Chapter 405: Mo Xie vs Binding Wind Spirit (1)

Chapter 405: Mo Xie vs Binding Wind Spirit (1)

“Chu Mu, the both of us have already joined Soul Palace. Haha, we still have third rank titles, but with our strength, it probably shouldn’t be a problem to ultimately obtain a sixth rank title and strive for a seventh rank title. In Soul Power, if we have a certain amount of authority, our family clan will be able to obtain protection and won’t need to be afraid of those Yang Family trash in the future. Perhaps we’ll be able to become a great family that controls a region.” said Chu Xing.

“Soul Palace’s title system is very strict, but is absolutely fair. Only people with strength can obtain the title and occupation they are deserving of.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“Chu Mu, what are you planning on doing now? There’s still about half a year before the Battle of the Realm begins.” said Chu Ning.

“I plan on fixing my wind type soul pet problem, and then striving to raise my other soul pets to the eighth phase high stage. I’ll also try my hardest to have one of my soul pets reach the ninth phase.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu knew that if he were to truly face Shen Yicheng, he wouldn’t be his opponent. Chu Mu had to take advantage of the half a year Shen Yicheng would spend healing his soul to raise his own strength. Otherwise, if he were to enter into the second grade fight, most of the circumstances he would end up in would involve being instakilled by ninth phase monarchs. 

“Wind type soul pet? What do you plan on having become your wind type soul pet?” asked Chu Ning.

“One of Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Beasts - Binding Wind Spirit.” said Chu Mu.

“Seven Diagram Saint Beasts? What are those?” Chu Xing and Chu Ning both displayed curious expressions.

The two of them had just entered Soul Palace and didn’t understand the soul pet situation very well. Moreover, with a third rank title, it was impossible for them to know all of Soul Palace’s secrets. 

Promptly, Chu Mu gave them an account of Soul Palace’s thousand year tradition of Saint Beast impartation. Chu Xing and Chu Ning were not outsiders so Chu Mu proceeded to tell them his plan of using the eighth rank memory fluid to obtain the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit.

“Eighth phase high stage - middle class monarch!! Can...can… can this truly succeed?” after hearing Chu Mu’s explanation, Chu Xing and Chu Ning both displayed shock.

An eighth phase high stage middle class monarch. This was an extremely powerful existence that could easily instakill their main pets. Chu Mu unexpectedly was going to capture such a soul pet. If they had heard this in the past, it would definitely have been a fantasy! 

“I’ve seen Soul Palace’s second grade experts that have the qualifications to obtain the ultimate honor. They normally possess one or two ninth phase middle stage monarchs. The majority of their other main pets have reached the eighth phase high stage middle class monarch level. My soul pets are still very lacking compared to theirs. I can only take advantage of these people being stuck at a bottleneck state to chase after them as hard as I can and unceasingly decrease the strength gap.” Chu Mu explained his situation. 

“Tianxia City truly is a place that produces monsters. The so called second grade young experts all have strength that is much more powerful than the famous experts of regions. If they are to age a few more years, sweeping through a region would be easy as turning one’s hand.” said Chu Ning.

“Then when do you plan on obtaining the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit. Can we spectate from the side?” asked Chu Xing.

“Yes you can. Let’s do it tonight. I can only have one soul pet fight in order to ensure that the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit has a chance of submitting.” said Chu Mu.

“That being said, which soul pet do you plan on having fight? I thought none of your soul pets have reached the eighth phase high stage middle class monarch level yet?” asked Chu Xing.

In a single control situation, Chu Mu felt that Mo Xie was qualified.


Chu Mu intentionally chose this night because of the full moon shining brightly in the night sky.

Mo Xie had reached the eighth phase seventh stage, stepping in the eight phase high stage level. From a phase and stage perspective, she wasn’t too lacking compared to the eighth phase ninth stage Binding Wind Spirit.

From a fighting rank perspective, Mo Xie was a low class monarch, but with the Moon Essence species technique, her strength reached the middle class monarch level. Thus, her fighting strength was equal to the Binding Wind Spirit. The next thing to compare was pure fighting ability. 

Mo Xie was Chu Mu’s strongest main pet. This was not only due to her phase and stage and rank, but also fighting ability. In identical phase and stage and fighting strength circumstances, Mo Xie could not lose. Even if she was facing a Binding Wind Fairy with numerous high rank techniques, it was still the same. 


The bright moonlight spilled over Soul Palace’s battlefield, and the glistening floor reflected a clear magnificent light. It looked like numerous silver gems were embedded into this spacious battlefield.  

Protective measures had been erected around the majority of Soul Palace’s battlefield and its defensive measures were capable of protecting ninth rank and under attacks. Thus, Chu Mu didn’t have to worry that the Binding Wind Spirit’s large scale destructive force would cause any damage to Soul Palace.

