Chapter 406: Mo Xie vs Binding Wind Spirit (2)

Chapter 406: Mo Xie vs Binding Wind Spirit (2)

Mo Xie coldly stood there, and her silver pupils blossomed with the demonic light of a Nine Tailed Fox, as she allowed the violent wind released by the Binding Wind Spirit to blow on her body. 

Her silver fur was messily thrown about in the violent wind. While standing still, the incorporeal evil aura on Mo Xie’s body was accentuated even more, and it clashed with the Binding Wind Spirit’s monarch wind force sphere. This caused the entire battlefield to fill with chaotic demonic auras. 

“Mo Xie, Death Assault!” said Mo Xie.

The most important thing when fighting wind type soul pets was distance. Although the Binding Wind Spirit had extremely powerful close combat abilities, the only actual way to beat the Binding Wind Spirit was to get near it, otherwise, Mo Xie, even if she was stronger, would not be able to compete with this long ranged monarch. 

“Sou!!!!!” Mo Xie’s silver figure instantly disappeared, but in the black colored chaotic wind, it was possibly to vaguely make out her movement path. 

The Binding Wind Spirit’s anger gradually transformed into a terrifying chaotic wind storm. Several whiplash marks began to appear on the incomparably sturdy battlefield floor. Mo Xie was dodging in front of this monarch that was a perfect combination of group and long range attacks; it would be extremely hard to approach...

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The powerful hurricane took the form of an enormous arc that was nearly a hundred meters tall, eventually forming a hurricane wind wall that could not be passed through. Even if Mo Xie’s speed was faster, it was impossible for her to pass through, and enter a range where she could attack the Binding Wind Spirit. 

Moreover, at this distance, all of the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type attacks posed a threat to Mo Xie. This forced her to use her speed to unceasingly move about within a range of 70 meters of the Binding Wind Spirit. 

The violent wind was tyrannical, as various wind type techniques swept everything away. There wasn’t a single serene area between Mo Xie and the Binding Wind Spirit. Under these powerful wind type attacks, no matter the speed, it was impossible to find an area to break through.  

High ranking chaotic wind naturally had very high killing abilities. The four people in the audience looked at the Binding Wind Spirit continuously using wind type techniques and from their point of view, the Binding Wind Spirit was purely using its chaotic wind sphere within which no creature would be able to near it at all. Moreover, it was capable of moving within this wind area at will and attack the targets it had locked onto at will.

“Practically all of the wind type techniques have reached the eighth rank. With the attacks being so concentrated, even an enormous soul pet legion would find it impossible to approach the Binding Wind Spirit. Middle class monarch rank wind type soul pets are tyrannical!!” 

“The speed of Chu Mu’s Mo Xie is fast enough; however, the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type sphere is practically invulnerable. When it links techniques, there aren’t any mistakes either. When a truly powerful wind type soul pet finds its footing, it’s essentially in an invincible position!” 


“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Confuse!!’ said Chu Mu.

Finally, Chu Mu found a small crack in between the two hurricanes. He waited for this moment for a very long time and immediately had Mo Xie use her fasted dodging technique. 

Mo Xie’s nine silver tails unfurled in the chaotic wind; amidst an illusion, Mo Xie’s body disappeared like an illusory phantom in the cover of tails...

In the extremely small crack between the two hurricanes, it was possible to discover an agile figure passing through, and it almost instantaneously appeared behind the two hurricanes.

“She passed through!!” Chu Ning immediately let out an excited cry. When dealing with an elemental world soul pet, only by passing through the series of long range attacks could one have an absolute chance of approaching the BInding Wind Spirit and launch a fatal attack against it. 

“The Binding Wind Spirit probably isn’t an immobile type soul pet, right?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“Aren’t all elemental world soul pets rather slow?” asked Chu Ning.

There was a bit of general soul pet knowledge that everyone knew about: the truly fearsome thing about elemental world soul pets was the powerful destructive force of their ranged techniques. As long as they were given enough space, even more powerful soul pets would be beaten and battered by their tyrannical techniques.

While the destructive force of their techniques was powerful, it also had a fatal weakness - extremely lacking close combat ability. This was because at a close range, they didn’t have enough time to chant an incantation and would not be able to use any threatening techniques.

As Chu Ning understood it, as long as Mo Xie broke through the Binding Wind Spirit’s domain and launched a series of attacks at the Binding Wind Spirit, this fight would pretty much end. 

In the past, Chu Mu’s knowledge towards elemental world soul pets was also along the same lines; however, when he witnessed the fight between the Binding Wind Spirit and the Linyin Beast, his knowledge greatly increased.

Being a soul pet at the high species ranking of a middle class monarch, the Binding Wind Spirit was able to stand at the apex of the soul pet circle was due to their innately powerful attribute and ability; it was practically impossible to find a weakness! 

The Binding Wind Spirit was a wind type soul pet, but they did not inherit the mobility limitations of wind type soul pets. When they actually moved, the Binding Wind Spirit had dodging abilities and speed that was in no way inferior to Mo Xie! 


