Chapter 409: Psychic Soul Pet Trainer, Chu Mu

Chapter 409: Psychic Soul Pet Trainer, Chu Mu



Suddenly, just as Chu Mu was about to complete wipe the memories of the Binding Wind Spirit with his soul remembrance, the Binding Wind Spirit let out a string of sorrowful cries!

The cries were incomparably mournful and they reverberated around the entire battlefield, causing hearts to shake as they heard this sorrowful cry! 

Within this voice, it was possible to hear the tangles of some intense emotion. This emotion could not be understood by anyone, yet it was so heart wrenching! 

Chu Mu was stunned by the Binding Wind Spirit’s cry, and even the four people in the audience were now showing flabbergasted expressions. They all stared with expressions of curiosity and shock at the Binding Wind Spirit.

“That’s strange, its memories should have been wiped by you. How does it still have such an intense emotion wave? If this really is the case, I’m afraid that the success rate of the next step has become rather low.” Old Li’s voice rang out.

Chu Mu stared in shock at the Binding Wind Spirit only letting out pained cries. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do next.

“It could be that this negative reaction appears everytime a soul pet’s memory is wiped. I imagine that no soul pet would want his memory to be wiped. Since its memory has already been wiped, then continue attempting the next step. If you don’t succeed, then there’s nothing you can do.” said Old Li.

Old Li’s words suddenly stirred something within Chu Mu’s heart.

“It’s memories have already been wiped?” Chu Mu asked Old Li.

“Yes, they’ve already been wiped. It let out a shout like this probably out of some subconscious reflex from its original memories.” said Old Li.

“Subconsciousness?” Chu Mu muttered.

“Why don’t you give it a try. Even if the success rate isn’t high, it’s still better than not succeeding.” Old Li said to Chu Mu.

If the Binding Wind Spirit hadn’t let out this palpitating shout, Chu Mu definitely would not have shown any hesitation.

Now, however, Chu Mu was hesitating.

Chu Mu knew that in order to become strong, being irresolute wasn’t very beneficial much of the time; for instance back when Mo Xie signed a soul pact with him, he had also carried a bit of unwillingness. However, ultimately, even after the soul pact was undone, Mo Xie still did not leave him… 

On the contrary, the Binding Wind Spirit’s plaintive cries were like a bell ringing in his soul, causing Chu Mu’s soul to faintly quiver. At the same time, it caused Chu Mu to think of words that had always been his maxim: “Soul pets all have lives and souls. They are not humanity’s slaves. No matter how strong or weak, their dignity and choice always deserve the utmost respect!” 

This was what Chu Mu had told Qin Menger when capturing Mo Yes and had been influenced by his father: to become a powerful soul pet trainer while also simultaneously becoming a soul pet trainer with a soul! 

Chu Mu even remembered that Chu Tianmang had once said that becoming a powerful soul pet trainer truthfully wasn’t very hard. Instead, the hardest thing was becoming a soul pet trainer with a soul, because soul pet trainers without a soul could not sign a soul pact with powerful soul pets that actually possessed a soul! 

In the short period of time preceding this moment, in order to surpass his own limits, Chu Mu had focused solely on how to increase his own strength, and had inadvertently forgotten the original reason why he had become a soul pet trainer. 

In reality, after being invigorated and inspired by countless experts, it was very easy for each soul pet trainer to lose his own innate character. It was also very easy for a each soul pet trainer to walk down the wrong path after suffering in the oppression of countless great mountains. 

For example, Soul Alliance’s memory fluid could quickly raise one’s strength, and if after the soul pet’s memory was erased there would be no intense side effects, then Chu Mu wouldn’t refuse to use the object; after all, there were many times when one needed other methods. 

However, this Binding Wind Spirit had reacted with such an intense pained call even after its memory had been wiped. Such a reaction could only manifest when some duty and conviction was buried within the depths of its soul for a long period of time. Therefore, even under these circumstances, it was still unwilling to forget, thus making it a Binding Wind Spirit that possessed its own true soul!  

It would be impossible for such a soul pet to have its memory completely wiped, even with medicines more powerful than the ninth level memory fluid, and equally impossible for it to sign a soul pact with a human. This was because even as this Binding Wind Spirit’s memory was being wiped, at the very depths of its soul, there would still definitely exist a deeply rooted conviction! 

Chu Mu stubbornly pursued an outcome where humans and soul pets could truly link their souls. A Binding Wind Spirit harboring ill will in its heart, even if it was stronger, was not something that Chu Mu truly wanted. 

“Young Master? Why aren’t you continuing? When a soul pet’s memory is wiped, there’s always a chance that some strange side effect will appear. There’s no need to pay it any heed.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu stood still, his gaze fixated on the incomparably weak Binding Wind Spirit lying on the ground.

The Binding Wind Spirit’s eyes were already empty; this was an effect of the memory fluid washing away its soul. Nonetheless, when his heart stirred, Chu Mu faintly felt that this Binding Wind Spirit’s empty pupils seemed to be imploring...

It was imploring Chu Mu! 

At the moment, Chu Mu felt the sliver of a link between his soul and this soul pet’s. Moreover, this incomparably haughty monarch, that would rather die than submit to a human, was wearing an imploring expression… it was imploring Chu Mu to return its memory to it! 

Every soul pet had its own dignity. Chu Mu truly found it very difficult to imagine that this Binding Wind Spirit had completely placed its dignity down in front of him, and in a situation where its memory was nearing blankness, use an imploring expression in hopes that he would return its memory to it!! 

