Chapter 412: Ancient Wind Path, Wind Tribe

Chapter 412: Ancient Wind Path, Wind Tribe

Binding Wind Spirit was in front leading the way, while Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast tightly behind.

Binding Wind Spirit knew that Chu Mu would have to withstand a certain amount of wind damage, so in the process of leading, Binding Wind Spirit used its unique detection of wind to find the weakest points in between wind gusts to travel through. With this optimized route, Chu Mu would naturally suffer less from wind assaults.

“So its possible to find weak routes within wind belt. This way, I can have less obstructions.” Chu Mu silently noted this down in his mind.

If Chu Mu knew this method beforehand, his soul pets wouldn’t have lost so much of their fighting strength in the Ancient Wasteland before.

The path the Binding Wind Spirit was taking Chu Mu was a very special path. This path was right against the ground and constantly in wind belt, but for some reason Chu Mu felt the surroundings becoming strange, as if he walked into a new wind realm already. It was like a hidden tunnel in the turbid wind, one which lead to even mysterious wind land…...

Chu Mu’s feelings weren’t wrong, because when Chu Mu slowly entered further into this region of different wind conditions, Old Li gave Chu Mu a very surprising explanation. 

“Young master, this is the legendary Wind Path. In the many past years, some soul pet trainers with amazing experiences have once described that they accidentally walked into the Wind path, and suddenly stopped feeling the wind’s resistance and repulsion. It was like an open walkway within water that could lead you to an unknown region. However, because the soul pet trainers didn't know the exact path and route of the Wind path, they often only followed it for a tiny segment before falling back out of the wind path……” Old Li said.

“If so, then as long as you have a wind type soul pet, then wouldn’t you always be able to be on the wind path?” Chu Mu said.

“Impossible. Wind path is a legend that guides soul pets who roam outside alone. It allows them to find the way home through chaotic wind belts. Usually, only mature soul pets who leave to roam would know how to walk the wind path. Yet, these mature soul pets almost never sign soul pacts with humans, and are even less willing to bring humans towards their homes through the path. As for the soul alliance members who use memory fluid, the soul pets’ memories are wiped, so they wouldn’t know the path either.” Old Li said.

“So you’re saying, this binding wind spirit is bringing me to its wind home?” Chu Mu asked.

“If I’m not mistaken. This Binding Wind Sacred Region should have many wind species tribes. This binding wind spirit should be part of a tribe, of which a tenth phase binding wind spirit is lead. It probably contains many binding wind spirit families that form the core of this tribe. Also, these families would each control many other loyal wind type soul pet species as their guardians, creating a complete wind type soul pet hierarchy.”

“Then the young binding wind spirit should belong in the same tribe, but how did it escape into the wind belt?” Old Li wondered.

After commander rank soul pets matured, they all had their own territory. Since the binding wind spirits survived in tribes, then their monarch rank tribes’ territory must be massive.

In the past, Chu Mu was always extremely scared of monarch rank territories in his trainings in bewildering worlds, because they often had mature monarch rank soul pets in them, making it extremely dangerous for him to go in at his current strength.

In addition, many monarch rank habitats were very hidden. They were either very heavily guarded or hard to find. Very few soul pet trainers could enter monarch rank homes.

Thinking about the fact that he was walking along a wind path towards a middle class monarch rank tribe that has never been seen by humans, Chu Mu’s heart welled with a strange anticipation and excitement!

Chu Mu’s soul and the binding wind spirit were still connected mentally somewhat, so Chu Mu wasn’t worried he was being led into a trap. Holding his curiosity and excitement, he slowly realized that he had unknowingly entered the strong wind belt.

The wind path had exclusivity. It couldn’t possibly have any other soul pet other than those of the binding wind spirit tribe. Even if they could enter, they would be strangely expelled out of the path due to the complexity of the wind.

So, along the way, Chu Mu didn’t meet a single other soul pet, only with the memories left in his mind by the binding wind spirit did he vaguely feel that he was nearing the binding wind spirit tribe.


Suddenly, binding wind spirit left the ground, nimbly riding the wind along a certain route towards the skies.

“Night, follow it.”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast leaped into the air and started stepping in this turbid wind environment. When the ancient wind path started extending into the skies, Chu Mu slowly realized that the binding wind spirit’s tribe was post likely in an air territory protected by some special wind force.

