Chapter 411: Cooperate with the Binding Wind Spirit

Chapter 411: Cooperate with the Binding Wind Spirit

Windless region, still as quiet as an untainted paradise, silently sitting in the corner of the world protected by the strongest of wind belts…...

Stepping once again into the windless region, Chu Mu’s feeling was vastly different from the first time. The first time, he came in with the simple mentality of an observer. This time, he had to stay in this area for a long period of time to train his soul pets further.

When entering the Binding Wind Sacred Region, Sacred Guard Leader briefed Chu Mu, saying that because of the powerful wind type soul pets of wind belt proliferating, even after the sacred guards have cleaned through once, the danger levels were still much higher than usual. Many eighth level title soul pet trainers probably couldn’t safely catch soul pets in the Binding Wind Sacred Region.

Because the Binding Wind Sacred Region had already unlocked their zero-killing command, it meant Chu Mu could kill within Binding Wind Sacred Palace and gain bounties.

The reinstating and unlocking of the zero-killing command was a form of control that the soul palace imposed on the Sacred Region. Binding Wind Sacred region was a world. If the world became too strong, soul palace members wouldn’t be able to receive any benefits from it.

The reason the Binding Wind Sacred Region’s opening was delayed was also because of the overpopulation of powerful soul pets within the wind belt. Soul pet trainers almost couldn’t even step in. After a long month of sacred guards’ exterminating, it barely returned to its previous state.

The Binding Wind Sacred Region was boundless, so when the sacred guards cleared out the region, they would inevitably miss some spots. The remaining soul pets were then given to the soul palace members to clean up.

Chu Mu previously wanted to just capture a young binding wind spirit before heading towards eighth bewildering world to train. After all, there weren't that many rules and restrictions in bewildering worlds. However, once he learned that the zero-killing rule was revoked, Chu Mu decisively changed his training spot to Binding Wind Spirit; no bewildering world’s resources could be more plentiful than soul palace’s sacred regions.

Chu Mu’s following mission was also very heavy.

First, Chu Mu had to make Mo Xie’s fighting strength middle class monarch rank, as well as raise her to ninth phase!

Mo Xie should be pretty close to middle class monarch rank already. Under normal circumstances, if Chu Mu bought an item worth 100 million, Mo Xie’s fighting strength should be able to reach middle class monarch rank.

To go from eighth phase high stage to ninth phase, they probably need at least 200 million.

All together, to raise Mo Xie to ninth phase middle class monarch, Chu Mu had to prepare 300 million!

Secondly, Chu Mu had to fill in Zhan Ye’s equipment.

Full form offensive soul equipment needed 100 million. After wearing this soul equipment, Zhan Ye’s fighting rank would reach middle class monarch rank. If Zhan Ye completely utilized its Broken Limb Rebirth and Brave Stinging Heart, Zhan at full form could be even scarier than Mo Xie with Moonlight Essence.

Following that, Chu Mu had to raise Night Thunder Dream Beast’s fighting strength to low class monarch. Night Thunder Dream Beast was also a soul pet Chu Mu very wanted to raise to ninth phase, so Chu Mu had to prepare a soul item worth over 200 million to raise its phase to ninth phase.

This way, he would need 250 million. 

Adding on the purchase of ice type soul items, Chu Mu would probably have to spend an additional 200 million. Other than strengthening himself, this 200 million could also be used on the ice type fairy. Chu Mu felt that, after the two hundred million was used, Ice Air Fairy may even reach ninth phase!

At the end, Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier both didn’t need big upgrades yet, so Chu Mu just needed to raise them to eighth phase ninth stage. 

Without soul items to help, the journey from eighth phase ninth stage to ninth phase still needed a lengthy amount of time. Chu Mu specially spent an entire night to organize his next goals: Bring Mo Xie to ninth phase - middle class monarch rank, bring Night Thunder Dream Beast to ninth phase low class monarch rank, while raising all his other soul pets to eighth phase high stage low class monarchs.

Such strength was barely enough to make him even with Ting Lan from before, but Chu Mu was confident that Ting Lan had definitely gotten even stronger in the meantime, so whether he stood out in second tier was completely based off whether he could beat all of second tier himself.

Of course, to reach these levels, Chu Mu had to earn a total of 850 million. To him, this was a huge challenge. Even Chu Mu didn’t know how he would earn such a massive sum of money.

At the wind belt, he summoned Night Thunder Dream Beast. Remembering where he went with Ting Lan beforehand, he slowly approached the belt.

