Chapter 413: Millionth Rank, Soul Pet Empire

Chapter 413: Millionth Rank, Soul Pet Empire 


Floating through the blue sky, weak black colored cyclones that were faintly discernible in the blue sky were left behind. These black colored cyclones were composed purely by chaotic streams of air as if they were wreckage left behind by the destruction of a building.  


The Binding Wind Spirit flew threw this incomparably void blue sky as it searched hard for its clansmen. Using its unique voice, it called for other wind type creatures; however, the only thing that called back under the blue sky was its own echo...

“Qin~~~~~~~~” the Binding Wind Fairy didn’t give up though. It circled the entirety of the blue sky, and didn’t leave unchecked any area that could possibly hide a wind type clansman. 

The Binding Wind Spirit’s shouts gradually became dispirited. It had already circled through the entire blue sky, but had yet to find any clansmen; nor did it find any intact wind nest. 

This Wind Tribe had evidently already been destroyed! 

Fragment after fragment of memories floated into Chu Mu’s brain, and waves of emotion gradually began to surge in his heart. 

Up until now, Chu Mu had believed that the Binding Wind Spirit had brought him to the Wind Tribe to help them repel enemies and restore peace to them. 

In reality, both Chu Mu and Old Li were wrong. 

The remaining Wind Tribe was merely the overgrown members of the Binding Wind Spirit tribe. There was no separated or linked wind nest, nor was there a wind type species group. 

When the Binding Wind Spirit went through its memories and further stepped into the Binding Wind Holy Region, it couldn’t wait to use the ancient wind path to fly towards the Wind Tribe. 

The Binding Wind Spirit’s memories were fragmented, and it remembered both how to fly back to the tribe using the ancient wind path as well as the unforgettable beauty the path back to the Wind Tribe evinced. 

However, the Binding Wind Spirit had forgotten - the Wind Tribe was already no longer in existence when it had left. 

The fragmented memories together with the Binding Wind Spirit had written a painfully dramatic comedy. 

Rooted deep within the Binding Wind Spirit’s heart was the destruction and disappearance of the entire tribe. Yet, the other half of the memory fluid had generated the creation of an irony by making it remember the good memories, but had hidden the most painful memories in an even deeper place. 

When the Binding Wind Spirit returned to its old tribe in excitement, the cruel reality finally manifested…. 

From the Binding Wind Spirit’s soul came an indescribable tragedy; Chu Mu could feel the emotion and could only stand there in silence as he stared at the pitiful soul pet. 

“Such a tragic outcome.” Old Li’s voice faintly rang out. 

Chu Mu didn’t think this would be the outcome. Yet, since this was the case, then perhaps it was better for the Binding Wind Spirit to have had its memories wiped and to be living in a false state of hope. 

“Binding Wind Spirit, cheer up, eh. Perhaps your existence will enable you to reestablish a new Wind Tribe.” Chu Mu said to the Binding Wind Spirit with his voice. 

Chu Mu ignored whether the Binding Wind Spirit could understand. He patted the Night Thunder Dream Beast and said: “Night, let’s go. This place no longer needs us.” 

“Hui~~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast also couldn’t help but look at the tragic Binding Wind Spirit as it broke into movement as it walked towards the world outside the blue sky. 

Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast left the Wind Tribe in silence. From behind them came the heartwrenching cries of the Binding Wind Spirit that didn’t stop reverberating around the windy firmament. Chu Mu was unable to find the young Binding Wind Spirit at the end, nor was he in the mood to continue searching. Nonetheless, Chu Mu quickly fixed his emotions; after all, regardless if he empathized with the Binding Wind Spirit, the Wind Tribe could not return to its original state. In the future, it would be up to whether the mature Binding Wind Spirit could find weak prey and survive in the middle of the wind zone. Then perhaps it would be able to reestablish an even stronger Wind Tribe. 

Chu Mu still had things he needed to do and didn’t stay too long because of the Binding Wind Spirit’s matter. He rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast along the wind path for a while, slowly entering the wind zone and strong wind zone. 

Most of the wind type soul pets in the wind zone had already been eradicated by the holy guards. To Chu Mu, there wasn’t much of a challenge while for the moment, Chu Mu wasn’t too sure of the soul pet strength in the strong wind zone. Therefore, after weighing the two option together, he decided to begin from the wind zone and powerful wind zone, and walk deeper in. He would train his own soul pets while also plunder resources from the Binding Wind Holy Region, making an enormous sum of money. 

“If you’ve finished preparing, we’ll begin our fight!” 

Chu Mu spoke to his soul pets in the soul pet space. 

His soul pets were all overflowing with fighting spirit and they were waiting for the moment to be baptised by battle! 

For the vast majority of his training, Chu Mu spent his time on the ground since fights in the air were very disadvantageous to Chu Mu. 

In reality, Chu Mu also had soul pets that could fly. The Night Thunder Dream Beast, White Nightmare and the Ice Air Fairy could all easily fight in the air. However, compared to wind type soul pets that could arbitrarily control the wind, they were at a clear disadvantage. 

Chu Mu’s original plan was to train for three months in the Binding Wind Holy Region. 

In the first month, Chu Mu stayed practically only at the edge of the wind zone near the strong wind zone. His main goal was to familiarize himself with the various wind type soul pets and have all his soul pets get used to how to face the various wind type soul pets in this disadvantageous environment. 

