Chapter 407: Power, Spirituality, Wisdom

Chapter 407: Power, Spirituality, Wisdom


Binding Wind Spirit let out a deep call as its limbs and body started distinctly trembling.

Suddenly, a black turbid wind wrapped around and morphed into countless black wind scythes that flew towards the Binding Wind Spirit’s surroundings!!

Mo Xie’s silver tails were continuously cut by the wind scythes. Just as it was about to cut to Mo Xie’s real tails, Mo Xie very decisively let go of the Binding Wind Spirit, and jumped back repeatedly until she was outside of its attack range.


Mo Xie was still too slow in dodging. Black turbid wind ripped through Mo Xie’s skin, leaving three, shocking red marks.


Binding Wind Spirit stood up shakily. Its clear eyes had already been covered in a muddy black. This change gave off a feel of darkness and anger.

Chu Mu watched the shaky Binding Wind Spirit, and was silently surprised at the soul pet’s defense and perseverance.

Mo Xie’s Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram was an eighth rank technique, but under the moonlight’s effects, it definitely reached ninth rank.

Such attacks, even against Shen Yichen’s powerful Violent Blood Pool Beast, would cause several broken limbs.

Binding Wind Spirit is tiny, yet to Chu Mu it seemed that if it had uncomparable wind control and demon like movement speeds, it must be lacking in defense.

Yet, from the Binding Wind Spirit’s outer appearance, it seemed that the Binding Wind Spirit didn’t lose its fighting strength at all. Instead, its fighting intent was even stronger, ready to fight Mo Xie to the death!


Mo Xie lifted its head and let out a long call. At this moment, a shadow slowly floated in from the edges of the battlefield, unknowingly covering the entire place and making the region even darker.

“Wuwuwu~~~” Mo Xie let out a complaining growl. The cloud’s coverage meant that moonlight was gone. Without moonlight, Mo Xie’s strength would fall quite a bit.

Chu Mu looked up at the untimely cloud and let out a helpless sigh. Indeed the skies always had unforeseeable clouds. Without moonlight, Mo Xie’s fighting strength fell back to low class monarch. This deifinitely wasn’t good for her.


Binding Wind Spirit seemed to notice the weakening of its enemy, and immediately let out a long call to control the biting winds and launch a counterattack of wind type against Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s dodging and speed both fell, yet Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type techniques wouldn’t weaken because of its wounds. The endless wind type turbid winds flew past, and Mo Xie’s body slowly gathered more and more wounds. Her silver hair was drenched in crimson blood, matching the flames surrounding her.

“The situation is very bad.” Ye Wansheng shook his head.

“This binding wind spirit is rather strong even in middle class monarchs. Chu Mu’s Mo Xie was already much higher than normal soul pets. If it were any other soul pet, they might not even have had a chance to attack binding wind spirit. “ Ye Qingzi finally gave her own thoughts.

“Chu Mu’s nine tail interno fox needs moonlight. Without moonlight, is there already no chance of victory?” Chu Ning said.

Binding WInd Spirit’s later attacks all caused many direct damage to Mo Xie, adding more and more to Mo Xie’s wounds. If this goes on, Mo Xie’s fighting strength would definitely start being affected by the wounds and loss of blood.

Ye Qingzi shook her head and said lightly, “I’ve never seen Chu Mu’s Mo Xie lose to a soul pet within one tier of it with no type disadvantage.

“This fox can have a good fight with our War Court Black Beasts. You should let your War Court Black Beast out some day to develop some fighting relationship with this fox.” Ye Wansheng said.

Dodge, get hurt, repeat. The binding wind spirit again established a realm of wind. This time, the binding wind spirit didn’t give Mo Xie any chance to get near. Mo Xie could only run around the entire fight…...

From the battle situation, it seemed that after she lost moonlight, Mo Xie had always been taking hits without activating any attack technique.

However, Mo Xie’s silver pupils didn’t slacken in the slightest. No matter how many wounds it sustained, no matter how desperate the battle seemed, her pupils were always completely focused and watching Binding Wind Spirit, cold, calculated.

Mo Xie’s fighting was the combined force of power, spirituality, and wisdom. This was the same since Mo Xie was a first phase first stage Moonlight Fox. Now that she was eighth phase high stage Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, she had, through her mutations, slowly perfected it into a flawless battle technique!

It was also because of this battle technique/quality that caused Mo Xie to be undefeated when faced against similar strength!

Eighth phase high stage middle class monarch Binding Wind Spirit had wind type’s power and demon type’s nimbleness, but that was it. It lacked a certain battle intelligence. Even if Chu Mu didn’t command Mo Xie at all, through their time together, Mo Xie’s ambient learning caused her to still have superior battle intelligence.

Battle intelligence was the state Mo Xie was in right now; no matter if she was in an advantage or disadvantage, she could remain calm and collected.

Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type realm was indeed powerful, but it inevitably would leave a weak spot. Especially after Mo Xie’s Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram’s powerful assault, it couldn’t truly stay flawless for too long. This time, Mo Xie just needed Binding Wind Spirit to leave a tiny mistake to let her give the coup de grace and end the fight!

Chu Mu didn’t command Mo Xie at all. In reality, Chu Mu already saw a couple flaws in the Binding Wind Spirit’s defense, but Chu Mu believed that Mo Xie could discover them too!

Suddenly, Chu Mu smiled.


At the same time, Mo Xie let out a call. In the turbid wind, her silver flame enshrouded body instantly dashed forward, immediately disappearing from her original place…...


Two dashes of crimson blood seemed to spray out of nowhere in the wind. This was Mo Xie’s blood, but compared to the victory of this fight, these wounds were nothing!


Using a light wound as cost to get through the wind realm, Mo Xie quickly became fine under the technique!

The violent winds assaulted. Mo Xie’s freshly created five shadows already suffered three deaths under the binding wind spirit’s assault, but it didn’t hit Mo Xie’s real body.

Royal Flame Claw!!

Crimson and bright red laced together. Mo Xie’s elegant and powerful body passed through countless wind scythes and slashed through the air, connecting with Binding Wind Spirit’s body firmly!!

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