When Chu Mu entered Binding Wind Sacred Region, the sacred guards had reminded Chu Mu that only roaming in the wind belt region was sufficient. Strong wind belts could possibly have a large group of vicious wind type soul pets, rendering it more dangerous than even some ninth level bewildering worlds. If Chu Mu stumbled in, there would almost be no chance of survival.

Chu Mu didn’t have any plans to enter either, since his main mission was to catch the young Binding Wind Spirit.

With his memory, Chu Mu started traversing the wind belt.

Just as Sacred Guard said, the wind belt’s soul pet appearance rate was much higher. Chu Mu hadn’t suffered this much last time he came with Ting Lan and Li heng.

“This region has clear marks of a battle. That tenth phase wind type soul pet was probably exterminated?” Chu Mu slowly neared the wind pit and pondered.

Near the wind pit were many more wind pits now, presumably all caused by a tenth rank wind type technique…….

“Young master, don’t worry. Wind belt rarely has such creatures, or else soul palace members would never be able to get soul pets.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and patted his hand on Night Thunder Dream Beast to let its demon type senses loose to look for the young binding wind spirit.


Feeling that Chu Mu had returned to the wind belt already, the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit let out an excited string of calls, wishing for Chu Mu to let it loose.

If the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit was let loose, Chu Mu couldn’t guarantee that it would mess with his capturing of the young binding wind spirit, so Chu Mu let it stay put for now.


Binding Wind Spirit constantly sent sounds into Chu Mu’s mental world to tell him to let it out.

“Ning, ask if it has any relationship with the young binding wind spirit.” Chu Mu said.

“Ling~~~~~~~” Ice Air Fairy was an elemental world fairy species soul pet, so to a certain degree they could communicate. Very quickly, ice air fairy used its language to communicate with the eighth phase high stage binding wind spirit.

In the process, the ice air fairy also constantly relayed the fragmented information it learned from the binding wind spirit to Chu Mu, acting somewhat as a translator.

“It won’t stop us from looking for the young binding wind spirit?” Chu Mu asked.

“Ling~~~~” Ice Air Fairy said with certainty.

Binding Wind Spirit was like humans. If a young binding wind spirit was rid of all its defenses and willingly signed with a human, other binding wind spirits couldn’t stop it.

Since Chu Mu respected the binding wind spirit’s decision, the binding wind spirit also had to honor Chu Mu’s choice as well as its fellow species’ choice. This was something the eighth phase high stage binding wind spirit made clear.

“Then come out.” Chu Mu believed the binding wind spirit wouldn’t do something as meaningless as lie, so he chanted an incantation and let the binding windspirit out of the soul capture space.


The binding wind spirit’s tiny body slowly appeared, and a indiscernible wind power wreathed around it, completing a protection for this wind’s spoiled child, stopping anyone from nearing the Binding WInd Spirit.

Being back on its own territory, the binding wind spirit was clearly very excited. In this belt, the binding wind spirit’s strength could raise another level, reaching ninth phase low stage middle class monarch. Under this situation, capturing it again would indeed be difficult.

The binding wind spirit didn’t trouble Chu Mu, instead flying around Chu Mu for a couple of rounds. After enjoying the wind, it lightly landed on Night Thunder Dream beast’s head and waved its arms as it let out a string of chime like sounds, as if telling Chu Mu something.

“You can help me find the young binding wind spirit?” Chu Mu asked tentatively.

“Qin~~~~Qin~~~~~~~” binding wind spirit let out another string.

“Don’t worry, even if its adamant, I won’t kill it. I would at most capture it and sell it.” Chu Mu said.

“Qin!! Qin!!!” binding Wind spirit understood chu Mu’s words and started calling out angrily.

“Ning, explain equivalent exchange to it. Unless it can help us find something equivalent to a middle class monarch rank soul pet, even if I can’t sign with the young binding wind spirit, im definitely going to go sell it. A binding wind spirit’s lowest price was 500 million already within soul palace.

Ning quickly became his translator and, without wondering whether the binding wind spirit could understand, it conveyed Chu Mu’s thoughts over.

“Qin~~~~~Qin~~~~~~” binding wind spirit replied very quickly.

“You know where there are young monarch rank soul pets and wind type soul items? Do you need help?” “Qin~ Qing~~~~~~~” binding Wind Spirit happily nodded.

“I can help you, but I need a huge amount of wealth, If you say that I can have such a reward after helping you, then I won’t mind working with you.”

Chu Mu didn’t have a clear goal at the wind belt either. Since the eighth phase high stage binding wind spirit was betting its soul that there was something good, Chu Mu thought that it didn’t hurt to try.

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