Mature binding wind spirits’ speed slowly accelerated. From their soul connection, Chu Mu felt an excitement and urgency from it, so presumably they were almost at the tribe.

As they neared the wind tribe, some memories started floating into existence in Chu Mu’s mind…...

A deep blue and clean sky with countless black wind whirls silently spread out, painting some unknown pattern.

 With Chu Mu’s normal judgement, these were simply dark swirls in a blue sky. At most, he would find them novel.

However, when he analyzed along with binding wind spirit’s emotions, these black swirls were like a bunch of houses dotted through a peaceful land, creating an aloof village.

Black swirls all housed multiple wind type soul pets of the same species. These young wind type little organisms would all float up into the skies and happily leap around these villages. Other, half mature wind type soul pets would also show off their wind type techniques in skirmishes.

Far, far away, mature tenth phase hurricane fairies manned the edges of the entire village like watchmen, guarding the perimeters sternly and stopping any foreign species from entering.

From a human’s perspective, all of this was just a group of wind type soul pets wandering aimlessly in their territory, but with the newfound memories in Chu Mu’s mind, all of this became lively, as if a peaceful village that humans lived in.

At this moment, Chu Mu truly understood the excitement and urgency within binding wind spirit’s heart. It was completely a feeling of returning home, not any different from a human’s experience, except only displayed in a different way.

Perhaps all life was like this, except the differences in living methods between species caused a misunderstanding…...

Chu Mu was slowly putting himself in the shoes of the binding wind spirit. This was why even after its memory was wiped, the binding wind spirit wasn’t willing to forget about this home, the place it was born and grew up in…...


The binding wind spirit’s calls became happier, presumably remembering the same scenes Chu Mu was experiencing right now.

Thinking back to the curled up posture the binding wind spirit was in when captured, and now watching the binding wind spirit flying around happily in the skies, reinvigorated, Chu Mu couldn’t help but smile. It seems that not taking its memories away was correct. If the binding wind spirit lost its memories, even if its heart remembered the wind tribe, it would never be able to follow the complicated ancient wind path back there.

“Young master, binding wind spirit really is bringing you to its wind tribe. Maybe its tribe is suffering attacks from an outer force, and needs the help of soul pet trainers to repel them. These intruders may very likely also be the overpopulating soul pets that have been causing the binding wind sacred region to be unruly. These soul pet tribes are always very generous, so if this works, it’ll help solve your huge finances issue!” Old Li said excitedly to Chu Mu.

No matter how much soul pet trainers killed or found treasures in bewildering worlds, it couldn’t compare to having an alliance with this bewildering world’s ruler. Such soul pet trainers could easily obtain insane benefits as well as gain their help in times of danger. This may be the single greatest gift of spiritual soul pet trainers!

“Hopefully these intruders aren’t too powerful, or else I won’t be able to do anything.” Chu Mu said.

In reality, even Chu Mu didn’t think that he would be able to enter the binding wind spirit’s world under the identity of an ally…...


The binding wind spirit suddenly sped up and its nimble body disappeared into the clouds in a puff.

Chu Mu knew the ancient wind tunnel was at an end, so he immediately told his Night Thunder Dream Beast to speed up too and go towards the center of the higher turbid winds.

Chu Mu’s eyes were covered in murkiness, but this feeling was very short-lived.

A dazzling light shone through! Chu Mu instinctively shaded his eyes from the blinding light.

When he put his arm back down, Chu Mu felt everything suddenly clear up. In front of Chu Mu was a completely pristine sky, radiant with the most alluring sapphire color.

This scene coincided perfectly with the memories Chu Mu had. It was an air territory in the skies completely independent of the wind belt.

Chu Mu began to look around because he knew that under the blue skies there had to be many black swirls, the swirls which were actually the warm homes of many binding wind spirits and other soul pets…...

But, what surprised Chu Mu was, under this azure sky, Chu Mu didn’t see a single black wind nest.

The entire blue sky territory felt empty, as if a tribe without structures, seeming strangely desolate.

In fact, no matter how hard Chu Mu looked, he couldn’t find a single wind organism that should belonged in this tribe. Even those little organisms that danced happily in Chu Mu’s memories were nowhere to be seen…...

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