds had appeared on its body. This human looked just like he had engaged in a fight.

It wasn’t only the human. Even the Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the White Nightmare were covered in wounds. Moreover, from the state of their wounds, they were inflicted by wind type techniques.

The Binding Wind Spirit’s eyes showed curiosity. It didn’t know why this human had carried wounds back.

“Da da da da da~~~~~~”

Suddenly, Chu Mu opened his spatial ring, and over a dozen wind type cores fell out in front of the Binding Wind Spirit.

There was still a bit of remaining life force in these wind type cores and they should have just been retrieved from the bodies of wind type soul pets. There were a total of sixteen cores; a few of them were less lustrous while a few were more colorful. There was even one that circulated with a special wind type halo… it was clearly a ninth phase monarch soul core!!

Looking at the mound of soul cores that had just been taken from corpses, the Binding Wind Spirit’s vacuous eyes instantly transformed. Having slaughtered hundreds or thousands of them, the Binding Wind Spirit knew that these were all Fierce Wind Demon soul cores!!

The soul cores from those Fierce Wind Demons from before, including the ninth phase Fierce Wind Demon Lord, were all here. These soul cores were the hearts of the enemies, and was the only sacrifice that could make the Binding Wind Spirit feel that his clans members could rest in peace!

The Binding Wind Spirit had been recuperating from its wounds for only a short period of time, but Chu Mu had killed all of the Fierce Wind Demons the Binding Wind Spirit had been fighting against just now!!

“I killed them for you. You have enough time to recover now. Once you recover, then you can continue to fight for your life.” said Chu Mu, indifferently.

The Binding Wind Spirit stared at Chu Mu. Gradually, its pair of windy eyes no longer seemed as turbid. Instead, they were covered by clarity and life...

In the past fifty days, the Binding Wind Spirit had truthfully been able to feel the human approaching it one step at a time.

However, the Binding Wind Spirit didn’t want to allow an outsider to interfere with its vendetta. Ultimately, the Binding Wind Spirit came to slowly understand how insignificant it was to the entire Fierce Wind Empire. It really did need help and had hoped that this human would be able to make it stronger. The actions Chu Mu had just made had truly touched the heart of its bruised and battered body. It could no longer suppress the two months of sorrow it had amassed. Its falsified display of persistence completely collapsed and sparkling tears began to slide down its face from the corner of its eyes...

Tears of the wind… the Binding Wind Spirit’s soul tears...

The anguish felt from the destruction of its tribe, the misery of becoming a fleeing nomad, the the hopelessness of having its memories wiped, and the numbness from engaging in bloody fights. None of these had managed to make the Binding Wind Spirit shed a tear… 

However, when it saw Chu Mu and when it saw his eyes, the Binding Wind Spirit felt a tear fall from its eyes. This tear was the manifestation of its repressed hurt. Then, the tears fell without stop and it transformed into a heartbroken child… 

“The tears of soul pets develop from the soul?” when he saw the Binding Wind Spirit’s tears, the resonating sorrow made Chu Mu think of the special Monument Tear that had fallen from his eyes. 

At this moment, Chu Mu seemed to comprehend the ancient message of the Monument Tear; however, he indistinctly felt he was still missing something.

Suddenly, the Monument Tear in the bottle began to emit a faint glow that shone in his spatial ring. It made his ring give off a special lustre. 

Through the spatial ring, the light of the Monument Tear’s light reflected once more, and unexpectedly fell onto the Binding Wind Spirit’s pupils that were full of tears!


The Binding Wind Spirit was still in its moment of catharsis, and when the light shone on its pupils, it entered its soul. This, in turn, stimulated its soul, causing its exhausted soul to instantaneously fill up and further begin to evolve!! 

The evolution of the soul indicated that its strength was rising. The Binding Wind Spirit was entering a state of evolution, evolving into a ninth phase Binding Wind Spirit!!!!!

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