Chapter 414: Wind Spirit Tears, Ninth Phase Binding Wind Spirit (1)

Chapter 414: Wind Spirit Tears, Ninth Phase Binding Wind Spirit (1) 

The mental connection between Chu Mu and the Binding Wind Spirit grew weaker and weaker over the course of a month. Right now, he only knew which direction the Binding Wind Spirit was in at most. Whether he could actually find it was another question. 

“Young fellow, train properly here, eh? This uncle will leave first.” said the Soul Palace uncle very care freely. 

Chu Mu nodded his head, and said goodbye to this interesting Soul Palace uncle. 

Chu Mu closed his eyes, and attempted to use the fragmented, weak mental connection in his soul to find the Binding Wind Spirit. 

What made Chu Mu rather surprised was that the Binding Wind Spirit seemed to be on the outskirts of the strong wind region. That area, however, didn’t belong to the Binding Wind Spirit Tribe. 

“Whatever, let’s head in that direction to take a look eh.” Chu Mu thought for a moment before ultimately deciding to walk towards the Binding Wind Spirit.  


The wind force in the strong wind zone’s outskirts created a distinct obstruction to Chu Mu’s soul pets, meaning that their fighting strength would probably decrease by quite a bit here. 

Chu Mu released his soul remembrance to sense the surrounding wind force. Through the direction of wind, he attempted to search for the weak wind path which he had learned through the Binding Wind Spirit. 

Following this weak wind path, Chu Mu, with a bit of difficulty, began walking towards the depths of the strong wind zone outskirts. 

The area of the strong wind zone outskirts was actually rather expansive. Even with that Soul Palace uncle’s strength, he spent an entire two months traversing the whole strong wind zone. If it was Chu Mu, he would probably spend many more months in order to travel from the strong wind zone outskirts to the depths of the strong wind zone. 

Chu Mu could feel that he was very far from the Binding Wind Spirit; his main objective was to raise the strength of his soul pets so, while travelling, he continuously summoned soul pets to fight, while only subconsciously heading in the direction the Binding Wind Spirit was in. 

In the following period of time, Chu Mu mainly focused on raising the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s phase and stage to the eighth phase ninth stage. 

Without the help of spirit items, this wasn’t an easy task. 


In the subsequent months, Chu Mu spent the whole time in the strong wind zone outskirts. 

Fighting, continuing forward in the cold biting wind, continuing to fight… this continued for an over fifty days, and Chu Mu and his soul pets gradually got used to the severe environment. As his soul pets continuously received the onslaught of the wind over a long period of time, they were slowly released from the pressurizing force of the strong wind zone, and were no longer terribly weakened like before. 

In these fifty days, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, due to Chu Mu’s constant use of ice type spirit items, was the first soul pet to reach the eighth phase ninth stage. 

Immediately after, Night and Mo Xie stepped into the eighth phase ninth stage at practically the same time. It would now depend on the effect of spirit items to see if they could step into the ninth phase. 

The fights were extremely unfavorable to Zhan Ye in the wind zones. In the span of eighty days, Zhan Ye’s strength merely rose to the eighth phase seventh stage.  

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier rose to the eighth phase ninth stage as expected, and the Ghost King reached the eighth phase sixth stage. 

The White Nightmare could fly, and it fought very frequently in the wind zones. Moreover, this vile nightmare was unable to tolerate the strength of others’ being stronger than its own. Its strength thus rose to the eighth phase eighth stage. As a middle class monarch, its fighting strength was still the strongest amongst all of Chu Mu’s soul pets. 

“The wind crystals, soul pet crystals and wind type spirit items I’ve obtained together are worth about 600 million. I can’t capture soul pets, so I’ve raked in money rather slowly.” Chu Mu let out a sigh. 

Chu Mu’s soul capture ring already contained a pseudo monarch young pet that was worth approximately 50 million, so adding it all together, Chu Mu presently had a total of 650 million in profits. This was clearly 200 million less than the 850 million goal he had agreed to earlier.  

Chu Mu had used up pretty much all of his medicine and without medicine, continuing to stay in the strong wind zone outskirts was extremely dangerous. Furthermore, having had to continuously fight, his soul pets were exceptionally exhausted and they really did need spirit nourishment. 

“I think that the Binding Wind Spirit should be nearby. I have no clue what it came here for as its extremely far from the Wind Tribe.” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

In these fifty days, Chu Mu had pretty much travelled in the direction the Binding Wind Spirit was in. Having reached this place, he was essentially very close to the Binding Wind Spirit. However, since so much time had passed, the weak link between Chu Mu and the Binding Wind SPirit had substantially faded away. Chu Mu currently had no idea where this Binding Wind Spirit that had become a nomad was. 

A strange shout rang from above Chu Mu’s head. He raised his head, and quickly saw a few soul pets circled by brown wind force fly past his head, hastily heading in a certain direction. 

“Young master, these are Fierce Wind Demons!” Old Li mentioned to Chu Mu. 

“Fierce Wind Demons? Did we walk into the Fierce Wind Demon Empire territory?” Chu Mu was a bit astonished as he watched the turbid sky. 