Only four people were sitting in the audience: Chu Xing, Chu Ning, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng. They all knew that Chu Mu had a White Nightmare and a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. Moreover, they were all people Chu Mu trusted; thus, in front of them, Chu Mu didn’t have to hold back from doing anything. 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

The small Mo Xie lay on Chu Mu’s shoulder as she adorably yawned. After entering Soul Palace, the little Mo Xie had been obediently lying down and sleeping. She didn’t have any opportunities to fight, so recently she had been a bit lazy. 

“Stop dozing off and exercise eh.” Chu Mu patted the small fox still lying lazily on his shoulder, stuck to him, as he spoke. 

“Wu wu~~” Mo Xie twisted her tiny nimble body and agilely jumped onto the floor. Her silver fur fluttered in the air as she jumped down. Her clean and agile motions accentuated her petite charm.

“I remember in Li City, the small fox had just evolved to the seventh phase. A year has gone by now, so her phase and stage should have increased by quite a bit.” Ye Wansheng rubbed his chin as he spoke.

Ye Wansheng’s recovery ability was extremely strong and within a few days, he was already able to move on his own. He knew that Chu Mu was going to use the eighth level memory fluid to catch the eighth phase Binding Wind Spirit and had also come to spectate.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning both recognized the Ye Family siblings as they had met them with Chu Mu back then.

On the battlefield, Chu Mu put the ring containing the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit a hundred meters away from Mo Xie. This was the standard duel distance and since he wanted to properly defeat this eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit, Chu Mu would never use any tricks to have Mo Xie use a distance advantage when he threw the Binding Wind Spirit out.

After placing the ring, Chu Mu stood to the side and glanced at the small Mo Xie stretching her body. He humorously and good naturedly asked: “Are you prepared?”

“Wu! Wu!!” the small Mo Xie confidently nodded her head.

“Prepare to fight!” said Chu Mu.


Mo Xie raised her small head and her silver colored demonic eyes stared at the glistening full moon. Immersed in the silver moonlight, her soft and elegant fur began to move without the wind!! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

Nine royal flames suddenly appeared, and as Mo Xie let out a long howl, the gorgeous royal flames began to spin around as they descended, coming together at the small Mo Xie’s feet. 

A demonic aura, like an energy wave, suddenly spread around Mo Xie. When looking down from high above, it was possible to see visible deep wrinkles to appear in this space! 

After the wanton demonic aura, the flames blossomed under her feet like lotuses. The flame lotuses blossomed magnificently from initial seeds and quickly grew as Mo Xie’s body grew. Under the tempering of the infernal flames, her small and petite body rapidly transformed into the perfect combination of the beautiful and powerful feeling of a nine tailed body!

Within the flames, long silver tails danced about. As Mo Xie’s pitiful appearance was completely undone, these nine tails were perhaps unfurled, perhaps coiled, perhaps rolled up, perhaps dancing about; the tails were all in different states, but their beauty carried an imposing killing intent!!


“If I hadn’t known Chu Mu from before, I wouldn’t have been able to link the adorable, small and idle small fox with this imposing, elegant and arrogant Nine Tail Inferno Fox together.” said Ye Wansheng as he looked at Chu Mu’s Mo Xie.

“Indeed.” the others nodded their heads. When Chu Mu’s Mo Xie maintained her pitiful appearance, people would at most only see an eminently lovable, adorable and docile moe pet that was capable of instakilling any girl with who was overflowing with heart.

However, the moment pitiful appearance was undone, Mo Xie’s powerful strength was capable of instakilling powerful enemies that could make the hearts of others tremble! These two completely contrasting states happened to portray Mo Xie’s two dispositions! 


Mo Xie took a few steps forward and the flames under her paws spat upwards before extinguishing, leaving a visible mark on the ground.

Her silver pupils stared closely at the soul capture ring a hundred meters away. The moment she entered a battle state, Mo Xie wouldn’t be the least bit lazy and the imposing demonic aura on her body would be seen as fighting intent!

Chu Mu glanced at Mo Xie before slowly chanting an incantation. He focused his soul remembrance on the soul capture ring and undid the lock, releasing the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit.


The Binding Wind Spirit was like a prisoner freed from confinement; the moment Chu Mu undid the soul lock, the Binding Wind Spirit rushed out in a hurry.

The Binding Wind Spirit’s aura was extremely powerful; it didn’t need to use any techniques yet a wind force perpetually remained circling its body. This wind force didn’t have any effect on external objects, but the moment the Binding Wind Spirit used its remembrance, it would instantly transform into an eighth rank Wind Dragon Bind, knocking the objects around it flying.

“Qin!!!!!!!!!!!!” the Binding Wind Spirit flew around in circles. Upon discovering that this was a space being specially enclosed, it immediately let out its anger with a sharp cry!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!” Mo Xie’s silver demonic pupils locked onto the Binding Wind Spirit and she let out a provoking shout, indicating that she wanted to fight.

The Binding Wind Spirit was abnormally angry and this could be seen from the wind force that was circling around its body becoming abnormally impetuous. When it discovered a that a Nine Tailed Inferno Fox was unexpectedly provoking its monarch dignity, it quickly turned its anger onto Mo Xie, revealing extremely deep hostility! 

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