The expression, the imploring and the spirit once more caused Chu Mu’s heart to quiver! 

What on earth was it that prevented this Binding Wind Spirit from letting go of the memories he had just seen earlier; further, what painful story was hidden within those memories?! 

“Chu Mu, what’s the matter? Why did you suddenly stop?” Ye Wansheng thought that some error had occurred when Chu Mu was using the memory fluid. 

Ye Wansheng, Chu Xing and Chu Ning believed that the Binding Wind Spirit was merely letting out lamenting cries. They couldn’t feel its emotions and moreover couldn’t sense the imploring expression in its blank eyes. 

Ye Qingzi, off to the side, was using her smart and farsighted eyes to look into Chu Mu’s eyes and see what he was truly thinking… 

What Ye Qingzi saw in Chu Mu was the heart of a ball of scorching hot flames covered by frozen ice. He wasn’t someone easily be affected by any thing or person. Yet, at the same time, while he repelled people a thousand miles away from him, the moment someone or something touched the depths of his heart, one would be able to profoundly feel the sincerity and ferverence of this ball of flame. 

“I think this is a special Binding Wind Spirit…” Ye Qingzi gave her own hypothesis. 

“Why can’t we feel it?” Ye Wansheng stared at this weak Binding Wind Spirit and spoke in a baffled tone. 

“I once saw something in teacher’s books that spoke about people who were able to link their souls with soul pets. These people were able to use their soul pets so well precisely because they truly understood the hearts and souls of soul pets…” said Ye Qingzi slowly. 

“Could it be that Chu Mu is this type of person? I can’t see it? Wooden, cold and evil on the inside. Shouldn’t the people that can appreciate the souls of soul pets be those kind, pure and beautiful young ladies?” joked Ye Wansheng. 

Ye Qingzi rolled her eyebrows and explained: “I think that Chu Mu should be this type of soul pet trainer. Back when Chu Mu and I walked past Western Kingdom’s easternmost Heaven Boundary Monument, Chu Mu saw Heaven Boundary Monument’s illusion and obtained the most mysterious Soul Fluid - Monument Tears, that others cannot obtain even after scheming and calculating. 

I originally had thought that Chu Mu should have some special ability to be able to communicate with a soul pet’s soul, and thus the Heaven Boundary Monument’s ancient soul chose Chu Mu, thereby allowing him to enter the Monument’s world. Afterwords, it gifted him the Monument Tears….” 

“This sort of person is even able to obtain Monument Tears? There’s no fairness at all. If I had known he had this precious treasure, why did I give him my memory fluid? What a waste!!!!” Ye Wansheng bitterly laughed.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning didn’t know anything about psychic soul pet trainers or Monument Tears and could only stare at them. 

“Perhaps it’s not because we don’t possess this ability but instead because Chu Mu rooted some philosophy that truly has the approval of soul pets into his own heart. Soul Pets all have their own soul perception, and when they detect that Chu Mu’s philosophy is one that actually respects them, they naturally will communicate with him.” analyzed Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu wasn’t aware of any of the things Ye Qingzi had mentioned. Instead, he had merely continuously walked forward down his own path. 

Chu Mu felt that there was no longer a need to continue the next step. On the one hand, forcibly signing a soul pet had a high chance of leading to suicide and on the other hand, Chu Mu felt that if he were to use this method of trampling over a soul pet’s dignity and soul just to obtain the soul pet, he would be contravening his founding tenet of becoming a soul pet trainer. 

Moreover, even if he were to obtain this powerful Binding Wind Spirit and greatly increase his strength in a short period of time, ultimately the lack of connection, coordination and the soul pet’s apathy and blankness would become an extremely great hindrance. This was extremely unbeneficial to both Chu Mu and the Binding Wind Spirit. 

Therefore, Chu Mu gave up.

He could relinquish the Battle of the Realm’s second grade ultimate honor, but he absolutely could not sign a soul pact with a soul pet which heart was restrained and was incapable of truly linking its soul with him! 

“How do I return its memories to it?” Chu Mu asked Old Li.

“Return it to it? Young master, could it be you don’t plan on continuing? You’ve wasted half a bottle of memory fluid and although the success rate isn’t very high, you may as well try.” Old Li said astonishedly. 

Chu Mu shook his head. Since he had already come to a decision, he wouldn’t change it. 

“Young master…” Old Li still wanted to convince Chu Mu.

“Just tell me how to return its memories to it.” Chu Mu interrupted Old Li’s words. 

Old Li opened his mouth and was about to say something; ultimately, however, he helpless shook his head and said: “Young master, your actions are extremely like someone else’s.”

“Is it my father? I’m not walking down his path. He himself admitted that he didn’t truly hold onto his own heart. He was unable to do it, but I feel like I can do it.” said Chu Mu. 

“No, this person has been dead for a while...whatever... since young master wishes to return its memories to it, then pour your soul remembrance into the other half of the memory fluid. I said before that the process of capturing the soul pet entailed washing the soul pet’s soul memories, before imprinting the soul pet trainer’s soul memory on top. Right now, young master only has to make sure your soul remembrance doesn’t stop and the Binding Wind Spirit’s memory fragments left in your soul remembrance won’t disappear. Young master then needs to pour the soul remembrance containing the fragmented memories into the other half of the memory fluid and then wash the Binding Wind Spirit with it. It’s essentially the equivalent of imprinting its memories back onto its soul!”   

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