There were a total of four brown wind figures in the sky that were approximately three to four meters high. Different from the wind type fairy race was that these Fierce Wind Demons had their own innate shape that resembled female witches draped in long brown tattered robes. Their voices were also exceptionally similar to the sharp cackle of a female witch. 

“The Fierce Wind Demon Empire should be in the destructive wind zone. These Fierce Wind Demons were evidently sent to other wind zones earlier to increase their span of influence. Seeing them hastily congregate in a certain area. There should be some sort of battle there and perhaps the Binding Wind Spirit is there as well.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He promptly jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back and had it fly towards the area in which the Fierce Wind Demons were congregating. 

The fight was approximately in the wind zone a thousand meters high in the air. The Night Thunder Dream Beast used Night Dance to hide in the turbid air as it rapidly flew towards the Fierce Wind Demon congregation.  

His gaze passed through the chaotic wind and Chu Mu discovered numerous wind type abilities gradually appearing in the distance. The powerful chaotic wind slammed against Chu Mu’s lappel and if it wasn’t because Chu Mu was using soul remembrance to protect himself, his garments would definitely be instantaneously shredded. 

Countless wind type techniques danced in the air. The brown colored Fierce Wind Demon figures seemed to occupy half of the aerial region. The Binding Wind Spirit’s body was petite so even if it was here, it would be extremely hard for Chu Mu to find it.  

“How do I differentiate between the strength of these Fierce Wind Demons?” Chu Mu spectated from far away and didn’t attempt to enter this chaotic battlefield. 

“The Fierce Wind Demons that flew past earlier were warrior rank Fierce Wind Demon Warriors. A relatively distinct characteristic is their three eyes and their wind feathers at the top of their head that resembles a witches’ hair. These wind feathers allow them to control wind force better.” 

“Commander rank Fierce Wind Demons are called Fierce Wind Demon Leaders. Their physique is more robust than Fierce Wind Demons and they have two wind antennas on their heads and through them, they have extremely powerful wind perception abilities. Their ability to control wind type techniques is much stronger than Fierce Wind Demons.” 

“Monarch rank Fierce Wind Demons are called Fierce Wind Demon Lords. Their shape is even more malevolent and the most distinct characteristic are the two extremely beautiful wind plumes that appear on the top of their heads.” 

“Emperor rank Fierce Wind Demons are called Fierce Wind Demon Emperors. They have an extremely venerable wind crown on their head. They are one of the most savage soul pets known by humans.” said Old Li. 

After Old Li finished his words, Chu Mu immediately shifted his attention to the Fierce Wind Demons unceasingly using wind type techniques in the air. 

As expected, Chu Mu discovered that there were different traits on these Fierce Wind Demons’ heads. Using wind feathers and wind antennas, the Fierce Wind Demons with antennas had visibly fiercer attacks than those with only wind feathers by several levels. 

Suddenly, from within twenty Fierce Wind Demons, Chu Mu discovered a soul pet with a different head trait than the other Fierce Wind Demons!

“Could that be a wind plume? Is that a monarch rank Fierce Wind Demon Lord?” Chu Mua sked in astonishment. 

“Indeed. From the looks of it, it seems to have reached the ninth phase low stage. The surrounding Fierce Wind Demon Warriors and Fierce Wind Demon Lords are probably all listening to its orders and have all gathered here.” said Old Li.


Suddenly, a sharp cry rang out through the chaotic sky. Amidst the wind type techniques covering the sky, a tiny agile body suddenly flew out of the heavy encirclement and shakily flew in front of a Fierce Wind Demon Warrior left on its own. 

The wind figure’s tiny arms stretched out and when they intersected with each other, a black chaotic wind surged forth and . Before the Fierce Wind Demon Warrior could mounta ny defense, it was ripped to shreds!  

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A fierce wind whipped forth and the moment the tiny body killed a Fierce Wind Demon Warrior, it quickly encountered numerous Fierce Wind Demon attacks. It was engulfed by a mercilessly powerful wind like a weed…  

“As expected, that’s it… facing so many Fierce Wind Demons on its own. That’s too much.” Chu Mu hastily had the Night Thunder Dream Beast run forward to help the Binding Wind Spirit break free. 

Dream Underworld!

A dark light rippled forth from the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horns and the demonic dream realm’s effects quickly engulfed the several Fierce Wind Demons pursuing the Binding Wind Spirit.

Taking advantage of these Fierce Wind Demons sinking into the dream realm, Chu Mu quickly summoned the White Nightmare and had it resist the attacks of the Fierce Wind Demon Leaders. 


The incomparably tired Binding Wind Spirit discovered Chu Mu’s arrival, and it let out a complicated shout. It didn’t excessively resist, and let Chu Mu haul it onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body. 

“White Nightmare, cut off our escape. Night, let’s leave this place first.” Chu Mu gave his order. 

There were numerous Fierce Wind Demons as well as a ninth phase Fierce Wind Demon Lord. It was extremely unwise to fight it so after Chu Mu grabbed the Binding Wind Spirit, he ignored whether this fellow was willing to or not and immediately fled to a safe place. 

The Binding Wind Spirit lay on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body as its two eyes were rigidly fixated on the ninth phase Fierce Wind Demon Lord. Its eyes emitted an eminently intense killing intent. It was presumable that once it had healed, it would come back to kill the ninth phase Fierce Wind Demon Lord! 

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