Chapter 408: Soul Cleansing, Memory Wipe

Chapter 408: Soul Cleansing, Memory Wipe

Two phantom blades ripped open a long cold glint, leaving two deep wounds on the Binding Wind Spirit.

Very quickly, cracks started appearing on the binding wind spirit. These cracks were the result of Mo Xie’s previous Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram. Now, with the rip and burn from the Royal Flame Claw, the wounds started expanding!


Binding Wind Spirit painfully waved in the wind through the entire battlefield, wanting to alleviate Mo Xie’s Royal Flame’s gnawing.

Chu Mu’s objective was to defeat this eighth phase high stage Binding WInd Spirit, but not to kill it. So when attacking, he specially told Mo Xie to lower her royal flame’s power slightly, because he knew that once the flames entered the Binding Wind Spirit’s body, they would flow along the inner wounds caused previously by Mo Xie’s Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram. If the Binding Wind Spirit had poor life force, it would very likely be burnt completely.


Mo Xie no longer chased the Binding Wind Spirit anymore, instead stepping forwards and walking slowly to Chu Mu.

Mo Xie’s silver body was splashed full of red blood. This blood was all her own…...

Royal Flame burned brightly on Mo Xie’s body. As she walked towards Chu Mu, her body started slowly shrinking in the flames, finally becoming a small nine tail little fox…...

Staying in pitiful appearance, Mo Xie’s wounds slowly shrunk along with her body size, but Mo Xie seemed completely unfazed. She lightly leaped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder and laid down to use her tiny tongue to lick her wounds.

The battlefield’s dark shadow slowly dissipated, letting through the silver moonlight, shining onto Mo Xie’s body.

Bathed in moonlight, Mo Xie’s lighter wounds quickly started showing signs of healing up…...

With such a degree of wounds, Mo Xie could heal herself. Since self healing could provide growth for Mo Xie, Chu Mu didn’t bring out any medicine for her, only lightly patting Mo Xie on her head and said, “Rest well.”

“Wuwuwuw~~~~~” Mo Xie growled affectionately and mischievously swiped Chu Mu’s face with her soft tail.

Under the effects of Moon Essence, Mo Xie’s strength should be on par with the Binding Wind Spirit. And Mo Xie technically hasn’t stopped fighting since first phase first stage. With so much fighting experience, Chu Mu had never thought Mo Xie would fail, even when the moonlight disappeared near the end.

When Chu Mu communicated with Mo Xie, Binding Wind Spirit finally fell in the center of the battlefield, falling over onto the ground without energy left. Its black turbid wind eyes watched Chu Mu and Mo Xie silently.

Chu Mu could see the begrudging emotions within Binding Wind Spirit. It wanted desperately to get back up, but unfortunately Five Night Inferno Fox had completely destroyed its inner body, so it was no longer possible for it to stand upright.

“Now it’s up to Chu Mu’s luck.” Ye Wansheng said.

Eighth rank memory fluid wasn’t very powerful. With an eighth phase high stage middle class monarch like Binding Wind Spirit, the success rate was only around thirty percent. If the soul pet trainer’s remembrance was higher, or if the Binding Wind Spirit’s own mental strength was weak, then the success rate would be slightly higher…... either way, a thirty percent success rate wasn’t optimistic, so it really did come down to Chu Mu’s luck.

Chu Mu knew the Binding Wind Spirit no longer had strength to keep fighting. He slowly walked up to the Binding WInd Spirit.

To humans, the Binding Wind Spirit was pretty small. However, after having felt the binding wind spirit’s powerful wind type techniques, Chu Mu no longer felt that the Binding Wind Spirit’s size was an issue. Instead, he realized that it gave extra mobility and nimbleness to battles, evident from how hard Mo Xie needed to try to win.

“Qin~~Qin~~~~~” Binding Wind Spirit let out a long string of strange sounds, as if releasing its anger.

Chu Mu couldn’t understand the language of elemental soul pets, so he could only stare into the Binding Wind Spirit’s eyes to decipher its emotions…...

In the end, it was only unwillingness. Defeats were hard to accept for any proud soul pet. However, for some reason, Chu Mu felt that the Binding Wind Spirit’s begrudging wasn’t only because it lost to Mo Xie.

Chu Mu didn’t ponder any further. He immediately started a soul pact incantation and activated the completely healed fourth soul pact to try to capture this Binding Wind Spirit without memory fluid.

Blue soul pact halos slowly formed and floated vividly around the Binding Wind Spirit’s head, creating rhythmically dancing runes and symbols constructed by soul pet trainer memories and soul

The soul pact halo started shrinking. The moment the halo disappeared into the soul pet’s forehead and imprinted itself into the soul pet’s soul, the soul pact was successful.