Chu Mu had brought a spatial ring inside the Binding Wind Palace and his strength had increased; however, he couldn’t ignore Old Li’s guidance. Therefore,when he had entered the Binding Wind Holy Palace, Zhuo Nong had turned a blind eye and allowed Chu Mu to bring Old Li inside. 

Chu Mu’s spatial ring still had six ice type spirit items that were prepared by Ye Qingzi for Chu Mu to control his soul temperature in these three months. 

Because of the stimulation of the ice type soul item, within a month, the Ice Air Fairy had increased in strength the most. It had just gone from the eighth phase third stage until the eighth phase fifth stage and now had reached the eighth phase eighth stage. It would probably reach the eighth phase ninth stage soon and thus complete one of Chu Mu’s small goals.

In one month, Chu Mu consciously felt that he was rather familiar with the various ways wind type soul pets fought so he continued in accordance with his style and fought those stronger than he was as he headed towards the strong wind zone! 

The strong wind zone and wind zone were not demarcated by visible boundaries, but the difficulty of the exterior of the strong wind region were probably near the most dangerous areas of eighth rank bewildering worlds. Further adding on the fact that all wind type soul pets in the wind zones were stronger, the strong wind zones were probably no less dangerous than ninth rank bewildering worlds. To Chu Mu, this truly was a challenge. 

Very surprisingly, the moment Chu Mu entered the strong wind zone, he encountered a soul pet trainer. 

Chu Mu had never seen this expert before, but he definitely was a Soul Palace member.

When he passed by Chu Mu, he sized up Chu Mu and cracked a friendly smile as he asked: “Young fellow, you sure have guts. So young yet you’ve run to the outskirts of the strong wind region. If you’ve lost your way, this uncle can bring you out.” 

“I just entered here. I plan on training for a while. Where in the strong wind zone did you come from?” asked Chu Mu. 

“The very end, probably near the destructive wind zone.” 

“Near the destructive wind zone? Isn’t that near the danger level of tenth rank bewildering worlds?!” Chu Mu asked in shock. 

The man wore a simple smile, and looked exactly like a good natured uncle from a rural area; he seemed nothing like a Soul Palace expert. 

“It’s alright; slightly inferior to a tenth rank bewildering world. Nonetheless, it’s not too different. Anyways, how long is it until the Battle of the Realm?” asked the Soul Palace uncle as he revealed a row of yellow teeth. 

“Four months.” responded Chu Mu.

“Four months? It turns out I’ve been lost for half a year. It’s good thankfully that I obtained the thing I wanted, otherwise half a year would have been wasted.” muttered the Soul Palace uncle. 

“Half a year?! You’ve been stuck here for half a year?” Chu Mu was astounded. He never expected this uncle to have stayed at the edge of Binding Wind Holy Region’s strong wind zone for such a long period of time!! 

“Each wind zone requires a very long time to walk through, and there are times when I’ll lose my direction. I spent months going from the wind zone to near the destructive wind zone, and then spent two months coming back.” said the Soul Palace uncle. 

After saying that, this Soul Palace uncle proceeded to say: “Most recently, a large group of Fierce Wind Demons has appeared in Binding Wind Holy Region. It’s probably because the destructive wind zone’s Fierce Wind Demon Kingdom is attempting to expand their territory and are waging several soul pet wars against other soul pet territories. I need to tell this matter to Zhuo Nong and have him seal Binding Wind Holy Region….” said the Soul Palace uncle.  

“Two months ago Binding Wind Holy Palace closed once and they further spent a month conducting maintenance.” said Chu Mu. 

“Oh, they’ve conducted maintenance. That’s good.” the Soul Palace uncle nodded his head. 

“What is this about the Fierce Wind Demon Empire you just spoke of? Soul pet’s have so-called empires?” asked Chu Mu in curiosity. 

The Soul Palace uncle let out a big laugh and said: “Us humans brand and call the soul pets that control enormous groups of same species soul pets that are difficult to describe as being part of an empire. Soul Pet Empires are always controlled by one or several tenth phase emperor rank soul pets and are an amalgamation of hundreds to thousands of monarch controlled territories, tens of thousands of commander controlled territories. In essence, they are soul pet groups that number in the millions and are divided by emperors, monarchs, commanders, warriors and servants. These are the so-called Soul Pet Empires.” the Soul Pet Uncle’s account made Chu Mu stunned. This was the first time Chu Mu had heard of this empire concept.  

Soul pet groups that numbered in the millions. What a shocking concept!! 

“Young master, didn’t you yourself experience being overrun by an empire?” Old Li’s voice rang out. 

“Did I?” asked Chu Mu. 

“Wogu City, Hibernating Desolating. The numerous winged Heavenly Devil Insects also formed an “empire”.” 

Old Li’s words made Chu Mu come to a sudden understanding.

It was true that the Heavenly Devil Insects that were classified into emperors, monarchs, commanders, warriors and servants, formed a complete empire system! 

“In my opinion, the destruction of the Binding Wind Spirit tribe is probably very related to the invasion of the Fierce Wind Demon Empire. If young master still has a soul link with the Binding Wind Spirit, then there’s no harm in going to see it. Perhaps you’ll still have a chance to sign a soul pact with it.” Old Li continued to say. 

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