The Binding Wind Spirit had the ability to arbitrarily control the air streams, and flying was its most proficient innate ability. When they moved, they did so without a trace and even Mo Xie, this speed type soul pet, would be unable to catch up to its movements a lot of the time. 

The Binding Wind Spirit rushed uninhibited through the battlefield, while Mo XIe had to strenuously break through its wind type domain before still having to chase it through the entire battlefield. From the start of the fight until now, Mo Xie had yet to use any attacking technique! 

Seeing Mo Xie, whose speed could be described with the word terrifying, being run around in circles, all four people in the audience let out shocked expressions. One had to know that until now, it had always been Mo Xie that had run her enemies in circles!

“I finally understand what species advantage means. It’s no wonder this Binding Wind Spirit is one of Soul Palace’s seven saint pets. It has absurd wind controlling abilities, speed and dodging abilities that rival demons and innate fighting talent. Such a wind type soul pet is essentially perfect!” this was the first time Chu Xing had seen a true middle class monarch right as well, and he began to lament in his heart.

At the beginning, Chu Xing didn’t understand what Soul Palace’s differences in title rankings meant. Yet, once he realized that obtaining the seventh rank title would mean he had the qualifications to enter Soul Palace’s Holy Region and thus have a chance of obtaining this perfect wind type soul pet, his heart shook, and he became even more devoted towards chasing after Soul Palace’s titles. 



Finally, under the extreme onslaught of wind type techniques, Mo Xie suffered a wound. 

The high ranking chaotic wind tossed Mo Xie’s body high up into the air until she practically reached the highest point of the battlefield. Her body rotated at a high speed, and the dizzying effect rendered her incapable of using Flame Dance to balance her body. 

The Binding Wind Spirit was hovering in the air when suddenly, its eyes flickered with a radiance. As Mo Xie was being tossed through the air, the Binding Wind Spirit nimbly rode the violent wind into the air. Its tiny body proudly stopped in the air, and it reached out its delicate arms towards Mo Xie who had been dizzied by the chaotic wind. 

“Qin!!!!!!!!!” a black light suddenly appeared on the Binding Wind Spirit’s fingers, and in a split second, black colored ripples appeared around the chaotic winds dizzying Mo Xie.

Chaotic Wind Cave! 

At the very edges of the black ripples that came into contact with the Binding Wind Spirit’s fingers appeared a black colored wind cave. The wind cave was only the size of a button on the Binding Wind Spirit’s fingertips, but it expanded as it rippled outwards. Practically one quarter of the battlefield was engulfed by it. 

One quarter of the battlefield further contained several hundred meters of area!! 

The Binding Wind Spirit let out a long cry and suddenly, a quarter of the battlefield’s ground was affected by the Chaotic Wind Cave’s strength. The ground began to spin about and a large amount was sucked into the Chaotic Wind Cave. 

The battlefield was like a vessel, and as the wind cave grew stronger, even the space was sucked into the wind cave. This caused a few of the sturdy protective measures to sway as if they were about to be swept away. 

Mo Xie wasn’t even twenty meters away from the strongest point of the wind cave. Upon sensing the powerful wind force, the royal flames on Mo Xie’s body violently sprang up as she attempted to use her flames and demonic aura strength to attack the powerful Chaotic Wind Cave. 

The demonic aura and royal flames were also sucked away, becoming visibly off kilter. Mo Xie’s body was further growing closer and closer to the narrow wind cave full of destructive force. The moment she was sucked into it, she would definitely be ripped to shreds! 

“Mo Xie, Sinister Glare!!” 

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!” Mo Xie suddenly gave up resisting, and allowed her body to be sucked by the wind cave.

As she rapidly neared the wind cave, her eyes suddenly began to abnormally circulate a gaze filled with a forced order shot into the Binding Wind Spirit’s eyes.

Mo Xie’s Evil Stare was incapable of controlling the Binding Wind Spirit’s intelligence, but it was definitely capable of disrupting its technique. 

Practically just as her body was about to be pulled into the narrow wind cave, the narrow wind cave disappeared due to a spell of absent mindedness by the Binding Wind Spirit!! 

“Mo Xie, Illusion!!” 

Mo Xie flipped her body over and borrowed the inertia to immediately launch herself at the Binding Wind Spirit. Her body unexpectedly morphed into five ostensibly identical Nine Tailed Inferno Foxes.

Five Infernal Foxes!! 

Forty five tails weaved together with each other in the air like silver colored locks. They magnificently blocked off the Binding Wind Spirit’s escape path.

The Binding Wind Spirit’s dodging abilities, even if they were stronger, were not capable of dodging the chains of Mo Xie’s forty five fox tails!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo Xie’s five figures stood at five respective places around the Binding Wind Spirit and the forty five tails grabbed it before fiercely hauling down to the ground.


The five Nine Tailed Inferno Foxes were like five silver colored ice statues. They landed heavily on the ground as the infernal flames on their bodies suddenly sprang up… they were imposing and tyrannical!!! 

“Pai!!!!! Pai!!!!!! Pai!!!!!!!”

Forty five tails fiercely pulled apart. Even if the Binding Wind Spirit had no bones, the five fox ripping corpse technique was still capable of dealing extreme damage to the weak and small body of the Binding Wind Spirit!

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