However, before Chu Mu’s fifth remembrance soul pact even started shrinking much, a powerful mental rejection came from Binding Wind Spirit, shattering the soul pact halo and returning a heavy load of hatred and resentment

“Its emotions are more unstable than normal soul pets. Old LI, should I even continue?” Chu Mu felt this from the Binding Wind Spirit’s rejection.

“Continue, I’ve talked about such things already. It all depends on luck in the end. If you’re lucky it’ll work out. If not, it won’t.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. In reality, any soul pet beaten would have such emotions. Of course, it may be the pride of a middle class monarch rank that is giving this Binding WInd Spirit greater rejection towards this servitude. However, once the memory fluid washes its soul, such rejection would fall greatly.

Chu Mu pulled out the eighth rank memory fluid. According to Old Li’s usage instructions, he first injected his soul remembrance into the eighth remembrance memory fluid.

Eighth level remembrance fluid was originally a very normal fluid. However, after Chu Mu injected his soul remembrance, it started swirling with vibrant colors, emitting an otherworldly aura…...

“First let it drink half and use your soul remembrance to guide it into the binding wind spirit’s soul to clean its soul.” Old Li said.

Half of the memory fluid was used to wash the soul pets’ souls. The other half was for the soul pet trainer to imprint their own soul onto the soul pet, so this memory fluid process was a two part process.

Chu Mu currently started to first process. This Binding Wind Spirit was already energyless. When Chu Mu pushed half the memory fluid into its mouth, it didn’t resist at all, simply looking far into the distant with its turbid wind eyes, putting on an unresisting manner.

After the memory fluid entered the Binding Wind Spirit’s body, Chu Mu could clearly feel his own remembrance flowing within the Binding Wind Spirit too.

Very quickly, Chu Mu’s remembrance locked onto the binding wind spirit’s weary soul. Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and slowly started stripping away at the binding wind spirit’s soul using the first half of the memory fluid.

When washing off the binding wind spirit’s soul, it was equivalent to wiping its memories. So, when Chu Mu washed towards its soul, Chu Mu could clearly feel the binding wind spirit’s soul let out a sharp screech!

Wiping of memory!

Initially, the binding wind spirit didn’t realize what the fluid did. When it noticed that it was slowly forgetting everything, the binding wind spirit revealed a pained expression and started desperately struggling in its completely exhausted state, attempting to resist the washing of the memory fluid.

Chu Mu silently stood there as his pupils slowly started dilating along with the washing of the binding wind spirit’s soul…...

For some reason, Chu Mu felt his soul remembrance return scenes, all of which took place in the wind belt.

Wind storms, wind caves, wind hives, wind belt…...

All sorts of scenes, each of which contained wind type soul pets that Chu Mu had never seen before. These wind soul pets flew proudly in the upper echelons of the skies.

Chu Mu saw scenes where powerful wind type soul pets looked down coldly. He could even feel the belittling and mock in these powerful wind type soul pets’ eyes. They were high above and had superior intelligence. They would never treat these lowly, weak beings as even living organisms.

Such a feeling was too familiar to Chu Mu. There was constantly a group of experts further down the road looking at him the same way…...

“Are these the memories of the Binding Wind Spirit?” Chu Mu was silently shocked, wondering why he could see the binding wind spirit’s memories

“Some soul pet trainers could see the wiped memories of the soul pet when they use memory fluid, while the vast majority can’t. If young master can see these memories, then it means the young master is the type of human that is naturally close to soul pets. Such a soul pet trainer will develop special soul connections with different organisms in the future that push them to be superior to other soul pet trainers. Many old researchers have analyzed these phenomenon and have reached a conclusion that it is a result of the soul pet trainer’s blood inheritance, wisdom, character, and soul’s quality……” Old Li’s voice floated over.

The memory wiping process was very swift. Chu Mu could only see a bunch of chaotic scenes and so was unable to have a systematic knowledge of the binding wind spirit’s past.

“Young master should be happy, because being one of those soul pet trainers means you are truly lucky. I believe it also has to do with the ideals your father gave you at a young age……”Old Li said.

After Old Li spoke, Chu Mu finished the memory wiping of the binding wind spirit. Now, Chu Mu only had to retract his soul remembrance from the binding wind spirit and he would be able to strip away all of its memories.

“Good, now retract your soul remembrance, and use your soul remembrance to pour the other half of the memory fluid in and chant the soul pact incantation. I feel that you were pretty thorough with wiping this binding wind spirit’s memories. Its eyes are already very empty and without resistance. This means it has a large chance of signing a soul pact with you.” Old Li continued.

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